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Martin Luther King Jr.


Martin Luther King, originally named Michael Luther King,he was born on January 15,

1929.. Dr. King has strongly impacted the African American community throughout America
such as assisting in the removal of segregation from schools and cities. He was made the leader
of the anti-segregation marches and protests that were done in the cities in the 1950s. King was
also arrested many times for being in the protests and many people didnt like the fact that MLK
was getting arrested for just say words . King received a Nobel Peace Prize for nonviolent
protest. MLK wrote many speeches that were inspirational but there was one that is still read
today in many schools which was the I Have A Dream and is still influential and memorable 2.
Overall MLK will always be remembered as a man who has impacted the world in a great way.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very strong, vocal African-American man back in the
1950s and if he was alive today he still would be a leader. The strength of this one man's voice
stopped a lot of suffering for the African-American community. MLK was also a philosopher
who impacted the world in great ways, what MLK wanted was for everybody to view each other
as equal people and not be discriminated for the color of their skin. MLK has influenced the
world so much that his speeches are still recognized throughout the world, his words still echo in
the ears of black and white people.

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MLK's I Have a Dream Speech was the strongest of all of his speeches. His speech was
about how white people and black people can become one community. His speech focused on
how African-Americans should be treated like people just like whites. What made this speech
even stronger is the loud and dedicated voice of MLK and also all the other thousands of
African-Americans that had his back. And with God by his side he believed there could be
nothing in his way that could stop the movement that would set them free. MLK was not going
to just stop there. He was a part of other movements like the SCLC (Southern Christian
SNCC:STUDENT, USA:CIVIL RIGHTS, SCLC and the BOYCOTT movement. 3In the passage
the author Adam talks on how the cities in where the protests took place have been marked
forever because of the world changing events that took place there. In the year 1964 and 1965
were the years in which Selma and Birmingham were the location of many protest for a good
cause.The Montgomery Bus Boycott was successful because they had a lot of significant people
in their community that were very dedicated to this movement,Had the faith that this movement
will succeed,and the leadership to keep the movement going.The Boycott had 42,000 dedicated
African Americans not ride the town buses Rustin,1956. This made an impact because the bus
companies lost a huge amount of profit.Even though it would've been easier to give up and ride
the bus any way the African Americans in the town people were dedicated.Had the faith that this
movement will succeed.MLk say you don't get there without crossing over hills and
mountains,but if you keep on keepin on, you cant help but reach it; but its coming and its
because God is for it.They could have stopped but they had something or someone to believe in
and that was God.The leadership to keep the movement going.Let us continue with the same
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spirit, with the same orderliness, with the same discipline, with the same Christian approach, I
believe that God is using Montgomery as his proving ground;I believe that God is using
Montgomery as his proving ground.This show that the African American town people a really
good leader to leed them by the name of MLK without a leader like MLK this would not be as
organized as it was and it probably wouldnt have even worked.The Montgomery Bus Boycott
was successful because without all 42,000 people and MLK as a good leader this Boycott would
not have worked but with those things it did. The SCLC stands for the Southern Christian
Leadership Conference The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is an African-American
civil rights organization. SCLC, which is closely associated with its first president, MLK had a
large role in the American Civil Rights Movement. MLK was a big part of this movement MLK
was the president of the whole organization.
Martin Luther king jr. has impacted us in so many ways that even segregation is over.
Now a black man and a white man can go to the same school and drink from the same water
fountain and nothing can happen to them. 4MLK had a vision where everybody was equal and
they could live there lives but in today's society it has not become reality. He also impacted us on
doing nonviolent protest because recently many people have done silent protests and they just lay
down in front of place and inside of stores.

MLK has also impacted many people into doing

protest because when any law that they want and don't get it they protest. For example when
people wanted for the law for people to marry the same sex, they protested until it was approved.
Many people would not have believed in doing nonviolent protest or that it would work until
MLK came along and impacted the world.
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