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The Uncommon Partnership

of a Healer and a Mystic

Kenneth Y. Davis, D.C., and Lisa V. Davis
Russ Mason, M.S.

t may not be uncommon for a chiropractor and a medical intuitive to join forces to create a powerful diagnostic and healing
partnership. However, Kenneth (Ken) Y. Davis, D.C. is no
ordinary chiropractor, and Lisa V. Davis has gone far beyond the
boundaries of medical intuition, into the realm of spiritual knowing.
As a result of their 28-year association, they have created a new
approach to healing; significant additions to the canon of treatment
options; and have extended the boundaries of healing via spiritual
information. By blending traditional healing modalities with new,
inspired approaches to wellness, Dr. and Ms. Davis have been able to
help thousands of patients.
Dr. Davis is a practitioner and researcher of energetic and vibrational healing. He has been a chiropractor for the past 29 years,
having utilized and taught advanced chiropractic techniques and
practices of the profession including craniopathy, Sacro Occipital
Technique [SOT], applied kinesiology, and soft-tissue orthopedics.
He has also studied and utilized clinical nutrition, homeopathy,
and acupressure, and he is certified in classical Chinese herbology
and equine chiropractic. In addition, he is a chiropractic sports
Lisa V. Davis is a health care practitioner and teacher, with the
extrasensory ability to diagnose accurately the location and source of a
patients imbalance: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Lisa has
developed innovative healing techniques that are utilized today by
doctors around the world.

Russ Mason: What you accomplish as healing partners is

unique to the field of practitioners. Please talk about that.
Ken Y. Davis: In starting, let me say that I am a chiropractor
by profession. Early on, I studied the more advanced chiropractic
techniques. One of these techniques is Sacro Occipital Technique.
RM: What is SOT?

*Major DeJarnette died in 1992.


KYD: SOT is a chiropractic technique that was discovered by a

pioneer in our profession, Major Bertrand DeJarnette, D.C., the
founder and developer of Sacro Occipital Technique (Nebraska
City, Nebraska).* He was a student of William Garner Sutherland, D.O. (18731954; Kirksville, Missouri), who developed
craniopathy, or cranial technique. SOT is my background,
because it incorporates craniopathy, visceral manipulation, pain
control, and extremity adjusting. I became a certified instructor in
SOT and also a charter member of The International Craniopathic
Society. I also became very involved with applied kinesiology.
All of these techniques emphasized a holistic approach that
took into consideration emotional, physical, chemical, and mental components. However, during my training, no-one talked
about the spiritual component, and I felt that needed to be
addressed when dealing with the health issues of a human being.
In the SOT organization there was a gentleman named Melvin
Lloyd Rees, D.C., (19171992), a Diplomate of the American
Board of Chiropractic Orthopedists, a certified craniopath, a
charter member of the International Craniopathic Society, the
founder and developer of the International Systemic Health
Organization, and the founder and developer of Soft Tissue
Orthopedics (Sedan, Kansas).
Dr. Rees was the principal researcher and developer of many
of SOTs more advanced techniques. He was also a Diplomate in
craniopathy, a chiropractic orthopedist, and an incredible human
being. I was always fascinated by his research, which included
Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis. I was drawn to him and his
work because he came up with so many useful techniques, and
this led to him being named Chiropractor of the Year in 1966 and
1967 by the SOT organization.
Dr. Rees was also doing something called gemstone therapy.
He had researched this for 45 years and was, in effect, utilizing
the research that was begun by Pierre and Marie Curie in the late
1800s. In essence, it is the study of piezoelectrical energy emissions from gemstones; this practice is now called harmonics.
RM: Please explain about that.
KYD: Dr. Rees was able to determineusing sensitive electronic equipmentthe abnormal vibrational patterns that existed
within a human being that were manifesting through all of the



known disease processes of humanity. He created instruments,

called harmonics, that consisted of different orchestrated
arrangements of minerals, gemstones, tourmaline, and gemstones in the rough. With these instruments he could create a
vibrational frequency and place them on areas of the body to create a healing response.
Over the years, I worked closely with Dr. Rees and learned
about harmonics and gemstone therapy. I became his numberone disciple; and, over the last 25 years, I have applied Dr.
Rees principle of harmonics as part of my practice.

During this time, my intuitive and perceptual abilities

blossomed, so that my view
was not limited to a patients
symptoms, but to an idea
aboutor approach tohealing. Sometimes the information I would receive would be
disseminated to doctors in
Japan, Australia, and Europe;
and the feedback we got was
affirming. My growth in these Kenneth Y. Davis, D.C., and Lisa
perceptual areas was extreme- V. Davis, Ridgewood, New Jersey.
ly rapid and my diagnostic
ability is quite accurate.
KYD: I would like to interject that Lisa does not refer to herself as a medical intuitive as
some are called. She is a modern-day mystic. She has an intense
love and faith in God.
When we were first working together in the office, her ability
included receiving knowledge and information about a specific
healing technique. She would say to me: Grab a pen and write
this down! Now, we have volumes of material of alternative
healing techniques that go back 25 years.

RM: When did Lisa enter the picture?

KYD: Lisa came to me as a patient in 1978. She had some serious health issues and I was able to help her. But I am going to let
her tell her own story.
Lisa V. Davis: I had severe migraines and had been diagnosed
with arthritis at a young age. I was told to be on medication and
to wear big shoes, which I did not want to do at the age of 19. So,
on my own, I studied nutrition with my mother and this helped a
great deal. I went to see Ken and, within 6 weeks of his care, all
of my symptoms disappeared. The migraines were gone and the
painful joints were no longer painful.
RM: What did Ken do to help you?
LVD: He first did applied kinesiology. He asked the body
questions and found out where the problems were and then he
cleared them. That is, he found the cause of the problems, and
took care of them. He also did a lot of cranial work on me, and
that helped remedy the migraines almost immediately. He was
able to solve the problems that no one else could figure out.
Because I was so amazed at how much better I felt, I went to
work for him. Now, I had always been a sensitive person. So,
when I began to take notes for Ken, as he was diagnosing a
patient, my sensitivities were able to pick up other information
from the patient.
As it turns out, I was a sensitive. I could know what was
going on, diagnostically, with the patient. In fact, when I went
into the room with the patient, I would actually take on the
symptoms of the patientin an exaggerated way, whether it was
joint pain or nausea. Then, as Ken would treat the patient, I
would feel better also.
For me, taking on the discomfort of the patients was not something I wanted to do. So I was able to refine my sensitivities to
the point where I could perceive what was going on with them,
without manifesting the symptoms myself.
RM: Was Ken able to verify your diagnoses?
LVD: Oh yes. He tested them through a variety of procedures,
so it wasnt just me guessing. He would map the body and confirm what I had observed. I have been doing this for nearly 30
years now, working with Ken.
Ken introduced me to Dr. Rees and I learned that he had diagnostic abilities similar to mine. And, for the next 14 years, Ken,
Dr. Rees, other doctors, and I traveled the world doing research
on healing, treating patients, and adding to the growing body of
knowledge we had acquired.

RM: Can you give me an example of what Lisa received?

KYD: Yes. For example, we were given information about specific areas of the body. When they are activated they create degenerative disease. So, as the material came through Lisa, we immediately
gave the information to Dr. Rees, so he could test it also. From
there, the information was sent to study groups that Dr. Rees had
set up. Lisas information was 100 percent correct and applicable.
RM: Are there any other examples about Lisa receiving information that would help people?
KYD: Yes, there are many. Long before AIDS became an epidemic, we received information about how to treat itthe psychological, nutritional, and physical components of what was
involved. This was in 1981, long before there was an HIV test. We
had an entire treatise on the various stages of AIDS, a chemscreen
profile, how to read a blood test, and other essential information.
RM: How did this information come through? Intuitive
KYD: Lisa and I are spiritual people. We have a strong faith in
God and believe that all energy and information comes from our
Source and Maker.
Now, early in our working together, after the last patient had
left in the evening, Lisa would lie on the table and go out. She
would receive information and recite it to me. I was the scribe; I
wrote down what she said. Sometimes I would ask questions and
she would clarify any areas that I didnt quite understand.
During those sessions I received volumes of material; not just
about healing components, but about universal knowledge,
world situations, and other things. So yes, it was a kind of intuitive reception initially.



To Contact the Davis Team

Kenneth Y. Davis, D.C. and Lisa V. Davis
60 West Ridgewood Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
Phone: (201) 652-2554
One of the things Lisa is able to do now is to raise her level of
vibration to higher levels of consciousness. With this ability to go
higher, she can receive information in a more direct way. She
doesnt have to wait for it to come to her; she goes up and its
there, waiting for her.
For example, if you were to say, I have a mother-in-law in California and is suffering from this condition, Lisa would immediately tune in and know what was going on with the woman.
LVD: I want to add that all people have gifts. This ability I
have just happened to me and I was fortunate to be in a situation
where I could develop it to a high degree. I might have gone in
another direction but, at some point I had to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up. This is the work I have chosen: to bring
forth information that will help humanity; to develop healing
techniques; or even to invent things that will help others.
When I first had this ability I was overwhelmed. But, over the
years, I have narrowed it down to keep focused on helping other
people. And, to the extent that it has happened, I feel that my
abilities and working with Ken, was meant to be.
RM: Can both of you tell me of an example of a person who
came to you for help or healing, and what transpired?
BOTH: There are so many.
KYD: Ill give you an early one. I had a patient, and Lisa kept
picking up that the woman had an ovarian cyst. We both kept
picking it up. Now, with something like that, which is a medical
problem, I refer the patient out immediatelyto a hospital or to
an M.D. The patient consulted with a physician, who gave her an
exam, and didnt see anything. The patient returned to us and
Lisa explained that the reason that the physician could not see
the cyst was that it was on the back side of the ovary, so he
would not be able to see or feel it. Lisa told the patient to explain
this to the doctor; that the cyst was there. To make a long story
short, Lisa was right; the physician located the cyst.
Here is another example. Many years ago we met a girl named
Emily. She was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. This disease
is widely considered to be untreatable and incurable. The symptoms included facial dropping with one eye going away from the
other; and the treatments included heavy medications, prism
glasses, and so on. Lisa and I evaluated this young woman and,
after the first treatment, her eyes improved 50 percent. We gave
Emily one session per week over a 3-week period. By the end of 3
weeks, her condition had completely cleared. She was later
reevaluated by a top pediatric neurologist in New York City and
his response was: I dont know what these people are doing, but
whatever it is, keep doing it!

RM: Please explain the treatments you gave to Emily?

KYD: We found a cranial occipital problem. The occipital
restrictions and imbalances were causing one eye to stray. The
condition is known as cranial meningeal dural stress and this can
affect the position of the occiput.
Now, myasthenia gravis is considered an autoimmune disease,
and, in 29 years of practice, I would say that 99 percent of
autoimmune related-problems have to do with the thymus
gland. We found that Emily had no thymus function at all. We
did a lot of vibrational energetic work to bring her thymus function back to normal. And, once the thymus kicked on, Emily
improved markedly.
RM: Tell me what you do, specifically, to stimulate the thymus.
KYD: Within the human body there are charger plates. Dr.
Rees taught me this. There is a primary charger and a secondary
charger right at the bottom orbit of the eye.
RM: What is a charger plate?
KYD: A charger plate charges the batteries that allow certain
energy centers (which some people call chakras) to function. The
crown chakra is charged and spins as a direct result of the right
orbital charger plate, and is responsible for keeping the thymus
at optimal function.
Now, after the age of 12, a persons thymus decreases in size.
So, for an adult, the thymus function is reduced to 40 percent but
that becomes the equivalent of 100 percent in an adult. It is possible for an individual to have a thymus function at 2 percent, or 3
percent, or even 1 percent function.
I learned how to bring forth specific energy by a hand position
that stimulates both the right and left orbital charger plates to get
the crown chakra to spin. When this happens, this takes the thymus up to optimal function. We did a lot of that charger-plate
work on Emily.
LVD: We do not treat diseases, and we deal with every person
in the same manner. We find the cause of the breakdown and
then take care of that.
RM: How do you find the cause of disease?
KYD: Within the body there are proprioceptors. They gather
information and are like telephone lines to the brain. Now,
to use an analogy, the brain has a 24-hour maintenance crew
on standby. So, when the brain receives information via the
proprioceptors with respect to normal and abnormal functions, then the brain can send out repair and maintenance
crews to specific areas of the body that need help. However,
sometimes the proprioceptors are disrupted; and the brain
looks and sees there is no problem, when there is one.
Therefore, a lot of our work deals with proprioceptor dysfunction, so we have to reconnect these telephone lines so that
certain disease-symptom manifestations can be acknowledged
by the brain.
RM: How can other health care practitioners benefit from
what you and Lisa have learned?



KYD: One of the things that all doctors must understand is in

the therapy they utilize, and that is what we call the Triune of
Well Being. It is the physical, the mind, and the spirit. All too
often, the spirit is missing from the equation and, consequently, a
way to evaluate this Triune of Well Being within the patient is
also missing. Clinically and empirically, what we learned was
that, in this triune, or three-sided, model of health, 90 percent of
the ills of humanity fall from the spiritual aspect of that triune
being in distortion. Nine (9) percent is from the mental angle, and
only 1 percent originates from the physical angle of the triune.
Consequently, Lisa and I have created Natural Force Healing.
The first component is a screening process, a technique of reflexes, of scanning and querying the body that any doctor can learn
to do. It is fast and accurate.

RM: If I were to come to

you as a new patient, what
would you do? Would you
address the Triune first?
KYD: First of all, I would
do a complete physical examination. In addition to techniques commonly used by
doctors of chiropractic
(orthopedic, neurologic, kinesiologic, and cranial, techn i q u e s ; s p i n a l p a l p a t i o n ; Dr. Davis with a patient.
blood chemistry profiles; xrays; electromyography; and
thermography), I use basic
screening procedures, such as muscle-test response and specific hand placements, among others. I may order a blood test, or
x-rays of the spine, if that is a problem for you. I do all of this
for information.
So after those specific testing modes were done, I would get
you into the process of screening to determine which angle of the
triune you are in, which area of the body it is affecting, what is
involved, and so on. This exam may not only pinpoint which
area of distortionbody, mind, spirityou have, this will also
tell me about your spine, your organs, glands or tissues, and if
they are out of balance. It will also reveal if there is a cranial disruption, or a nutritional deficiency. . .

RM: What does it involve?

KYD: It first involves a muscle-test response. Lets say we have a
patient named Joe. And he has allergies, or back pain, or cancer, or
emotional problems, or rage, or bipolar disease, or whatever. All of
that manifestation is a reflection of distortion of that Triune of Well
Being. So, through simple testing modes, a doctor, or even a student, can immediately assessin a manner of secondsfirst which
angle of that triune is responsible for that particular manifestation.
RM: Once you have determined the problem, which is likely
to be a spiritual imbalance, what do you do?
KYD: There is a specific system of energies, vibrations, and frequencies, applied to areas of the bodywith specific hand placementsthat amplify the positive universal force energiesthat
you can use to return that Triune of Well Being back into balance.
This begins the process.
We believe, in our work, that duality is inherent in every
human being: we are human and we are spirit. Within each of us
is a perfect blueprint of that Triune of Well Being. But this triune
is often layered over with physical traumas, chemical imbalances,
mental or emotional traumas, karma, and spiritual issues that the
individual has not adapted to or recovered from. So each issue
creates a layer, like the layer of an onion, around the triune of
health and balance. What we do, with Natural Force Healing, is
to assess which angle of the triune is the priority? Therefore our
work is to peel the onion so the Triune of Well Being will eventually realign itself and resemble the perfect blueprint.
RM: How do patients respond to this treatment?
KYD: Not only do they begin to feel physically betterand
remember, the physical is only 1 percent of the problem!but
they begin to become clear mentally and emotionally. This leads
to better relationships with family members and friends. Spiritually, people feel more connected to God and there is a greater
purpose to their lives.
Now, for some doctors, they feel their jobs are done when
patients pain goes away, but this is merely the beginning of true
LVD: We live in a symptom-oriented society.
KYD: Right. My pain is gone, so I am healthy. But that is not
what its all about.

RM: Excuse me. How could you determine if I had a nutritional deficiency?
KYD: There are reflexes within the body that we can immediately query, to ask questions. I often use other techniques. I mentioned SOT previously. Within SOT, there is a technique known
as Occipital Fiber Analysis; I use that as well as Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis.
RM: Please explain about that.
KYD: With Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis, there are points
along the skull. There are tender areas around the skull and
they relate to organ systems of the body. There is a way to palpate, with your hands, with specific pounds of pressure, on
both sides of the temporal sphenoidal regions of the skull. So an
active nodule on the point will relate to a disruption with a specific organ of the body. By doing this, one uses the points as
shunts, to direct etheric energy or vitality to various points of
the body. This causes a bridge of energy, and this can help the
body heal, absolutely.
RM: Are these techniques ones that other healers can use, or
perhaps even individuals, to maintain their own well-being?
KYD: Absolutely. Many patients of ours asked for techniques
that they could learn and do for themselves. We consulted with
Dr. Rees, and he was not optimistic, due to the level of knowledge that was involved. Lisa, however, began to receive specific
knowledge and information that she was told would be called
Natural Force Healing.



RM: Yes, you mentioned Natural Force Healing briefly

KYD: It is something that Lisa brought forth, developed and
gave to me. It is a specific system to utilize on patients in my
practice, but we also began to teach laypeople. We believe that
laypeople also wanted a system that they could learn to do for
themselves. This also applies to nursepractitioners and massage

because, for many, they are not there yet. I am talking about a
spiritual component to energy and, generally, humanity is not
there yet. Unless one understands the spiritual component of
energy and how to utilize it, the approach will be random and
not verifiable.
And yet, people dabble in energy all the time. For many scientists, proving a spiritual component is difficult, if not impossible.
We have found tremendous response in patients because they
get well and they feel better. So they are validating and driving
our work forward.

RM: You are talking about specific healing techniques?

KYD: Right. But also, once a person knows the techniques he
or she could utilize them on family members and friends.
LVD: It is also understanding that much of the energy work
that was being taught around the world was simply not specific
enough and was random in its scope. I felt that people needed to
have a real foundation and knowledge that explained everything.
This means where energy comes from; how it works; what
increases or decreases energy; and how it affects the healer. So
our work is very clear and it sets forth a full understanding of
what remains unknown to many. With this knowledge and
understanding, a person could use it in a specific way again and
againnot just randomly.
RM: Would you say, then, that what you are talking about is
a form of energy medicine?
LVD: Yes, it is energetic, vibrational healing. Absolutely. Most
people, including practitioners, have no idea how energy works.
They know it exists but it is difficult to prove how it works

RM: Since there is a large spiritual component to your work,

do you ever feel guided while you are treating someone?
LVD: What matters greatly is the intention behind any action;
and there is a lot of spiritual work that is done before one
approaches a patient. That will help one come to a level of clarity
with respect to the patient and the appropriate treatment. There
must be faith in the process also; that the information given is
correct and appropriate.
RM: Ken, Lisa, thank you very much for talking with me
KYD: Its been our pleasure.
LVD: Thank you.

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