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Time : 3.00 hours
Maximum : 100 Marks
2 = 20 Marks)
1. Define stress concentration & stress concentration factor.
2. Determine the force required to punch a hole of 20mm diameter in a 5mm thick plate with ultimate shear

strength of 250MPa.
A shaft of 750mm long is subjected to shear stress of 40 MPa and has an angle of twist equal to 0.017 radian.
Determine the diameter of the shaft. Take G=80 MPa.
Under what circumstances flexible couplings are used?
Define the term self-locking of power screws.
Why welded joints are are preferred over riveted joints?
Define (i) Spring Index (ii) Spring rate or Spring stiffness
Define the term coefficient of fluctuation of speed in case of flywheels
What are the required properties of bearing materials?
What is antifriction bearings?


16 = 80 Marks)
11. (a) A simply supported beam has concentrated load at the centre which fluctuates a value from P to 4P. The

span of the beam is 500 mm and its cross section is circular with a diameter of 60 mm. Taking for the beam
material an ultimate stress of 700 MPa, a yield stress of 500 MPa, endurance limit of 330 MPa for reversed
bending and a factor of safety of 1.3,calculate the maximum value of P. take a size factor of 0.85 and a surface
finish factor of 0.9. (16 Marks)
(b) The crank hook carries a load of 20 kN as shown in figure.This section at X-X is rectangular whose
horizontal side is 100mm. Find the stresses in the inner and outer fibers at the given section. (16 Marks)

12.(a) (i) A solid shaft is transmit 1000 kW at 120 rpm. Find the shaft diameter if the design shear stress is
80 N/mm2. If the shaft is made hollow with internal diameter as 0.6 times the outside
diameter, find the % of saving in material. (8 Marks)
(ii) A shaft is to transmit 50KW at 1200 rpm. It is also subjected to bending moment of 27 N-m.
allowable shear stress is 60 N/mm2. The shaft is not to twist more than 20 in a length of 2m.
Design the shaft. Take G=80x103 N/mm2. (8 Marks)
(b) Design a rigid type flange coupling to connect two shafts. The input shaft transmits 37.5 kW power

at 180 rpm to the output shaft through the coupling. The service factor for the application is 1.5.
select suitable material for various parts of the coupling. (16 Marks)
13.(a) (i) A 50 mm diameter solid shaft is welded to a flat plate by 10mm fillet weld as shown in figure(a). find the
maximum torque that the welded joint can sustain if the maximum shear stress intensity in the weld material is
not to exceed 80MPa. (8 Marks)
(ii) A rectangular cross-section bar is welded to a support plate by means of fillet welds as shown in figure (b).
determine the size of welds, if the permissible shear stress in the weld is limited to 75MPa. (8 Marks)

(b) A Knuckle joint is to transmit a force of 140 kN. Allowable stresses in tension, shear and compression are
75N/mm2,65N/mm2 and 140N/mm2 respectively. Design the joint. (16 Marks)
14.(a)A compression helical spring is required to exert a minimum force of 250N and maximum force of 600N and the
deflection for this change in load is to be 15mm. the spring must fit in a hole of 30mm diameter. The load is static.
The ultimate tensile stress is 1393 MPa and shear stress is 606 MPa. Determine the dimensions of the spring.
(b)A single cylinder double acting steam engine delivers 185 kW at 100 rpm. The maximum fluctuation of energy per
revolution is 15% of energy developed per revolution. The speed variation is limited to 1% either way from the
mean. The mean diameter of the rim is 2.4m. Design a cast iron flywheel for the engine. (16 Marks)
15.(a) Design a journal bearing for a centrifugal pump with the following data. (16 Marks)
Diameter of the journal= 150 mm
Load on bearing = 40 kN
Speed of journal = 900 rpm
(b) A ball bearing for drilling machine spindle of 40 mm diameter is rotating at 3000 rpm. It is
subjected to a radial load of 2000 N and on an axial thrust of 1000 N. It is to work at 45 hours per
week for one year. Select and specify a suitable ball bearing. (16 Marks)