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Lesson Plan Guide for how you might plan for a whole group or small group.

Learning Development Area:

Communicating: explores and engages with literacy in

personally meaningful ways
Active Learning: Building positive dispositions and
approaches toward learning

Wellbeing: Explores ways to show care and concern and interact

positively with others

Wellbeing: is building a sense of autonomy and wellbeing

Implementation Date
Group time 5-10mins
Indoor activity 1020mins

Context for learning:

Group time (music and story reading)
Indoor activity
Does this build on prior experiences/interests of the children?
One child has an interest in tractors and the farm.
Students have also shown interests in horses and in chickens
What is the focus? About what am I being intentional? Will I observe/record information?
To introduce students to farms and how to care for farm animals
Guiding Behaviour Consider what you need to put in place to support children:

Use language that only states what you want them to do not the unwanted
Positive Acknowledgement

Farm Animals
Craft supplies e.g. play dough, plasticine, paddle pop sticks, pipe cleaners
Fake grass
Barn house
Differentiation strategies:
By reading the story I am going to catering for learners who are auditory and visual learners
however by also doing actions I am catering for those who are hands on learners.
Depending on the fine motor skills and the ability levels of each students I will assist students so
they will be successful however will allow them to develop their skills that they might be still
building upon.
You will use a lesson plan for group times (music, language, story, beginning a session etc). You need to think
though how you will engage with the children, the language you will use, the questions you might ask etc.

Introducing the
topic and settling



Talk to students about what is on a farm

Show them a video clip of a farm
Students will be shown the book the farmer and the dell
Read the book through to the students and point out the actions for
each part
5. Sing the book with every students and do the actions then students
will transition into next activity
Bring out a table and bring out resources
Get a group of students or individual students to help create a farm
Draw a brainstorming/ concept map with students about what they want in
their farm
Help assist students to create a farm
Get child who likes tractors to create a tractor with the craft supplies.
To allow the student to show their creativity as they have used to imagine a
tractor outside.

Evaluation / Reflection: