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22419 Coral Chase Court

Roger Pollard

Katy, TX 77494

Experienced developer (20+ years) with a broad background in Microsoft technologies,
Internet standards and design, and business technology requirements gathering. Specialties
include Microsoft.Net technologies (C# and ASP.Net), Back-end and SQL coding, designing
ASP.Net front-ends for database driven websites, design of proper templates and standards
for new and existing sites, optimizing page loads and cross-browser compatibility, web site
design and architecture for navigation optimization and meeting business needs with quick
and efficient solutions. I work well in team and solo environments, and ramp up quickly to
new technology.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages/Development Tools: C#; ASP.NET; JQuery; JSON; AJAX; Entity

Framework; LINQ; VisualStudio.NET 2013 - 2003; Team Foundation Server (TFS); GIT; JIRA;
IronSpeed Designer; MS.Net 1.1 - 4.5; ClickOnce WinForms; ADO.NET; ReSharper; Classic ASP;
VBScript; JavaScript; Red Gate; Infragistics; XML; CSS; HTML; IIS; RightAngle API;

Databases: SQL Server 2012 - 2000; Access;

Certifications: Microsoft Certified Professional

OpenLink Financial, Inc.
Sr. Technical Consultant March, 2013 2016

Developed customizations using the RightAngle API using C# and SQL Server queries, stored
procedures functions and triggers.

Created WCF web service to allow third-party applications to query RightAngle for price quotes
without having to give them access to RightAngle itself.

Helped create a custom Endur application using WPF to allow clients to create pricing formulas for
use in deals.

Modified existing Ruby on Rails website using JQuery to allow client airline to manage fuel tickets and
associated inventory.

Analyzed SQL Server 2008 database to find missing indexes that decreased application runtime 55%.

Met with various clients to determine requirements for custom application solutions.

Performed weekly code reviews to ensure the Custom Solutions Team was meeting code standards
set forth by the Team Manager.

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22419 Coral Chase Court

Roger Pollard

Katy, TX 77494

Created SQL Server coding standards for use by Custom Solutions Team to make maintenance and
future code changes easier to implement and understand.

Created walk through of using Entity Framework instead of the custom object mapping system
currently in use, and also to enable us to hide SQL from the customer so the code is harder to share
with third-parties.

Trained new developers on use of Team Foundation Server.

Energy Transfer Corporation (Contracted through Extreme Technologies, Inc.)

Sr. Technical Developer April, 2008 January, 2013

Responsible for design and maintenance of web sites, web services and WinForm applications in
ASP.NET, C#, VB.Net and classic ASP.

Created Android App to allow scanning and updating information in warehouse.

Created multiple Windows Services to download and/or upload data to various third-party partners, as
well as transfer data from various data sources into the Operations domain.

Built multiple websites using IronSpeed Designer.

Created stored procedures, functions, scripts and tables for SQL Server 2005 to be used by

Refactored existing code to streamline and optimize processing time on applications. All new coding
done in C#, .Net 3.5/4.0, and MVC.

Deployed applications from Development to QA and Production servers. Performed various Business
Analyst duties involved with determining business users requirements and desires. Prototyped
applications for business owners approval. Contracted through Extreme Technologies, Inc.

Boardwalk Pipelines (Contracted through Comsys Services, LLC)

Sr. Developer August, 2007 April, 2008

Responsible for maintenance and design of ASP.Net web site, business objects and T-SQL code.
Developed in .Net 1.1 using Visual Studio 2003, SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 client tools.

Maintained reports in Crystal Reports.

Used SQL Server Management Studio Express for administration of SQL 2000 databases.

Responsible for updating documentation, reporting on status updates and reviewing code from other

Chemical Market Associates, Inc. (Independent Consultant)

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22419 Coral Chase Court

Roger Pollard

Katy, TX 77494

Lead Developer January, 2005 August, 2007

Responsible for designing, developing and implementing new web ( site using
ASP.Net, VB.Net, Adobe Illustrator, SVG, Photoshop, RedGate, SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server
2000 Reporting Services.

Developed ClickOnce VB.Net applications to backup database changes to local database from offsite database.

Created business objects, web services, stored procedures, DTS packages and custom images for
web formatting.

Created VB.Net Global Business Object to allow developers to send email, access databases (DAL),
access LDAP (authenticate and modify users and groups), and log errors.

Designed database tables and DTS packages to transfer data from Access to SQL Server.

Met with VPs to gather requirements and feedback. Maintained daily status reporting for team of
three developers for management updates. Deployed updated code, including T-SQL, from
Development to Test and Production environments on weekly schedule.

Landata / Stewart Title (Contracted through JobIT)

Internal Web Developer June, 2004 January, 2005

Responsible for designing and maintaining VB.Net web sites, web services and VB.Net client-server

Developed databases and stored procedures to store and query data used by various applications.

Responsible for assisting project manager in maintaining project tasks to keep them on track and on
time. Participated in weekly code review meetings to evaluate team coding standards and direction.
Met regularly with clients (both internal and external) to prototype application and meet customers

Recognized as Contractor of the Year.

Omnicell Pharmacy Central (Independent Contractor)

Developer June, 2003 June, 2004

Responsible for creating VB.Net application to create SQL Server databases on new client
installations, including tables, data, stored procedures, triggers and relationships.

Developed VB.Net programs to test TCP/IP communications of Korean hardware.

Developed ASP.Net application to run hardware as part of greater drug dispensing unit.

Participated in promoting new hardware at trade shows.

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22419 Coral Chase Court

Roger Pollard

Katy, TX 77494

Active Power (Independent Contractor)

Developer May, 2003 - June, 2003

Responsible for maintaining Intranet and Internet web sites, including development of new pages,
optimizing existing pages and troubleshooting problems in day-to-day activity.

Maintained SQL Server database and tables, backup of site pages and data, and meeting with users
to determine if their requests could be carried out.

Entergy Solutions Supply LTD. (Independent Contractor)

Developer October, 2002 - May, 2003

Member of seven person team that developed ASP.NET UI for Deal Management System. Used
Visual Studio.NET to develop ASP pages, VB code behind pages and VB assemblies to allow inserts,
updates and deletions to data stored in Oracle 8i database.

ADO.NET used for the data access layer.

Project met all deadlines, and delivered greater usability than was originally requested.

Baker Oil Tools (Independent Contractor)

Developer February, 2002 October, 2002

Designed, developed and prototyped ASP UI for Documentum.

Developed COM objects to handle data acquisition, security and all Documentum related processes.

Designed graphics, CSS and templates for web site. Developed multiple ASP UIs for database
access to record user feedback and issue resolution.

Responsible for prioritizing project duties and meeting with other team representatives to meet

Compaq (Contractor)
Developer February, 2001 February, 2002

Created Visual Basic tools to monitor log files, LDAP service status and various alert scenarios.

Designed, developed, implemented and tested Intranet sites for Compaq Computers using
Microsoft .NET framework (Beta 1 and 2). Presented findings to Compaq management.

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22419 Coral Chase Court

Roger Pollard

Katy, TX 77494

Developed ASP.NET front-ends as well as web services and VB assemblies for data access using
ADO.NET, SQL Server tables, queries, stored procedures, triggers and views to provide faster page
display, shopping carts, check out scripts and improved data display.

Accenture (Independent Contractor)

Developer February, March, 2000 February, 2001

Developed numerous Intranet sites specialized to meet a corporations needs, both in terms of
technical and informational issues.

Specialized in developing ASP-based websites providing public access to database-driven web sites
allowing for dynamic sites viewable by all browser types.

Met with clients to determine needs and solutions to specific web site requirements and VB tools.

Made numerous presentations to management and developed class materials for training of newly
hired developers.

Consultant, October, 1998 - March, 2000
Senior Consultant
Designed, developed, prototyped and deployed ASP and .Net applications.

Met with clients and consultant teams regularly to discuss project goals and deadlines, and to re-align
team strategies to meet overall project timeline.

Created Oracle stored procedures (packages) and package parameters.

Senior Consultant, January, 1998 - October, 1998
Responsibilities included requirements gathering, interface design, system implementation
and testing.

Developed VB5 and Trilogy applications using Oracle databases.

Created internal web application for submitting timesheets and expense reports using Visual InterDev
and Active Server Pages. New process allowed employees to save hours per week due to improved

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22419 Coral Chase Court

Roger Pollard

Katy, TX 77494

Compaq Computers
Internet Developer (contracted through Momentum Information Technologies),
September, 1997 January, 1998

Designed, implemented and prototyped DynamiCube HTML and Active Server Pages reports to
present Oracle 7.3.3 data in graphical format. All development was done using Visual InterDev, ASP
and SQL Plus 2.3.3.

Created customized Oracle aggregate tables, views and queries.

Developed VB and DynamiCube templates and documentation to aid in the training of new

Andersen Consulting
Consultant, Technology Solutions Delivery, May, 1996 - September, 1997

Georgia Pacific - Implemented EDI scripts for national forestry-products company converting to SAPcompatible EDI system.

Southern Company - Designed and developed Intranet to facilitate support personnel, and database
development and maintenance. ASP interface allowed data entry and solution follow up to be
accessed through company Intranet. Project documentation included PowerPoint presentations that
were converted to HTML based web sites.

UPS - Identified and resolved errors in VB and Visual C++ code written during development of
international package tracking application for worldwide shipping client.

Webmaster for firm Internet server with 200+ dial-up users and numerous web page hosting services.

Windham Brannon, P.C.

Staff Accountant, March, 1995 - May, 1996

Prepared audit work papers, schedules, financial statements, and state and federal tax returns for
individuals and corporations.

Served on software requisition and evaluation committee tasked with the planning and
implementation of conversion to Windows 95 for 50+ member staff.

Maxi Krisp/Laarhoven Design, Inc.

Assistant Controller/LAN Administrator, September, 1992 - March, 1995

Full bookkeeping duties including A/P, G/L, sales reports, bank reconciliations, audits of off-site
locations, ADP payroll processing and inter-company transactions.

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22419 Coral Chase Court

Roger Pollard

Katy, TX 77494

Maintained and prepared financial statements, including Statements of Cash Flow, Statements of
Income, and Balance Sheet.

Maintained 50+ node Macintosh Network (Ethernet) and related hardware and software. Responsible
for all systems related purchases.

BBA, Accounting, Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA

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