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School of Education Lesson Template

Day: Tuesday Date: 17th October 2016 Start Time: 11.45 Finish Time: 12.10pm Year: 2
Subject: Mathematics Topic: Multiplication No. of students: 45

Australian Curriculum Content Description (SCASA):

Recognise and represent multiplication as repeated addition, groups and arrays (ACMNA031)

Students Prior Knowledge and Experience:

Students have been working in small ability groups. Each group is taken with a teacher, pre-service teacher
or education assistant. Students are split based on previous math experiences.
In classes students have been developing their knowledge on multiplication through the use of skip
counting, repeated addition, groups of and arrays has been briefly mentioned.

Learning Purposes - Objectives:

Student Assessment:

After this lesson students will further develop their

Explain how student learning will be monitored e.g. observation
knowledge on multiplication. Students should have grasped a checklist, video analysis. The assessment process must accurately
firm understanding that groups of is the same as times.
measure achievement of objectives e.g.

I will measure the achievement of objectives by:

i. Understand that groups of and times (x) relate, Student answers from their work.
ie. 3 groups of 4 is the same as 3x4
ii. Observation walking around and assisting students.
ii. Able to give answers to smaller multiplication iii.Checklist developing understanding, sound
understanding, not understanding.
iv.Answer a question before going to lunch.
Classroom management strategies:

Students will be able to:

Clapping technique when student attention is

Name Popsticks to answer questions.
Put your hand up if you need more assistance, or stay
on the mat.

Preparation and Resource(s):

Detail the learning objects you will use and what other preparation of the learning environment will be required.

Cupcake templates to be made up.

Classroom can be set up as per usual.
Mat area will need to be clear for students to sit for discussion.
Cupcake example to be made up.
Students will need:
Workbook (to glue activity in)
Coloured pencils.

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Catering for diversity (detail any proposed adjustments or considerations to support students learning)
Diversity has been catered for in the use of ability groups. Students are now coming
together to work on a small activity individually. This activity can help to assess student
knowledge for the next sequence of lessons.
Cupcake templates have been left blank for students to colour in, when time finishes.
Extra work will be available for strong students to extend their knowledge.
Students that are still developing the concepts will be offered additional one on one
assistance if needed.
Learning Experiences:
Organisation of
Add any organising
Specify the discussion and activities that will take
comments e.g. where and
place. Divide into sections for Introduction, Main
body of lesson, Closure and Transition to next
lesson. This section explains how students will

Draw a diagram showing how this

might look

when will your learning objects be

Name pop sticks can be used to get



(How will you engage

the learners/)
Students will be brought down to sit on the mat.
We will discuss previous lessons on multiplication.
Questions will be asked to the students as memory
joggers. The activity will be then be introduced.

students to answer questions.

Outline what is expected by the end
of the lesson, ie. Activity to be
completed and glued into workbook.
Let students know that they are
expected to work independently in
order for the teacher to gain an
understanding of how they are going
with the concept. This will help to
know where to go in the next lesson.
Explain that students need to start


Sequence of learning
experiences: (What will you do to
help the students achieve the learning
objectives? What tasks and activities will the
students be involved in to help achieve the
learning objectives?)

Students will be working on a multiplication

activity, which requires them to extend their
knowledge from using groups of to developing into
multiplication sums, ie. 3 groups of 4 is the same
as 3 x 4.

thinking relating groups of to times.

Students will need their scissors,

glue and workbook. They will be
required to work independently and
ask the teacher if any assistance is

In this activity students must match the cupcake

topper to the cupcake base, they are also required
to match the answer (cherry) to the sum (see

Lesson conclusion:

(How will you

summarise the learning and relate it to the
lesson objectives?)

Gain the students attention. Bring them to the mat

to discuss learning experience. Recap questions
asked at beginning of the lesson. Ie. Why do we
uses multiplication over repeated addition etc.
Students can also come up with an example of
their own to be able to go to lunch this will
enable the teacher to see if any students need
further assistance.

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Name pop sticks can be used to ask