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Boston Adventures

by Scott Schletz

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Boston Adventures

A Runners Guide To Boston

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1. A Runners Guide To Boston . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-15

History Abounds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-4
PAST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
PRESENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Boston Public Transportation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
Boston Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Boston Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
A View From The Ground Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9-15
2. D-WAG Knickers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-33
SCENARIO 1: Here Comes The Boom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-19
SCENARIO 2: Hit It From The Back . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-24
SCENARIO 3: Fire At Will! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25-33
3. Supply And Demand . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34-53
SCENARIO 1: More Work . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34-37
SCENARIO 2: Arms For The Poor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 38-41
SCENARIO 3: Feed My Starving Children . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 42-45
SCENARIO 4: Medical Necessity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46-53
4. Characters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54-61
Mercenary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 54-55
Sha-Mercenary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 56-57
Rigger . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 58-59
Bio-Samurai . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60-61

By Southie


So they asked me if Id give a little history on Boston, and I politely reminded them of my opinions on history
from the Damon file. They said that is exactly why they asked me. No long winded babble on settlers and city
expansion, just some highlights, and then on to the nitty gritty of day to day Boston life. So here goes, pals. Oh, wait
one quick thing first to any of those who wonder why Im not inside the QZ. Work. But I have lots of friends inside
so Im just as anxious as all of you to know whats up and what I can do.

Boston is one of the oldest cities on the eastern seaboard. Been around since the 1600s. Fast forward 400
hundred years or so. (Told ya Id be brief.) Every city needs a niche to be built on, and when that niche goes away, ya
wait for ya next niche and hope tourism keeps ya afloat until it pops up. Boston was built as a harbor and a fishing
town, got some kudos for early American politics, and then pretty much relied on tourism until the late 1900s, when
nobody cared that Boston was pretty much one giant historical landmark. Thats when tourism started to fade, the
pleasant folk stopped coming, and the slums looked awful similar to downtown Boston.

Then came the quake. It shook New York and must have woken Boston from its nap since the city jumped at
a chance to host the East Coast Stock Exchange (ECSE, I only give the long name once). The stock moguls came to
town and the city of Boston started sweeping all the dirt out (where it settled in Roxbury!). Money started flowing
in again and Boston was once again on the map. Like many modern cities they started absorbing all the smaller
cities, towns, and neighborhoods around them and you managed to get yourself the Northeastern Metroplex Axis
(NEMA). Boston alone absorbed almost everything inside the I-95 loop on the south and up to around Malden north
of the Hub. A few spots stayed independent, like them smartfrag Cambridge snobs, and a lot of the neighborhood
folks still refuse to call themselves Bostonians or NEMAns (like this Southie tusker), but its all still part of the Axis and

>>> History Abounds

A Runners Guide To Boston

So the city grows, draws in megatons of money and power and becomes a primary target for Winternight
when they went all Ragnorok on the world in 64. A Matrix nightmare at the ECSE for Novatechs IPO, I actually
dont know that that means, that spread around the world, followed by an EMP to thrash the citys power grid and
electronic infrastructure, pretty much knocked the Nub down to the level of the Rox.

We all know we made it through, but Boston has not been the same since. The ECSE up and moved back to
New York, farcin MDC and their rebuilding efforts, but we still had a lot of companies working out of Boston. And
those companies had wrangled firm control of Beantown and with the new Matrix so easy to use and get around in,
there was no reason for most of the moneymen to even move. We kept our corporate overseers and just moved on.

Since, the city has recovered from Winternights attacks and kept a lid on the old ECSE to keep whatever
trouble might still be lurking there under wraps. I ask myself all the time why they didnt just wipe everything but
you know me, silly tusker thinks he knows better than the megacorps. Bit them in the ass, didnt it. And that pretty
much gets us to today.


As for the more modern history, Boston was one of the first cities to get the new Grid system thanks to
NeoNET and MCT. In a rare spurt of intermegacorporate cooperation (though it has been eerily common with this
latest update of the Matrix) they developed and implemented the new system in April of 75. Outside of the test
cities like Bogot, Boston was the first city to go totally new Grid. Others may have been up first, but Boston was
the first to go all the way. Im not sure what that means for folks on the inside now but I know it meant a few pretty
amazing months where I wasnt getting my link hacked by every MIT&T freshman looking to walk on the wild side.
I know there are some pretty wiz new decks out there that can shred my poor link in a blink but its not like before.

Having this new Grid meant less hackerfests, more B&E gigs, and a drastic uptick in operations against
NeoNET and MCT here in Boston looking for base code to use in those new decks. I know thats not mundane
everyday but it came to mind and you all should know what the runners scene looked like before the quarantine.
It helps when you think of the potential resources and allies you might find on the inside. The skillsets are there for
some interesting ops. On the same note the number of new deckers in town was also higher than you might find
elsewhere. These codewizards arent the script-kiddies of the hacker generation, they are skilled pros. Hah, that
slang makes me almost sound like I have a clue. I dont, but thats why I respect my tech guys.

The everyday in Boston is pretty simple. The Downtown population swells with commuters, most from the
greater metro area but some from as far away as New York and Maine, during the day. That was the case on the day
of the cordon and eventual quarantine so Bostons population density is way above normal. Downtown is busy and
buzzing all day and usually into the late night every day but even more so on weekends and game days. Usually by
around 1800 hours the population has gone back down but its still above the local census until at least 2200. The T
is a 24/7 operation so people are always able to catch a train out or into town. Speaking of the T, that can be next.

Boston Public Transportation

A key point in Bostons history and evolution has been moving things in, out, and through the city. Boston
had a great public transit system on both a local and regional level. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
(MBTA), T to locals, can get you pretty much anywhere in the Metroplex you need to go in relative safety. The
only major exception to that, and it is major, is the Rox, no one is safe there. The T operates all the major rail
lines, subways, and bus transportation in the city and surrounding area. This means they coordinate everything to
operate with maximum efficiency. Im not saying this because of all the stock I own in MBTA, which I really dont, or
because I like braggin on Boston, Im saying it because someone got it right and made sure to set up schedules that
made for smooth travel pretty much anywhere youre going.

The T operates the high-speed rails that ran commuters to Boston from down in Rhode Island and up to
southern Maine, therere even New York and Bangor runs but the the high-speeds still take almost two hours. Easier
to get there on the Grid. The trains rock along at over 240 kph so no old cowboy movie plays here without a nice
copter and thats batshit crazy, even to a Southie.

Sticking to the topic of trains we can discuss the subways. All routes lead to the Hub. Outstations for the
different lines are all over the Boston plex. Most of them are still inside the QZ but a few of the stops are outside.
From what Ive heard those are locked down tight.

Before the QZ, the trains ran smooth and round the clock, had solid security, contracted through Minuteman,
and made life pretty easy for any Bostonian commuters or tourists. Stations are also well-guarded around the clock
but security is a little lax in the tunnels. Ive had Johnsons hold meets in some of the little alcoves off the main line
and some of the best access points for the Catacombs, more on those in my View From the Ground Up section, are
located off old subway tunnels. At one point in history, not sure when, some of the subway rails were above ground.
Dont ask me, I dont get it either. But now, the majority of the rail lines run below ground and have all sorts of little
substations and pull off tunnels to play in.

>>> Boston Public Transportation

A Runners Guide To Boston


Boston Sports

An often overlooked but often utilized part of Bostons public transportation system are the ferries. They run
out of and across the harbor, even up the rivers a little ways. Major routes run down to Quincy, up to Nahant and
Marblehead, and over to most of the islands in the harbor. They have three types, vehicle ferries, people ferries, and
high-speed ferries. The vehicle ferries are like long barges with a small passenger area, loaded using the GridGuide
system to maximize efficiency and and over to HarborGuide once filled. People ferries are usually triple decker, can
fit about 1,500 people, and are run by HarborGuide. The high speed ferries run to Manhattan (3.5 hours), Cape Cod
(45 minutes), Portland (1.5 hours), Saint John (4 hours), Yarmouth (3 hours), and Halifax (4.5 hours) with passenger
births ranging from 1250 on the longer runs to 1500 on the shorter routes. These craft arent built for luxury but they
provide a nice long ride where long meetings can be held in one of several private rooms on either type of craft.

The last, and probably biggest, part of the T in Boston is the busses. Running off the most updated GridGuide
system in the world (some good things come from getting EMPd), the bus fleet for the MBTA is 99% automated but
every bus still has a driver to provide a metahuman backup and friendly face (ha) for the riders. The 1% that are not
automated operate routes that go through rough neighborhoods and the driver really only drives the bus when its
in areas where the GridGuide cant seem to stay functional. Busses are a cheap and easy way to get around Boston.
They are also the main way that everyone in Boston gets to my next topic, Sports.

The people of Boston are serious about their sports and
have been since the first year of the 20th century when the Red Sox
played their first game. Sports are a part of the everyday in Boston
year round. Whether its celebrating the latest win, lamenting the
latest loss, or speculation on next season, anywhere, anytime, you
can make a friend in Boston by talking sports, specifically, Boston
sports. No one cares about the other teams unless its talking about
how the Yankees suck. Saying the same of any Boston team, even if
they do, will get you into a brawl.

I wont run down how the teams are doing but I will point
out that the Red Sox have had issues since the team was lost in a
plane crash. The Celtics and Bruins have had to find alternate
stadiums to play in since the Garden is inside the quarantine and
have had some issues with players that are inside the quarantine,
including the Celtics star center, Chay D. Hart. The Bruins lost only
two, Julien Pirou, second line center, and Hans OverRun Heintz,
first line defenseman. Their seasons are gonna be tough.

Also lost inside the QZ are six Patriots players and two
from the Revolution. Both of those teams play outside the zone at
Foxboro Stadium but will suffer some poor ticket sales with so many
fans trapped inside the QZ. Ill link up a full list of the big attractions
in sports around Boston and note how they might be affected by
the quarantine.

Bruins (Ice Hockey, NHL)

They lost their stadium and some players as well as most of their front office
staff. The owner, Stacey Van Peursem, will be enacting absentee clauses for any
player or management member who doesnt make practices to cut payroll and
is hiring cheap players for now. A lot of money has been lost already and the
season hasnt even gotten rolling yet.
Red Sox (Baseball, NABL)
The biggest hurt of all came here. The stadium, and famous Green Monster, was
trashed and then the team lost every player to a plane crash. The front office lost
a few to the quarantine but not many and theyve managed to limp along since.
Expect a few rebuilding years here and a big push to clear the quarantine so they
can get in and get Fenway back in action.
Celtics (Basketball, NBA)
Like the Bruins, they lost the Garden and a few key players, as well as the majority of their front office staff. They also lost their owner, Martin Villiers, and
havent been able to get much accomplished. The team will start their season
short players and with very little practice time as contract negotiations for places
to practice have been hindered by lack of skilled personnel. Expect very little
from the Celtics this season.
Massacre (Urban Brawl, NAUBL)
I imagine Wild Billy Chis, Janis Cypher Landgrebe, James Buster Herbert, and
Scott Jellyfish Kelly are inside ruling the roost of a few square block area in the
Rox, practicing for when they are let out and they can get back in the league.
Most of the front office is outside the QZ and working to get a team together for
the season while also trying to find a new home field since the Rox and South
Boston zones are both inside the QZ. Sadly, the entire team is inside the QZ.
Revolution (Football (Soccer), MLS)
A few players were lost inside but the office is down near Foxboro stadium. They
should be able to kick on and stay competitive. Well as competitive as theyve
ever been. Theyll have poor fan turnout, which was already poor, and could
possibly fold after this season even if the QZ opens.
Cannons (Stickball, A-ne-jo-di League)
Most people will have no idea who this is but I happen to enjoy lacrosse, or
Stickball, or A-ne-jo-di as the NANners call it. Its fast paced and exciting. The
Cannons are down about half the team and have lost Harvard Field, their home
field. They still have their front office and will continue to play. Theyve been
in the news with some extra sponsorship from Horizon to keep them playing.
New England Patriots (American Football, NFL)
Six players is a big chunk but theyll play on. Their front office is completely intact
and they still have a stadium. In fact, the stadium is already running sales on
tickets to get people in and even planning pre-game 10 tickets to fill the season
ticket holder spots for those inside the QZ. A number of those tickets are the
private clubhouses so expect a crowd to snag those premier pre-game tickets.

>>> Boston Sports

A Runners Guide To Boston



By Southie

Boston Music

Outside of sports the other everyday love of the folks of Boston is music. A lot of the music is culturally
influenced, especially with Bostons divisive nature when it comes to your roots. You wont find many Irish in town
listening to Sperethiel synthcore, but they all know the latest release of Cry No Trs, the Irish anarchy sensation from
South Boston. Trog rock is big with the trolls and orks, along with Sperethiel synthcore with the elves, and deep rock,
which is recorded underground, has really caught on with the dwarfs due to its unique sound.

Quite a few recording artists were Downtown when the quarantine went up and havent been heard from
since, including rising audio artiste, Walter Machado. Its a lot of paid for talent wasting away on the inside. Though,
they could all be working on new albums as we read this, so who knows. Hometown boys, Thrashing Angels, the
nuthrash chart toppers, are putting on a series of benefit concerts at Foxboro Stadium. Proceeds go to research on
a cure for the encephalitis virus. Theyve got neo-classical superstars Bachs Back, raw metal rock gods Iron Ore, and
powernoize sensations Bringin da Noize lined up so far, and the after-party will be hosted by D.J. Tubbster as he
remixes the music recorded at the show.

This little trip down memory lane was nice and I hope it gave all of you a look at what weve lost here and
maybe some thoughts on what might be going down inside if you happen to slip in. Boston is a tough town. Im
sure life is going on inside but we cant be sure just what it might look like yet.

Sometimes its a really good idea to know where youre
working. Not just the people or the corps, but the actual location
itself. A good idea of the lay of the land is important to everyone
because you dont have your rigger with you every second of the
day and its a lot safer to remember which streets run one-way into
the bridges when its time to get your hoop out of the Hub. Go ahead
and study a mapsoft or ask GridGuide but Ill bet I can get from the
NeoNET Towers to DocWagon Mass Gen on foot faster than you
can in your car using those. Just listen up and try to absorb a little of
what I say.

Before I get too far let me point out some basic facts and
pull in some regional data that was valuable up until last month. Its
actually still valuable but it gives you a count of how many angry
and frightened people you might run into inside the quarantine

The Nub is 100% developed, even the grassy Boston
Commons isnt really natural but as the metroplex stretches out
beyond that, areas begin to obey the lay of the land and gain a
little variety. Though Im only vaguely aware of what it means from
reading it on Aetherpedia, this area was shaped by glaciation a
long time ago. This gives us a little bit of variation in the land, we
arent a big long flat plain like some places, and instead have small
lakes and ponds, a lot of creeks, small valleys, and a few oddball
surprises scraped into view by a big sheet of ice that covered the
place a long, long time ago. As I said this only matters outside the
Nub but it means the streets and former suburban areas have odd
layouts. Construction around Boston often followed the lay of the
land, instead of changing it, and when it didnt it usually went over
or under it.

Population: 4,934,728
Human: 58%
Elf: 13%
Dwarf: 7%
Ork: 15%
Troll: 6%
Other: 1%
Density: 407/km^2
Per Capita Income: 42,000
Estimated SINless: ~1,100,000
Below Poverty Level: 9%

Less than 12 Years: 12%

High School Equivalency: 27%
College Equivalency: 39%
Advanced Degrees or Certificates: 22%

Corporate Affiliation: 68%

Hospitals: 56
DocWagon Clinics: 29
Means of Commuting to Work:

Internal Combustion Vehicle: 2%

GridGuide/HarborGuide Electric Vehicle, Individual: 10%

GridGuide/HarborGuide Electric Vehicle, Group: 18%

T Riders: 47%

On-site Workers: 22%

Other: 1%
Neighborhood Ratings

AAA: Back Bay, Beacon Hill

AA: Downtown

A: Cambridge, Chelsea, Revere

B: Newton, Somerville

C: South Boston

D: Brookline

E: Dedham

Z: The Rox, The Catacombs

Felonious Crime Rate: (Violent) 2 per 1,000 per annum;

(Non-violent) 14 per 1,000 per annum
Service Providers:

Fire Safety: Boston Fire, Inc. (Martin Villiers)

GridGuide: Renraku

HarborGuide: Renraku

HealthCare: DocWagon Medical Services

Matrix Service: NeoNET

Police: Knight Errant Security Services

Power: Shiawase Energy

Prisons: Lone Star Correctional Services

Public Works: Boston City, Inc. (Martin Villiers)

Sanitation: Boston City, Inc. (Martin Villiers)


A Runners Guide To Boston

Like many modern cities they started absorbing all the smaller cities, towns, and neighborhoods around
them and you managed to get yourself part of the Northeastern Metroplex Axis (NEMA). The NEMA is bigger than
just the Boston Metroplex but Boston is by far the most populous chunk of the greater entity.

Like other metroplexes they needed a way to discern areas. Boston has a long and rich history of segregated
neighborhoods so breaking the larger area down wasnt easy. Boston used the smaller cities they had absorbed as
boundaries for districts, each with a district representative on the Boston City Council. The districts further allowed
different neighborhoods to select, however they chose, representatives to attend District meetings on major issues.
Now keep in mind many of the citys residents are corporate citizens and dont get considered in their local politics,
some participate out of a matter of neighborhood pride but they cant act as representatives on any level. Also, its
good for me to point out that the districts lack real boundary lines since theyre based on former neighborhoods. In
the past this has meant the neighborhoods change, complete with territorial disputes and even some brawls. Many
of the average citizens of Boston have a gang mentality when it comes to their turf, or neighborhood.

Ill run this down from the center out. The Hub, short for Hub of the Universe, dont ask me why, go look
it up yourself, also known as Downtown Boston, or the Nub if your a Southie, is what most people think of when
you say Boston. Especially after the megacorps started to form and decided they all needed to demonstrate their
superiority, by building massive structures (like giant vertical towers that look like you know whats) anywhere they
could get the land. Bostons skyline became just as iconic as that of Seattle, Chicago, Houston, and Miami as the
megas made their marks. Along with the normal skyscrapers, Boston has four major structures to easily identify it in
photos from the water, out on the famous Boston Harbor.

The NeoNET Towers, once the Novatech, and before that, Fuchi Towers, but who the hell are they now, lie
near the Southeast corner of the Nub near Congress and built out over Purchase and the highway. The pentagonal
towers sit at five points like a star with a central tower dominating over the rest. Theyre all connected by closed
bridges, or skywalks, but the bridges are staggered every 2 floors in the central tower and every 10 floors in the
outer buildings. It looks cool but makes for a slitch of a time trying to navigate. The different towers offer different
amazing views of the city. They offer a great view of Boston Harbor, MIT&T (look it up if you dont know what it
is), and even south to Fenway (Go BoSox!) from some of the residences and offices on the southeast corner of the
southeast tower. I actually know this is true, since I got to go stay their once on a job and watched a whole Sox game
from the balcony with my scope (is was damn hard not to wing Aligens and get him out of the game after Philly
took him long for the fourth time). Point is the place is swank and the towers are taller than every other structure in
town except for one, MCTs Boston HQ.

MCTs, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, Boston HQ is a pair of black and red double swirling spires that
won some architect a half dozen awards in the 40s. Most folks say it looks like DNA. My education occurred mainly
in the alleys of South Boston so DNA is not my forte (except I do know two liquids you can get it from for a Johnson
to use for his nefarious purposes, yes I know what nefarious means), so I call it the twisted ladder to hell. I know it
should be heaven but its my nickname for it, not yours. Those two have a dozen or so meters on NeoNETs towers
but they also lie at the opposite corner of the Nub. That means from the water, NeoNET still looks bigger.

Though Ares name may not be plastered all over their holdings around here they still had to have something
built to remind their local subsidiaries who was in charge. They have the third tallest tower in town (say that ten
times fast) and the kind of architectural genius you would expect from a midwestern city. The Ares SkyTouch Tower
looks like a kids building block creation. Someone told me once is was an homage to the Sears Tower in Chicago,
but those guys werent very creative either. Ares operates their HQ out of here, Knight Errant has a corporate office
and a major downtown precinct in the building, and the rest is rented out to other businesses. The space is pretty
primo since KE is on your doorstep.

The last easy identifier of downtown Boston from the harbor, and most anywhere with a sightline on the
Nub, is Aztechnologys steppe pyramid HQ building along the waterline. It was built in the late 30s, before some
of its towering companions, and lacks that phallic vibe. Instead it sits like a sturdy block extending into the harbor
from the waterfront. The outside of the building was built with a green marble. The parts along the water had been
replaced with fresh marble several times over the years because of damage from the toxic harbor. Now, the levels
that contact the water have been replaced with more resistant synthetic materials. I remember when I was a kid
hearing stories about the Vista Acuoso. It was a restaurant inside the pyramid with underwater views of the harbor. I
know a lot of places have these but this was in my town. Now theres nothing at all to see since the windows had to
be replaced when they started to leak from corrosion. Morals of the story, I really wanted to see that, and that water
really is nasty!

Before my mind wanders too far off of Downtown, which its starting too, let me mention the airport. Logan
International Airport, named for the X-Mens Wolverine (not true but I dont care to look up the real person), is
located opposite the Nub across the harbor. Its easily accessed by the T and theres a road through Callahan tunnel,
under the harbor. I mainly wanted to mention it because it is inside the QZ. Think about that.

Away from downtown, and bad thoughts of airports in quarantine zones, we move out to some of the
neighborhoods that Boston absorbed. Though Id love to talk about my own little corner of South Boston, I think
most folks here are more interested in places like Roxbury, or simply, the Rox. Boston has a lot of little neighborhoods
with subpar security and spots you can find a pretty low-key doss to hide out in, but none of those places compare




A Runners Guide To Boston

to the lawlessness and roach-infested drek-holes of the Rox.

When the city of Boston was making its comeback, the Rox is where all the dirt and scum got swept to
make room for the shiny new towers and fancy-suited business folks. If youve been to Seattle, its like Redmond,
or the Aurora Warrens in Denver. The difference here though is that its Boston, and Boston is well...just different.
An important thing to remember everywhere in Boston is the value of two things, ethnicity and history. Downtown
may be full of international folks and people speaking every language of the globe, but Bostons neighborhoods are
broken down by ancestries that only a Bostonian can truly understand, so dont bother if youre an outsider. Boston
was built on unified separation. Irish stuck with Irish, Dagos stuck with Dagos, and so forth, but Boston stuck with
Boston. I might be born and raised a Southie squarehead ork but you can sure as hell bet any Rox Mick is gonna
stand by my side when some Chicago migrant starts getting mouthy. Now me and Rox might get to blows after the
Chi guy is out cold but thats only cause I didnt really need his help. Yeah, its happened before. Okay, Im sure you
want a point. The neighborhoods all over Boston are real tight-knit and pretty homogenous so remember to mind
your manners and that we naturally dont like you, but we are pretty cordial if you are too.

Next, we can talk about the Catacombs. Your average Boston resident doesnt actually experience the
Catacombs everyday but for shadowrunners the place is a mix of bolthole, shopping mall, hunting grounds, secret
passage, nightclub, meeting spot, storage locker, and so much more. Runners can do and find just about anything
in the Catacombs, if they know where to look or who to ask. Its like a city under the city. No one I know has ever
mapped this whole place, probably cause anyone who tried died when they hit a pack of ghouls or some of those
bug spirits hiding out down there in the dark, or even other worse things that no one even knows how to classify.
This place is like any other spot in the world, it has its wilds, its suburbia, and its civilized areas, though keep in mind
all those terms are still referring to a series of underground tunnels, caves, sewers, and basements. If youre new in
town or headed down for the first time, get a guide. Taysacs, at The Tipsy Dragon, in Roxbury is one of my top picks
and hell take anyone. A lot of others only work by referral, so get to know someone or get it set up through your

Since I mentioned the highs and the lows I might as well mention the snobbish. Two of the most prestigious
universities in the world are located within the Boston Metroplex. Now, I put those quotes up because for some
reason, Cambridge, home to both MIT&T and Harvard, likes to make sure that everyone knows they may be part
of the Metroplex government but they are not part of Boston. Im sure therere tons of long papers or something
somewhere about why theyd be better off independent, but to me its just pure ego. Cambridge wants to stay
Cambridge. They dont want to be the Cambridge District of Boston or the NEMA or anything like that.

Alright, off my soapbox. What do you all need to know about Cambridge? For starters if you are working in

Boston you will end up there at some point. MIT&T is on the cutting edge of more fields with almost unpronounceable
names than I can count and Harvard medical is close behind. Jobs to steal data and samples from those campus go
on just about every week. The colleges dont want to appear like armed camps to stop these jobs so every lick of
their real security is designed to blend into the background. Those handsome gentlemen in the nice uniforms that
say Campus Security walking around arent security, theyre PR. Theyre there to make the kiddies feel comfortable
and help direct them to their next class. The closest they get to real security work is breaking up rowdy frat parties
on Greek row. This is just a little primer on Boston, so Im not going into great detail here, sorry. Just consider
yourself warned, the colleges are full of stuck up brainiacs and hidden security.

Boston is famous as a tech-town and that tech has made Route 128 famous with its massive concentration
of tech firms, tech research labs, and tech production facilities. Before I get too far Ill remind non-locals that what I,
and the rest of Boston, call Route 128, you will see as I-95 on a map. Call it 128 or the tech corridor because nothing
shuts a local up faster than some outie saying I-95 or even 95. Sorry, tangented again. 128 is a prime target for
runners. The security is always pretty solid and you are likely extraterritorial so beware. Do your homework about
the spot you are hitting and any other spots you might pass through going in or out. Not many things will scrag
your run faster than ducking KE by slipping onto megacorp territory only for it to be MCT and youre in the zerozone. Speaking of MCT, 128 is full of arcane research firms too and has lots of astral and dual natured security to
boot, including paracritters at certain sites.

Moving outward we find the mix of urban, suburban, rural, and wild all within the friendly confines of the
128 ring. The urban sprawl stretches out along the coast, up the rivers, and along the interstates, though most of
the living space along 128 is at the corp labs. The neighborhoods along those areas are built up and represent the
height, or should I say heights, of modern urban expansion. Most of the structures are multistory with the occasional
exception of the historic landmarks that dot the area and even some of of those are inside the towers that were built
around them. Theyre pretty interesting if youre some NeoNET corpkid who goes there on field trips, but for me
theyre just old buildings that I might have seen driving by on runs.

The urban heights fade down into the ridiculous curving streets of the former suburbia and there are trees
galore. In the suburban areas, the people of Boston tried to make up for all the trees they tore down to build the rest
of the place. Or so it seems. From above the streets look like rivers in a forest. The trees are often so dense and tall
you cant even see the homes below. The shopping areas are patches of concrete and many of those have planted
rows of trees to shade the parking lots.

These suburban stretches roll between the neighborhoods of Lexington and Woburn and down towards
Belmont and Waltham. Very few of the former suburbs are still suburban, many areas and subdivisions are blighted




A Runners Guide To Boston

areas abandoned during economic downturns and viral plagues as well as the Crash of 64. These areas often
became squatter havens, dosses for runners with a contact in the realty biz, gang hangouts, or worse. Ive seen the
worse. They hide behind the fences that once kept the rabble out but now keep the rabble separated. Ive tracked
down quite a few corpkids in their teens who ran away from mommy and daddy at the corp housing by the river
to go back home, only to find home filled with gangers, squatters, whores, or even ghouls. Funny thing is only 25
meters away is a perfectly groomed lawn with a white-picket fence that belongs to the Jones inside Cottage House
Glen, the perfect suburban family, separated by an electric fence hidden by the overgrowth and trees so common
to this area.

On the south side of the river and over I-90, surrounding the urban garbage dump, literally and figuratively,
that is the Rox, we have the Newtons (-ville, West, Highlands, Lower Falls, and Upper Falls) to the west, Dedham and
95 to the south, and over to Milton, Mattapan, I-93 and South Boston in the east. These areas are more suburban
confusion with a touch more consistency in their collapse. The Rox is like a blight on the land that is slowly expanding.
The closer the suburb is, or was, to the Rox, the more likely it is to now be a collapsing hellhole where runners hide
out, outside the Rox.

South Boston deserves special mention, not just because its my hometown but because its one of the few
places along the coast and close to downtown that managed to fight off the corporate high-rises, literally. Every
time the corporations came in to buy up a shop, it was a brawl. All the damage took its toll on the area and though
the locals have tried to work together to rebuild, the corps have taken a few shots in return for all the trouble. The
end result is one of the top five Urban Brawl zones in the world. There are worse things to be famous for.

Something everyone has come to respect in the Northeast is Mother Nature. Even before the Awakening
and all the natural disasters that have battered the world, this area already knew the wrath of Mother Nature. Winter
Storms have buried the city of Boston in over a meter of snow in a single storm, and over 3 meters between melts.
That, along with subzero cold snaps over a month long, means that this place knows the lady well.

With nature in control but man so close, the Wilds not only have their fair share of paracritters, but also an
unhealthy number of mutations occur out there as well. Add into that the corporate experiments that sometimes
escape and find this a great place to make a home for themselves and its a dangerous place to wander. There are
hundreds of rumors and new legends sprouting every day about something coming through an astral portal or
Awakening to punish those who have wronged the land or even wronged a single golden-hearted witch. Beware
the dark places here, magic is strong out here and, like most, I dont know enough about what it can and cant do
to discount any rumor that comes my way. Better wary than buried.

When talking about the interesting areas around Boston you have to make sure and talk about the many
peninsulas. These areas are well-known for their exclusive, and reclusive, populations. Many megacorporate
executives, rich (aka: dirty) politicians, and celebrities have homes out on these narrow strips of dirt. The limited
access allows security to be cheap and tight all at the same time. The occasional coastal invasion is attempted but
those are quickly run off by the boat patrols or even by the private security on the million nuyen yachts floating all
around the little land fingers. If I were inside, this would be where Id go.

So thats the dirt around Boston in a nutshell. Shes got her highs and lows and not a whole lot of in the
middle, but thats Boston, gotta love her.

With the Awakening, the strong connection to nature magic in this region, and the abandonment of
suburbia due to economics and urban safety, Mother Nature has reclaimed a healthy chunk of this region. A few
small patches of suburbia still cling to the areas around the Fells, Middlesex Fells to outsiders, and Lynn Woods but
the UCAS Federal land reservations are now overgrown, along with much of the area north of the city. A number of
small areas cling to their suburban roots and are still within the NEMA, but the metroplex has had little luck reining
in the power of nature here. Those who live in these areas south of Peabody and Salem, but north of the city, tend
to stay on the roads and in their homes with very little wandering out into the forests and wilds. A wise move. Most
of the locals refer to these areas as the Wilds.




D-WAG Knickers
Background Story
Boston is a madhouse and nobody seems to have a flaming clue as to why. Everyone in town
is looking for answers but security is on high alert all over the Hub and getting past the flood
of Knight-Errant officers is no easy task for a runner team. Luckily, youre going to be working
for a Johnson with a history on the streets. Hes got a plan to help make a runner team invisible with a little sleight of hand magic. Smedley Pembrenton III, once known as Boom on the
streets, has the first in a long series of jobs for you if you can pull it off.

When the runners meet Pembrenton:

Thanks for joining me chummers. I know its crazy out there but I think this job will make it worth your
while. I need you to snag a D-Wag rig and uniforms from the station over near South Boston. Ill drop $$$$
nuyen in your accounts and youll be at the top of my list for some of the abundant work that will be rolling
in in the future. Timeline is immediate and Id rather you keep with Boston rules. I know its crazy out there
but Im a long term thinker.



The team is invited to a meeting at the Avalon with the famous fixer, Smedley Pembrenton, III. Hes got a job
offer and needs a team quick. Hes looking to hire the runners to snag a DocWagon ambulance and official uniforms
to use for some sneaking and peaking later on. His message, sent at 1900, invites the runners to meet him at the
Avalon Nightclub at 1945 hours.


With the craziness youve been catching clips of on the trid you arent surprised when your comm chirps
an incoming message. With all the chaos the dragon crash is causing corps all over town are going to be using this
cover to get dirty work galore done. What does surprise you is who sent the message. Its a simple meet invite: Time
- 1945; Place - Avalon; Contact - S. Pembrenton, III.

Pembrenton is famous on the streets. Hes a big league fixer with extensive connections and the kind of
street cred gangers dream about having when they step into the shadows. He ran the shadows, he survived the
shadows, and now he controls the shadows. Looks like its going to be a good night for business. But youre going
to have to hurry to make it there in 45 minutes.

Pembrenton is as clueless as to what is really going on as everyone else. The runners should all be ready
for some work in the chaos of Boston. No one knows the dark roast that is about to descend upon Beantown, but
everyone should be excited by some crazy street shenanigans that involve a dragon getting body slammed onto
the Green Monster.


The true chaos of the city has yet to unfold. Right now, all anyone knows is that some serious drek has gone
down over at Fenway, way to close to home for him, and he wants the inside scoop before anyone else.

Getting to the Avalon could be problematic as it is located only a few blocks from Fenway. The cordon at the
baseball stadium hasnt expanded quite that far yet but they are trying to limit the gawkers from coming towards
the park to see what happened. This doesnt really work though. All the streets leading towards Fenway, including
the street where Avalon is located, are packed with people trying to see the downed dragon and the smashed Green

> > > D - W A G K n i c k e r s - SCEN A RIO 1



D-WAG K n i c k e r s
Runners are going to have to navigate the crowd on foot, as their vehicles will not make it all the way to the Avalon.
This is a great time to start the paranoia by describing members of the crowd covered in iridescent glitter, angry
unexpected outbursts from seemingly normal people, or occasional crazy muttering. The space is packed tight and
the runners arent the only predators in the crowd.

A small group of pickpocket kids is working the crowd trying to snag valuables. Theyll grab guns, extra clips,
grenades, knives, small electronics, even a commlink if the user isnt active. Their Agility + Palming dice pool is 9,
with a limit of 4. Dont forget to apply those dice pool modifiers for distraction when making Perception Tests. The
tests are touch based so none of the visual or audio enhancements help.

Once the runners reach the nightclub its a smooth walk up to the bar, a quick mention of Pembrentons
name, and directions to the back office. Thanks to the activity nearby, the bar is already hopping with plenty of
BoSox fans drinking in remembrance of the Green Monster, Fenways famous center field wall, and others who gave
up on trying to get closer or were just stopping in for a break from the masses and decided to stick around.

The back office where the runners are directed is nicely appointed. A wide entryway with some nuevoAmerind art on the walls leads to a simple office with a large (troll-sized) desk and chair. Sitting on the desk is
the hefty bulk of Smedley Pembrenton, III (See cast of shadows, p. xx) smoking his trademark cigar and obviously
working on something in an unseen AR screen.

Pembrenton invites them to take a seat in the conference room that is located next to his office and then
follows them all in once the last runner has arrived. Once everyone is there he makes his offer (see Tell it to Them
Straight above) and waits for the runners acceptance or counteroffer. Pembrenton has a Negotiations dice pool of
16, thanks to solid skills (Negotiation 8) and a strong reputation (+4). Net hits sway the job $$$ in the winners favor,
though Pembrenton will take the earnings off the back end bonus he hasnt mentioned. Sometimes being pushy
doesnt pay off.


Making things tougher isnt always about physical, technological, or magical challenges. Sometimes, its
about moral challenges. What happens when a pickpocket is caught? What happens when a caught pickpocket
pulls a knife? A gun? A grenade (fake or real)? Put the characters into some of these situations and see whether
morals or might make right.


Outside of telling Pembrenton to Go slag! this scene should be pretty straightforward. If one of the
pickpocket scenes goes sideways, tone it down with a little GM fiat and let the runners move along. You dont need
too many tests this early on. Plenty later when the action starts.

Details on the job are lined up in Scenario 2: Hit it from the Back, but all Pembrenton gives is the address of the
station and an ID badge and passcode for the back door.

> > > D - W A G K n i c k e r s - SCEN A RIO 1



D-WAG K n i c k e r s

This is the meat of the break-in and the action before they get to the station house. En route the runners
cross paths with a local go-gang out enjoying the wild night. Once clear of the street vermin, the runners get to be
sneaky and break into the facility with only minimal exposure to the few guards on site. The action should be quick
and quiet and allow some of the groups stealthier combat artists show their stuff. The access should provide the
groups hacker some fun when the passcode comes up as expired and in need of renewal via the owners commlink
which the team doesnt have. The magical support will get a chance for some Astral snooping but luckily no baddies
in sight.


The craziness just isnt dying down and Boston is wide awake and rumbling despite the hour. The streets
headed towards South Boston are crowded and traffic is backed up six ways to the Back Bay but a little patience and
a few well placed honks get you to within a few blocks of the station only to find a small hiccup in the road.

Well, that was an interesting diversion. Gangers, cant live with them, and wiping them out would cost too
much in ammo. Finally past the little block party you can see the AR and physical signs out front of the building
down the road. Even from this distance you recognize the unique visage of an old-fire station and envision sliding
down the fire pole spraying automatic gunfire across all your enemies. Maybe thatll be the case, maybe not. But
dreams can be had by all.


The gang has three members who have been sprinkled with dragon dust as they call it. They arent showing
any signs of symptoms yet and dont have any of the cool powers but they may spring up down the road, even if the
runners get a little trigger happy.

The gang just wants to have a good time and harass some norms while making a little dough. The runners
will stop being fun the first time anyone flashes serious hardware, guns, mojo, or cyber.

Runners with a DocWagon contract may be resistant to work against their possible saviors, and rightfully
so. DocWagon contracts are filled with loopholes and one of them is definitely, Steal our shit and your contract is
done. Those runners just need to run a fake ID and somehow jam their DocWagon bracelet. A Logic + Electronic
Warfare [Mental] (2) Test will offer up a simple an inexpensive (10 nuyen) solution to the jam.


Between Avalon and the station in South Boston are plenty of wild Boston streets. The route that the runners
take, no matter which, moves them through traffic right up to a t-intersection at the end of a narrow block. The
intersection is currently blocked off by a pair of Gopher pick-up trucks (p. 463, SR5) with a dozen various motorcycles
parked behind and what looks like a street festival in full swing fill the streets beyond. Traffic has been tight and
backing out isnt an option.

As the runners vehicle(s) approach they can see the gangers approach the vehicles in front of them, slap
hands and other parts on the hoods and windows and generally terrorize the occupants. They eventually block the
car, one ganger approaches and raps on the window with a handgun and gives the universal roll down the window
sign, and then talks with the driver. Audio based, Intuition + Perception [Mental] (6) Tests are required to catch what
theyre saying with the windows rolled down, otherwise its impossible. Those who succeed hear the street classic
bucks, bullets, blow, or boobies, nobody rides for free. Occupants in the cars ahead of them all hand over various
valuables and get let through.

The runners can pay (100 nuyen in cash or 200 nuyen in gear per runner); give a show of force (Charisma +
Intimidation [Social] vs. 9 dice); or attack (roll Initiative). As mentioned above, the gangers only fight long enough
to get to cover, then their vehicles, and then get gone if the runners get trigger happy.

The 4-story station house is located on the corner of a wide pair of cross streets. Garage bay doors, two of
them, are located along one street and open out into a broad alley in the rear, while the other main thoroughfare
hosts a wide brick wall with a massive DocWagon logo mural painted over the bulk of its surface. The building has
two regular entrances, front and rear, and a fire escape zig-zagging the wall opposite the DW mural with roof access,
a door into the building on the third floor landing, two windows on the second floor landing, and a counterweighted
ladder at the first floor landing.

Inside the building, the ground floor consists of the two vehicle bays, each deep enough for two fire-trucks
or three DocWagon ambulances; a small break room; a locker room with showers and toilets; a drug storage room

> > > D - W A G K n i c k e r s - SCEN A RIO 2



D-WAG K n i c k e r s
(locked with a Rating 6, keypad maglock); a center stairway up; and a small front office area with three cubicles and
two offices.

The first floor is half that size since the garage bays are 3-stories. The stairwell goes up and down; there is a
bunkhouse with 6 bunks, a shower and toilets; a kitchen; a dining area; a laundry and storage room (the location of
the needed uniforms); and a reading room.

The second floor is still only half the building. The stairwell goes up and down; theres a recreation room; a
workout room w/ small attached showers; a conference room; and the comms room. The windows out to the fire
escape are located in the conference room.

The third floor cover the entire top level again though the section over the garage is split between storage
and practice stations with drop ladders and ropes near the holes in the floor looking down over the garage. The
living area has four personal offices; the stairway down along with a ladder up to the roof access; and a room full of
work terminals. The fire escape door enters into the work terminal room.

All external doors (except the fire escape) have electronic locks (Rating 4) that detect an employees ID
badge within 3 meters and activate an AR keypad on the ID badge. The fire escape door and windows have no
external controls. The door requires a Strength + Body (6) Test to open as long as a pry-bar of some kind is in
use. The windows open with a Strength + Body (3) Test or the glass is broken. Internal doors are mostly unlocked.
The only internal locks are on the offices on the first floor (Rating 4 mechanical lock), the comms room (Rating 4
maglock), and the roof access (Rating 2 mechanical lock, internal only; Strength + Body (6) to pull it open, no tools

Currently present in the station are a dispatch officer (use Comms Officer) in the comm room, a security
guard (use Guard) sitting in the front office, and two DocWagon HTR officers (use HTR) working out in the workout

The dispatch officer will be really busy (distracted) with coordinating calls and isnt likely to notice anyone
unless they break into his room. If they do his first reaction will be to call for help on the active call (Free Action on
is first Initiative Pass) and then scream dont shoot. If someone coming in stops him, the world will outside will think
its a communications overload and nothing happens. If he gets the message out, DocWagons main office will find
out and the runners will have 30 minutes before an HTR helicopter drops a team on the roof. If the team gets into a
loud gunfight the dispatch officer will hear and contact HQ, setting the aforementioned events in motion as well.

The security officer will be watching the closed circuit camera feed via AR on his slaved commlink (Rating
2). There are slaved cameras (Rating 3) above the front and rear doors, all the garage doors, on the main corner of
the building watching the street, in opposite ceiling corners of the garage, inside the entryway by the offices, and
over the hallway by the rear door. The devices are all slaved to the buildings main dataterminal (Rating 6) along
with the electronic doors and the buildings lighting. The dataterminal has a simple security room sculpt with a
map icon in the center to control everything. If the security officer spots the runners he contacts both the main
DocWagon HQ and Minutemen Security, the local security contractor. DocWagon sends out the HTR team as above
and Minutemen tells him officers are on the way. There are no officers on their way from Minutemen they have too
many other problems to deal with that are more important (read NeoNET issues).

The HTR officers will be working out for 45 minutes after the runners arrive on scene. Theyll then take 25
minute showers and head down to their vehicles (the Shin-Hyung and Scorpion mentioned below) to head home. If
they hear a gunfight, the pair go all Die Hard on the runners and pull a John McClane, trying to sabotage their every
move. They will also try to get a call out to HQ but their channels will delay the HTR teams arrival by an additional
15 minutes.

In the garage is a single DocWagon Ambulance parked near the rear door, a tricked out Shin-Hyung parked
at the front door, and a Harley Scorpion sitting in the middle of the garage like it owns the place. The ambulance is
the only one present because its obviously out of commission. One of the front tires is currently off and the hood
is open. A Logic + Automotive Mechanic [Mental] (2) Test will quickly reveal the vehicles needs. Repair will require
an Intuition + Automotive Mechanic [Mental] (10, 1 hour) Extended Test to get the vehicle back in shape. Teamwork
counts and extra hits decrease the time by 10 minutes per hit.

The team will also have to gain control of the ambulance by either hacking the ambulance (Rating 4) once
its on (the battery is the last item in to prevent issues), or locating one of the clearly labeled spare driver commlinks
in the security office that already have user access.

Runners that arent helping to fix the ambulance can look for the uniforms, search the rest of the building,
sit on lookout, or twiddle their thumbs. A goal in this scene is to create some tension. The runners were probably
planning to pop in, snag the ambulance, and roll out. Waiting in a big open garage with staff in the building and
activity out on the street constantly grabbing their attention should make for a long and tense hour or two.

> > > D - W A G K n i c k e r s - SCEN A RIO 2



D-WAG K n i c k e r s

Letting the HTR officers know or tipping anyone off just to mess with the runners would certainly push the
envelope. If theyre having it a little too easy, by all means, push it a little, but be wary of the next scene. From here
the runners dont get to just roll out the door. Feel free to add a few moral dilemmas as well. Maybe a passerby sees
them inside and starts to yell for them. When they go to stop the possible troublemaker they get a sob story about
an injured kid.


So what happens if one of the runners doesnt have and Automotive Mechanic skill? Dont fret. Check this
out beforehand and have a repair-drone handy to do the work for them. That is, as long as they stick nearby to keep
him working because the repair drone is home to a simple AI that doesnt like to work very fast because he figures
if hes slow theyll buy him a friend.

And if the few staff members cause too much of a ruckus the runners can get some help by a few trauma
vic-tims arriving with Platinum contracts that supersede the HTR officers time off. And if the HTR team is on the
way and you dont think the runners can handle the double whammy its perfectly fine to redirect them. The chaos
going down in Beantown is much bigger than some runners trying to steal drugs (because thats what everyone
there figures they are there for).

So what can the runners do with their freshly repaired DocWagon ambulance? Thats right, try to not get it
shot to drek when the local street gang decides tonight is a good time to take that big score from the DocWagon
station. The runners are just wrapping up the finishing touches on the ambulance when the local branch of the
Halloweeners, the Soldiers of Samhain make their move on the DocWagon station trying to get at the drugs in the
storage unit on the ground floor. The fight is violent and messy and will probably leave this station as one of the
many burning buildings in Boston by the end of the night.


You long for the easy trigger pull of the torque gun as you tighten the last of the lug nuts on the wheel of
the ambulance when something outside the back door catches your eye. Through the narrow windows you can see
strange dancing and flickering shadows on the wall of the Soybucks, the colors and movement lending a demonic
hint to the happy caffeinated troll.

You recognize the source almost instantly, a fire, but your brain just doesnt connect the dots fast enough
for you to realize whats about to happen and its almost too late.


Action packed and crazy. Hectic and tense with things coming at the team from all angles with a touch of
irony as the gang attacks the former fire station with lots of fire.

> > > D - W A G K n i c k e r s - SCEN A RIO 3



D-WAG K n i c k e r s

In the minutes before the runners finally wrap up the work on the ambulance the streets outside suddenly
be-come less hectic. The external cameras catch the growing flicker of shadowy light on the faces of buildings down
the street. The flickers grow more and more intense until they eventually lose their flickering nature and become
solid light.

Down the street from the rear doors of the station there is a gathering of the Soldiers of Samhain (use Soldiers of Samhain), a Boston offshoot of the Halloweeners. Theyre as pyromaniacally bent as their fellows but the
Soldiers have a slightly more militant side to them and tend to be more sociopathic, rather than psychopathic like
their cousins in chaos. The Soldiers are buildings a massive conflagration in the back of a dump truck that is causing
the flickering lights and then the eventual full on bonfire light. Once the fire is stoked up big and hot they drive the
truck right at the back door of the garage. Right where the ambulance is.

Whether by the actions of the runners or just because it says it here, the dumptruck will bounce and veer
when it hits the curb, causing it to slam into the wall instead of directly through the door. The result is a corner of the
garage set aflame, the garage door still crashed open, a dump truck blocking that way out, and a horrifying group
of nutcases running in straight through the flames.

All of the Soldiers of Samhain are wearing armor with fire resistance and charge in through the flames. Between of their crazy entrance and the fact that they arent expecting a lot of people to be here due to the chaos
everywhere else in the city the gangers are not expecting serious resistance. That doesnt mean theyll run from a
fight but it does mean that they arent full on psycho in the opening foray. As soon as the first one seriously injured
though, all bets are off and they go crazy setting the place ablaze. There are a total number of Soldiers of Samhain
equal to three times the runner team but 1 in every 3 goes straight to looting instead of shooting. They are all carrying some kind of flame slinging or flame producing weapon that they use to set the place on fire. If they direct an
attack at a runner just treat it as a normal attack and use the easy fire distance rules (see Im on Fire) for extra fire

Keep track of the fire that the gang started and of the other places the gang lights up. The runners are going
to have to make some Damage Resistance rolls depending on where theyre at and how much real estate around
them is on fire. See the Im on Fire! and Burning Down the House sidebars for special damage values.

The main worry the runners really need to have here is getting their
prize, the ambulance and uniforms, out of the burning building while
its still in good shape. The Shin-Hyung starts out in the way of driving
the rig straight out the other door and the Scorpion is in the way crossing over to the other side. Theyre going to have to move something
or push it out of the way and risk damaging the ambulance.

Soldiers of Samhain
[Professional Rating 6 (Theyre Psychotic)]

The crazy cousins of the Halloweeners, this alternately named chapter emphasizes the Wiccan/Gaelic ancestry of the region. They are still
flame-spewing fanatics and enjoy watching things (and occasionally
people) burn, Burn, BURN!!!


Physical Initiative: 8 + 2D6 (Jazzed)

Condition Monitor Boxes: 10
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 6
Armor: 9 (immune to Fire)
Skills: Automatics 4, Close Combat


Gear: Armor Long Coat, Commlink

Note: Due to limited rules in the QSR,

Skill group 3, Etiquette 3 (Street +2),

Intimidation 4, Throwing Weapons 4
(Device Rating 2), gas mask, knife, 1
dose of Jazz

Im on Fire
This chart covers damage from being near the fires that are growing. Distance is
the range, in meters, for that level of damage (DV), the armor penetration of the
fire (AP), and the threshold for the Willpower roll in order to not suffer a -2 dice
pool modifier for being on fire or too close to the fire. The damage occurs once
per Combat Turn unless the runner moves through or closer to the fire and then
they have to resist every time they move.





















Burning Down the House

As the building very quickly fills up with smoke the runners are going to have
to start resisting damage from tEsshe smoke and heat in the air. At the start of
each Combat Turn, including the first, any runner in the garage has to resist
damage. The Damage Value is 2S during the first Combat Turn and increases by
+1 each Combat Turn after the first (i.e. on the 4th Combat Turn all the runners
need to resist 5S). Runner roll just their Body Attribute with a dice pool modifier
based on any gear they have. Gas Mask - Immune; Respirator - +4 dice; Wet
Cloth - +2 dice.

Knife [Acc 5, Reach -, DV 4P, AP 1]

Uzi IV [SMG, Acc 4(5), DV 7P, AP , SA,
RC (1), 24(c), w/ extendible stock, laser
1 High explosive grenades [Grenade, DV
16P, AP 2, Blast 2/m]
just consider the Soldiers immune to the
Fire damage.

> > > D - W A G K n i c k e r s - SCEN A RIO 3



D-WAG K n i c k e r s
[Professional Rating 3]

Whether its the two in the weight room or the team coming in, these guys and gals are hard-corps combat medics.
Theyre interested in neutralizing threats quickly and efficiently while keeping their target safe. The two inside the
building already will work on hindering the runners while they wait for backup. The team coming in will secure the
top floor via a roof or fire-escape door entry and then attack through the training holes.

[Professional Rating 2]

Harold is not about to play hero against a bunch of runners or gangers. Hell call in help and hunker down in the
offices and if it looks really bad hell run for the secure Comms room or hide behind the desk in the Station Chiefs






Physical Initiative: 9(10) + 1D6(2D6)

Condition Monitor Boxes: 11
Limits: Physical 7, Mental 6, Social 5
Armor: 12
Skills: Automatics (SMG) 4 (+2), Computer 1, First Aid

(Gunshot Wounds) 6 (+2), Gymnastics 3, Navigation 2,

Perception 5, Pistols 4, Running 3, Medicine 4, Survival
2, Swimming 2, Throwing Weapons 4, Unarmed
Combat 4

Augmentations (All alphaware): Cyberears

HK-227 [SMG, Acc 5(7), DV 7S, AP +1, SA, RC 1, 28 (c),
w/ 100 rounds Gel ammo, 4 spare clips]

Savalette Guardian [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5 (7), DV 6S(e),

AP 5, SS, RC 1, 12 (c), w/ 60 rounds stick-n-shock, 4

spare clips]
Survival Knife [Blades, Acc 7, Reach, DV 6P, AP 1]
2 Flash-bang grenades [Grenade, DV 10S, AP 4,
Blast 10m radius]

Physical Initiative: 4 + 1D6

Condition Monitor Boxes: 9
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 6
Armor: 9
Skills: Close Combat skill group 2, Computer 1, First

Colt America L36 [Light Pistol, Acc 7, DV 7S, AP
+1, SS, RC , 11 (c), w/ 2 spare clips, 22 rounds
of Gel ammo]

Aid 1, Perception 2, Pilot Ground Craft 1, Pistols 3

Augmentations: Datajack
Gear: Armor vest, commlink (Device Rating 2),
flashlight, plastic restraints (10)

(Rating 1; w/audio recorder, damper, sound link),

cybereyes (Rating 1; w/ camera, flare compensation,
image link, low-light), wired reflexes (Rating 1)

Gear: 3 antidote patches, armor jacket [12], binoculars

(optical), biomonitor, flashlight, gas mask, subvocal

microphone, commlink (Device Rating 2)

> > > D - W A G K n i c k e r s - SCEN A RIO 3



D-WAG K n i c k e r s
Comms Officer
[Professional Rating 3]

Stephen, the overnight comms officer for this station, has a little secret. Hes a technomancer. Hes not terribly
skilled, as he only recently really started practicing and testing out what he can do, but hes gotten good at blending
his skills in with his work skills to make him one of the top dispatchers in all of DocWagon.





Physical Initiative: 8 + 2D6 (Jazzed)

Matrix Initiative: 8 + 2D6 (Jazzed)
Condition Monitor Boxes: 10
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 6
Armor: 9
Skills: Compiling 2, Computer 4, Cybercombat

Programs/Complex Forms: Cleaner, Pulse

Storm, Resonance Channel, Transcendent Grid
Registered Sprites: 2 Courier Sprites (Rating 3, 2

Colt America L36 [Light Pistol, Acc 7, DV 7S, AP
+1, SS, RC , 11 (c), w/ 2 spare clips, 22 rounds
of Gel ammo]

2, Electronic Warfare 6, First Aid 2, Hacking 2,

Hardware 2, Pistols 2, Registering 2, Software 5,
Threading 2


The heat in this scene is sure to make the runners sweat but if theyre getting off too easy feel free to push
the DVs up a little, increase the DVs a little faster, or throw more Soldiers at them. These nutcases are intended to
seem like theyre dime a dozen pyromaniacs and thats the goal here. If the runners arent at least a little frightened
of these guys, theres something wrong.


If things go the other way and the gang or the environment is just beating the runners hoops, tone it down
a little. Have a sprinkler system activate to keep the smoke or fires down. Not enough to put it out, but enough
to slow it. If its the gangers that are too tough, have them head for the vault or let the HTR guys come in to the
rescue. This works great if its the HTR guys from outside the station. That way the more social runners can get a little
spotlight time and talk their way out, blaming the whole thing on the gangers.

Augmentations: Cerebral booster 2, datajack

Gear: Armor vest, commlink (Device Rating 2),

Living Persona: DR 2/A 3/S 4/D 7/F 6

> > > D - W A G K n i c k e r s - SCEN A RIO 3



D-WAG K n i c k e r s
Appropriate Contacts: Corporate, Medical, Law Enforcement, Street

Contact hits Data Search hits

Its a Wrap

Once the runners get clear of the station its back to Pembrenton and their payday. The city is having too
many other problems to deal with the runners right now, even if they did just steal a DocWagon ambulance. Once
they get back to Avalon Pembrenton pays them and mentions some additional work if theyre so inclined. He tells
them to go have a few drinks, on the house, and wait for him to line up another gig for them. He can be back with
any number of jobs and it puts the runners in a good spot to pick up work from other Johnsons and local sources
too. The Avalon is full of potential employers.


Awarding Karma

Everyone gets 2 Karma for surviving this hellish ordeal. If the runners avoided killing they get 1 additional
Karma. If they went out of their way to intentionally hurt anyone who was not an immediate threat, they lose 1
Karma. Thems the Karmic breaks.



At any time during an adventure, the player characters might search for information using their contacts,
var-ious Matrix connections or even astral space. Because players may choose to do this at any time, all of the
possible searches and results are gathered together in the Legwork section. Having all the information in one place
makes for easy gamemaster reference.




Numbers. I dont do numbers. Got an address?
Thats South Boston, right.
Pretty hot spot. Theyve got a 6 rig garage, living space on site. I think it was
a firehouse back in the day. Doesnt have a firepole though. Too kit out for
safety reasons.
Good place to get assigned. Close enough to the Hub for some fun pickups
but not Downtown. They run some trainings out of the site because of the
size of it.
A lot of HTR grunts live over in South Boston and use the workout racks at
that station. You can almost always find a handful of them there even though
it isnt their station.
Theyve hd some security issues with their external entrances. They have an
old-fashioned fire-escape that wasnt refitted with the security system. Had
some break-ins.
Word on the street is that a bunch of local gangs have been eye-balling
that station for a pharmaceutical run. Most have been biding there time for
the right opportunity. Honestly, this crazy dragon-drek could be just what
theyre looking for.

> > > D - W A G K n i c k e r s - SCEN A RIO 3



Supply and Demand

Background Story

The first sign of a sinking ship is the panicking rats. If the shadows of Boston were filled with nothing but rats,
then they would have been fleeing en masse when the dragon crashed into Fenway, but the shadows arent full of
rats. Though there are plenty of rats lurking, the shadows of Boston are full of sharks, circling the sinking ship, ready
to feed off the disaster.

As the city sinks and the megacorporations begin to tighten the noose around the citys neck, those who
live there, and know that escape is futile and survival is their only option, will be looking to set themselves up. This
series of scenarios starts with a normal hiring (complete with minor hiccup) and stops at a few of the places that Mr.
Johnson, in this case Smedley Pembrenton III, wants the runners to secure in order to get them under his control.

After the deal is set and the runners are getting ready to leave or plan, read the following:
Smedley starts to walk from the room when he pauses to answer a commcall at his desk. His face shows
obvious annoyance as he shakes his head slowly. You know something is coming when he glances your way
and smiles and then tells whoever is on the other end of the line to hold on.
You mind earning a quick bonus before the real work starts?

Bonus in hand, read this when the team walks out with Smedley:



Pembrenton wants the runners back at work for him and quick. Hes willing to hire them right after the last
job. The hiring is done at Avalon and he wants three jobs done as soon as possible. Nothing ever runs as smooth as
possible in the shadows and Avalon gets some unwanted guests. Pembrenton offers the runners a bonus to provide
him with a little back-up while he has a conversation with his newest patrons.


You dont make it past the first drink before Pembrenton is calling you to head back for some more work.
When you come back into the office and step around to the conference room you find that hes already got the
table covered in electronic paper showing a mix of images and text you cant quite read from this distance. With a
wave of his hand, a booming Have a seat, youre close enough to see the info on the electropaper looks like recon
and satellite footage of several different locations as well as memos or invoices from them as well. You cant get
many more details before he pulls your attention to him and starts the expected pitch.

You step out the doors to a far more somber atmosphere than you came in to. Six orks, all armed with SMGs,
hover over the crowd making menacing gestures with their street sprayers and angry looks with their ugly
faces. The clubs two bouncers are both bloodied, kneeling, and being held at gunpoint. They give apologetic glances to Smedley as he steps out but look to be in no shape to continue the fight.
Gents, Smedley opens up with, seems you might not realize where youre at. Welcome to Avalon.
We know good and well where we is. This is the dragon bar, and were safe here. Everyone stay calm and
quiet and cause no troubles and we all safe here.
Not how it goes here fellas. Put the bullet-hoses away and have a drink. Smedley speaks smoothly trying
to calm the situation as you move into positionsjust in case.
No way dragon-heir. We know you. Youll have us out on our ears as soon as look at us. You keep your drek
clear of us and well just sit here all pretty like.
Smedley smiles wide and lowers his head, Sounds fair gents. Drinks are on me. The words come out of his
mouth, but the message comes from his DNI linked brain, Get this trash out of here.

> > > S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d - SCEN A RIO 1



S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d

Money and a solid contact are the biggest reasons here. If the runners were too injured on the last job
Pembrenton offers a healer for a small fee (250 nuyen per Damage box). If the runners are coming into this job fresh
he offers a place to hang out and stay off the streets.


Pembrenton has some foundation he needs the runners to help him lay. Hes been in business in Boston
a long time but hes never been a long term holdings type of guy. He sets up jobs, keeps Avalon running, and
mediates the occasional dispute between runner teams that might be taking their jobs personally. His life here has
left him with massive amounts of knowledge on Boston but very little in the way of physical property. He sees the
problems coming on the horizon and wants to lock down a few spots of his own. Theyre all not too far from Avalon
and if the runners do a good job helping him with the orks in this scene, hell offer them some space to regroup
between operations.

The job offer is really for 3 jobs. He wants three sites secured for him. He wants the runners to clear out the
current occupants and then allow a group of Pembrentons guys to move in and take control. Hes offering 30,000
nuyen per site for the team. Negotiations can run as normal, Pembrentons dice pool is 14 with a Limit of 8. The pay
increases by 2,500 nuyen per net hit.

The three spots are a local Stuffer Shack, a Weapons World Outlet, and a Nightengales Clinic facility. If the
runners ask questions Pembrenton will offer information from the first two levels of Legwork. The runners have to
ask. He wont just tell them the info, hes trying to gauge the skill of these guys, not spoon feed them like nubes. The
rest of the information for these jobs is located in their respective scenarios below.

After the deal is made but before the runners leave, Pembrenton gets his call and asks them to provide some
backup to help clear out some trouble. He offers the runner team a 5,000 nuyen payday if theyll help him clear the
orks out of his club.

Six local orks who have done some muscle work for Pembrenton in the past and know his place have decided
this would be a great place to hole up while the craziness dies down. Theyre street toughs and not runners so they
shouldnt be much of a challenge, but there are six of them so they have numbers.

Theyll hold off on violence until they feel threatened. This means the runners have a chance to talk them

down if they try to use charm. If the runners try to intimidate the orks, theyll feel threatened and start shooting.
They arent marksman and theyll shoot civilians in a heartbeat. They are cowards at heart and if they are injured
severely (4 or more boxes) or two of their number drop, they will run for the door. Better to face the streets than the

Ork Goons
[Professional Rating 2]

These guys are really just looking for a place to hide but theyre going about it all wrong. Theyll bolt for the door
once two drop and any of them that get seriously injured (4 or more boxes) will duck for cover and drop their guns.


Physical Initiative: 5 + 1D6

Condition Monitor Boxes: 12
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 3, Social 4
Armor: 12
Skills: Automatics 3, Close Combat Skill group 3,

Uzi IV [SMG, Acc 4(5), DV 7P, AP , SA, RC (1),
24(c), w/ extendible stock, laser sight]

Etiquette 3 (Street +2), Intimidation 2, Throwing

Weapons 4

Gear: Armor Jacket, Commlink (Device Rating 2)


If the runners are getting schooled by these street punks you can give them a little help from a more
experienced runner in the bar who starts dropping the punks like a runner should. Pembrenton will not react well
to the need for this and will threaten to strip the job from the runners and offer it to the other runner and her team.
Luckily for the runners their competition is on contract with someone else. The job stays theirs, but their rep is on
the line.

> > > S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d - SCEN A RIO 1



S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d

The runners need to take control of a Weapons World Outlet for Pembrenton in order to secure a supply of
guns and ammo for any upcoming trouble. The opposition is two-fold. The runners need to subdue the patrons and
the employees and hold out against some guerrilla tactics until Pembrenton can send over their backup and then
allow them to focus on the terrorist.


The trouble has definitely brought people out to the stores. Some are out grabbing food and water and
some are out grabbing guns and ammo. You know who wins out in the long run but sadly that doesnt help out your
job any. The parking lot of the Weapons World Outlet is full of vehicles, most sporting some kind of ARO like Gun
Control Means Using BOTH Hands!.

The place is open 24 hours and you arent likely to find a lull in business at any time tonight but the sooner
you can get control, the more stock that will be left for Smedley. Then again that also means its more stock to use
against you in defending the place but you know better than to take a place like this with brute force. Right?


This really should be the runners first stop and Pembrenton will mention that too. Hes got a special group
hes bringing in for holding this spot. He would have asked the runners to simply steal everything in the place but
he realized it would be easier to take the place and set up shop.

the runners, whether they fired the shot or not, their actions are what he sees as the cause. They are also the most
likely to be able to kill him and ease his pain as he now has a deathwish.

The layout for the store can use a similar map to the Stuffer Stack Lite but the rows are filled with accessories
and the back room area is larger because thats where all the guns are actually stored. AROs of all the guns available
fill a few aisles and allow shoppers to see the guns, stats for them, some reviews, and the price. The entrance also
has a double door setup with an automated system and a Chemsniffer (DR 4) that wont unlock the second door if
ammunition is detected. The virtual doorman asks for all ammunition to be left in the patrons vehicle or placed in
a secure locker along the wall.

Once the runners have the place generally secured they can call Pembrenton and get him to send guys to
hold the place while they continue their job. The help that arrives is a bit unnerving as its a group of Soldiers of
Samhain, lead by a sociopath named Raizr. There wont be any trouble, but some glares will definitely be shared.
After everything is over the runners can see the shop has already had its regular logo spray painted over with Raizr
Arms. Looks like the Soldiers of Samhain will be running gun deals here now.

The troubles here dont vary widely. The runners will have two dozen shoppers and half a dozen employees
to deal with but they all fit into a narrow archetype called the Gun Nut. Use the stats below and modify for the
following metahumans in the mix (Patrons: 2 elves, 1 ork, 1 troll, 3 dwarfs, and 17 humans; Employees: 3 dwarfs and 3
humans). Only the employees have firearms but the patrons still have melee weapons and most will try to be heroes
because theyre just that type. The real trouble comes from the most difficult adversary in the place, Vapor. Hes a
mystic adept runner who will resort to guerrilla tactics to stop the runners. Any early gunplay will result in a stray
bullet hitting one of the elf patrons and killing her instantly. This was Vapors squeeze and hes out for revenge on

> > > S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d - SCEN A RIO 2



S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d
Gun Nuts
[Professional Rating 3]

This is everyone inside the place but the stats are for the humans. Modify base attributes to match the metatypes
from above. None will keep fighting after they take any Physical Damage but will keep up the fight up to 6 Stun
boxes. They arent tough but they have a serious numbers advantage and can eat up the runners Defense roll dice
with all the extra attacks.



Physical Initiative: 5 + 1D6

Condition Monitor Boxes: 10
Limits: Physical 4, Mental 3, Social 4
Armor: 9
Skills: Close Combat Skill group 3, Pistols 4
Gear: Armor vest, Commlink (Device Rating 2),

Knife [Acc 5, Reach -, DV 4P, AP 1]
Ares Predator V (2) {Heavy Pistol, Acc 5(7), DV 8S,

AP +1, SA, RC , 15(c), w/ smartlink, 30 rounds

Gel ammo]

glasses (w/ image link, smartlink), knife

[Professional Rating 6 (Death Wish)]

Vapor is a real runner with experience on the streets. He will have just lost his love and will be all about killing every
runner in this place to sate his thirst for vengeance. Hell start with guerrilla tactics and ambushes but will go for
broke if he gets cornered. A prime tactic will be the use of spirits to draw fire while he hits from cover or using a spirit
to draw people away from him when hes hiding. Remember he has Edge and no hope for a tomorrow.






Physical Initiative: 9(12) + 1D6(4D6)

Condition Monitor Boxes: 15
Limits: Physical 7, Mental 5, Social 7
Armor: 16(+1)
Skills: Blades (Knives) 8 (+2), Gymnastics 5, Perception 7, Pistols

suffer a dice pool penalty equal to hits], Shatter [Type: P; Range:

LOS; Duration: Instant; Breaks inanimate objects], Stunball [Type:
M; Range: Area; Duration: Instant; Damage equal to hits, no
Damage resistance]

Adept Powers: Attribute Boost (Agility) (1, .25 PP), Attribute

Boost (Body) (1, .25 PP), Combat Sense (2, 1 PP), Improved
Reflexes (3, 3.5 PP), Mystic Armor (4, 2 PP)

(Semi-automatics) 9 (+2), Running 6, Sneaking (Urban) 8 (+2),

Spellcasting 6, Summoning 5

Gear: Armor jacket, Commlink (Device Rating 2), glasses (w/

Qualities: Guts, Tough as Nails, Toughness

Spells: Clout [Type: M; Range: LOS; Duration: Instant; Damage

image link, smartlink, thermographic), spell focus (Force 4

Manipulation; Improved Invisibility 4 hits), spell focus (Force 4
Detection; Combat Sense 4 hits), spell focus (Force 4 Detection;
Detect Life 4 hits)

equal to net hits scored, no Damage resistance], Combat Sense

[Type: M; Range: Self; Duration: Sustained; Defense bonus equal
to hits], Detect Life [Type: M; Range: Area; Duration: Sustained;
Aware of any living presence], Heal [Type: P; Range: Touch;
Duration: Permanent; Heals Damage equal to hits], Increase
Reflexes [Type: P; Range: Self; Duration: Sustained; +1 Reaction,
+1D6 Initiative per hit], Lightning Bolt [Type: P; Range: LOS;
Duration: Instant; Damage equal to Force + net hits, Damage
resistance allowed], Magic Fingers [Type: P; Range: LOS; Duration:
Sustained; Telekinetic force with Strength equal to Force], Mass
Confusion [Type: M; Range: Area; Duration: Sustained; Target

Cougar Fine Blade (short) [Acc 5, Reach -, DV 6P, AP 1]
Colt DeathAdders (2) [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5(7), DV 8S, AP +1, SA,
RC , 15(c), w/ smartlink, 30 rounds Gel ammo]

Note: The DeathAdders are completely composite, enviro-sealed

pistols that Vapor has snuck into the store. Combat Sense focus
provides a +4 dice pool modifier for Defense Tests.


Be careful with Vapor. Hes not a joke, hes a serious runner with serious skills. Runners should be able to
realize this after his first attack. If the runners have too much trouble with him, Raizr and his crew can arrive just in
time. The arrival of others will bring Vapor to his senses and hell slip away.

> > > S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d - SCEN A RIO 2



S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d

Pembrenton wants the runners to take control of a Stuffer Shack Lite. The store is not the true target but
functions as the entrance to the real prize. The warehouse facility that is attached to this shop is the real target and
provides the real challenge, Aztechnology guards.


The facility is accessed through a hidden door in the store room. The door isnt anything fancy or even high
tech. Its a simple panel hidden behind a rolling freezer that can be pushed open. That is, if it werent locked from
the inside by the Aztechnology security forces within. Forcing the door requires a Strength + Body (4) Test.

Its a sure sign youve made it to the big leagues when youre about to do a run on a Stuffer Shack. Correct
that, Stuffer Shack Lite, even better. The trip is short but the trouble is visible as soon as you can see the sign in the
AR. Gathered loosely out front are half a dozen gangers in synthleather jackets trying their hardest to look tough.
Time to go shopping.

The door opens to a short stairway down to a hallway with a small living area split between its two sides. One
side has sleeping and sanitation, the other dining and entertainment. At the end of the hall is a metal grate door
and beyond is row upon row of shelves filled with supplies.


The security force inside consists of 4 Aztechnology Guards. Theyll all be awake and ready if any gunfire or
loud violence occurred in the store or nearby. Theyll hold the hallway from the two doors and through thin ports
on the sides of the metal grate doorway.

The Stuffer Shack Lite seems an easy target but there are two obstacles in the way. The proprietor of the SSL
has a deal with a few locals that chase off troublemakers. They call themselves the SS Knights and gather in force
outside the Stuffer Shack. Theyve chased off a few dozen problems already and theyre feeling pretty tough so
theyll stand their ground against the runners and even make the mistake that will lead to a little scuffle by firing a
shot to scare off the runners.

Once the runners are inside the SSL, the next obstacle holds back in hopes that the they are just there to loot
the place and dont know what lies hidden behind its innocent facade. When the runners call Pembrenton to bring
in support, Smedley informs them of their true goal. If the runners seek to negotiate for more money Pembrenton
will offer another 5,000 nuyen but also remind them of the money they were already paid.

Once this small force is dealt with the runners are free to call in Pembrentons support force.

The group that shows up is lead by a wild-eyed dwarf muttering to himself, who heads right for the Stuffer
Shacks sales counter and sets up shop. With him are the remains of the orks the runners dealt with at Avalon and a
handful more of similar stock and unpleasant attitude. Again, unpleasant glares will be shared but no violence will
break out unless the runners start it, which would be highly unprofessional.

The hidden storage facility behind the SSL is one of dozens around the city (and thousands around the
world) that Aztechnology has put in place since the loss of their food production facilities in Borinquen (formerly
Puerto Rico). Since then, shipments to Stuffer Shacks have been carrying excess to be stored.

> > > S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d - SCEN A RIO 3



S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d
Aztechnology Guards
[Professional Rating 3]

These arent elite troops, just corporate security. They wont fight to the death unless they think thats the only

SS Knights
[Professional Rating 1]

Not a true gang but a group of locals who work together to protect the Stuffer Shack in exchange for a healthy
discount from the stores proprietor. They have a cool name and even some cool jackets but they lack skill and


Physical Initiative: 6 + 1D6

Condition Monitor Boxes: 10
Limits: Physical 4, Mental 3, Social 5
Armor: 4
Skills: Automatics 1, Close Combat Skill group 1,

Knife [Acc 4, Reach -, DV 3P, AP 1]
Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5, DV 8P, AP -1, SA,
RC , 15(c), w/ smartlink, 30 rounds regular ammo]




Physical Initiative: 8(9) + 1D6(2D6)

Condition Monitor Boxes: 10
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 5, Social 5
Armor: 14
Skills: Close Combat skill group 4, Firearms skill group 4,

Knife [Acc 5, Reach -, DV 4P, AP 1]
Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5(7), DV 8P, AP 1,
SA, RC, 15(c), w/ 6 extra clips]

FN HAR [Assault Rifle, Acc 5(6), DV 10P, AP 2, SA, RC 2,

35(c), w/ 9 extra clips]

Perception 3

Augmentations: Wired reflexes 1

Gear: Armor jacket w/ helmet, gas mask, goggles (w/
low-light, smartlink, thermographic)

Etiquette 1 (Street +2), Intimidation 1, Pistols 2

Gear: Synthleather jacket, Commlink (Device Rating 1)


If the runners are falling on poor rolls and bad luck you can have a bit of luck fall in their lap when they find
a Stun Grenade behind the counter. This grenade will stun all the guards for 1 Combat Turn, giving the runners a
good chance of taking them out. If they fail this they can go join a knitting circle because the shadows are way too
harsh for them.

> > > S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d - SCEN A RIO 3



S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d

the medical facility.


The office hallway is a single straight hallway with 7 doorways, 6 along the walls and a 7th at the end of the
hallway. The first two doors are doctors offices, the next two are smaller sales offices, the two after that are another
doctors office and a break room. The final door at the end of the hallway belongs to the clinic manager and head
doctor. The whole place is covered in physical and AR ads for the latest modifications. The break room has another
door that leads to a small sitting area outside with a few tables.

The target in this scenario is a Nightengale Clinic nearby the Avalon. The runners need to take the clinic for
Pembrenton to secure a supply of meds and a medical facility. The primary obstacle here is a group of partying rich
kids who got a serious dose of dragon dust and are now freaking out.

Feels different being headed to a clinic while not bleeding from several extraneous holes in your person.
The place is far more upscale than the chop-shops you normally end up at anyway. Maybe you can get a little work
done once the place is in Pembrentons hands.


Nightengale Clinics are famous all over the world. They offer premium medical services as well as cyber and
bioware upgrades. The clinic has a few patients, some of which are the problem. No one is currently in surgery but
a few more possible obstacles are in recovery. The first thing the runners need to get past is the nurse at the front
desk who is seriously intimidating and not keen on the runners taking over. Shell try to hold the runners in the front
with words, then resort to Charisma + Intimidation [Social] rolls (dice pool: 13, limit 7).

The trouble starts at one of three different points depending on how the interaction up front went. If the
runners have sat down (not likely) there will be noise and a commotion in the back. When the nurse calls back to
check, screams are the only reply and she will run for the back area. The runners can intervene or participate at
any point. If the runners are still engaging the nurse and resisting her intimidation or trying to intimidate her, the
commotion begins while the runners are in the midst of the argument and the crazed party kids come pouring out
of the door. If the runners bulldoze or go right past the nurse, or sneak in through the back, they get accosted at
whatever door they open by the storm of crazed kids.

The medical facility is more complex. After the door is a two-way hallway with a nurses station at the corner.
Straight ahead are the patient rooms for prep and recovery. There are 10 rooms along the inner wall, each with a full
suite of medical equipment. The opposite wall of the hall has two double swinging doors that lead to the 8 surgical
suites. The other hallway inside the door leads to the storage rooms, security office, and two small observation
theaters for two of the surgical suites.

The facility currently has all beds full. Two of the beds have surgical patients recovering while the other 8
have some former patients with clinical services who were nearby when the dragon crashed at Fenway. They got a
heavy dose of dragon dust and got sick. The current staff is 3 nurses. The 8 sick will go crazy and attack, the nurses
will panic, and the last two can enter as part of any side the gamemaster wants depending how the fight goes and
how tough she wants it for the runners.

After the runners deal with the crazies, the nurse is happy to have them there. She offers medical aid to any
who need it. When the runners send word to Pembrenton of their success he sends over a rather eccentric looking
man who introduces himself as Doctor Holliday when he arrives and then proceeds to boss around the staff he
brought, the staff there, and even the runners to start cleaning up the mess.

The clinic layout is pretty simple. The front double doors are made of frosted glass and lead to the front
seating area. The front seating area has a nurses/greeting desk at the center and several rows of seats. To each side
of the nurses station are doors. One leads to the offices for the doctors and the sales staff, while the other leads to

> > > S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d - SCEN A RIO 4



S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d
Crazed Kids
[Professional Rating 6 (Theyre Psychotic)]

These were once just normal teenagers trying to sneak a drink nearby Fenway while they listened to the game. A
dusting later and they were suddenly suffering from nausea and severe headaches. They headed to the clinic and
got a sedative but the nanites they are filled with are not ready to just hang out here and sleep.


Physical Initiative: 8 + 2D6

Condition Monitor Boxes: 12
Limits: Physical 6, Mental 4, Social 6
Armor: 2
Skills: Athletics skill group 3, Combat Skill group 6,

Gear: None
Fist [Acc 6, Reach -, DV 6S, AP ]







Physical Initiative: 8(9) + 1D6(2D6)[3D6 if infected]

Condition Monitor Boxes: 11(13 if infected)
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 8, Social 6
Armor: 0
Skills: Automatics 7, Close Combat Skill group 5, Pistols

Augmentations (all aphaware): Muscle replacement

2, wired reflexes 1

Gear: None
Unarmed [Acc 8, Reach -, DV 6S(9S if infected), AP ]

5, Throwing Weapons 4


Intimidation 4

The runners might need a bigger challenge and for that, the recovering patients can end up joining the
crazies or simply attacking the runners because they think they are the bad guys. Feel free to bring in a few others
from the other scenarios as well if you want. Some extra security, a passing force, or even another runner team
trying to use the chaos to snag some premium wares.

Recovering Patients
[Professional Rating 6]


The two recovering patients are both company men for Evo. Theyre in getting facial adjustments for their next
assignments. They arent keen on getting their covers blown before they even start the work so making sure this all
ends clean is in their best interest. Or Theyre infected and going to be flipping out with wires running in overdrive.

If the crazies are getting the best of the runners have the recovering patients help out. The fight should be
tough but not life-ending. There are plenty more adventures to be had in the QZ. If that doesnt even seem to help
have the crazies run for the door. The runners could play hero to try and stop them if they want but they run and
dont attack anymore.

> > > S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d - SCEN A RIO 4



S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d


Appropriate Contacts: Corporate, Criminal, Law Enforcement, Street


Its a Wrap

Once this is all done the runners are in the good graces of Pembrenton and well on their way to setting
themselves up a place to get work and supplies in the QZ. This is the end of the QSR games but the Shadowrun Fifth
Edition Rulebook along with the Lockdown Sourcebook can keep your adventures in the Quarantine Zone going
right alongside the Shadowrun Online computer game.
Awarding Karma

Everyone that completes the mission gets 2 karma for each successful scenario as well as 1 karma for the
challenge and survival. This leaves a possible 8 karma.

At any time during an adventure, the player characters might search for information using their contacts,
various Matrix connections or even astral space. Because players may choose to do this at any time, all of the
possible searches and results are gathered together in the Legwork section. Having all the information in one place
makes for easy gamemaster reference.

Contact hits Data Search hits


I dont know anything about any weapons. Nothing at all.

Good place for accessories or small arms. No range on site to test out the

Tight security. They scan at the door and make sure no one comes in with
any of their own bang bangs.

Employees all qualify monthly with their pistols and WW policy is shoot first
and offer medical attention once theyre in cuffs.

I worry more about the other customers than the staff most of the time. Even
without the guns, plenty of their shoppers are deadly.

> > > S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d - SCEN A RIO 4



S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d


Appropriate Contacts: Criminal, Law Enforcement, Street

Appropriate Contacts: Corporate, Criminal, Medical, Law Enforcement, Street

Contact hits Data Search hits






I could use a Nuke-It Burger right now too. You headed there? Can you get
me a 6 bag?
Decent shop. Clean, usually well-stocked. Even during last Combat Biker
finals they didnt run out of Splode like everybody else.
KE has a contract note to do extra patrols on the street by that one. Everyone
thought it was for the Big Jewels shop a few doors down but when it got hit
the pawns didnt move any quicker than usual. When the Shack got held up
by some blissed out squatter, they were on scene with four squads before
the kid at the register could transfer the funds. As if the pawns werent bad
enough they have some local nuts who like to play gangers.
That place gets a lot of shipments for an SS Lite. Theyre either pulling some
serious numbers round the clock, which Ive never seen more than 1 or 2 customers at any time in there, or theyre bringing in something else in those
shipments and unloading it off the books.
Nothing Lite about that Shack. Its a resource storehouse for their parent
mega, Aztechnology. The place has a secret storehouse built into the space
under the parking lot.

Contact hits Data Search hits


Club down in the Rox. I love that place, chicks in cages belting away in the
AR and you can tune into whoever you want
Clinics for implant work. All over the world.

First rate cyber and bio shops. They were deep into the geneware and nanotech until the recent issues with nano failure around the world.




They deal in high end clientele, usually have onsite private security and PanicButton support close, especially here in Boston. They arent local chop
shops but a lot of them do shadow work for the right price.
They run a barren staff most of the time. Im not sure if its a cost-cutting
method due to some recent losses in the medical industry, drones and agents
taking jobs, or a sign of their imminent demise, I just know theres rarely
anyone there.
That shop recently pulled out of a private security contract and hasnt hired
on a new provider yet. Im guessing theyve got some shadow-talent running protection for them but Ive got nothing solid.
Word on the street is that one of those surgical suites is set up for custom
work. That Nightengale should have some premium grade wares and probably an extra supply of top shelf goodies for their rich clients.

> > > S u pp l y A n d D e ma n d - SCEN A RIO 4




Active Skills: Automatics 5, Close Combat skill group 4, Etiquette 1 (Corporate +2), Heavy Weapons 2, Intimidation 4, Longarms 3,


Metatype: Troll
Being the biggest has its advantages and disadvantages out on the
battlefield. The key is to knowing how to take advantage of both.
Whether stepping out to take the first shot or holding that door so
the team can get a head start, you have the muscle and guts to do it
all. Youve seen your fair share of battlefields around the world and
you know how dangerous the streets can be. More important though,
is your understanding that bullets only get you so far.





Condition Monitor (P/S): 13/10

Armor: 9(12)
Limits: Physical 11, Mental 4, Social 5
Physical Initiative: 7(8) + 1D6(2D6)

Perception 4, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Running 2, Sneaking 2, Tracking 2 (Urban +2)

Knowledge Skills: Black Markets 2, Mercenary Operations 2, Gangs 3, Law Enforcement 2, Organized Crime 3
Language Skills: English N, Japanese 3, Russian 2
Qualities: Allergy (Uncommon, Mild, dogs), Home Ground (Foreign Soil), SINner (Corporate Limited), Tough as Nails
Augmentations: Dermal plating 2, wired reflexes 1
Gear: Armor vest [9], fake SIN [Rating 3], 10 plastic restraints, 10 sensor tags, 10 stealth tags, Renraku Sensei commlink

AK-97 [Assault Rifle, Acc 5, DV 10P, AP 6, SA, RC , 38 (c), w/ 100 rounds APDS ammo]
Remington 990 [Shotgun, Acc 4(5), DV 11P, AP 1, SS, RC , 8(c), w/ 40 flechette rounds, 40 gel rounds, laser sight, 40 rounds regular
ammo (slug)]
Knife [Blade, Acc 5, Reach , DV 10P, AP 1]
Bartender (Connection 2, Loyalty 2)
Black Market Dealer (Connection 3, Loyalty 3)
BTL Dealer (Connection 2, Loyalty 2)
Fixer (Connection 2, Loyalty 1)
Handler (Connection 3, Loyalty 2)
Mafia Capo (Connection 2, Loyalty 3)
Street Hustler/Face (Connection 4, Loyalty 3)
Starting Nuyen: 4,547 + (3D6 X 60)




L o c k d o w n PC s
Active Skills: Close Combat skill group 3, Conjuring skill group 3, Firearms skill group 4, First Aid 3, Intimidation 2, Perception 4, Running
2, Sorcery skill group 3, Stealth skill group 3, Tracking 3 (Forest +2)
Knowledge Skills: Black Markets 2, Gangs 3 (Tribal +2), Geology 3, Native American History 2, Smuggler Operations 2
Language Skills: English N, Lakota hand sign 4, Salish N
Qualities: Addiction (Mild, alcohol), Allergy (Uncommon, Mild, cats), Bilingual, dependant (sister), SINner (National, Salish-Shidhe
Council), Toughness
Augmentations: Cybereyes [Rating 2 w/ low-light, thermographic, image link], cyberhand [Rating 2, Agility 4, Strength 4, w/ hand razors]
Gear: Armor jacket [12], fake SIN [Rating 4], Middle lifestyle (1 month), Medkit (Rating 4, w/ 3 extra supplies), Renraku Sensei commlink

Metatype: Human

The pride of Native America, if it werent for his drinking. The she-mercenary is a combination of shamanic magical skills, mercenary grit,
and a few pieces of internal hardware to give just the right edge at
just the right time. Even with all these skills you know the best place
to work is with a team. Now that youre off the mercenary circuit, you
have needed skills on the street to earn some serious nuyen.





Condition Monitor (P/S): 11/11

Armor: 12
Limits: Physical 6, Mental 6, Social 7
Physical Initiative: 8 + 1D6

Armor [Type: P; Range: LOS; Duration: Sustained; Armor equal to hits scored, cumulative with worn armor)]
Confusion [Type: M; Range: LOS; Duration: Sustained; -1 dice pool modifier to target per hit]
Ice Sheet [Type: P; Range: LOS (Area); Duration: Instant; crossing ice requires Agility + Reaction Test, Threshold equal to hits, to avoid falling]
Manabolt [Type: M; Range: LOS; Damage: (equal to hits)P): Duration: Instant]
Browning Ultra-Power [Heavy Pistol, SA, Acc 5(6), DV 6P, AP 1, RC , 10 (c), w/ regular ammo, 2 clips, quick draw holster]
Defiance EX Shocker [Taser, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP 5, SS, RC 3, 4 (m), w/ 20 spare darts]
Ranger Arms SM-5 [Sniper Rifle, Acc 8, DV 14P, AP 5(9), SA, RC (1), 15(c) w/ 15 rounds APDS ammo]
Ruger Super Warhawk [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5(9), DV 9P, AP 2, SS, RC , 6 (cy), w/ laser sight, 60 rounds, 3 speed loaders]
Hand razors [Blade, Acc 6, Reach , DV 5P, AP 3]
Knife [Blade, Acc 5, Reach , DV 5P, AP 1]
Bartender (Connection 2, Loyalty 2)
Street Doc (Connection 3, Loyalty 3)
Joygirl/sister (Connection 2, Loyalty 5)
Yakuza soldier (Connection 2, Loyalty 3)
Street Racer (Connection 2, Loyalty 4)
Starting Nuyen: 2,983 + (3D6 X 100)

> > > C H A R A CTERS / S H A - M ERCEN A RY



L o c k d o w n PC s
Active Skills: Automatcs 3, Automotive mechanic 4, Clubs 2, Etiquette 3 (Street +2), Gunnery 4(5), Gymnastics 2, Negotiation 4, Perception


Metatype: Human
The need for speed is in your blood right alongside the need for caffeine. You came up racing on the streets but a piss poor nitrous install
left you unable to stop and careening into a street cafe. To avoid corporate jail time you volunteered to serve on the corps Desert Wars
squad. A few tours later with some primo gear and your debt paid
you wanted the rush of racing over the risk of bullets. Back home the
money from tuning street rods for other racers isnt nearly enough to
keep your ride at the head of the pack so youve found another place
to use your skills. In the shadows.





Condition Monitor (P/S): 10/10

Armor: 14
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 6, Social 5
Physical Initiative: 10 + 1D6

4, Pilot Ground Craft 5 (Wheeled +2), Pistols 3, Running 2

Knowledge Skills: Drift Racing 2, Go Gangs 3, Police Procedures 3, Underground Racing Circuits 3
Language Skills: English N, Japanese 3
Qualities: Addiction (Moderate, caffeine), Dependents 1 (sibling), Gearhead, Juryrigger, Prejudiced (Specific, outspoken, Law Enforcement)
Augmentations: Control rig (Rating 2), cybereyes [Rating 2, w/ flare compensation, image link, low-light vision, smartlink], datajack,
dermal plating (Rating 2), reaction enhancers (Rating 3), reflex recorder (Gunnery), rigger command console (CompuForce TaskMaster)
Gear: Bike racing armor [12] (w/ fire resistance 2), bike racing armor helmet [+2], concealable holster, Doc Wagon contract (basic),
facility (automotive mechanic), fake licenses [Rating 5, driving], fake SIN [Rating 5], Hermes Ikon commlink (DR 5), Middle lifestyle (4
months), medkit (Rating 4, w/ 2 supply refills), miniwelder, 3 stim patches (Rating 1), subvocal microphone, sunglasses [Capacity 2, w/ vision
enhancement 2], toolkit (automotive mechanic), 3 trauma patches

Hyundai Shin- Hyung [Handling 5/4, Speed 6, Accel 3, Body 10, Armor 6, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Passenger 4, rig-ger interface, weapon mount (Colt TZ-120)]
GMC Bulldog Step-Van [Handling 3/3, Speed 3, Accel 1, Body 16, Armor 12, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Passenger 6, rigger interface, 2 weapon mount (Uzi IV)]
Suzuki Mirage [Handling 5/3, Speed 6, Accel 3, Body 5, Armor 6, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Passenger 1, rigger in-terface, weapon mount (Uzi IV)]
Horizon Flying Eye [Handling 4, Speed 3, Accel 1, Bod 0, Arm 0, Pilot 3, Sensors 3]
MCT Fly-Spy [Handling 4, Speed 2, Accel 2, Bod 1, Arm 0, Pilot 3, Sensors 3]
MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone [Handling 4, Speed 4, Accel 2, Bod 4, Arm 4, Pilot 3, Sensors 3, w/ standard weapon mounted AK-97]
S-B Microskimmer [Handling 3, Speed 3, Accel 1, Bod 0, Arm 0, Pilot 3, Sensors 3]
Hyundai Shin-Hyung: Colt TZ-120 [SMG, Acc 4(6), DV 7P, AP-, SA, RC 2, 40 (c), w/ 300 rounds regular ammo]
GMC Bulldog Step-Van: Uzi IV [SMG, Acc 4(6), DV 7P, AP-, SA, RC 1, 24 (c), w/ 300 rounds regular ammo]
Suzuki Mirage: Uzi IV [SMG, Acc 4(6), DV 7P, AP-, SA, RC 1, 24 (c), w/ 300 rounds regular ammo]
MCT-Nissan Roto-Drone: AK-97 [Assault Rifle, Acc 5, DV 10P, AP 6, SA, RC , 38 (c), w/ 100 rounds APDS ammo]
Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5 (7), DV 8P, AP 1, SA, RC , 15 (c), w/ 150 rounds regular ammo]
Ingram Smartgun X [SMG, Acc 4(6), DV 8P, AP , SA, RC 2, 32 (c), w/ 150 rounds regular ammo]
Fixer (Connection 2, Loyalty 2)
Go Ganger (Connection 2, Loyalty 3)
Starting Nuyen: 4,360 + (4D6 x 100)

> > > C H A R A CTERS / RI G G ER



L o c k d o w n PC s
Condition Monitor (P/S): 13/12
Armor: 9(12)
Limits: Physical 8, Mental 6, Social 4
Physical Initiative: 8(10) + 1D6(3D6)


Active Skills: Automatics 4 (SMG +2), Blades 5 (Swords +2), Etiquette 3 (Corporate +2), Gymnastics 3, Intimidation 4, Longarms 4,

Metatype: Human
While some warriors of the street were willing to look the part of killing machine, you have chosen the less obtrusive route. Though your
soul is still as cold and detached as any who have given up so much
of their body to foreign parts, you still look human on the outside.
Youve spent a fortune having your body parts augmented by better
systems and when the day was done you wondered, what am I going
to do with all this. You got your answer from the clinic doctor during
you last visit when your trust fund ran dry and you couldnt pay. You
went to work for the local Yakuza-gumi the minute you left the hospital. Problem is, your work for them pays off the debts, not the bills so
sidelining as a runner has been job number two.









Negotiation 2, Perception 4 (Visual/Audio +1), Pilot Ground Craft 2 (Bike +2), Pistols 4, Running 2, Sneaking 3, Unarmed Combat 4
Knowledge Skills: Bushido 2, Criminal Operations 2, Gangs 3, Law Enforcement 2, Organized Crime 1 (Yakuza +2)
Language Skills: English N, Japanese 4
Qualities: Allergy (Uncommon, Mild, stinging insect), SINner (Corporate Limited), Tough as Nails
Augmentations: Bone density augmentation 3, cerebral booster 2, cyberears [Rating 2 w/ audio enhancement, select sound filter,
soundlink], cybereyes [Rating 2, w/ low-light, thermographic, smartlink, vision enhancement], damage conpensator 4, enhanced articulation,
muscle augmentation 3, muscle toner 3, orthoskin 3, platelet factories, reflex recorder (Automatics), sleep regulator, synaptic booster 2
Gear: Armor long coat [9], 3 concealable holsters, fake SIN [Rating 4], Middle lifestyle (3 months), Renraku Sensei commlink

Ares Predator V (2) {Heavy Pistol, Acc 5(7), DV 8P, AP 1, SA, RC , 15(c), w/ smartlink, 100 rounds regular ammo, 100 rounds Stick-n-Shock ammo]
Ingram Smartgun X [SMG, Acc 4(6), DV 8P, AP , BF/FA, RC 2, 32(c), w/ gas-vent 2, integral sound sup-pressor, smartlink, 100 rounds
regular ammo, 100 rounds explosive ammo]
Fist [Unarmed Combat, Acc 8, Reach , DV (Str+3)P, AP ]
Katana [Blade, Reach 1, Acc 8, DV 9P, AP 3]
Waitress (Connection 2, Loyalty 3)
Yakuza Oyabun (Connection 5, Loyalty 2)
Smuggler (Connection 3, Loyalty 2)
Sensei (Connection 2, Loyalty 3)
Starting Nuyen: 3,458 + (3D6 X 100)

> > > C H A R A CTERS / B IO - S A M UR A I



L o c k d o w n PC s


He is a well-dressed and heavily muscled troll with broad shouldered and no gut. His black hair is usually combed to accent the single horn on left side of his head. He usually smokes expensive cigars
and has a slight British accent with a slight rasp due to the smoking.

He worked the shadows in his youth and is a former member of Dunkelzahns Watchers. Since hes worked with runners before he treats them with
the respect they deserve, if they deserve it. Respect is hard to earn from Pembrenton, but once it is earned hes pleasant enough.

His overall goal is to make the best of the quarantine and continue to
supply and support the contacts and network he has already developed. Being
a fixer is one of many enterprises he is heading up.

> > > C H A R A CTERS / S m e d l e y P e mb r e n t o n III

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