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version 2.

7: (Released: 09-30-03)
- The javascript that controls the floating menus in the user
chats was missing some js files. The files have been added.
- auto invite based on visits was inviting reguardless of
how many pages the visitor visited. This has been corrected
so that it invites correctly.
- Added Refresh and Clear options to the floating navigation
- made chat frame bigger in the admin side and added no break
for the usernames in the tabs.
version 2.6: (Released: 09-29-03)
- Added Modules feature. Administrators can now add other programs
to work with CSLH such as their own contact form, support
ticket program, etc.. Vars from Live Help are passed to the module
in the query string for the other program to use. I will post some
modules in the Updates page (
- Lowered Bandwidth Usage by NOT having the program refresh every 3 seconds
while No operators are online. This cut my bandwidth down by about 85%
but depends on how often you are online..
- Added Auto invite feature to allow operators to have the system
invite visiting users automatically. The system now allows operators
to create monitors to auto invite visitors based on either what referer
they came from, and/or how many pages they have viewed, and/or
what page they are looking at, and/or What department they are in.
A very big time saver.
- Added javascript floating menu in users chat window that has options
to Maximize the window, Print the current chat session, or Exit.
- fixed connection graphic to not have text on it (for multi-language)
- Added Referer, Department name, and identity to the leave a message
messages that are e-mailed to the operators when offline.
- Fix bug with e-mails of departments always going to default department.
- Fixed issue with visitor stat data not being recorded when no users online

version 2.5: (Released: 08-03-03)

- Added better support for the continous mode of the program by
adding the functions "ob_flush()"
Next to every instance of flush() this will support PHP 4.2.3+ and Windows u
running php as a cgi so that you can run
the program in continous mode.
- Added ability to see only one chat at a time while
still having the ability to see any new messages
from other active chats with the new "view" Icon in the chat tabs.
- Added ability for operator to quickly change alert settings
from live help tab page.
- Added onmouseover user detail javascript to quickly show the
details of the visitors online.
- Added the department information to details.
- Added ability for Operators to talk to one another as now
the Operators appear as Chatters with the option to chat or not
to chat with another operator.
- Added ability to Conference operators to one User so that multiple
operators can talk to one user or multiple operators can talk to eachother.
- Fixed BUG with when added an operator the operator is not added to
any departments even though the departments are checked and
when a operator was deleted there permissions were not removed.
- Fixed BUG with operator not in default department having vistors not
able to see them as online.
- Fixed BUG with negative visit count when clearing data from the data tab.
- Fixed BUG with details of the visitor it showing the server time rather then
the server time + offset for correct time.
- Added Manual Install directions for thoes who can not run the setup.php
online installation.

version 2.4: (Released: 07-20-03)

- Added more language files
- Fixed issue with rining sound always playing when someone
enters the site even if you have alert visitors turned off.
It will now only ring when you have "alert of visitors" set to Yes.
- Needed to change the way that the name of the program was
written. It is now shortened to CSLH or written all out
as Crafty Syntax Live Help. There is another program called
cs-live that exists on the internet and I want to have
nothing to do with them and do not want to be confused
with their company..

version 2.3: (Released: 07-18-03)

- Added a modified version of txt-db-api version 0.2.1-beta-01
for text based database support. This GPL api program is
detailed at :
I modified database.php a bit to support alter quries and
match mysql_options.php. It is recommended that you use
Mysql. I just added this for thoes who can not figure
out mysql and need this as a last resort.
- Fixed refresh bug issue with refresh mode and not having
enough time to enter in name.
- Fixed Departments vanishing bug with operators not being
able to be assigned to multiple different departments on
some servers due to the departments array checkboxes not being seen
as an arrray. I changed it to a variable..
- Fixed issue with department e-mail being sent to the
defualt department when multiple departments are setup.
- Fixed security hole with users being able to log into admin
by using their ip address as the log in.
- Added number of users online message back in.
* Added multi-language support files to allow program to be
translated into multiple different languages. however..
neeed someone to translate it into other languages..
* = note you need to make the language file .. it is called
version 2.2: (Released: 06-15-03)
- Added ablility to provide a simple link to the live help system
as an alternative to the javascript icon HTML code.
- Added ablility to track and monitor pages with a new
INVISIBLE Tracking HTML: if you want to monitor and track
a page but do not want to have an icon on that page or
link to live help use this HTML. You can invite and monitor
pages with this code but the visitors will not be able
to see the live help icon.
- Added ability to track referers and also track traffic
to the site in the data tab.. Bar graphs for visitors
and referers are now logged every 7 minutes..
- Added Q & A system to allow visitors to leave questions
or see a catigory tree of questions and answers.
- Made the refresh in the "refresh mode" twice as fast.. it now
refreshes every 3 seconds rather then 6.
- offline messages now must have a valid email address
- removed old javascript focus window input box (extra field at the
very bottom left of the screen with a 1 in it)

version 2.1: (Released: 06-08-03)

- Fix issue with being logged out if visiting admin in multiple
windows with same user.
- Fix javascript error on bottom frame when answering call and
comments is not defined yet.
- invite message is now removed after being sent to the user.
- Added option to not have "User is typing..."
- Fixed issue with not being able to talk to users with
changing IP address. AOL users IP address change with
every GET.. WTF!?!
- Fix issue with multiple users on same network with same
OS and browser not getting a unique ID.
- Added EMBED option to user sound options to allow sound for
thoes using a browser that does not support cross frame javascript.
(Like windows XP IE 6.0 )
- Fixed the style sheet and made the users chat a little easier to read.
- Fixed bug where if you open a live chat and then click contact
tab and then back to live help it shows no on online..
- Added Buffer overflow lines for Windows IE users where
the browser locally saves the buffer before showing anything..
version 2.0: (Released: 06-01-03)
- Added more details to the details link for incoming vistors.
- Fixed Issue with netscape refresh on user end of chat.
- Added a more advanced "Push URL" system to allow operator to
have the window of the url actually pop-up on the users end.
- Added a more intuative interface for the quick messages.
- Added ability to Push Images.
- Visitors are now tracked by both session vars and host ip address
- Added ability to create multiple different departments and have
operators monitor the different departments.
- Added settings screen for departments to allow users to
set their own images for online and offline.
- Made all of the fields in the leave a messages section of the program
- new tab inerface to hop beteen users in the admin to avoid confusion
on who you are talking to.
- Added option for operator to be notified by a sound when a visitor
visits website by Either Javascript or the plugin x-wav
- Added transcripts and data recording.
- Added Help and index of site.

version 1.7: (Released: 05-10-03)

- In netscape on the client side the text box was refreshing because the
onkeypress was not being recorded. Fixed this.
- Needed to add more close database connections thoughout the code to
ensure that the connections is being closed some users were getting
max connection errors..
- Added an "EXIT chat" link on the user end so that the user can close the
chat session.
- added a shorter timout for the admin user so that if the admin operator
closes their admin without logging out their status will turn to offline
2 minutes later..
- Added error codes to the log in screen so that if the wrong username
or password is entered it tells you you entered the wrong username/password
- added a forgot your password screen for thoes who forget their password.
- added code that refreshes the admin chat after 30 seconds of inactivity
to avoid script timeout errors..
- Added a display so that the operators can tell is another operator
is online.
- reversed the way the messages are shown in the refresh mode to match
the way it is shown in continous mode.
version 1.6: (Released: 05-02-03)
- Added some extra javascript code to the users list frame to make
sure that it keeps reloading.. for some reason it stops after
an hour or so. The javascript is a double check..
- Added the txt-db-api database option for the type of database.
- added a css style sheet and date and time to the user list frame.
- added close database connections in the image display script to
try to avoid max connections errors.. $mydatabase->close_connect();
version 1.5: (Released: 05-02-03)
- Added Manual installation directions and sql dump of initial
database for users who have a hard time running the setup.
- changed livehelp.js to use a global webpath var that is easily changed at the
top of the file.
- Fixed the issue with the text area not getting selected if
the window focus is called.
- Fixed issue with color staying Red for the users rather then
alternating to a new color.
- Had to remove the txt-db-api database option until I have a chance
to fully de-bug it.
- did a little bit of general code cleaning
version 1.4: (Released: 05-01-03)
- Auto focus to textarea box after submitting message
- Auto select last person who was sent a message for send to:
- Auto Submit send when Return is pressed.
- Auto focus chat window when they type something. This way you
can minmize the window and so something else while they type.
- fixed issue with user end chat not scrolling to absolute bottom of page.
- Added a Clear button to clear out the chat screen.
- fixed version field type (should be float) in config also fixed upgrade scrip

version 1.3: (Released: 04-30-03)

- combined chatting users and current visitors frames into one frame.
Tried to use DHTML to now have to re-load the users frame but as it
turns out IE does not like to load two frames infinitly at the same
time.. WTF.. I have the code there but commented out.
- added a field to `livehelp_config` ADD `use_flush ` VARCHAR( 10 ) DEFAULT 'YE
- fixed upgrade in setup.php so that older version users can upgrade to new ver
- added support for non-flush() servers. Servers that insist on buffering the o
until the entire page is loaded...
- When you click on log out it marks your status now as offline..
---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------
version 1.2: (Released: 04-28-03)
- As it turns out The HTTP Authentication hooks in PHP are only available
when it is running as an Apache module and is hence not available in
the CGI version which was causing internal server error on a few peoples
installations. I re-programmed user_access.php to use a cookie login.
- get_magic_quotes_gpc is now used instead of get_ini to see if the user
has magic quotes on or off and a new extraction is used in config.php
to extract the global vars and add slashes. (I like magic quotes)
- Added a LOG OUT button to allow operators to close the admin.
- took out javascript alert for new user in chat and replaced with
java sound wav.
- added referer to the details of the user.. I will make it look better in
a later version...
- Fixed issue with leave a messsage window always poping up if the user
was requested for a chat then went away and then came back again when
the operator was not around..
- added additional check in setup to make sure users with txt-db-api can
write to their text database.
---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------
version 1.1: (Released: 04-27-03)
- Added installation directions and change log txt files.
- Added support for new $_POST $_GET and $_COOKIE that
replace the $HTTP_*_VARS in newer versions of php.
- Created a new field in livehelp_operator_channels table
called "bgcolor" of type varchar (10). This field allows
me to color code the users to allow it to be easier to
separate the chatting users..
- Fixed bug with the leave a message script where the
e-mail from address was not being sent.
- Fixed bug with users entering in the same username or name as
an already exisiting user.
- Fixed issue with the "new user in chat"
prompt showing before the user enters their name if
ask for name option is selected.
- magic quotes for words with apostrophes
- If user selects not to have the leave the message option on
and no one is online the credit line remained. Took that image
out if leave a message is not enabled.
---------------- ---------------- ---------------- ----------------
version 1.0: (Released: 04-21-03)
- This was the first release of the program everything was new :-)