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Books and tips for compulsory subjects ...


English(Precis & Composition)

1. Exploring the world of English by syed sadat ali shah( English Bible for
CSS,must be consulted) OR A practical English grammar by A.J Thomson
Or Wren & Martinet

***General Certificate in English by Alan Etherton for precis practice. Its

the best book and will make you perfect for CSS Exam.

** Essay

: Read Dawn extensively. Try to develop writing skills by

writing an essay with in speculated time at least once every week.

** Pakistan Affairs: "Constitutional & Political History of

Pakistan" by Hamid Dilawar Khan.

** Islamiyat: "A Document on Islam: Ideological, Historical &

Contemporary Perspective" by Caravan Book House.Islami Nazria Hiyat
and Islam its Meaning and Message are also the ideal books for the
preparation of ISlamiat.

** Every Day Science

: Encyclopedia of Every Day Science

by Dr.Rabnawaz somo

Current Affairs

is the subject which is most important in

CSS. It is a subject which helps you in each and every paper specially Pak
Affairs, Essay, IR, Pol. Sc. constitutional law etc.

Here are a few sources which can be consulted

1. DAWN newspaper
2. Strategic Studies Digest... Quarterly Digest (by Strategic Stuties
Institute Islamabad)
3. National Development and Security Quarterly Digest (by Friends
Organization of Aslam Baig Strategic Studies Institute Islamabad).
4. Contemporary Affairs .... Imtiaz Shahid.
5. Jahangeer world times.
Albeit Dogars Monthly Magazine of current affairs is good for Objectives.
Amongst all these DAWN is the special one and one can get good guidance
specially of style and material in the other three books.
Always prepare the current issues of the year.
Some issues are of perpetual nature like Palestine and Kashmir so do not
miss them. Make a list of topics and then try to collect relevant material
from the sources. When you are left with one month or so... recheck the
topics list and arrange the material for each topic. GO through the
material and collect intro and conclusion for different topics, Also collect
relevant Info. If possible arrange the material by collecting most relevant
cuttings in the cuttings and make proper questions. This will help you in
revising the course easily.
Some examples of perpetual nature are
1. Kashmir (Background, current situation and future)
2. Palestine (Background, current situation and future)
3. Economy of Pakistan (Background, current situation and future)
4. Debt Trap (Background, current situation and future)
5. Education
6. War on Terrorism (Background, current situation and future) specially
after 9/11
7. world scenario, Oil game, US intentions, Reconstruction etc
8. Afghanistan
9. Poverty Alleviation


Law and Order situation

Role of IFAs in the economy of third world.
The rising polar world (Possible or not)
North Korean Problem
Modern and Higher education
LFO and its current situation and future impact
The rise of Religious Parties
World Economy and the future world resource centers
UNO its effectiveness and future
Muslim World and West
Total world Scenario.

Like this select topics and make your work easy.

The easiest way to prepare CA is to collect as much relevant material as
you can with reference to the topics you have listed. When you are left
with one month or so rearrange the topics in the order of importance.
Collect relevant cuttings from the material and arrange them in form of a
detailed question covering all aspects relevant to the topic. Add your
ideas. This will help you preparing essay as well as CA.