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Swedish city that is known as the Venice of the North Stockholm


Famous director accompanied by a quote about him Ingmar Bergman


Swedish chemist who coined the term polymer JJ Berzelius


Norse God that provided the rune characters to humanity Odin


First female golfer to participate in a PGA event since 1945 Annika Sorenstam


Nickname of the famed Swedish Ice Hockey team The Three Kronors(Crowns)


Main item served at Kraftskiva held in August Crayfish


The Lady is based on which Nobel Peace Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi


Swedish company that started in Trollhattan in 1937 and is majorly into aerospace and
automobiles SAAB


Nigerian born dentist who sang Hello Africa which sold a million copies Dr. Alban

11. Antibiotic discovered by SA Waksman for the cure of tuberculosis Streptomycin

12. Connection between Harbhajan Singh and Swedish inventor Sven Wingquist Ball
13. Swedish model who was in prominence from 2004-08 Elin Nordegren
14. Company named after the latin word for I Roll and into ball bearings


15. Specific water body in which Oresund and two other islands are situated
16. Term for the official who is charged with representing the interests of the public by
investigating and addressing complaints of maladministration or a violation of rights

17. Scientist who received the Nobel prize for his work on fission of Heavy Nuclei
18. Amartya Sens first name means immortal.Who named him such?



19. Element discovered by Madame Curie, other than radium Polonium

20. Eminent Swede who made an expedition in 1736 to verify Newtons theory that the
world is flat Anders Celsius
21. Identify

Astrid Lingdren
22. Identify the entrepreneur
Niklas Zennstrom
23. Identify the statesman

Olof Palme
24. Identify the actor
Stellan Skarsgard

25. Identify the band


Teams had to solve anagrams of a mixed bag of eminent Swedes and Nobel laureates which
included R Millikan, Erwin Schrodinger, Selma Lagerloff and Galsworthy.

2. Pictorial round:

Astrid Lindgren (Kinda surprising how she featured twice in the same quiz :P)

Gavle goat (Like an idiot, I confused this with the Dala horse :/ )

John Bardeen

Lasse Hallstrom

Ingrid Bergman with her father,Justus

Gustaf Dalen

Which international organisation was started by a British lawyer named Peter Beneson?
Amnesty International
Swedish Inventor Alexander Samuelson designed which iconic product?
The Coca Cola Bottle
Some details about an incident in a famous epic
Who were the first man and woman according to Norse mythology?
Ask and Embla
Oldest Nobel Laureate in literature at the age of 88
Doris Lessing
Clipping of Il Postino based on the work by Pablo Neruda
Audio of Ernest Hemingway speaking
Game of Chess with death scene from The Seventh Seal featuring Max Von Sydow
Video featuring Icona Pop

Video named Love based on Anna Karenina

Trailer of the movie Easy Money
Which colourless (BUZZ)
[ Will have to mention this: 2 years ago, in the very same quiz Parantap and Raj from IITB had
messed up on a question which talked about a colourless liquid being invented and had answered
mercury.Their experience counted as they got this one with just 2 words spoken]
Ake Senning (BUZZ)
Doctor who implanted the first pacemaker built by Rune Elmqvist
Swedish game created by which studio
Adnan Raza (BUZZ)
Captain of the Swedish National cricket team
2nd youngest person to win a Nobel Prize at a certain point of time (accompanied by a few more
details that I missed out)
Sample Questions :
1) Anita and Arabella were 2 animals taken into space. For what purpose were they
taken ?
2) Who is the only Wimbledon winner who was also engaged to a Wimbledon
winner, but instead married a Playboy model ?
3) Mosammat Taslima Begum collected the Nobel Prize on the behalf of which Nobel
Prize Winner ?
4 ) Which Indian Cricket Captain was born in Godhra ?
Answers :
1) These were spiders. They were taken to see whether spiders can spin a web in
zero gravity.
2) Jimmy Connors
3) Grameen Bank [ Mohammad Yunus collected his half of the prize while the
Begum collected it on behalf of Grameen Bank ]
4) Nari Contractor.

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