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KIT v3.0
User Manual

Installation Instructions

How can I download?

The product, which you have bought through Adobe, will automatically be installed to your Photoshop program, which is saved in your Adobe account. If its not
automatically installed, go to the products webpage (You can reach the product page by clicking here) and click the View My Add-Ons button or you could click
the following link; After clicking the Install button that appears, you will see the Download Beauty Retouching Kit
When you make the purchase from Photoshop-Store.Com, both after the purchase is complete and from your e-mail you may reach the download button.
If you lose the file and cant reach the download link, youll receive another link by sending us the receipt.

How can I install the add-on?

Primarily you should
have Adobe Extension
Manager installed on
your computer.

If you receive Manifest.xml is not found error, remove the Extension

Manager, download from the links to the left and reinstall it.

If you dont have Adobe Extension

Manager installed, you can download
it from your Creative Cloud application
or the links below.

Open Extension Manager as you see above in the photo and click the
Install Extensions button. (Keyboard Shortcut: CTRL + Q)
Then choose the BeautyRetouchingKit.zxp file, which you have
downloaded and click the confirmation buttons that appear.

After the installation is finished you can find the panel in Photoshop /
Window / Extensions section.

If the Extensions section is closed, go to Photoshop / Settings / Plug-ins

settings and activate the buttons above.

Directions For Use

Mattifier Powder

1 After applying Matifier Powder

the layers that you see in the picture will be open in the layers windows.

5 Then select the brush tool when

you make sure that there is white
square above and the black one
below, paint the area that you want
to apply on.

Please must read this section.

2 When you double click on the

marked area, you will see the
panel where you select the skin

6 The window you see above will

change when you start to paint.

3 When you click on the any part on the

face, the color code above will change. After
you make sure that you get the right color
click on the Ok button.

7 Adjusting your opacity rates will

make you get better results.

4 To start the masking process click

on the square icon marked with a red
circle. When you see a frame on the
square it means that it is selected.

8 Before you apple the next plug-in

make sure exactly that the group is
closed. To close the group click on
the triangle button marked with a red

Mattifier Powder

9 If you apply the plug-in without

closing the group, it will integrate each
other as you can see above. In this
case plug-in does not work correctly.
If you confront this problem by
mistake, drag the last creating folder
to recycle bin and close the page.
And then re-apply the plug-in.

Please must read this section.

10 After you applying a second

plug-in the appearance of the
layers windows should be like the
one above.

Important note: No Photoshop plug-in can remove defects such as big and deep
scars, deep wrinkles and moles. Therefore, before applying the plug-in it is better you
make a general cleaning with healing brush.

Freckle & Stain Reducer

Brush the freckled and stained areas with white brush as

above. If theres a roughened view as below, decrease the
opacity of Details 1px or click the eye near it and close it.

Skin Softener & Ultra Smooth Skin


Perfect Skin Pro




Skin softener blurs the skin even if its just a little bit, but it never
removes the texture like Photoshops standard blurring tools.

*Perfect Skin Pro: It does what Mattifier Powder, Freckle and

Stain Reducer and Skin Softener tools do altogether. This way it
gives the advantage of brushing/masking for once.

Ultra Smooth Skin is closer to the make-up style of porcelain.

More texture is lost with it.

Unfortunately the disadvantage of Perfect Skin Pro is that it works

slowly, when used on a low-capacity computer.

* We recommend you use these tools with low opacity.

* This tool is special for Retouching Panel customers. Its not

found in the Beauty Retouching Kit.

Skin Brighten

Highlight Powder


We recommend, you use this tool with %30 opacity on the areas shown

If the skin is darker than the whole photo, brush the skin with %30


Eye Brighten & Mascara


Brush the white parts of the eye, after
choosing the Whites layer with white
Brush the iris part of the eye after choosing
the Iris layer with white brush.

After applying the mascara tool, brush the

above of the eyelashes with white brush.
The mascara tool is not effective on other
areas of the skin. That is why it wont be
a problem if you miss the eyelash while

Sharpen & Detay Enhancer

Eye Shadow

Sharpen 2px, Sharpen 4px and Detail Enhancer brings the details in your photo to the foreground.
fotorafnzdaki detaylar n plana karmanz salar.
Sharpen 2px brings tinier details,
Sharpen 4px brings medium sized details,
Detail Enhancer brings bigger details to the foreground.
Eye Shadow; strengthens the expression
in the eyes. Apply it to eyelids with a low
opacity brush from bottom to top.
Applying it more to the lower areas and less
to the upper areas will give it a more natural
You can also apply this to the eyebrows and
have a stronger look for them

Pay attention to the opacity value while using these tools. For example, if you use Sharpen 2px with
high opacity, your photo might look rougher than you wish.

Redness Reducer



Blusher is for applying red powder to the cheeks.




Redness Reducer, Redness Reducer provides the opposite feature of

Blusher. Especially the photos taken in studios, some parts of the face
might look redder than they are supposed to. With this tool you can remove
the unwanted redness.

Lip Enhancer

You can acquire crisper and clearer lips with Lip Enhancer.
You can brush only the lips with white brush that has %30-50 opacity.



If you wish, you can click the Hue layer
and change the color of the lip as you
wish. Besides, the naturalness wont
spoil at all.