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Current Colorado Polling

November 3, 2016
Contact: Doug Kaplan, 407-242-1870
Executive Summary
Gravis Marketing, a nonpartisan research firm, in conjunction with Breitbart News Network, conducted a
random survey of 1,125 registered voters across Colorado. The poll was conducted from November 1st
through the 2nd and has a margin of error of 2.9% at the 95% confidence level. The total may not round
to 100% because of rounding. The poll was conducted using a combination of interactive voice response
polling and an internet panel of cell phone users, with the results weighted by voting demographics.
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2) How likely are you to vote in November?

3) Which best describes your voting this year?

4) How interested are you in the 2016 Presidential election?

5) Which party are you registered in?

Now we have a few questions about the general state of the country.
6) How would you describe the country's direction today?

7) How would you describe how the American economy is working for you and your family?

8) Do you want the next president to . . .

We are now going to ask your opinion of some of the people running for office this year.
9) What is your opinion of Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton?

10) What is your opinion of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump?

11) Do you approve or disapprove the job that Barack Obama is doing as president?

We are now going to ask you about the presidential election.

12) If the election was held today, who would be your choice for president?

13) Which of the following best represents your view in making a choice for president?

14) If the election was held today, who would be your choice for U.S. Senator?

We now want to ask you some more detailed questions about particular policies and issues
15) Why do you think FBI Director James Comey chose to reopen the investigation into Hillary
Clintons use of a private email server while Secretary of State after the agency recently uncovered
thousands of emails on the laptop used by Clintons closest advisor?

16) Agree or disagree: FBI Director Comey would not have released his statement unless he
believed there was something of major significance in the discovery.

17) How will the news regarding the reopening of the investigation of Hillary Clintons emails affect
your vote?

18) How concerned are you that if Hillary Clinton were elected President her current controversies
and scandals will continue to be a central focus of her Presidency and detract from her ability to
lead the country?

19) Should President Obama publicly announce before the election that if Hillary Clinton is elected,
he will not pardon her for any crimes prior to the election?

20) Should Hillary Clinton announce that she will not accept a pardon for any crimes she has

21) Should Hillary Clinton announce that, if elected president, she will not pardon herself for any
crimes committed prior to the 2016 presidential election?

22) Which do you think is riskier: electing someone who is experienced but who will not tend to
bring much change to Washington and will generally continue the policies as they exist, or electing
someone who will bring change to Washington but lacks experience and has few ties to the

23) How likely do you think it is that the election is rigged?

24) How concerned are you with controlling immigration and securing the southern border?

25) Hillary Clintons supporters at the Refugee Council want to increase the number of refugees
coming into the United States in 2017 even more, to 200,000, and Hillary wants to increase the
number of Syrian refugees in that total from 10,000 in 2016 to 65,000 in 2017. Do you approve or
disapprove of this increase?

26) Do you believe that Syrian refugees arriving in the United States have been subjected to the
most rigorous security vetting, as the Obama Administration claims?

27) Do you agree or disagree with Donald Trump, who said that NAFTA, the North American Free
Trade Agreement, is the worst trade deal in modern American history, and that TPP, the
TransPacific Partnership, is almost as bad?

28) Has Obamacare been a success?

29) Considering the coverage of the major television networks and a majority of the major
newspapers which best describes how they are covering the election?

30) Have you seen on television or read in the news media about the video that came out this week
by an undercover investigative group showing Democratic operatives bragging that they recruited
people to disrupt Donald Trump events?

Several organizations that go back to the Democratic National Committee and even perhaps to the
campaign of Hillary Clinton had operatives who, in an undercover investigative video expose,
admitted that they had recruited people to disrupt Donald Trump events and even discussed how to
rig votes in the general election. Those two operatives were both fired. The person they identify as
their leader, and who appears in the video, turns out to have been to the Obama White House
almost 350 times and had dozens of direct meetings with President Obama.
31) Do you think this is a scandal that should be considered in this presidential election or does it
not seem to be that important?

32) If Hillary Clinton is elected president, will she have the moral authority to lead the country?

33) If Donald Trump is elected president, will he have the moral authority to lead the country?

We want to know if you agree or disagree with the following statements.

34) For years, the political elites have governed America for their own benefit and to the
detriment of the American people. This election is the best chance in our lives to take back our
government and change course.

35) Which do you think is the most important basis for a voter to make a choice in this president

36) Regardless of whether you are for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or another candidate, which
of the following is closest to your opinion?

37) The non-partisan Center for Public Integrity reported this week that according to federal
records, 430 people who work in journalism have made contributions to presidential campaigns. 96
percent of the money contributed, or $382,000, was donated to Hillary Clinton by about 380 of
these journalists. 50 of these journalists have combined to give $14,000 to Donald Trump. Which of
the following best represents your opinion?

38) Which is closer to your opinion if Hillary Clinton wins

39) Which is closer to your opinion if Donald Trump wins

40) There are reports that the Clinton Foundation started by Bill and Hillary Clinton accepted
substantial donations from foreign governments and other individual donors while Hillary Clinton
was Secretary of State. How likely do you think it is that Bill and Hillary Clinton were selling
influence to foreign governments and other individual donors?

The following questions are for demographic purposes:

40) Regardless of how you are registered, what do you think of yourself as?

41) What is your political ideology?

42) What race do you identify yourself as?

43) Which of the following best represents your religious affiliation?

44) What is the highest level of education have you completed?

45) How old are you?

46) What is your gender?