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April 10, 2016

A True Story of a Carpenter

Often, whenever we are asked how certain things under circumstances should be, we just
shrugged it off and continue doing whatever we're doing and wish it should be over as soon as
Similarly, this retiring carpenter wished his project will end as soon as possible bearing in
mind that this will be his last. Because though he was diligent and hardworking in his early
years, he did not give his heart while working the last building he was tasked to build.
This particular short story made me think of how life and living life should be. That we
should seize every hour of our lives because we can never expect when will this end. That we
should all excel and become successful. That we must put our hearts wholly to the very core
whatever may it be and bear in mind that this is a worthy goal. Because above all, how we
choose to build our lives makes all the difference.
You should always begin with an end in mind, as what Stephen Covey once said. Thus,
always give your best on what shall you do in everyday and in every way. When you put your
heart into doing something with love, you do it well. To build the life and career you want, you
must first have a vision, first visualize then crystallize. A vision that will be your guiding image
and blueprint of your success formed in terms of how you want to live your life. It reveals what
are those things you really want and drives you to make smarter life decisions. We should make
our daily tasks as if that was the last time. We have to believe that we have the power to direct
and create the kind of life we desire. When planning of who you want to be, you should have a
clear picture of it. Make your passion your profession because if you love your job and what you
are doing, you wont work your entire life.
Dream lofty dreams, as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of
what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil-James
Allen. I agree that Life is a Do-It Yourself project. As such what William Henley once said, I am
the master of my fate. The captain of my soul. It is all about persons mind set. If you really
want to live a certain kind of life, you have to be proactive to do have so. The life God gave us
was a gift, how we appreciate and use it is entirely up to us.
What is done is done. We should be smart in our life decisions because once we made it,
it can never be change. As what the true story of a carpenter said, Build wisely! Build with
commitment, pride, joy, and love.