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Coital alignment technique

The coital alignment technique (CAT) sex position,

known colloquially as grinding the corn,[1] is used primarily as a variant of the missionary position and is designed to maximize clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse (coitus). This is achieved by combining the
riding high variation of the missionary position with
pressure-counterpressure movements performed by each
partner in rhythm with coitus.[2]

to give the technique more rigorous testing instigated a

series of controlled studies by Hurlbert and colleagues reporting statistically signicant results in the treatment of
female hypoactive sexual desire sex therapy.

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Coital alignment technique

When used as a variant of the missionary position, the

male lies above the female but moves upward along the
womans body, until his erection, which would otherwise
point up, is pointing down, the dorsal side of the penis
now pressing against the clitoris; and as opposed to the
missionary position, the males body moves downward
(relative to the females) during the inward stroke, and upward for the outward stroke. She may also wrap her legs
around his. Sexual movement is focused in the pelvises,
without leverage from the arms or legs. The rocking
upward stroke (where the female leads) and downward
stroke (where the male leads) of sexual movement builds
arousal that partners let develop and peak naturally.[3]
The woman on top variant is known as the reverse coital
alignment technique.[4]

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History and geography of studies

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an overview of studies. J Sex Marital Ther. Jul-Sep
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The technique for coital alignment was rst dened by

American psychotherapist Edward Eichel,[3] and the original study was published by Eichel, De Simone Eichel,
and Kule in 1988 in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. Since then, the topic has been studied several times
in the same journal. A 1992 report by Kaplan and her
sex therapist trainees described the teams cursory trial of
the C.A.T., acknowledging that they may have resorted to
old routines after only a few attempts out of fear of disappointing their partners. Their call for other sex therapists

Paul Wolf on Eichel and CAT:


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