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. HBY JUDE JOHN LENNON & Words and Music by ‘PAUL M°CARTNEY Slowly Hey fend song — and make it bet ter Re- mem-ber to let her or F Bh oF eras — Then you ean start make it! bet = ter f . f ff F on F 1. Jude — dost be = fraid You were made to. go out and 2. Jude don't etme down Youhave found her. new go and F c cr crews 7 © Copyright 1968 fer the World by NORTHERN SONGS LIMITED, * vio deoite beste Pour France, Conmusnuts frangaise, Monvco, Andotre, Lucenbourg, pour tous pays Eurone n® 1, Belgique et tous territnires de perception directe SACEM NORTHERN SONGS FRANCE ~67, rue de Provence PARIS 9° tel 8744190410126.35 — yogigy ‘Tho min-uto you ether ua ~ der your skin ‘Then you bo ~ gin— Re- memter “to ether in ~ toyour heart ‘Then You can start * to make it__7 And any - time you feel the pain | to make it So let it out and let it in Hey Jude your shoul - Hey Judo per ~ form Bb On7 or Ay). For well you kuow that is 2 fool Who plays it cool Anddort you know that it “just you Hey Jade you'll do e Pr Bb = mak = ing His world = te cold | ‘The movement you need _— your shoul | an? ° | NOR 137, da da da doitmakeit bed song. andmake it bet~ter— rere © cr Gm OF — b ‘Thenyoull be ~ gin fo mike it bet= - ter ber-rer, ber-rer,ber-rer, ber-rer,ber-rar Oh ds de da_dada da Bb Repeat till fade with effects Da_dada da Ee Hey Jude Da da ‘da da da dade Dada éa di Hey Jude. NOR 1?