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I acknowledge the inspiration of the Holy Spirit the great teacher and the gift of the
spirit in my spiritual fathers Bishop David O. Oyedepo, and Bishop David O. Abioye
and in no small measure the grace of impactation of the word contacted from (Pst)
Matthew Ashimolowo in the course of service in the kingdom a rare encounter of
visitation in one of his visit to Kaduna.

(Hebrews 11:32-40, 2corinthians 10:3-6)
A weapon is a tool or instrument used to engage in warfare.
Warfare is not funfair.
Testimony- is any act of God that happens through Gods supernatural intervention
in the affairs of life or situation of a man.
- It is divine intervention in the affairs of men.
- The doing of the Lord that has no human effort.
- A declaration of Gods faithfulness.

When it is unexplainable within human comprehension or understanding, men
may doubt it, but its proof is undoubted.
When every human effort fails the testifier and God steps into the matter
resulting into a miracle, amazement and a wonder.
When the doing points to God and God alone as the doer.
In genuine testimony no man shares in the glory, even in medical related
issues the doctor will always declare this must be the act of God.
When the declarant or testifier lacks personal word to express how it
happens, rather gives the glory to God and God alone.
When an evil act or occurrence is turned to good by supernatural intervention
that has a divine origin thereby transforming, reforming, and redeeming the life,
property or situation of the victor.
When a victim turns to a victor and a captive turned to a captain, a loser
turned to a winner, a dying soul, business, career or situation regains life when every
hope is lost humanly.
When divinity takes over from humanity, when all human efforts fail man.

(Matthew 8:4)
No one is ever forced to share testimony the individual, count it worthy to
return all the glory back to God (Mark 1:42-44).
A recount of Gods faithfulness that has a replicating ability for others and a
multiplying effect in performance in the life of others in similar situation or related
circumstance or a faith ginger for a downcast in a different scenario.
Some people do lay claim to been ashamed of sharing testimony, but there are
other avenues of sharing testimony to
Family members
Congregation of the saints in writing or other means.
At small fellowship gathering
To another person in similar condition
As an encouragement to a victim experiencing attack as a way of boosting
their faith.
The case of the Ten (10) lepers that were healed by Jesus, only one returned
to give thanks and he was made whole, which signifies that the other nine are likely
to have a relapse of their initial condition (Luke 17:17-19).
The testimony of the life of many saints including Gods servant is living like a
living stone all day with no weather or climate having any adverse effect and working
365days without breaking down, when you are into the service of God, you are
serviced daily for the renewal of strength. No wonder the scripture explicitly stated
those who do know their God, shall be strong and do exploit. (Daniel 11:32)

(Luke 17:11-19)
Testimony made whole, it makes for perfection and total cleansing of the
declarant or testifier.
It has the ability to replicate itself in the life of another listener going through a
similar situation or one that is downcast.
It energizes a dying faith; it empowers a weak faith and charges a faithless
victim at zero faith level to a level that connects with divine ability for performance.
Testimony confirms the efficacy of prayer prophesies and word of knowledge,
prayed, prophesied and declared by Gods anointed or oracle of God.
An unshared testimony has the tendency of depreciating or relapsing the
situation or condition of the beneficiary.
It is an act of ungratefulness not to share real and authentic testimonies; it is
like hiding the doings of God or lack of appreciation of same.
Testimony not shared is victory denied, anytime a beneficiary refuses to share
testimony, is a denial of victory.
The case of the Ten (10) lepers that were healed by Jesus, only one returned
to give thanks and he was made whole, which signifies that the other nine are likely
to have a relapse of their initial condition (Luke 17:17-19).

The infallibility and proof of testimony as indefatigable act of God to rescue,
and redeem man from the hand of the wicked, wickedness in high places and work
of darkness that only the light of the word and other spiritual ordinances are
permitted to force to submit and bow out of the life of the victim, captor for the total
freedom and liberty of the testifier or declarant.
It is a good tiding and proof of the efficacy of prayer, fasting and word of
knowledge. There is no place to know how sweet heaven is than on earth but sad
enough, a lot are going through hell even on earth, when God from the scripture has
redeemed us from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13).
By heavens provision the proof of true Christianity is in the display of Gods
power in the life of a believer, Gods lavish favour seen in display in every area of the
life of an individual, total rest roundabout by Gods provision and favour and total
health package in the wellness of being (Galatians 6:17).
The testimony of the life of many saints including Gods servant is living like a
living stone all day with no weather or climate having any adverse effect and working
365days without breaking down, when you are into the service of God, you are
serviced daily for the renewal of strength. No wonder the scripture explicitly stated
those who do know their God, shall be strong and do exploit. (Daniel 11:32)
What is the infallibility and proof of testimony once a blind man who regains
his sight, a mad fellow that regains his sanity, once poor and a pauper now
flourishing in millions and or billions with employee in his/her employment, a nobody
regaining status by grace to become somebody to recon with, a voiceless receiving
voice by Gods divine restoration, a lame walking again, a deaf and dumb, now
hearing with the ear without an aid and speaking with clarity of speech.

God is not an author of confusion (1corinthians 14:33) the devil and his
agents are the author of evil and confusion in the life of an individual.
Victory is overcoming or triumphing over what should have resulted in failure,
lost, sickness, death, reproach, shame and every negative occurrences in the life of
a person or people (1corinthians 15:57).
The first testimony recorded for restoration of man back to God after the fall of
man in the Garden of Eden was the birth of the saviour of the whole world in the
person of JESUS Christ the Lord that reconnected and reconciled man back to God
Testimony of restoration, atonement and reconciliation of man back to his creator
subjecting himself to be humiliated in the flesh in the form of man, for the sake of
humanity, divinity had to intervene to bring an end to the sorrow of sweat and labour
on earth that will not yield any fruit because it was cursed at the fall of man (Genesis
3:17-19, Matthew 1:21).
He died on the cross of Calvary and rose on the third day, thereby taking all
the sickness, infirmities of humanity he was nailed to the cross, by His stripes we
were healed, and the chastisement of Jesus is the reason for the comfort we are
enjoying today and the reason why our blood is not permitted to be shed nor our
bones broken by any agent of wickedness.
The believers surest assurance for escape from evil and wickedness is the
blood of Jesus the last card for deliverance and total protection from evil, and all its
ramification and form.
Every born again child of God is not to suffer again, but to enjoy grace for
sweat less, pressure free, and trouble free life style, a life of sweet, pleasure and
liberty in Christ. (2corinthians 2:14)

You cannot give what you dont have, the Holy scripture from Genesis to
Revelation is testimony-full, we were told in Genesis 1:1-2 (by revelation and word of
knowledge that the whole world called the Earth was created by God, but it was void
without form, the testimony in verse3 and God said let there be light for every
uncomeliness, void, emptiness and formlessness is only permitted as much as the
individual closes his/her mouth from speaking what was written or what is the
scripture saying concerning that situation.
If God will not keep quiet, but speak let there be it is a dangerous thing for
anyone to think quietness is the face of adversity is a virtue bold declaration and
confession of what is written is the trigger for signs and wonders call testimony.
A close mouth is a close destiny according to Gods servant our father in the
Lord Bishop Oyedepo. You are only permitted to remain at the level of your believe,
and confession particularly having fulfilled all righteousness of being Born Again,
committed to Gods kingdom in service and devotion, worshipping in truth and the
fear of the Lord.

Obtaining good report which is testimony is one thing and sustaining it is
another thing, many people like the nine out of the ten lepers who went their way as
soon as they received their miracle of being healed of leprosy never returned to
appreciate and show gratitude to the healer for perfection and wholeness.
The one leper that returned received confirmation of wholeness and
perfection he was told go your faith had made thee whole most times the crowd
rush in to receive, but few remain behind or returned to thank God for the
receivement, until you know how to appreciate, you depreciate, it is only the thankful
that is permitted to enjoy the fullness of God.
God cannot be mocked, what a man soweth, that he shall reap, give and it
shall be given to you, so give thanks, give praise, give your acceptable offering in
sacrifice, worship the doer for his faithfulness, for we are not achievers but receivers,
then appreciate the source and doer by returning all the glory to the king of kings, the
lord of lords, the great leader, provider, sustainer, deliverer and our all in all, the I am
that I am; the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.
Lest anyone takes the doings of the Lord for granted, anyone that takes God
for granted is grounded.
You are only permitted to remain at the top, for as much as you can keep
thanking him, appreciating his faithfulness and His doing in your life, endeavor,
career, ministry and family, for it is written I shall be the Head and not the tail, above
only and not beneath Deut 28:13) by the instrumentality of testimony that is
enveloped in sincere appreciation of the doer and His doings and who has despised
the days of little beginnings Zech 4:10a ) you dont become Big overnight you must
start small and with appreciation you appreciate and grow like the cedar of Lebanon,
because praise, and thanksgiving is like water to the plant or seed, may our
testimony remain forever fertilizer and water.
You are not permitted to enjoy the next testimony until you appreciate him for
the present, your next level is a product of the appreciation of your present level,
which is your conscious and deliberate taking step of faith and believing God.
If you want to see Good, say Good if you want to live, speak life not death, if
you dont want to lack speak prosperity think prosperity if you, want to enjoy wellness
and Good health, dont speak sickness nor accommodate the thought of it, you may
feel it, but dont allow it to subdue your consciousness of positive thought in all
situation and circumstances.

Wicked forces , wickedness is seal but victory, deliverance is more seal, it is the will
of the Father to see all the joint heirs living above only, for he that is from above all.
The Name of Jesus is the only name in heaven and on Earth that is honored
above every other name, the demon bow at the mention of the name of Jesus,
deliverance is wrought, Victory is assured and needs are met by the instrumentality
of the name JESUS. The dead are raised and healings take place at the instance of
the name of JESUS.
Victory over wicked forces and wickedness is a proof of Gods faithfulness in
the affairs of men, testimony is then act of God in the form of deliverance, victory,
healing, divine provision and supply, debt cancellation, unusual supernatural
promotion, divine enthronement and placement, blessing of the fruit of the womb to a
supposed barren, destruction of yoke of poverty, delayed marriage e.t.c
We are in a world of signs and wonders, where anything can happen, there is
nothing that is impossible to the one that believes, faith is all it takes to take delivery
of your possession, captive turned Captains, victims turned Victors, a sheep boy
turned a king and prime minister and an interpreter turned a leader in a strange land
, the lame receiving strength to walk, the blind receiving their sight, the deaf and
dumb receiving a release of the tongue to speak again, we serve a God that does
strange amazing wonders to turn Gods people to be a wonder to their world. You are
the next online to share your testimony that will turn you to a wonder in your world.

The process of testimony starts with the problem, the false being addressed,
the victim, the captor or the one afflicted and divine intervention: God himself
stepping into the affairs of men to bring joy unspeakable, cry of joy, rejoicing,
celebration, thanksgiving and praise for the doing of the Lord.
In testimony shame and reproach replaced with fame and grace, the mercy of
God is at work, divinity steps into the affairs of humanity to bring comeliness to
replace ugliness, comfort in the place of discomfort and displeasure, pressure is
replaced with pleasure, sweat with sweet and labour with favour, failure with
success, lack and want with plenty and abundance, sickness with total health, death
with life, these are the acts of God, which only God alone can do.
God in his wisdom made provision for escape from every affliction of life,
attack on the destiny of man, victory over sickness and diseases, provisions and
supply for every need and want, sustenance for everyone to keep life and destiny
protected, healing everyone desirous of same as it is written in His word.
It is only the obedient that is permitted to eat the good in the Land. Until our
obedience is complete we cannot judge any act of disobedience, obedience is said
to be better than sacrifice, whatever we think or have to sacrifice our obedience must
be total or not at all, there is no medium, average, half or quarter obedience it is
either full, total or not at all.
Testimony is an assurance that God is still working signs and wonders, he
has never fail to and will never stop doing signs and wonders, the beauty of every life
is signs and wonders personified, as a personal identity believers are known to
experience and are agent of signs and wonders.
A life devoid of signs and wonders lack testimony, the test of every believers
faith result into testimony, the devil does not give testimony but shame and reproach.
God is not an author of confusion, that is why the mysteries of the Blood of
Sprinkling, Anointing oil, Mantle, feet washing are the instruments put in the hand of
every believer to fight the raging war of the devil and to counter every force, God is
mindful of every child of His and will never allow the obedient to suffer in the hand of
the devil and his cohort, Job is a typical example when it seems as if all is gone, God
blessed Job and his later end was better than the former, Daniel, Shedrack,
Meshack and Abednego escaped the burning fire, Daniel escaped being devoured
by the lions in the den of Nebuchadnezzar, the king, Joseph the dreamer became
Prime Minister in a stangeland even after been imprisoned for remaining just, Daniel
also became the vice president after a thorough retirement and brandoshment of fire.

Our father in the Lord gave the testimony of how he was totally delivered from
strange ailment of tuberculosis for life and Mama Faith Oyedepos life transforming
testimony of delivery from the fangs of death many have contacted their healings
and deliverance by reading and ministering to their condition the mysteries as
revealed in the book.
The trial of our faith results into testimony, it is the booster of the hope of the
downcast and the depressed, the evidence and assurance of Gods amazing grace
at work and manifold manifestation of Gods power to the saints and new entrants
into the faith (the born again) redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

ISAIAH 34:16-17
The answer to every issue of life is in the book, that is why there is no
affliction, problem or issue that the book cannot address, locate the area that
concerns you for the creator is the only one that can replace or repair whatever is
wrong in the creature the bible is the manual for our living, out of it are the issues of
Search the book of the lord and read, not one of these shall fail, not one shall
lack her mate, for the mouth of the lord has commanded it, and his spirit has
gathered them, he also has cast the lot for them, and his hand has divided it among
them with a measuring line, they shall possess it forever, from generation to
generation they shall dwell in it.
Every testimony shared is an answer to a prayer, until we see it as such, we
are likely to be ungrateful or negligent of the fact, that no one sayeth a thing and it
cometh to pass, unless as commanded.
Isaiah 35:3-4 strengthen the weak hands, and make firm the feeble knees,
say to those who are fearful-hearted, be strong, do not fear, behold your God will
come with vengeance, with the recompense of God, he will come and save you.