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Integrated Marketing Communications

Executive Summary
Enervon is a multivitamins brand in the Philippines designed to increase energy and strengthen
the immune system.
From a growth rate of 21% between the years 2001 and 2003, the brands tablet sales
decreased by -7% in 2004 and -5% in 2005. Its performance against the vitamin market was
also gradually decreasing, with +16% in 2004 and - 5% in 2005. However, in 2006 Enervon
found itself in a breakthrough. The brand's execution pivoted by more than 540 degrees from
2005. The Enervon Happy Campaign was launched in that year, definitively shaking the
market and the consumers alike.
The Enervon Happy Campaign was targeted at males and females, aged 27-40 years old in
the broad C and D markets, composed of people that take vitamins occasionally; whenever they
engage in strenuous physical activities or show signs and symptoms of cold. They were chosen
because of their predisposition to the brands offered proposition.
The campaign was executed based on the insight that sustained energy enables you to
accomplish more things, therefore giving you a sense of fulfillment, purpose and self-worth.
Pairing this insight with Enervon and its essence would lead to the mentality that you can do
more and be happy in the process. The objective was to get consumers to embrace the brand
idea Mas Energy = Mas Happy. This was done by presenting a solid argument on the product
and using known personalities as endorsers who would exemplify the brand idea. Along with
these are engaging activations infused with a sense of drama; generating talk values in TV
From this, Enervon garnered Php. 740.9 million by 2006 in a category that annually declines at
an average of 6%. Compared to the direct sales of the same period from the previous year,
there was a marked +33% increase, which eventually led to the brand outgrowing its
competitors. The success of the Enervon Happy Campaign was solidified after it reaped the
top recognition in Unilabs Rave Awards 2006 for the best creative and best campaign.
The credits for the successful results of this campaign belong to the deliberately laid-out and
perceptive marketing and communication plans that surpassed traditional category practices. It
offered a completely novel and refreshing take on a category which had a rather low consumer

[1]Business Objective
Enervons lead in the Market has been steadily declining for the past two years; To make any
significant dent in a market with low consumer involvement, with the brands apparent trend of
decline in its sales, the following goals were raised
1. Re-establish the brands position as the leader in the market
2. To increase the sales performance of Enervon by gathering a two-digit growth in the market

[2]Business Strategy:
There is no need to improve or build upon the original formula for the brand, but there is a need
to create a personal and emotional connection with its consumers that revolves around the
original marketing message that Enervon= Energy and that Enervon is the better choice among
its competitors. Forming that connection with the consumers will negate prevent any further loss
of consumers while creating an opportunity to gain more.
[3]Marketing Objective:
Let it be known that Enervon gives both energy and happiness.
[4]Marketing Strategy:
The Enervon Happy Campaign:
The agency will improve upon Enervons primary image as energy into more energy, mas
happy to create an emotional impact and bridge the product to the consumers hearts and
minds and also to re-establish Enervon as a Multivitamins supplement.
1) Creating different advertisement that would reach out to the audience, through OOH and
the Tri-media launching.
2) Having activations in different malls, and by giving out free samples in Drug stores,
superkmarkets, and malls.
[5]Target Audience and Brand Champions:
Target Audience:
27-40 year old adults within C and D class range, who consider the intake of vitamins as
part of their lives usually after meals. Accurate portrayal of the target market will further allow
the brand to connect with its audience in a more personal level. These people comprise the
working class - the ones most vulnerable to sickness and need more energy to accomplish their
assigned tasks.
Anna Perez is a 30 year old call center agent at Ortigas. She lives in Cubao, Quezon
City, with her mother. She spends her time at office with a few breaks, and when she goes home
it is already daytime. To further support herself, she part-times as a copywriter online and a

translator as well. She stays awake for 18 hours per day, and is often tired. She sometimes
hangs out with her friends, but they notice that she is almost always tired and unenergetic
because of her work. Anna started taking Enervon so that she could have more energy to not
only be her best at work, but also to be able to spend more time with her friends.
Miguel Villanueva is a 35 year old journalist at a tv station. He lives in Sampaloc, Manila
with his wife and children. He works the nightshift during the weekdays and arrives home
usually by morning or early afternoon, depending upon the amount of coverage he has to take
up on that day. On top of that, his commute home takes 3-4 hours so he always arrives home
extremely tired. He is barely able to spend quality time with his family even during the weekend
cause he spends it sleeping. He began taking enervon so that he still feels energetic even after
his shift and is able to bond with his family properly during the weekends.
Brand Champions:

[6]Integrated Core Media:

Enervon uplifts the heart and invigorates the spirit.
[7]Integrated Brand World:
Enervon is all about everyday being happy, dynamic and energetic.

[8]Integrated Communications Strategy:

Communications Objective
Reinforce the idea of emotional and functional benefits (happiness and energy) brought forth by
Enervons energy proposition which would place the competitors claims as inferior.

[9]Roles of Integrated Communications:

[10]Integrated Communications Budget:

The brand Enervon with its campaign garnered +34% direct sales from year 2005 versus same
period last year with a turnaround rate of 47 percentage points from a decline of 15%
performance in 2005 vs. 2004. It amounts to Php.740.9M which is the highest ever achieved
since 2001. It had a turnaround rate for value performance for about 34.5 percentage point. It
outgrew key competitors like Centrum, Clusivol and Stresstabs.
According to Nielsen 2006 Homepanel for Adult Vitamins-Exhibit 7, the combined
communications efforts and channels planning attracted and increased household buyers,
penetration, loyalty and repeat rates for the brand.