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PAPER 1 Reading

.. Part 1

PAPER 3 Use of English

PAPER 4 listening


You are going to read an article about a w restler who become an author.
For questions 1-8, choose the answer (A, B. C or DJ which you think f its best
according to the text.
Mark your answers on the separ ate answer sheet.

PAPER 5 Speaking

The wrestler who became an author

ete Watson looks like the biggest, sweetest teddy
bear you ever saw. It is only when he opens his

mouth that you notice the missing front teeth.

Watson is a three-time world champion wresder turned

author. He was adored by fans because he was different

while other wresders were supreme athletes, he was

just a hulk who knew how to take a hit. You could throw

as many chairs as you liked at Pete Wauon, you could

smack him repeatedly, but he wouldn't go down.
After two autobiographies and a series of children's
stories, he has just written a brilliant first novel: a work
of immense power and subtlety, likely to gain a wide
readership. At iu simplest, it is about a boy and his dad
getting together after a lifetime apart, though there is far
more to it than that. Was he inspired by anyone he
knewrThe father, he says, is based on guys he met on the
road, wrestlers, friends of his, who appeared to be
leading exciting lives, but deep down were pretty

Wauon does not come from traditional wrestling stOCk.

He grew up in Long Island. New York. His father wac an
athletics director with a PhD, his mother a physical
education teacher with two master's degrees - one in
literature, the other in Russian history. He was a big boy.
bullied for his size. One day his neighbour had a go at
him, and for the first time Watson realised he could use
his weight and size instead of feeling awkward about it.
It was a turning point.
At college, he did a degree in communication studies.
Meanwhile. he was learning the ropes of professional

FeE Test 1

~ .

PAPER 1 Reading part 1

wresding. Did his parents try to dissuade

him ~ 'No.They

were just really insistent that I finished college. I am

pretty sure they thought I'd get hurt and quit wresding:
But he didn't.
He looks in remarkably good condition for someone
who spent 20 years in the ring. His skin is smooth and
firm ; there are few visible scars. ' It's amazing what
retirement can do for you. I looked really rough five
years ago, and now I think I look a good deal younger,'
he says. People are surprised by the softness of his
handshake. 'Yeah, that's the wrestler's handshake: he

Do you have to be a good actor to be a good wresderr

'I used to really resent the acting label, but it Is acting.
When it's really good, when you're feeling it and letting
that real emotion fly. it comes closer to being real.What
did his children think when they saw him getting hurt!
'Well. they used to think I never got hurt because that's
what I told them. When they got old enough to realise
I did, they stopped enjoying it. That was, in part, what led 50
to my docicion to SQt ou~'
Nowadays, his time is dedicated to family and books his next novel is about boy wrestlers living on the same
block. and he is also writing more children's stories. He
does not think this life is so different from wrestling.
'Wrestling is all about characters,' he says. 'So when my
fans hear I've written a novel,l don't get the sense that
they feel I've abandoned them.'

Eu4tntial tip--s'
Read the text first to get the
general meaning. Don't worry
about individual words that
you don't know.
The questions follow the
same order 8S the relevant
informati on in the text.

Underline the key words in

each question and in the four

What impression do we get of Pete Watson's ski ll s as a wrestler?

A He frequently lost because he was not very aggressive.
B He was too gentle and friendly to be a good wrestler.
C He was injured a lot because he didn't fight back.
o His speciality was letting his opponent hit him .

2 It is suggested that Watson's first novel


is based on his own autobiography.

B will be popular with those who liked his autobiographies.


will not only appeal to his fans.

is not much more than a simple story.

look in the text for
informati on that supports one
of these options, but don't

expect to find exactly the

same words.
Qu.stion 1: look at option A. II
consists of two parts: he
frequently lost and he was not
aggressive. If an option consists
of two parts, it is correct only if

both parts are correct. If, for

example, Pete frequently lost,
but he wasn't aggressive, option
A is not the correct answer.
Question 3: This is a question
about vocabulary. If you don't
know the meaning of the words
(in this case 'stock'), you can

answer the question by looking

at the context. The sentences
after 'traditional wrestling stock'
are about his parents'
professions. What is the correct
Question 4: An option is correct
only if you can find clear suppon
for it in the text. For instance,
option C claims that Pete's
parents wanted him to stop
wrestling. Can you find suppon
for that in the text? For which of
the four options can you find
auppon in the text?

3 What does 'traditional wrestling stock' in line 20 refer to?

A Watson's childhood
B Watson's family background
C Watson's educational background
D Watson's background in athletics

4 What did Watson's parents feel about his interest in wrestling?

A They were afraid he would get hurt.
B They insisted that he should have proper training at college.
C They wanted him to give up wrestling.
D They thought he would abandon the sport quite soo n.
5 Watson seems to be in good condition now
A alth ough he has retired.
B in spite of being a wrestler for so long.
C because he stopped wrestling five years ago .
D and he finds this fact amazing.

6 How does Watson regard the idea that wrestling is like acting?
A He resents the suggestion.

He thinks wrestlers aren't good actors.

He has come to accept it.
He doesn't think wrestling can compare to acting.

7 What does 'That' in line SO refer to?

A the fact that Watson's children got older
B the fact that Watson often got hurt
C the fact that Watson's ch ildren no longer enjoyed watching him
o the fact that Watson could not tell his child ren the truth

8 Watson's present life is not so different from his past profession because


his work is still connected with characters.

he is writing about w restling, his previous profession.
his family are still more important than anything else.
his fans still follow his career with interest.

FeE Test 1

PAPER 1 Reading

~ ~

Part 1

.. ..

Part 1
You are going to read an article about videogames. Seven sentences have been
removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each
gap (9-15). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

PAPER 2 Writing
PAPER 3 Use of English

Part 3

PAPER 4 listening

Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

PAPER 5 Speaking





In just a few decades the videogame industry has become a

lot bigger than the film business. In terms of turnover, what
is rather grandly called 'interactive entertainment' makes

Why do game players feel disappointed by films based on

their favourite games?
Videogames can show
the action from a number of perspectives easily, because

twice as much money as Hollywood cinema. Which of cou rse

leaves people in the film business wondering if they can
harvest any of this new income. Is there any way of making

everything is co mputer generated. But filming a sequence

from twenty different cameras would cost a fortune, so It

simply isn't done in the film version - leaving the game

players feeling that the film didn't look as reat as the


guarantee a large audience.

New videogames
have stu nning action sequences that rely on fantasy effects,

Cameras matter in another sense, too. In

and now films are being released with simila~ scenes. Gravity
is discarded as heroes leap across huge gaps, while slowmotion techniques show bullets moving through the rippling

A major segment Of th~ videogame market comprises

films more appealing to people who play videogames?

Making a film out of a bestselling videogame can certainly


science-fiction games. and film-makers have started to

realise that they could set films in similar sci-fi future worlds.
Any attempt to borrow more than the settmg
from a vi,d,eogame is propably
, doomed.


There are many examples of successful film-videogame

combinations. Rather:th~n, making, a film using characters
and stories from a videogame, the trick seems to be to make
a film that has a fastmoving action sequence and then bring

a videogame " l)ased" on

enjoyed the film



FeE Test 1 ~ ~ PAPER 1 Reading ~ ~ Part 2

0 film

the director

sure he doesn't show you some things to keep you in

suspense. Think of your favourite thriller. l u i

l in

films you are not supposed to. have access to alt the

information. Suspense and mystery are essential elements

of film-making.
When you playa game. you have to do ce~tain
tasks to proceed to the ne:Jlt lev~1.. Therefore, you mlfst be


aOle to see ever'ftnlng In oraer to maKe your cnolCes, 10

decide what to do next: which door to open, and ,so on. You

must have access to all the information. You, as the pl{lyer,

are always in control. In the cinema you never control the
action. You just sit and watch.

There can be some interaction between films and

they fulfil different needs.

similarities between technoloRies and soecial effects. we

shouldn't forget that a storyand a game are fundamentally

videogaQ1es on a number of different I ~vels , but in the, end


shows you the action from certain perspectives but makes

sequ~nce. People who

will~ P,fobablY want to buy the videogame.'



I For

all the

This clearly creates a new market opportunity for the videogame industry.

We go to the cinema to let someone else tell us a story, knowing we can't

influ ence what happens at all.

You wouldn't be interested in watching the film if you knew the identity of
the murderer, for instance.

This is not true for videogames.

Its success lies in the use of special effects.

Thi s usually means that the film has a good chance of being as commercially
successfu l as the videogame on which it is ba sed.

One reason is technical.

However, the difficulty for the producers of Hollywood appears to be

knowing where and when to stop.

Iss.ntial tips,
look at the text to see what it is about. Even without the missing sentences, you can
understand the general meaning.
Read the text before and after each gap. Try to guess what the missing information is.
Go through the gapped sentences. Try to find a link between the text and the gapped
The text and the gapped sentence will be on the same topic.
Ae-read the whole text to

mtllo.c ~UI t: it IIItlIo.U:' :.t:IiMl.

Ountion 9: The sentence before the gap talks about guaranteeing 'a l arge audience'. If a
fi lm has a large audience, what is it? Find an option that defines what it is.
Ouestion 13: What kind of film is a thriller? Which sentence option refers to one7

au.stion 14: The last sentence of the paragraph before the gap talks about 'essential
elements of filmmaking'. The next paragraph talks about videogames. Which sentence
option makes a suitable topic sentence for thi s paragraph?

Fe E Test 1 PAPER 1 Reading Part 2



... .
PAPER 3 Use of English

You are going to read a magazi ne article in which fo ur young people talk about how
their parents' careers have influenced them. For questions 16-30 choose from the
people (A-D) . The people may be chosen more than once.

PAPER 4 listening

Mark your answers on the separate answ er sheet.

P PER 2 Wntlng

PAPER 5 Speaking
Which of the people
thinks hi s o r her parent's job is boring?

hsentical tips
Skim through the whole text

was discouraged from following the same profession?

changed his or her mind about a future ca reer?

to get a general idea.

Read the questions and
underline the key words.
Make sure you understand
the exact meaning of each
Look quickly through the text
for information about the key
words in each question.
Remember that the key words

might not be in the text at all,

but there will be other words
or expressions with that
If you find a text where the
key words are mentioned,
look through the other texts
as well to make sure you have

got the correct answer.

Quntion 21 : This person didn't
follow his/her parent's profession
for 'financial reasons'. What is a
financial reason?

auntlon 23: If someone comes

from '8 long line' of people in a
certain profession, who else was
in that profession?
Ountlons 25, 26: There are
different ways to say that
someone encouraged you to do
something. In which two texts
ca n you find reference to

FeE Test 1

PAPER 1 ReadIng

experienced pressure to follow the same profession?

dislikes other peoplo in hie or hor p3ront'c profoccion7
would not follow the same profession for financial reasons?
feels he or she has not been influenced in choosing a career?
comes from a long line of people in this profession?
thinks the profession in question offers few opportunities?
was encouraged to fol low the same profession?
thinks the profession in question is too stressful?
is concerned his or her choice will cause an argument?
thinks that success in hi s or her parent's profession is difficult?
thinks his or her parent's profession is rewarding?

~ .

Part 3

A Chip off the Old Block

How much are children influenced in their choice of profession b y their parents' jobs7
We asked four yo ung people about their experience.

A Graham Button

C Barry Porter

I suppose most people are influenced in one way or

another by the jobs their parents do. My dad is a freelance
builder, like his father and his grandfather, and that
means he was often out working in the evenings or at
weekends when I was a child. I grew up thinking hard
physical work was what fathers usually did. I think he was
proud of doing a 'real' job, something with his hands,
which is perhaps why he always tried to push me into
taking up the same profession. And of course he had his
own business, which he wanted to continue after he
retired. when I was in high school. I decided that I really
didn't want to go into the family business, so al the
moment I'm studying History al university. My father
probably thinks I'm going to become a partner in his firm
after I graduate, so t do worry that we might have a big
fight aboUI this some time in the futu re.

When people find out my mother's an actress. they

always ask what Hollywood film s she's been in, and
I have to explain that she's only ever worked in provincial
theatres. She's hardly ever been on television. which is
why not many people know her. That's one of the
problems with the theatre: very few people get to the top
of the profession, and you have to be extremely lucky just
to make a living from it. Actors are nervous, highlystrung people, worrying about where the next job's
comi n g from. Even if I had any talent for acting, I'd be
put off by that side of it. Most of the other actors I've
met. people working with my mother, strike me as very
arrogant people; I don't really think I'd get on with them.
As. you can gather, I really don't think my future is in the
thealre, and in any case my mother has always tried 10
steer me away from taking up the professIon.

B Sue Smith

D Ruth Lawrence

My mother's a nudear physicist, which sounds very

exciting. The truth is it's a pretty tough profession. For
years my mother wasn't getting paid very well at the
institute where she worked. That's one of the things
that discouraged me from going into the same sort of
work. And I just don't think it's .. very intcIc5ting job.
Of course it sounds very important, but as far as I can
see, you spend most of the day at a desk doing
hundreds of calculations, and then checking and
rechecking them. My mother did try 10 motivate me to
take an interest in science subjects when I was about
14 or IS, and I think she'd be secretly pleased if J
wanted to be a scientist, but she's never put any sort of
pressure on me. But I know she also thinks - as I do that there aren't so many jobs available in pure
research, which is what she does.

My father teaches Maths at high school. which definitely

used to come in handy when we had a Maths test the next
day! I suppose there werc disadvantages, too. I think in
the back of his mind he expected me to be good at Maths
because he was always there to explain it. The truth is I've

..t......1" huon

1",,,itole .. 1 ll,.:: " .. toj'::\.I. l ie .. l"v ....:>C\lIV .cUm.::

about the satisfaction you can get from teaching, and I do

think he's right about that. He'd talk about the long
holidays and the short working day. trying to get me
interested in taking a teaching qualification. I used to
think I wanted to be a teacher, but then I began to think
of the disadvantages. The profession'S changed and these
days teachers have to work a lot in the holidays and
prepare a lot at home. In the end I decided to go into
accounting, and I don't really think my dad'S job affected
my aeClSlOn at all.

FeE Test 1 PAPER 1 Reading Part 3

PAPER 1 Reading

You must answer th is quest ion .

, You have see n the foll owing advertisement and wou ld like more information
about the summe r school. Read the advertisement carefu lly, together with the
notes you have made. Then write a letter to Mrs Brown, the d i rector of the school,

PAPER 4 listening
PAPER 5 Speaking

using all your notes.




at the Capital Language School!


~ English lessons in central

how Many

London location



~ Small classes and modem

teaching facilities




Spend the summer In London Improving your English


ttl Classes throughout summer


..; Wide range of leisu re


..; Accommodation on

sorf of

200 per week

Further information from Mrs Susan Brown. Director

aCCOMModation ?
W rite a Isner of between 120 and 150 wo rds in an appropriate style. Do not write
any addresses.

Read the instructions and underline key words and
phrases that show what you must say or ask in your
Read the advertisement and the notes carefully. Oecide
who you are writing to. Should your lottor bo formal or
Plan the three sections of your letter: introduction, body
and conclusion.
IntTOduc:t:lon: Say you hIIv. seen the advertisement, you
aN Interested in the summer school and you would Ilk.
more information.
Body: Form questions using the notes. Remember that
you must use .11 your notes. Use a mixture of direct

FeE Test 1

~ ~

PAPER 2 Wrttlng.

Part 1

questions (Wha t ;s th e address of the school7) and

indirect questions (f would like to know if the school is
open during the firs t week o( June.). Be cereful wi th
word order in indirect questions. Indirect questions do
not have question marks. The body of your latter could
eoncict o f ..... 0 t ..... n on. p o . oS,oph . V ........ oy ....I.. ...... _

questions in one paragraph and the rest of the

questions in another paragraph.
Conclu~on : Say by when you would like a reply and
that you are looking forward to hearing from Mrs
Brow n. Should you use Yours faithfully or Yours
sincerely to end your letter?
Check the length of your letter, your grammar, spelling
and punctuation.

PAPER 1 Reading

PAPER 3 Use of English


PAPER 4 listening

Write an answer to o ne of the questions 2-5 in this part. Write your answer in
120-180 words in an appropriate style.

2 You have decided to enter a short story competition. The competition rul es say
that the story must begin with the following words:

PAPER 5 Speaking

Mark could never imagine that this telephone call would change his life forever.
Write your story.

You see this notice on your school noticeboard:


Oecide which question you

can answar best. Do you hava
idaas and vocabulary for any
of the questions?

Underline the key words in

the instruction.

Plan the three section. of

your answer and decide on
the main point of each

Spend some time making

notes about each paragraph.

Make sure your ideas are

clearly organised. Every
paragraph should be on one

Check the length of your

answer, your grammar,
spelling and punctuation.

Question 2: Think of a way to

link the content of your story
with the title. What kind of
phone call can change your life?
Decide on the characters land
their relationship) and the setting
using vocabulary and
expressions you know.
Is your story going to be told in
or third
the first person
person (he)? The events in your
story should appear in a logical
sequence. Check the use of
narrative tenses.

Ouestion 3: Use a neutral style.

In your introduction you should
say briefly what you are going to
write about. Make sure you
answer both questions. Describe
your possession in detail. Give
some background information to
explain what makes it special to

What is your favourite possession?

Why is it special to you?
Write an article for the school magazine answering these questi ons.
Write your article.

You recently saw this notice in a popular Englis h-langu age magazine called

Cinema News:
Have you seen any good films lately? If you have, write a review for our
magazine! Include information on the plot, characters and special effect s
and say why you think the film is worth seeing.
We will publish the best revi ews in next month's issue.
Write your review .

Answer one of the following two questions based on you r reading of one of the
set books.

(ai If the book you have read were made into a film. w hich character
would be the most interesting? Write a letter to an Englis h pen
friend who has read the same book, saying which character you
im agi ne would be most intere sting in a film and explaining why.
Write your letter. Do not write any postal addresses.


(b ) 'A story must have conflicts to make it interesting.' Do you agree

or disagree wi th this statement? Write an essay, giving your
u~lrtlUrtS WillI referen ce 10 me OOOK you nave reao.

Question 4: You are writing for a

popular magazine, to the style of your
review could be semi-formal. Organise
your ideas in paragraphs and make
sure you answer all parts of the
question. In the introduction, you
could describe the film in general
terms. (What it the film called? What
kind of film is it? Who directed it? Who
acts 'in it?) The main body could
consist of two or more p.,.gr.phs in
which you should describe and
comment on the plot. characters and
special effects. In the conclusion say
why you think the film is worth seeing.

Ouestion 51_): The question asks you

to think of an interesting character.
You don't have to write about the main
character. Your lener should be
Question Sib ): Do you think that
conflicts make a book interesting?
Make a list of the things that make a
book or story interesting. Express your
opinion and support it with examples.
RfIIfl!lr to two fIIxfllmplM from the book

where something la conflict or

something else) made you want to
carry on reading.

FeE Test 1 PAPER 2 WrttJng Part 2

PAPER 1 Reading
For questions 1-12 , read the text below and decide which answer (A, 8, C or 0 )
best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

PAPER 2 Writing
PAPER 3 Use of Engllsh~ Part 1

PAPER 4 Listening

PAPER 5 Speaking

Mark your answers on t he separate answ er sheet.

Part 2
Part 3


Part 4

Euential tipS
Read the title and the whole
text to get the general

Some of th e questions will

ask you 10 choose a word
from a set of words with
similar meanings.
The word you need may be

part of a collocation, an
idiom, an expression or fixed
phrase. You may need 8
preposition. which is part of 8
phrasal verb or II linker.
If you are not sure which of
the options fits best. say the
sentence to yourself and use
the one that sounds best.
When you have finished, read
the text again to make sure it
makes sense.

Quntion 4: The gapped word is

pan of a fixed phrase. Which
verb best completes the phrase
'when it ... to'7

OuHtlon 9: Sisters, brothers,

grandparents are all ... of your
Question 11: The gapped word is
part of a fixed expression. Which
verb best completes the phrase
' .. . the best for somebody'?

A idea


B view

C thought

o decision


Reliable studies have shown that the children of working mothers have no more
problems than children whose mothers stay at home. My personal (0) ..... is that
mothers should work if they wish.
Some women have invested so much in a career that they cannot (1) ..... to give it
up. Others have to work because of economic (2) ..... and there are also those who
are simply not (3) ..... out to be full-time parents.
There appear to be several options when it (4) ..... to choosing childcare. These
range from child minders through to granny or the kind lady (5) ..... the street.
(6) ..... , however, many parents don't have any choice; they have to accept anything
they can get.
No (7) ..... how good the available childcare may be, some children protest if their
parents are not around. This is a(n) (8) ..... normal stage in a child's development.
Babies over the aRe of six months become dependent on mum and close family
(9) ..... , so make sure that you allow (10) ..... time to help your child settle in.
And don't forget: if you want to (11) ..... the best for your children, it's not the
quantity of time you spend with them, it's the (12) ..... that matters.

B decide

C hope

o expect

2 A reason

B duty

C necessity

o task

3 A made

B cut

C broug ht

o born

A refers

B concerns

C turns

o comes

A of

R QPPQO; t o

C aaro o o

D In contrast

A bear

6 A In addition

A way

8 A perfectly

n .. ~ll ....

B In practice

C In order

B matter

C surprise

o exception

B extremely

C probably

o certainly

A people

B adults

C members

o grown-ups

A little

B no

C lots

o plenty of

"' 2

A make

B give

C have

O dD

A quality

B attitude

C behaviour

o manner

FeE Test 1 ~ PAPER :5 Use of English Part 1

PAPER 1 Reading
For questions 13-24, read the text below and think of the word which best fits each
gap. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

PAPER 2 Writing

Part 1

Write your answers IN CAPITAllETIERS on the separate answer sheet.

PAPER 4 listening
PAPER 5 Speaking

Part 3
Part 4


I0 I



Some activities are associated to) .......... young people, even though (13) ... ... .. .. isn't
always clear why. Skateboarders, for instance, are expected to (14) .......... teenagers,
reason why people over the age of 21
but come to think of it, there's (15)
shouldn't t&ke (10) .......... the l!>port.
Skateboarding involves a certain amount of falling off the board, (17) .......... can be
painful, but this also applies to skiing or surfing, and these sports are not restricted
(18) .......... teenagers. Surely there is (19) ....... ... wrong with a grown-up gliding down
the road on his or her board!
(20) .......... the same time, I confess I felt a certain sympathy for my niece Emily when
her father, my older brother Tom, announced that he was going skateboarding with
her. When you are 14, you are very conscious of (21 ) .......... other people think of you .
Em ily knew her friends would laugh (22) .......... her if she was seen skateboarding in
the park with her dad. She felt that (23) .......... embarrassment would be more thM
she could bear, so she begged Tom to go skateboarding elsewhere. Fortunately, Tom
realised how embarrassed Emily must (24) .......... felt and simply laughed.

Read the whole text to get the general meaning.

Decide what kind of word is needed (verb, pronoun, article, determiner, quantifier, etc.).
Remember you can only use one word in each gap.
You cannot use contracted forms (I've, he's, rhe"re, mustn't, etc.) to fill in the gaps.
Say the phrase or sentence to yourself and see which word sounds right in each gap.
Read the text w hen you have fini shed and check that it makes sense.
auestlon 18: This gap is part of a phrasal verb that means 'to start, to begin doing' a sport.
Ouestion 19: look at the context. Ooes the writer think that skateboarding is not for

J:\vo ."",,-i"'6'

"U'\~~ . "' .a ..

.a,,*;"'ln ...... __ ..... _ ___ I" : ~... ~ .. - ..........,,- .............. .---

been described in the previous sentence. Do you need a definite article (the) or indefinite
article (,van)7

FeE Test 1 ~ ~ PAPER 3 Use Of English ~ ~ Part 2


PAPER 1 ReadIng


PAPER 2 Writing

PAPER 4 listening

Part 1
Part 2

PAPER 5 Speaking

Part 4

For questions 2S-34. read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end
of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line. There is an
example at the beginning (0 ).
Write your answers IN CAPITAL LETIERS on t he sep arate answ er sheet .

Example, LI.::
o-'I _ _ _---'O::8::S::E::.
: :T:..:'.::
N_ _ _ --l

London Eye
' ......tiol tip$
Read the whole text to get the
general meaning.

Decide what type of word

(noun. adjective, verb, etc.)

you need for each gap.

Look at the conteKt carefully.
The word may be negative or

You may need t o add a prefix

or suffile to the prompt word.
If the word is a noun, check if
you need the singular or plural

The London Eye. the giant (0 ) .......... wheel. is a relativ ely new
(25) ...... .... in the wo rld. The wheel is th e largest of its kind.


at a (26 ) .......... of 135 metres. 1.700 tons of steel w ere


used for its (27 ) .. ......... People make special journeys to see the


(28) ......... giant wheel. 15.000 v isitors can ride on t he Eye eve ry day.


T he architects. Julia Barfield and her husband David Marks. were

the winners of the (29) .......... to design a M illennium landma rk.


Their design was the most (30 ) .. . ...... of all the projects. The first


(31) .. ....... . of the w heel were made on their kitchen table in 1993 .


David developed the idea for a giant wheel and Julia found
the (32) ......... site by d rawing a ci rcle round London and finding

You may need to make two

changes to th e word (add a
prefix and a suffix, add two
suffixes, etc.)
Check the spelling of each
w ord carefully.

CluHtion 31: In this gap you are


landmark for London. It is one of the most popular


its ce ntre.
Not (33) ... ........ it took about three years to do all the groundwork


to get the wheel built . In (34) ......... of their work. the couple


were awarded the MBE . a special honour that is given in the UK

to someone w ho has achieved something special.

looking for a noun. Read th e rest

of the sentence. Should the noun
be singular or plural?

Question 32: This word

describes the noun ('site' ), so it
must be an adjective. How can
. you form an adjective from
' idA'?

au..tIon 33: In this gap you a re

looking for an adverb. How
many changes do you need to
make in order to form an adverb
from 'surprise'?

FeE Test 1 ., . PAPER 3 u se Of English ~ Part 3

PAPER 1 Reading


PAPER 2 Writing

PAPER 4 Ustening

part 1
Part 2
Part 3

PAPER 5 Speaking

For questions 35-42, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning
to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You
must use between two and five words, including the word given . Here is an
example {OJ.

I' ll be very happy when I go on holiday.

.. .... ................ on holiday.

l am ..... ...

The gap can be filled by the words ' looking forward to going' so you write:

I0 I

Essentiol tip.-$

You must use between two

and five words in the gap.
Contractions (didn't, we're,
it's, etc.) count as two words.
Check that you have used all
the information from the first
sentence, and that you
haven't added any more
Make sure you don't change
the word given in any way.
Decide on what structure you
need to use (passive voice,
indirect speech, etc.) by
looking at what comes before
and after the gap.


Write only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS on the separate answ er sheet.


Richard asked me how much I had paid for the theatre tickets.

Richard wanted to ..

.. ..... .................................. ..................... the theatre tickets.

It wasn't a good idea for vou to de lete that fi le .

...... that file.

You ......... ..


The ferry cou ldn't sai l because the weather was bad.

......... .................................. . weather.

The ferry couldn't sail ..... ... .......... ..


The teacher told us not to be late on Friday.


Remember to check your

spelling carefully.
0uHti0n 38: What verb is used

with 'better' to mean 'should'?

After it do we use the infinitive
with or without 'to' ? Must this
be positive or negative?
QuestIon 40: Here you need to
use the passive. Your prompt
word Is 'been'. What tense do
you need?
0uHti0n 42: 'Unless' means 'if
not', so what change do you
need to make to one of the verbs
in this conditional sentence?

....... .. .... late on Friday: the teacher said.

'You .... ....... ... .... ..... ....


You mustn't m iss this opportunity to visit Sydney.

You must ....... .............. ..


.. ...... this opportunity to visit Sydney.

There are Spanish and French translations of the book.

The book ............... ......................................................... into Spanish and French.


That coat is too expensive for me to buy.


I ..


. ............................................................................................ that coat.

She will on ly phone if she gets lost.


Shewill ..................................... ..

........................................... lost.

FeE Test 1 ~ t PAPER 3 u se Of English t . Part 4

17 1

PAPER 1 Reading
PAPER 2 Wntlng

Vou will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose
t he best answer (A, B o r CI .

PAPER 3 Use of English

You hear a mother talking about her baby.
What has the baby just lea rnt to do?
A cou nt
B walk
C talk

You hear a man buying some flowers.

What colou r does he buy?
A red
B yellow
C white

You hear a girl talking to her friend on the phone.

What has happened?
A She didn't remember to do her homework.
B She left her homework at home.
C She got bad marks for her homework.

look carefully at the question

for each listening text and
underline the key words.
Read the three options and
think of word s that are
associated w ith them.
The listening texts are
dialogues and monologues.
The answer may come at the
beginning, in the middle or at
the end of the listening taxt.


You hear a man talking to a vet.

What is the problem w ith his dog?
A She has become very aggressive.
B She keeps biting her paw.
C She doesn't walk properly.

You hear a woman talking to a plumber.

Where is t he problem in her house?
A the veranda
B the kitchen
C the bathroom

You hear a man talking about a train journey.

When did he travel?
A Tuesday
B Wednesday
C Thursday

You hear a boy telling his mother about a football match.

How m any goals did his team score?
A two
B three
C one

You hear a woman talking about going shopping.

What did she buy?
A a pair of shoes
B a pair of jeans
C a pair of glasses

Oon't worry about

understanding every word
you hear. Listen for the
general meaning.
If you hear a word or phrase
from an answer, do not
assume that this is the correct
Decide on an option after the
first listening. Use the second
listening t o check your
au-tion 2: The assistant offers
the man two different colours.
The man doesn't say which one
he prefers, but which one he
doesn't want.
au..tton 5: What things do you
find in each of these places? You
might not hear the name of the
place, but you may hear things
that can be found in that place.

OuHtlon 8: The listening text

refers to ali three options, but
only one of them is the correct

FeE Test 1 PAPER 4 Ustenlng Part 1



11 \

PAPER 1 Reading
PAPER 2 Writing

You will hear part of a radio interview with a woman who is the director of the
Museum Association . For questions 9-18, complete the sentences.

PAPER 3 Use of English

The Museum Association was started L-_ _ _ _ _L
I 9:..;1ago.
Their task is to change the way people think about museums

Ms Edwards worked for a big L _ _ _ _ _ _--'1.:.

1.:.11 before coming to work
for the Association.

Mu seums must be more L ________--.Jlc1c::.21 in the way they

attract visitors.

Museums were mainly for people with a high level of lL_ _ _ _ _ _ _--'1'-1-'-'31

I 1~4:1 with schools

M s Edwards would like museums to have L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _l
in the area .

She wants museums to be friend ly, like

A trip to the museum can be L _ _ _ _ _ _---L11:.:6:J1 for most people.

Inv esting in museums is a way of investing in

of the country.
The Museum Festival next year will be held in L _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _lI1~8~1

ls$eQtial tipA.
Read Ihe instructions and think about the topic before you listen.
Go through the questions carefu lly and think about the sort of information
that is missing.
Remember that the questions follow the order of the text.
You will hear the word or words you need for each question, but the rest of
the sentence will be slightly different.
Question 9: What kind of information i . mi ina? The r..... on \Nhv th e 11.01" . ...........
Association was started, the time that it was started or the people who started it?
Quntion 12: Are you listening for a noun or adjective for this gap?
Question 18: Look al the context. The missing information must be place or time.

FeE Test 1 PAPER 4 Ustenlng Part 2




PAPER 1 Reading

PAPER 2 Writing
PAPER 3 Use of English

You will hear five different people talking about school tri ps they went on when they
were younger. For quest ions 19-23, choose from the list (A-F) what eac h speaker
says about th ei r trip. Use the letters on ly once. There is one extra letter which you
do not need to use.

A I made some new friends.

Speaker 1

B I was involved in an accident.

Speaker 2

I thought th e trip was good value

for money.
D I went on sim ila r trips over the next
few years.

Speaker 3

Speaker 4

E I wasn't prope rly prepared for the trip.

Speaker 5

I would have liked mOTe independence.

Read the instructions carefully to ident ify what the speakers will be talking about.
Before you listen, look al each option and think of how these ideas can be expressed.
If a speaker mentions a w ord from the options, think carefully before you choose that
option; it may be that the word is used in a different meaning.
All the speskers will be talking about the same topic. You need to f ocus on the
differences between the speakers.
8 : Think of different ways one can describe an accident. 'Accident' can be used in a
number of contexts. For example, if one of the speakers says that he or she did something
'by accident', it doesn't mean that he or she was involved in an accident.
D: If one of t he speakers says that he or she 'wanted' to go on more t r ips, or 'intended' to
do this, does it mean that he or she realiV did go on more trips?
E: The key word here is 'prepared'. You can get prepared for a journey in a number of
ways: you can start bV making plans, getting information or doing some shopping. What
else eQuid it mean?

FeE Test 1

~ ~

PAPER 4 Ustenlng

Part 3

PAPER 1 Reading
You wi ll hear a radio interview with Julia Emerson, a young w riter. Fo r questions
24-30, choose the best answer (A, B or C).

PAPER 2 Writing
PAPER 3 Use of English

PAPER 5 Speaking

Part ,
Part 2
Part :5


According to Ju lia, nowadays Hollywood producers

A usually think of ideas for fi lms themselves.
B write screenplays and contact sta rs.
C contact agents to find w riters for them .


A has written a number of successful screenplays for studios.
B was lucky enough to have her first screenplay accepted.
C was not disco uraged by the lack of respo nse from studios.


She began w riting in her spare time when she

A published some articles in a magazine.
B had an idea fo r a TV se ries.
C won a short story competition.


She says
A she would like to write a versio n of a classic fjlm .
B there is a danger she might imitate other films.
C creative people should think a lot about fi lms.


Her screenplay is about two sisters w ho

A are forced to live in the jung le.
B find themselves in a difficult situation.
C end up hating each other.


The them e of the story is

A how ou r emotio ns about our fami ly can change.
B Julia's relationship with her brothers and sisters.
C about the im po rtance of havi ng a fami ly.


It appears that the film based on Julia's screen play

A must be m ade within the next two years.
B will be made when the studio has paid Ju lia.
C m ig ht never be made.

Read the questions or question stems carefully.
Read the options carefully and underline the key words.
Be careful: an option may include words or phrases from the recording, but this does
not necessarily mean that the option is correct.
The questions follow the order of the text.
Question 24: Who do you expect writes the screenpley for a film1 1s this the same person

who thinks of the idea for a film1 The correct answer may be diffarant from what you think,
so listen carefully.

au..tion 28: All the options are correct as statements, but only one completes the stem

au..tion 28: The correct answer summarises the story of the film. Which option does that1

FeE Test 1 ~ PAPER 4 Listeni ng part 4


PAPER 1 Reading
PAPER 2 Writing

Part 1 (3 minutes)

PAPER 3 Use of English

The examiner (interlocutor) will ask each of you to speak briefly in turn and to give
personal information about yourselves. You can expect a variety of questions, such as:

PAPER 4 listening


Can you describe the area where you l ive?

What do you like and dislike about this area?
Where else would you like to l ive, and why?

Part 2 (4 minutes)
You will each be asked to talk for a minute without interruption. You will each be
given two different photographs in turn to ta lk about. After your partner has
finished speaking. you will be asked a brief question connected with your partner's

Places to live (compare, contrast and speculate)

Turn to pictures 1 and 2 on page 138 which show different types of accommodation.
Candidate A, compare and contrast these photographs, and say why you think
people have chosen to live in these particular p laces. You have a minute to do this.
Candidate B, which of these wou ld you like to live in7

Audiences (compare, contrast and specu late)

Turn to pictures 1 and 2 on page 139 which show people at concerts.
Candidate B, compare and contrast these photographs, and say how you think the
people are feeling. You have a minute to do this.
Candidate A, what kind of music do you enjoy?

Part 1
Try to sound naturaL Don't learn a speech off by heart.
Avoid one or twoword answers or answers that are long and complicated.
You can prepare for this part of the interview by making sure you can talk about
yourself, your home, your family, your hobbies, etc.
listen carefully to the question and answer exactly what is asked.
Part 2
In this part you must compare and contrast the two colour photographs you are given.
When you compare, you say what the two photographs have in common. When you
contrast, you say how they are different.
listen carefully to what the examiner asks you to do. After comparing and contrasting,
the examiner will ask you to comment and give your personal reaction to them.
You are supposed to speak for a full minute. Practise speaking for a minute, so you
know how this feel g.

The examiner will ask you to comment on your partner's photographs. You have about
30 seconds for this.
Don't interrupt when your partner is speaking. Use a few sentences to answer the
question you are asked after your partner has spoken.


FeE Test 1 PAPER 5 Speaking Parts 1. 2

, l ::

PAPER 1 Reading
PAPER 2 Writing

Part 3 (3 mlnutesl

PAPER 3 Use of English

You will be asked to discuss something together without interruption by the

examiner. You will have a page of pictures with questions to help you .

PAPER 4 listening


A camping trip (discuss and evaluate)

Turn to the pictures on page 140 which show a number of items you could take with
yo u on a camping trip. Talk to each other about how each item could be useful
during the trip. Then decide which four of these items you would take on a cam ping
trip to the mountains.

Part" (4 minutes)
The examiner will encourage you to develop the topic of your discussion in Part 3
by asking questions, such as:
Would you enjoy a ca mping holiday? Why (not)?
What other type of holiday would you enjoy? Why?
Would you prefer to go on holiday with your fami ly or with a group
of friends? Why (not)?
What is the best time of year to go on a holiday? Why?

Is$ential tips
Part 3
Work together with your partner. Discuss tha question and decide on en answer
Involve your partner in the discussion. Your contribution and your partner's contribution
to the discussion should be equal.
Practise expressions used for giving your opinion and agreeingldisagreeing, such as in
my opinion, I'm afraid I don 't agree, etc.
Oont make a decision too quickly. Look at the pictures first, give your opinion about
them, ask your partner's opinion and then make a decision.
Remember you don't have to agree with your partner. What is more important is
reaching a decision.

Part 4

Don't interrupt when your partner is speaking, but be ready t o give your opinion after
your partner has finished.
It doesn't maner if you agree or disagree with your partner, but it is important to give
reasons for your opinion.

Fe E Test 1 ~ PAPER 5 speaking ~ ~ parts 3, 4


You are going to read an article about life in the countryside. For questions 1-8,
choose the answer l A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text.

PAPER 3 Use of English

Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

PAPER 4 Listening
PAPER 5 Speaking


have been living in London for more than 60 years, but

still, when I'm driving and take some clever backstreet short cut, I catch myself thinking: how
extraordinary that it is me doing this! For a moment the
town mouse I have become is being seen by the country
mouse I used to be. And although, given a new start,
I would again become a town mouse, when I visit
relations in the country, I envy them.
Recently. I stood beside a freshwater lake in Norfolk,
made by diverting a small river. near where my brother
lives. As he was identifying some of the birds we could
see. in came seven swans.They circled, then the haunting
sound of their wing beats gave way to silence as they
glided down for splashdown.
It is not a 'picturesque' part of the coast, but it has a
definite character of line and light and colour. 'You do
live in a lovely place: I said to my brother. and he
answered. 'Yes, I do.' There are probably few days when
he does not pause to recognise its loveliness as he
works with his boats - he teaches sailing - or goes
about his many other occupations.
The lake's creator is a local landowner, continUing a
tradition whereby the nawre of our cOlJnt.. y.~inf' n::o~
been determined by those who own the land. Formerly,
landowners would almost certainly have made such
changes for their own benefit, but this time it was done
to help preserve the wildlife here. which is available for
any visitor to see, providing they do nothing to disturb
29 the birds. It is evidence of change: country life is
changing fast.
One of the biggest changes I have witnessed is that
second-homers. together with commuters. have come
to be accepted as a vital pa~ of the country scene.

FeE Test 2

~ ~

PAPER 1 Reading

~ ~

part 1

And the men and women wno service thei .. cars. dig
their gardens. install their phones. repair their word
processors. lay their carpets and do all the other things
they need are vital to modern country life.
It is quite likely that the children of today's workers may
be moving into the same kind of jobs as the secondhomers and the retired. Both the children of a country
woman I know are at university. and she herself. now
that they have left home, is working towards a university
degree. One of the delights of country life today, it
seems. is that there you can see how fast social mobility
is increasing.

Much depends, of course, on the part of the c;ounlrpiuc

you are living in and on personality - your own and that
of your neighbours. In my brother's Norfolk village,
social life seems dizzying to a Londoner. In addition to
dropping in on neighbours. people throw and attend
parties far more often than we do. My brother's wife
Mary and her friends fly off on the most dashing bargain
breaks in Krakow or Prague or Venice. and are always
going into Norwich for a concert or to King's Lynn for
an exhibition. The boring country life that people from
cities talk about is a thing of the past - or perhaps it was
::otw-:.y~ m::oinly in fl. .. i .. min .... ~
This is very unlike living in a London street for 50 years
and only knowing the names of four other residents. In
these 50 years I have made only one real friend among
them. I do enjoy my life, and Mary says that she
sometimes envies it (the grass on the other side of the
fence ...); but whenever I go to Norfolk. I end up feeling
that the lives of country mice are more admirable than
my own.


EsSQldiCJ.1 t ips
After reading the text for
general understanding, read
each question and see if you
can locate the answer in the

It is sometimes a so urce of surprise to the writer

A to find herself driving through back streets.
B that she has been in the city for so long .
to realise how much she has got used to living in london .
that she lives in the city when she prefers the country.


text. When you locate the

answer in the text, underline
it. Some questions refer to
specific lines in the text
(Question 6), while others
refer to specific paragraphs
(Question 8).
look carefully at the key
words in the four options. For

example, in question 1, option

A. the key words are 'driving
through back streets' and
'source of surprise', This
option can only be correct if
the writer does drive through
back streets and is surprised
to find herself doing this.

Question 2: The text refers to the

'sound' of the swans landing.
Does it say that the sound was
very loud, in which case
'deafening' would be the correct
answer? How is 'haunting' used

Ouestion 5: The question asks
you what Is 'suggested' about
outsiders. This means the
answer is not clearly stated in
the text. You need to 'read
between the lines' and see what
is implied in the text.
Question B: The answer to this
question can be found in the
whole of the last paragraph.

2 The atmosphere created by the writer when she describes the swans is
A magical.
B frightening.
e deafening .
o distu rbing .
3 What does the writer's brother think of hi s village?
A He thinks it is very picturesque.
B He prefers the sea to the land.
e He finds it dult and boring.
o He is often struck by the beauty of the countryside.

4 What does 'It' in line 29 refer to?

A the lake

B the fact that the lake belongs to a landowner here

the reason for the landO\IYner's action

the fact that wildlife now needs to be preserved

5 What is suggested about outsiders who now live in the country?

A that country people no longer reject them
B that they often do work like servicing cars and digging gardens
e that the men and women who work for them are from the city
o that many of them have been in the countryside for a long time
6 What does 'social mobility' in line 44 mean ?
A Country people are going to university.
B Young peopl e are moving away from the countryside.
Children of country people are taking jobs in cities.
People from workers' families are moving into higher social classes.


7 Social life in the country

A depends completely on where you live.
B is not as boring as people in cities think it is.
C is not affected by your neighbours.
is always less exciting than life in the city.

8 What do we learn about the writer's attitude to london?

A She can't adjust to living in london.
B She has regretted moving to london.
e The people in her street are unusually unfriendly.
o life there is very different to country life.

FeE Test 2

PAPER 1 Reading

~ ~

Part ,


Part 1

PAPER 2 Writing

PAPER 4 listening

You a re going to read an arti cle about a computer-generated p op sta r. Seven

sente nces have been removed from the article. Choose from the sente nces A-H the
one which fits each gap (9-15). There is one extra sentence which you do not n eed
to use.

PAPER 5 Speaking

Mark you r answers on the separate answer sheet.

PAPER 3 Use of English





1~1~2~1 ___

'Sure she could,' replies Tomlinson. 'We'd just

project her image on a huge screen, maybe with a hologram

image of her on stage.' Ha likens the prospact of


creation going on tour to watching a film in a cinema: ' You know

the people you see on that screen aren't real - it' s just a trick

Young music fans might soon find themselves buying records by

a new star called CyberGirl. CyberGirl is blonde and very

done with lights - but you still get very moved by the experience
of watching if it's done well.'

attractive. She has the looks of a supermodel, and Fashion

magazine has booked her for their next issue. She has a great
voice and looks like a typical pop star in many ways, but at the
same time she is fundamentally different. She



A French male cyberstar, Cy-l ui. has enjoyed considerable

success. with hundreds of emails each day from teenage girls.


\ Cy- Lui

has also hed an amazing numbar


marriage proposals. 'Fans will treat artificial pop stars as real

generated and doesn't really exist. Or does she?

pop stars provided they like their music: says Tomlinson. ' It's
The company behind CyberGirl, Anfield Promotions, has
constructed a website for her, and is working on a pop video for

encouraging that if fans like the music, they will ignore the fact
that the artist is not real.'

her first single. which will be released next summer. Why is the
response to this virtual pop star so astonishing? CyberGirl has

Sarah Underwood. Professor of Media Studies at Cumbria

been successfully promoted as an ordinary sixteen-year- old

University. says we have nothing to worry about. ' It's just like the

especially girls, have

soap opera obsession that has been around for about 60

identified themselves with CyberGirl who dyes her hair and

years: she says. ' Viewers identify so closely with the characters

teenage singer .

I, 1

1 Teenagers,

in a soap opera that if one of them is in hospital, an incredible

worries about fashion.

number of people send flowers and chocolates to the TV

Over the last few months. the CyberGirl website has been
visited by over 100.000 teenagers. Fans can email questions
and receive answers from CyberGirl herself.



gives virtual pop stars a competitive advantage over mass-


.:.11___ -'1

The same applies to fans of artifi cial

Rob Cooper of the pop music magazine Musical World has no

marketed artists or boy bands who have very little contact with

time for this latest idea: ' It's iust another way for business

their fans.

people to make money from teena~ers, and this time the

teenagers aren't even idol ising a real person.

CyberGirl may not be real, but her creators deny that she is
merely a cheap alternative to a real singer


'She's cool and will never do embarrassing things: he says.

'Virtual pop stars cannot disagree with their managers because
they have different ideas about songs. styles and marketing
policies. With computer generated pop stars. there will be no
arguments between stars, managers and their companiea:


FeE Test 2 PAPER 1 Reading Part 2


Young people can be really crazy if they're convinced something

is fashionable.'

Could CyberGiri ever go on t our?

Researc h has est abl ished that idols must have the same strengths and
weaknesses as their f ans.

Th e people w ho d o that aren't crazy - they' re just getting a bit ca rried away.

The fan s want to know whether he gets hungry in o uter space, and what hi s
fa vo urite cyberfood is.

In fact, To mmy Tomlinson o f Anfie ld Promotions is convinced that CyberGiri

has a great many advantages over fle sh-and- blood acts.

The important question is wheth er or not CyberGirl has bee n mod elled on a
rea l-life person or whether she is simply the product of someone's
imagi natio n .

It's utterly pathetic, sad and a bit ridicu lo us, but I' m afraid it will probably

When asked if she is real, CyberGiri replies enigmatically that she is as real
as any of the t een groups around these days, adding d efiant ly that at least
she is always there f o r her fans.

Is$.atlcd t ...
Raad the main text from which paragraphs have been
gapped to get the general idea.
l ook carefully at the sentences before and after the gap.
Are there any words that show you what the missing
sentence is about ?
There are many ways you can link pans of a text. It could
be a contrast. a comparison, an example, etc. l ook for
linking expressions that connect ideas in a text.
Pay special attention to nouns, pronouns, words like
'thi s' and 'that' and any other words or phrases that
refer to what has gone before or what comes after them.

Question 9: The sent ence before the gap tells us how

CyberG iri has been promoted. The sentence after the gap
says that teenage girls Identify with CyberGirl. Which
sentence option links the two ideas?

Ountion 13: The sentellCe before the gap talks about a

male cyberstar. Two sentence options refer to males, but
only one can refer to the male cyberst ar.
Question 14: The sentence before the gap describes how
some viewers react to characters in soap operas. The
sentence option that fits this gap refers to these people's
reactions and links with the sentence after the cap.

FeE Test 2

~ ~

PAPER 1 Reading Part 2


PAPER 3 Use of English

You are going to read an article about the activities organised by different schools
for Environmental Awareness Day. For Questions 16-30 choose from the schools
(A-D). The schools may be chosen more than once.

PAPER 4 listening

Mark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

PAPER 5 Speaking

Which schoolls)
became well known after Environmental Awareness Day?
provided o nline information about the environment?


raised money to help wildlife?


asked pupils to write about environmental problems?

organised a trip to the coast?


started a project about endangered species?

is studying changes in general weather conditions?
arranged a talk on pollut ion and local architecture?


encouraged the use of bicycles?

carefully examined air pollution in a local area?


measured noise pollution?


decided to protect a loca l historical site?


is located in the centre of the city?


Read the questions first, and underline key words. Make sure you understand what the
question asks.
locate the answers in the text and underline them.
When you read the text, look for words/phrases which 8Kpress similar ideas. Do not
look for identicel words.
Question 23: How can we provide online information?

Ouestions 25, 2&: How can a school raise money? When vou trv to locate the answer. do
not look for the verb 'raise '. look for the idea of 'raising' money.
Question 30: Can you find another way of saying ' generel weether conditions'?

FeE Test 2

~ .

PAPER 1 Reading

~ ~

asked a special ist to give a talk?

Part 3



A Plumpton High School
This school decided to amlnge a variety of activities, some
aimed at achieving a better understanding of environmental
problems. and others designed to be of practical help. For
instance, the school magazine brought out a special edition
on the subject. full of articles and stories where pupils
expressed their feelings about t he threats facing our
environment. In another attempt to find out for themselves
how serious these threats realty are, the pupils decided to
study the problem of pollution by making a survey. run by the
Science Deparunent, into air pollution in the local shopping

centre. On the practical side. the school held a sponsored

walk and handed over 750 to the World Wildlife Fund.

Pupils prepared a campaign to ban cars from the city centre

and reduce traffic congestion. They cycled through the city
and handed out brochures about the benefits of cycling and
walking. This gained a lot of publicity for the school.

B C resswell Colle ge
The staff and swdents at Cresswell College held a meeting
and discussed a number of suggestions. The most popular
suggestion turned out to be the most pl<lctical ont=; il w~
decided that the local environment should be brightened up.
Teams were sent out to plant flowers and young trees on
areas of land in the neighbourhood. Within the school, the
senior swdents prepared a report monitoring the progress
of species threatened with extinction. It was hoped that this
would help publicise the problem. As part of that project. a
leading expert on wild birds was invited to come and give a
talk about the dangers faced by these creatures. He
explained the importance of the food chain and asked people
to support local wildlife reserves .

C Smithson Institute
This school had already been involved in some projeCts
connected with the environment. though naturally efforts were
increased for Environmental Awareness Day. For the last two
years the school had been studying the effects of changes in
climatic patterns around the world and how these can affect
wildlife. A film about those magnificent marine mammals,
whales, was









EnvironmenQI Awareness Day. which was received with great

enthusiasm by pupils. Meredtth Summers, architect, was invited
to talk about how pollutlon can destrOy historic buildings in the
region. Following that. pupils decided to launch a campaign for
the restoration of the medieval square in the city centre and
ilSked local authorities to support them financially.

o H a lliwe ll Comprehe nsive

The pupils at this inner-city comprehensive school felt that the
ben W<rf to mark Environmental Awareness Day would be to help
people in the area understand how important the environment
is to them. One suggestion that was greeted with enthusiasm
was to measure the levels of noise in Stanley Road, a busy local
shopping street. The information was then placed on a website
that the school had started. In an enort to proVide direct
assistance to people who are working to save the environment,
a jumble sale was held at the school, and 1,000 was donated to
the local office of the Wildlife Rescue Service. Finally. the school
took pupils to the coastal marshes of Easton-on-Sea. Many
pupils reported afterwards that they had never realised how
terrible the effeCts of pollution could be on coastal wildlife.


Fe E Test 2

~ ~

PAPER 1 Reading

~ ~

Part 3

PAPER 1 Reading
You must answe r this question.

PAPER 4 Ustening
PAPER 5 Speaking

1 You have received an email from an Australian friend, Bruce Stanton, whose
parents are com ing to visit your cou ntry. Read his email together with the notes
you have made. Then, using all your notes, write an email to the hotel manager
explaining what you want and asking him to confirm the arrangements in writing
to you .

S ubject:

Bruce Stanton
1st M arch
Hot el

Hof~/ e~lla


I'M hopln9 ':tOIl can SI.l99~st II hot~lllnd Mllk.~ i~

IIrrllngeMenb for M~ parenb' hip. 1Ms ls ihe lnforMIiHon
~OI.I'll need:

Mr and Mrs Siflnion .!Irrivi.n'3 on 1l.1esdll':f 16"'h.!li 18.05 and

ROOM !<Jlih




MondaIJ Und

Double rOOM !<Jl"'h b.ihrooM.

/7 ' Are "'here



e'" 14.45.

an~ da':f hlpS froM "'he hcl:el "'0 local s4/Ms7

Also, pLease check IoJhai "'he prl.ce of "'he hot-el 101m be.

Included in

Do four 9uUies

speak En9//.sh?

Write your em ail of between 120 and 150 words. You must use grammatically
correct sentences with accu rate spelling and punctuation in a style appropriate for
t he situation.

hsentiaJ tip.
Start your email by saying why you are writing.
Make sure the language you use is formal. Avoid using informal expressions.
In the body of the email, re serve the room for the dales required, then list the additional
requ ests and queries you have.
Avoid using the exact words as they appear in the notes.
Check that you have covered all the points in the emait and the notes.
In your conclusion, you should ask the manager to confirm the reservation and answer
your questions.
Begin the email with Dear SiriMadam and end it w ith Yours faithfully.

FeE Test 2 PAPE R 2 Wrtting Part 1



1 Reading
W rite an answer to o ne of the questions 2-5 in this part. W rite your answe r in
120-180 words in an appropriate style.

PAPER 4 listening

You rec ently took part in a class discussion about living in the city. Your teac her
has now asked you to w rite an essay, answering the followi ng question and
giving reasons for your choice.

PAPER 5 Speaking

Urban life or rural life? Is it better to live in the city or the country?

Essential tips
Ouestion 2
Oecide if '(ou prefer urban or
rurellife and state your
opinion clearly in the

Write your essay .

Your school newspaper has asked you to write a report o n th e spa re tim e
activities that are typical of tee nagers i n your cou ntry.
Write your report.

You recently saw a film w hich was the last part of a trilogy. You thought this fi lm
was not as good as tho firet two filme in th o tril o9Y' Writo 0 rovio'IIV of tho fi lm for
your school magazine. Compare the film with the first two film s in the t rilogy

In the body of your essay you

need 10 give reasons for your
choice and support t hem with
8lCsmples. If you prefer rural
life because it', healthier, yo u
need to give examples of a
healthy lifestyle.


Make sure each paragraph

starts with a clear topic

and say w hy you think it was not as good as they were.

Write your r eview .
Answer o ne of the following two questio ns based on your readi ng of one of the
set books.

Summarise your overall
opinion in the final paragraph .


Quntion 3
Think of different sort s of
thing s that teenagers can do
in their spare time: hobbies,
sports, going o ut with friends,

(a) Your school drama society is thinking of performing the book or

short story you have (ead as a play. Your drama teacher has asked
you to write a repo rt for your elacc o n whothor you think thio io g
good idea. Write a r eport giving the reasons for you r opin ion.
(b ) Do you think the book you have read will appeal more to men or
women? Write an essay, explai ning your v iews with reference to
the book o r one of the short stories you have read.

Try t o organise Ihis
information in a clear way for
the reader. How many
paragraphs will you need?
Think of appropriate headings
for each of the paragraphs.

Summarise your finding s in

the final paragraph.
Quntion Sial
If the book is performed as a
play, it wi ll have to be much
shorter. Could it work with
just a few main scenes?
A play can't have too many
characters. Think of the
characters in the book. Are
they intriguing characters?
How many of them are there
in the book7

A play has to be short and

exciting. Are there
interesting scenes in the
book Ihat could be effective
on stage?
Question Sib)

I!'I th A m lllin r.hlllrlllr.t_. 1II

Are men or women

presented positively or
negatively in the book?
Can you th ink of elements
in the story that would
appeal more to men or
" " 0 ...... " ' )

man or a woman?

FeE Test 2 PAPER 2 w rtttng Part 2


PAPER 1 Readmg
PAPER 2 Writing
PAPER 3 Use of Engllsh~ Part 1
PAPER 4 Listening
PAPER 5 Speaking

Part 2
Part 3
Part <1

For questions 1-12, read the text below and decide which answer (A , B, C or 0 )
best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0 ).
M ark your answers on the separate answer sheet.

A quantity

= -

Essential tips
QUllstion 3: Which of the four
verbs collocates with 'weight'?
QUllstion 6: l ook at the context.
Is it a good thing that diets don't
work for most people? Does the
missing word have a positive or
negative meaning?
Question 7: Which of the four
phrasal verbs means 'stop' a

B piece

C unit

o part

Going on a d- t
A calo rie is a (0 ) ...... for measuring the amount of energy food will produce. The
everoge person needs about 1,800 calorica pcr day to (1 ) . .... noalthy. Witho .... t
energy, the heart cannot (2) ...... blood through blood vessels and the organs cannot
fun ction.

You (3 ) .... . . weight because you consume more calories a day than your body
requires. The only way to lose weight is to (4)
the number of calories you
consume. Th is is the basic (5) ...... behind most diets.
(6) ...... , diets do n't work for most people. It's not that they don't lose weight they
do, but when they (7) .. .. .. the diet, the ki los creep back. The (8) ...... to losing weight
and maintaining weight loss is a sensible diet and exercise plan. You need to work
out how to eat fewer calories than you (9) ...... consume. You should also exercise
daily so you can use up calories. Burn inQ 250 or 500 calo ries per day ca n (10) .. ... .
a big difference. (11 ) ...... riding an exercise bike whi le you are watching TV or
climbing the stairs (12) ...... than taking the lift. Persuade someone to exercise with
you; exercise is a lot easier if done in compa ny.

A keep on

2 A pump

~ ~

C continue

o carry on

B pull

C drag

o force
o put

A make

B increase

C gain

A shrink

B take

C remove

5 A way

ts prinCiple


6 A Similarly


D reduce

U Krna

B Though

C Unfortunately

A go off

B go on

C go back

o go away

A key

B secret

C way

D idea

D Although

A preferably

B actually

C consistently

D eventually

10 A have

8 do

C make

D give


B Attempt


D Aim

B apart

C except

o rather


12 A instead

FeE Test 2

B stay

PAPER 3 Use of English

~ ~

Part 1

PAPER 1 Reading

For questions 13-24, read the text below and t hink of the word which best fits each
gap. Use only one word in each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

PAPER 2 Writing

Part 1

Write you r answers IN CAPITAL lETTERS on the separate answer sheet.

PAPER 4 listening
PAPER 5 Speaking

part 3
Part .:1


I0 I



How (0 ) ......... people could truly say they are not superstitious? A recent survey
shows that almost 90% of people bel ieve in one sort of superstition or another and
say that it influences (13 ) ......... lives .
One of the questions people ( 14) ........ . asked is whether they saw themselves as
lucky or unlucky. Their answers turned out to be (15 ) ......... most interesting aspect
of this survey. Nearly two-th irds of (16) ........ . who took part said they believed that
people were naturally lucky or unlucky.
Professor Morga n Howa rd, w ho ana lysed the results of (17) ....... . . survey, was
fa sci nated by this finding , so he went a step further and asked these people
(1S) ......... kind of superstitions they believed in . (19) ......... his surprise, he
discove red that almost all the people who regarded themse lves (20 ) ......... lucky
believed in positive superstitions. Th ey did th ings (21 )
.. promote thei r good
luck, such as crossing their fingers. (22) ......... wou ld appear that people make thei r
own luck by their attitude to life.
Even (23) ........ surprisingly, he di scovered that people with a degree in science
tend to be just (24) ......... superstitious as people with no knowledge of science.

Essential tips
Question 17: The gap is followed by a noun, so the missing word is probably an article. Do
you need the indefinite article or the definite article?
Question 18: The gap is pan of an indirect question about the kind of superstitions people

believe in.
Qunliun 2 0 : Thtt gap fOll OWS a veTO, 'regaro', ana a refleXive pronoun, tnemselves. What
preposition comes after 'regard ' + object7

FeE Test 2 PAPER 3 Use of English part 2



For questions 25-34, read th e text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end
of each line to form a word that fi ts in the gap in the same line. There is an exa mple
at the beg inn in g (0).
Write your answers IN CAPITAL lETTERS on the separate answ er sheet.

E"mpl. , LI"OJ.I_ _ _ _--'R"'E:.'C~Ec:N~T_"LY

~_ _ ____.l


Essential tips
Question 25 : The missing w ord
is a verb. What verb form do you

Question 27 : The gap is between

the auxiliary r have') and the

main verb ('discovered' ), so it
must be an adverb.

Qun tion 34: Read the sentence

care fully. It says 'a large number
of ', Do you need the singular or
plural form of a noun?

Wild animals have (0) .......... made an appearance in the back


gardens of American suburbs. They have caused havoc and have

(25) .........

uUIl1~st i (,; ~ets .

Mou nta in lions that wander into suburbs are now qu ite (26)


to attack human s, while bears and wolves have (27 ) .


discovered rubbish bins. If you find the (28) .......... of you r bin


scattered all over the garden one morning , there is a distinct

(29) ....... .. that a bear has been feasting there during the night.


Nobody should be particularly surprised by th is (30)


which wai: predicted b y QXPQrtc yo::.rc ogo, ond it 'o not 121 ) ...


under the circu m stances. One cause is the massive expansion

of (32)

... into areas that were wild and uninhabited not long ago .


In (33) .... .. ..... over the past few decades a large number of


(34) ......... have been placed on hunting certain animals, allowing


their populations to grow.

FeE Test 2 PAPER 3 Use of English Part 3






PAPER 4 listening

Pan 1
Part 2
Part 3

PAPER 5 Speaking

For questions 35-42 , complete the second se ntence so that it has a similar mea ning
to the first sentence, using the wo rd given. Do not change the word g iven. You
must use between two and fi ve word s, including the wo rd given . Here is an
exam ple (0).

I'U be very happy when I go on holiday.


........................................................................... on holiday.

The gap can be fill ed by the words 'looking forward to going' so you w rite:

I0 I

Essential tip.
Question 35: What is the
opposit e of 'cheep'] How can
'as' be u sed w ith an adjective?
Question 36: If someone didn't
do somethi ng and you think this
was wrong. w hat modal ve rb can
you use?

Ouesdon 40: What structure do

we use after 'asked' to report a
request? How do we report a
negative request?


Write only the missing words IN CAPITAL LETTERS o n the separat e answer sheet.


The computer was cheaper than I eXnAr:tRn

The computer was


................ I expected.

Why didn't you tell m e I was wrong?

................................ I was w rong.



She found the photog ra phs when she was cleaning her room .
.. ....... when she was cleaning her room.

She ..

H ow mony portroit:. did PiI..CI:':'u lJi:lllHT

.................................. Picasso?

How many portraits


Jim and Peter wi ll probably start their own business soo n.

.. ...... thei r own business soon.

Jim and Peter


' Please don't stay out late: his mother said.

His moth er


.................... out late.

I'd rath er not go out this aftern oon.

................................. o ut this aftern oon.


I must go to th e shops because we've run out of tea at home.

I must go to the shops because there's

.................. at home.

FeE Test 2 ~ ~ PAPER 3 u se of English ~ ~ part 4


PAPER 1 Reading
You will hear people talking in eight d ifferent situations. For questions 1-8, choose
the best answer (A , 8 or C).

PAPER 2 Wnting
PAPER 3 Use of English
PAPER a listening
PAPER 5 Speaking

Part 1

You hear a physiotherapist talking to a patient.

What kind of exercises does she recommend?
A exercises done wh ile lying on the back
B exercises done while standing up
C exercises done while lying on the stomach

Part 2
Parr 3
Part 4

Essential tips

If you are listening for

numbers or dates, you may

not hear the number or date
you want, but you will hear
some information that will tell
you the answer. For eKample,
you may hear: 'My birthday is
not in March. It's a month
later: In this case the birthday
is in April, but you don't
actually hear the word 'April'.
Look carefully at questions
that have two parts. In
Question 7 , for eKample, you
must listen for a road which is
blocked, and it must be
blocked by a crash. If a road is
blocked, but not by a crash,
this is not the correct answer.
Question 3: Be careful. The
speaker does not say the date,
but gives information about it
('two years later).
auestkm 5: The teKl has
references to both options A and
B. Which of the two is the correct
Question 7: What other words
could you hear instead of 'crash'
that have the same meaning?

You hear a woman phoning an Indian restaurant to order a takeaway meal.

Which curry has rice included?
A beef
B lamb
C chicken
YOll hA1U a man in an art oalh'lry tRl kino Rhn"t a
What date was it painted?
A 1848
B 1884
C 1888


You hear a man giving directions to a football ground .

What does he say the other person mu st do at the traffic lights?
A turn left
B go straight on
C turn rig ht

You hea r two men talking about a character one has invented .
What animal is this character supposed to be?
A an elephant
B a horse
C a bear

You hear a woman talking to a policeman at the police station.

What is her problem?
A Her brother is missi ng .
B Her dog is missi ng .
C Her husband is missing.

You hear a radio announcement about traffic.

Which road has been blocked by a car crash?
A M63
B A36
C 8636

FeE Test 2 PAPER 4 Listening ~


You hea r a woman talking about a slimming diet.

What does she say about t he diet?
A It can have usefu l results.
8 It can be extremely harmful.
C It is scientifically approved.

Part 1


\,PER 1 Reading

You wi ll hea r part of a radio interview with a man who is the headmaster of a Gaelic
school. Fo r questions ~18, complete the sentences.

PAPER 2 Writing
PER 3 Use of Enghsh
Part 1
I"IPER 5 Speaking
Part 3
Part 4

People in Scotland used to speak Gaelic, a very

LI_ _ _ _ _ _ _

9 1


approx ;;m::::at~e~ly~=====;:;;;-_~1~1.:.

people speak Gaelic in Scotland.

1 1 people speak a language, it is considered

If fewer than L _ _ _ _ _ _ _---L1~1.:J

Essential tips
Question 9: The missi ng word
comes between an article, the
word 'very' and a noun, so it is
likely to be an adjective.
Questions 10 and 11 : The
missing information is a number
for both questions. Which words
in question 11 lell you this7

dead .
Donald would like to see one th ird of people under 25 speaking and
'---_ _ _ _ _ _1
' -'1.::.
2 1 Gao!;c.
If very yo ung children are L _ _ _ _ _ _ _--'-11~3::J1 to a language. th ey can learn
it most effectively.
Some parents send their children to Donald's sc hool for


Bi lingual children are m ore lL_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _IL1~
5 1 and tolerant.
Donald fe els extremely 1

116 1 abo ut th e future of Gaelic.

Welsh, like Gaelic. was in danger of LI_ _ _ _ _ _ _~IL1.:..J
With a lot of effo rt, nowadays 80% of chi ldren learn Welsh as
'---_ __ _ _ _..J1..:1.=J
8 1 language.

FeE Test 2 ~ t PAPER 4 Ustenlng t t part 2



P PER 1 Reading
PAPER 2 Writing
PAPER 3 Use of English

Yo u wi ll hear five young peopl e who are outstanding at sports talking about their
lives. For question s 19-23, choose from the list (A- F) the comment each speaker
makes about his or her attitude to sport. Use the letters only once. There is one
extra letter which you do not need to use .

A This sport is a strong family t radition for me.

Speaker 1

B I think of it as part of my social life.

Speaker 2

Euential tips
A: A 'fam ilV t radition' must mean
that the speaker's parent s or
family members have been

I started off wanting to impress my parents.

Speaker 3

It's an investment for my future.

connected with the sport. The

adjective 'strong' means that at
least two family members were
involved in the same sport.

Speaker 4

E I like t he thrill of knowing I' m the best.

Speaker 5

B: This option mentions 'social

life', which means t hat the
speaker practised it regularly
with f riends or people he/she

Representing my country is my greatest ambition.

F: W hat adjective would be used

to describe a competitio n or
athletic event where people from
different countries compet e
togeth er?

FeE Test 2

PAPER 4 listening Part 3


PAPER 1 Reading

PAPER 2 Writing

You wi1l hear a radio interview with a mountain climber. For questions 24-30,
choose the best answer (A , 0 or e).

PAPER 3 Use of English


Ann describes mountain climbing as

A dangerous if people have t he wrong attitude.
o completely safe if people are prepared .
C a sport with an exciting reputat ion.


For Ann, the attract ion of climbing is

A primarily the excitement.
a matter of sensations.
C hard to describe.

Essential tips
Look closely at the questions
before you hear the recording
and mark the key words,
including adverbs. For
example, in question 24,
option B uses the word
'completely'. If the speaker
says that the spon is 'safe'.
but not 'completely safe',
option B is not the correct


How does Ann feel when she reaches the top of a mountain?
A proud
C tlccomplished


Ann thinks that we all have a moment in childhood

A when we know what our ambition is.
B when we realise we can't do everything we want.
when we make plans about our future.

If you hear a word that is in

one of Ihe options, decide

whether it is used in the same
way. For example. in question
25, option B includes the


word 'sensations', On the

recording you will hear the
word 'sensation', but does
Ihsi make it the correct


Question 26: Questions in Pan"
ask you t o interpret the speaker's
feelings. It's important that you
know the exact meaning of the

words in the options. For

instance, is 'accomplished' the
feeling you get when you have
ac<:omplished something7
Ountton 28: Words can have
different meanings when used in
different structures. For example,
if someone is 'anxious to do
something', does this mean he
or she is worried7

What was the attitude of Ann 's parents when she took up the sport?
A They were very anxious.
B They didn't want to discourage her.
They gave her every support .
Ann explains that feel ing confid ent
A is the result of doing many climbs with her friend .
is natural after some time .
e can provoke people to make mistakes.


When Ann and her friend were lost on the mountain,

A they didn't feel lucky.
they thought the storm might last for a week.
C they were sure someone would find them.

FeE Test 2

~ .

PAPER 4 Ustenlng

~ .

Part 4

IAPER 1 Reading
PAPER 2 Writing

Part 1 (3 minutes)

PAPER 3 Use of Enghsh

The examiner (interlocutor) will ask each of you to s peak briefly in turn and to give
personal information about yourselves. You can expect a variety of questions, such as:

PAPER.4 listening

What would you say are the most popular sports in your country?
Which sports do you enjoy playing?
What kind of sports do you like watching?
Which sports do you find boring, and why?

Part 2 (4 minutes)

Essential tips
P. rt ,
~ Make sure you have the
necessary vocabulary to give
personal information. In this
case, you will have to talk
about the sports that you
enjoy doing. You can say, for
example: I'm very keen on
basketball and volleyball or

You will each be asked to talk for a minute without interruption. You wi l l each be
given two different phot ographs in turn to talk about. After your partner has
finished speaking , you will be asked a brief questio n connected with your partner's
Pets (compare. contrast and speculate)
Turn to pictures ' and 2 on page 141 which show people with different pets.
Candidate A, co mpare and contrast these photographs, and say why you think the
people have chosen these pets and how they feel about them. You have a minute to
do this.

I'm not really very intersted in


listen to your partner's

answer. The examiner may
ask you if you agree or not.


e, which of these pets would you

Turn t o pictu res 1 and 2 on page 142 which show different fami ly groups.

P. rt 2
Even if you are not asked
directly to do so, it's a good
idea to talk about how you
think the people in the
pictures are feeling, using
expressions like The boy on

Candidate B, compare and con tra st these photographS, and say what you think it
would feel like to grow up in these families. You have a minute to do this.
Candidate A, do you come from a small or large family?

the right looks ... , I get the

impression that ... , They
must be feeling ... , etc.

Make sure you address both

parts of the Instructions. Here
you win have to compare and
contrast the photos but also
say why you think the people
have chosen these pet s and
how they feel about them.
Give your personal opinion
using expressions like
I think ... , It seems to me .
In my view ... , Parsonally,
I ... , etc.

FeE Test 2

~ ~

prefer, and why?

Family groups (compare, contrast and speculate)

PAPER 5 speaking

~ ~

Part 1, 2


PAPER 1 Reading
PAPER 2 Writing

Part 5 (3 minutes)

PAPER 3 Use of English

You will be asked to discuss something together without interruption by the

exami ner. You will have a sheet of pictures with questio ns to help you.



Film Day (discuss and evaluate)

Turn to the pictures on page 143 which show different types of fi l ms. Your school is
organising a Film Day for the students. Talk to each other about the type of film that
would appeal to students. Then decide which two types of film shou ld be shown on
Film Day.

Part 4 (4 minutes)

Essential tips
Part 3

The exam in er will encourage you to develop the topic of your discussion in Part 3
by asking question s such as;

Talk about each type of film

before you reach a
conclusion. Remember that
there are no right or w rong

Do you prefer watching films on television or in the cinema? Why?


Why do you think some films are still popular a long time after they were made?

You Bre being tested on your

ability to work together and

What type of film do you enjoy watching? Why?

Do you think watching a film in

a ci nema creates a special atmosphere? Why (not)?

complete the task. Involve

your panner in the discussion
using ellpressions like Do you
agree ... 7, What do you

think ... 7, Let's decide

which .. . , etc.

In deciding which type of film

would appeal to students,

think about students with
different inlerests and
students with different
personalities. You need to
justify your opinion and say
why a certain type of film
w ould appeal to th e majority
of Ihe students.

Part ..
Avoid giving 'yes/no'
answers. Give your opinion,
justify it and develop your

Try to keep the conversation
going by responding to your
partner's answers or by
asking your partner questions.
You can use expressions like:
Don't you think that .... 7,
How do you feal about .... 7,
I agree up to a point but
I couldn't agrtHI with you
more, I'm sorry but I disagree
with you on that. etc.

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