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Lesson plan

General information

Learning Outcomes

Class: grade one.

Date: 7 of November 2016
Subject: English.
Theme: my family.
Lesson: letter m
No. of the students: 7

Identify the sound of the letter m.

2. Identify the name of the letter m.

3. Recognize the form of the letter m.
4. Make the action of letter m.
5. Classify the capital and small "m".
6. Classify letter m between different
7. Say words beginning with the sound m.

Development domains
The students develop:
Communication and Language: when they learn new vocabularies.
Physical development: use the fine and gross motor through the activities.
Literacy: learn about letter m.
Social skills: share materials and ask questions.
Understanding the world: identify things that start by m in the world.

Description of Activities

Sing a Welcome song. (4 minutes):

I will play a if you happy song to the students to introduce the lesson and make focus with
me and make them do some excises.

Review the previous letters s, t, a, p, n and i. (6 minutes):

I will put the letter in the floor and when I will ask students to stand on the letter when they
hear its sound.

Song about letter m. (2 minutes):

I will play a letter m to make students identify the new letter.

Introduce the letter: (1 minute)

Explain the name and the sound of letter m.

Letter m action: (2 minutes):

Explain the letter m action then ask students to do the action.

Explain the lesson: (5 minutes):

Teach the students about the capital and small m. Then identify the word that start by
letter m such as: mum, milk, man, map, mat and mango.
Activity one: classify the capital and small. (5 minutes):
There will be a cards about capital and small m in different places and I will ask students to
find them.

Activity two: classify the letter m between the letters. (4 minutes):

There will be a different letters in the power point and the students will classify capital m
between the letters. Then the will classify the small m between the letters.

Write the letter m: (5 minutes):

I will play the video about how to write letter m. Then I will teach the students to write
letter m in the whiteboard.

Writing activity 1: (6 minutes):

The students will write letter m (capital and small m) in the card.

Writing activity 2: (5 minutes):

I will give the students clay and paper which include letter m then I will ask students to
write letter m by the clay in the paper.

Extra Activity:
If I have more time I will ask students to do activities about the letter m in their books.

. power point, whiteboard pen, cards and clay.

Teaching strategies

Use different level of sound.

Ask questions