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Yael Dragwyla First North American rights 2,500 words


Volume III: Beyond Ritual – Historical, Philosophical,
and Scientific Considerations
Book VIII: Chaos Magick, Discordianism, and SubGenius
as True Hermetic Systems
Part 1: The Sidereal Rotational Period of the Solar Core
and its Implications for Discordian Esoteric Science

I have recently* discovered a relationship between the sidereal rotational period of our Father Sol’s
physical core and certain Discordian considerations that should be of great interested to all those
interested in any aspect of Discordian philosophy and practice from Chaos Magick to SubGenial pursuits.
This came about because of a peculiarity of my personal medical history, to wit:

*This article was originally written in 1990 e.v.

In 1978, I had to have my right ovary removed after it had been destroyed by a calcified endometrial
cyst. For a year and a half thereafter, I had to take progestin, an artificial form of progesterone, the
pregnancy-promoting female hormone, in order to stabilize by estrous (menstrual) cycle, as measured
from the beginning of one menstrual period to the beginning of the next. The latter had been thoroughly
bollixed by the surgery and its impact upon my body, becoming wildly erratic, so that it varied randomly
in length, from a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of 30. My doctor put me on progestin to stabilize
this cycle, and force it to conform to a cycle-length of 28 days. Perhaps as a result of this, when I quit
taking the progestin, my estrous cycle, which had indeed stabilized at 28 days long while I was on the
drug, re-stabilized at a cycle-length of 23 days, regular as clockwork, and continued so up until early
1990, when I began to undergo dysmenorreah and had to begin taking synthetic female hormones again
to stabilize it once more.
The normal length of the estrous cycle in human females in 28 days. This is the length of time
required for the Moon to complete one sidereal revolution around the Earth, that is, to go completely
through the Zodiac and return to the place where She started, as seen against the background of the
“fixed” Stars from the surface of the Earth. 1 Clearly the female estrous cycle is geared to the Moon’s
sidereal revolutionary period.
In fact, a sampling of the natal charts of any very large number of women, compared to the
frequency of menstruation in these women and the days of the sidereal Lunar month upon which they
begin their menstrual periods, shows that women tend strongly to begin menstruating either when Luna
occupies the same Sign, Lunar Mansion, and degree of the Sign of Her placement at their birth, or 14
days later, when She is 180º across the sky from that position, opposing Her natal placement.
Furthermore, women tend strongly to ovulate on the same basis, so that their times of ovulation and the
beginnings of their menstrual periods are either 0º or 180º out of phase.
Clearly, the metabolic and biological cycles of women are geared to the apparent motion of Luna, as
seen from the Earth, relative to stellar background. Obviously the timing of these cycles isn’t internal,
but rather depends upon an external timing mechanism or “biological clock,” in this case, an
astronomical one. This fact has been most convincingly demonstrated through exhaustive analysis of a
gigantic statistical sample-space of women, using data taken from countless gynecologists, obstetricians,
and hospitals, as well as from midwives and others, including laywomen who have kept careful track of
their menstrual cycles. 2 This is in accord with the beliefs of astrologers and occultists down the ages that
in fact all the cycles of life, for male and female, human and non-human alike, are timed by means of
regularly recurring astronomical phenomena.
On the other hand, little or no evidence exists to support the belief that the biological cycles of any
living thing are timed according to regularly recurring internal events. The only available potential
source of such an internal clock is the decay of various radioactive isotopes of chemical elements that are
abundant and available to all the members of a given species of organism, such as carbon-14, potassium-
40, or oxygen-18. None of these have a periodicity anything like the sort reflected in the estrous cycle.
There are also considerations of evolutionary biology. The survival and ability to reproduce
successfully of any living thing is directly dependent upon its ability to predict and act appropriately
upon processes and events in its external environment, e.g., availability of its preferred foods or of mates,
periods of harsh weather, and so forth. The tides of an organism’s life must be synchronized to accord
with those of the living world as a whole. The latter are, in turn, geared to the Sun and various
transmutations of His electromagnetic field, in which the Earth is embedded, due to the ever-changing
geometry of the Solar System, together with the relentless tidal grip of the Moon’s gravitational talons
upon the Earth. What would there be within the body of a living being that could better predict the
rhythms of its environment than the very things which determine those rhythms in the first place – which
are, after all, outside its body, part of the cosmic environment of the Earth as a whole?
There must be some influence of this sort, internal or external, to “drive” and control these cycles.
Otherwise they would rapidly lose their regular periodicity, lapsing into randomness, at which point the
organism could no longer function biologically. So something “drives” these cycles – and since it is
highly unlikely that it lies within the body of the organism, it must therefore lie outside it.
In the case of the normal human estrous cycle, that something is the Moon, or something associated
with Her, either Her light or Her gravitational field. It is almost certainly the latter. Women living
underground will continue to menstruate on a regular 28-day cycle, even though their circadian (day-
night) sleep/wake cycle will slowly shift from a 24- to a 25+-hour rhythm due to the absence of Sol’s
light, the regular 24-hour appearance and disappearance of which would otherwise stimulate their pineal
glands to produce the hormones that induce sleep and waking in that rhythm.*

*This shift in length of circadian cycle isn’t true only of women, it holds for both genders, male and
female. It is of interest, here, that the period of time between two successive high tides – from the
moment the Moon is directly at the zenith on one day to the moment it cross the zenith again on the
next – is just about the length of the circadian cycle for “trogs,” dwellers underground who are kept
away from the Sun’s light. So our circadian cycle as well as our menstrual cycle apparently is
geared to Luna.

But what external factor would cue a regular 23-day estrous cycle, of the sort I had? For that matter,
what such cue exists to regulate the male metabolic cycle of that same length, the periodicity of which
was determined in the late 19th century?3
As it happens, there exists exactly one known recurrent astronomical phenomenon with an absolutely
regular 23-day periodicity which could serve as a cuing mechanism for both the normal male biological
cycle and my own, weird estrous cycle. As was discovered in the late 1970s, the sidereal period of the
rotation of the Solar core – our Father Sol’s physical core, containing the overwhelming majority of His
physical mass – on its own axis is 22.8 days. This is as close to being exactly 23 days as the average
Lunar sidereal month, which is actually 28 and a significant fraction days long, is to being exactly 28
days. Interestingly, many cultures, including the Indo-European cultures which were the ancestors of our
own now, generically associated Luna with women and the Sun with men. To this day, in any
astrological chart, especially in Western horary astrology, Luna is the generic representative of women in
general and the mother in particular, while Sol symbolizes some individual man, usually a woman’s
father, husband, lover, or son, or else a male authority figure. Is this our instinctive acknowledgment of a
physical gearing between Luna and the female biological cycle, on the one hand, and Sol and the male
biological cycle, on the other?4
And if so, how in the hell could a female biological cycle – my own, for example – become geared to
the Sun, rather than the Moon? Well, it just so happens that in my own natal chart, the Sun is in Aries,
which is ruled by Pluto,5 while Pluto is in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. In my natal chart, the Sun and
Pluto are therefore in a relationship known as mutual reception, such that whatever affects or is affected
by either one of these bodies also affects or is affected by the other. In addition, Pluto is one of Luna’s
higher octaves, influencing the behavior of whole populations in ways closely analogous to the effects
which Luna has upon individuals. 6 So it is conceivable that, having somehow become unstuck from its
normal coupling with Luna by my 1978 partial ovarianectomy, my estrous cycle then homed in on Pluto,
via Sol, as a quasi-Lunar timing mechanism.
So clearly there does exist an astronomical phenomenon which a periodicity of 23 days which could
be a timing mechanism for the biological cycles of the human male (not to mention my own strange
estrous cycle), that being the sidereal rotation of the core of our Sun.
Why are we not surprised?
For as all good Erisians, Discordians, SubGenii, and Chaos Magickians know, the Number of Chaos,
Eris, and “Bob” is 23. Well, we’ve known all along that “Bob” is a Solar God, for Sol rules Leo, the
astrological Sign of Sex and $lack, and “Bob” is, after all, a Sex-God – perhaps the ultimate such. Now,
we find, Eris is Herself a Solar Goddess!
But how could we not know this? Was there ever anything that produced any more sheer, raw Chaos
than sex, in all its raw, primal glory and horror!
Hell no!
Furthermore, the Qaballistic Key Number of Neptune, Lord of the Sign Pisces, is also 23. Now, not
only does Neptune rule confusion, but the Sun is the esoteric ruler of Pisces. Now, the Fightin’ Jesus,
Who, like “Bob”, stands for everything which the Conspiracy is against and is a true Son o’ Chaos, is the
Avatar of the True Aeon of Pisces now just past, when the fishiest of all the evil wiles of the Conspiracy
were at their most dominant upon this poor, battered world of ours, and only the Fightin’ Jesus and those
like him stood between us and the ultimate victory of the Conspiracy over the Good, the True, and the
$lackful, acting to dissolve away all Anti-$lack and attack the Conspiracy at every point.
And just look at Apollo! Shedding His brilliant Solar light on all matters from the highest to the
lowest, He thereby ultimately exposes all that is dirty, nasty, life-hating, $lack-destroying – you guessed
it: the Conspiracy – to the purifying, cleansing, $lack-infusing rays of Sol. Since the Conspiracy
depends for its very existence on maintaining as thoroughgoing a state of anti-$lack, and thus anti-Chaos,
as possible, Apollo, too, is a Discordian God. How could He be otherwise? Whatever heals – is not of
the Conspiracy; and Apollo is the Patron God of all healers.
Thus the Great Gods of Chaos are all Solar Gods – and so, to complete the syllogism, Eris must
therefore be a Solar Goddess!
If you have learned anything from this rant, children, let it be this: Go sing in the Sunshine – for
there is ultimate $lack, in the purifying, Illuminating, Discordianating, “Bob”-begetting rays of the Solar
$lack-Machine! So take your Pils and grab that $lack – for as The Book of the OUTlaw, the one true
bible of SubGenius (well, except for The Book of the SubGenius, of course, heh-heh-heh!) tells us:

Do whatever gives thee more $lack shall be the whole of the Law.

$lack is the law, $lack and more $lack. 7

And so, children, take care, revel in thine $lackfulness, 23-SKIDOO, and good night.

This is not equal to the synodic Lunar month, that is, the time it takes the Moon to go from a given
phase to the same phase, e.g., from New Moon to New Moon, or from Full Moon to Full Moon. The
synodic Lunar month has an average period of some 29 days, about a day longer than the sidereal Lunar
See Arnold L. Lieber’s excellent work on this subject, The Lunar Effect: Biological Tides and
Human Emotion (New York: Anchor/Doubleday, 1978), for the details of the studies in which this was
The metabolic and biological cycles of the male are actually 46 days in length, having a sinusoidal
character such that for the first 23 days, the male is on an “up” phase, and for the second, a “down”
phase, with each type of phase qualitatively like the other but, as it were, multiplied by a minus sign.
Curiously, with reference to the male symbolism of Sol, this is reminiscent of the similarly sinusoidal
character of the Sun’s 22-year long sunspot cycle, with a maximum number of spots appearing every 11
years, so that there are two maxima in a full Solar cycle. At the end of each cycle, the magnetic polarity
of the spots reverses, so that for 22 years and two maxima, the polarity of the spots is positive, and for the
next 22 years and two maxima, it is negative.
Curiously, in this context, the rotation of Sol’s outer layers is about 28 days, more or less the same
period as Luna’s sidereal revolutionary about the Earth. Is the female estrous cycle geared to the Sun,
rather than to the Moon, linked to the rotation of Sol’s exterior layers in the same way in which, perhaps,
the male biological cycle is linked to the rotation of His core?
Aries is ruled by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars; Scorpio is ruled by Mars and co-ruled by Pluto. See
the three essays in Part 3, Chapter 4 of this volume for more information on the subject of mutual
reception and the dignities of the Planets.
See Volume I, Part 2 of this work for a description and explanation of the Planetary octaves and
their Magickal and sociobiological relevance.
See The Book of the OUTlaw, dictated to $lackmaster J. R. “Bob” Dobbs from JHVH-1, or maybe
Nhee-Ghee, in the middle of an horrendous hangover, and recorded by the Very Left Reverend Doktor
Magistra Batrix, 8º = 3❐, Το Μικρον Θεριον DXCV (Marked Down from DCLXVI), the
Infra-Red Woman of the Church of the SubGenius, available from Djehuti/Quetzlcoatl Press (Attn.: Yael
Dragwyla). PO Box 45792, Seattle, WA 98145-0792, email: