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Aztec Story for Activity

After Huitzilopochtli banished you from your homeland, you, and

the rest of the Aztec people, are said to have wandered for 200
years. You have arrived in your new lands and are ready to set up
your society. This is what your society will look like.

Step One:
If you have a yellow card you must stay where you are. Everyone
else must move forward.

People with yellow cards: You are slaves. If you have a sad
face, you were sold by your family to pay off debts. If you have
handcuffs and jail bars you have been enslaved for committing a
crime. You are at the bottom of society. Your role carries no
respect. You must do the bidding of the nobles you work for or risk
being sent for sacrifice. It is nearly impossible for you to leave
slavery but it can be done if you have the money to buy your way
out or if you have served enough time for your slavery to end.
Stay where you are.

People with blue cards: If you have an apple, a fish, or a

woman on your card, stay where you are. Everyone else move
Apples and Fish: if you have an apple or a fish on your card, you
are the farmers and fishermen. Even though you carry some
respect among your people, you still rank second lowest on the
hierarchy. You are expected to sell your food in the market, give

portions of your farmed food instead of taxes, and donate time to

work for the Aztec state. You work hard.
Women: If you have a woman on your card, you are the women in
Aztec society. Your role is seen as being helpful to men. It is hard
for you to advance because you are not able to participate in the
military. Though women are equal in some ways, overall they are
seen as being low ranking members of Aztec society.
Farmers, fishermen, women and other workers- the group you are
a part of- made up the largest chunk of society in Tenochtitlan.
Yellow Cards: If you have an X on your card, you have defied
your master publicly three times and have been sent to be
sacrificed. Stand by the smartboard and watch.
Blue Cards: If you have a sun or a smiley face, move to the next
section. Everyone else stay where you are.
Merchants: If you have a dollars sign, you are a merchant. You are
one of the richest groups in Aztec society. You travel far and wide,
bringing back valuable goods. This travel gives you extensive
knowledge of enemy cities and you are often used by the army
during war time.

Yellow Cards: If you have a clock on your card, your slavery time
has been served and you can move to the next level.

Blue Cards:
Artisans: If you have a paintbrush and pallet, you are an artisan.
You help fill your societys need for fine art and clothing. You hunt
tropical birds and raise them in captivity so that you can take

their feathers for your projects. You are somewhat valued in Aztec
Soldiers: If you have a dagger on your card, you are a soldier. You
are highly respected in Aztec society but you still do not rank at
the top of the hierarchy. Your military expertise might be an
opportunity for you to increase your social rank.
Yellow Cards:
If you have a D on your card, you have defied your master three
times and have been publicly sacrificed. Move to the smartboard.

Next Tier:
Blue Cards:
Nobility: If you have a smiley face on your cards, you are the
nobility. You are rich and possess many things. You live in large
mansions and have slaves to help with your daily life. You also
have a chance to become the emperor and if you sit on the
council you can vote for him.
BACK TO WOMEN: Women, if you have a heart on your card,
you have married a noble. In Aztec society there was minimal
judgment about marriage between the classes. Join your spouse
in the upper class.

Religious Figures: If you have a sun and clouds on your card, you
are a respected religious figure. Religion is a highly important
aspect of Aztec society. You are part of that. Enjoy your place in
the nobility.

Artisans: One of you enlisted in the military for a recent battle.

You successfully captured four enemy soldiers and brought them
back to Tenochtitlan to be sacrificed. You were immediately
accepted into the nobility. Come and join your new group.

Nobles and priests:

Nobles and priests: you are among the top 10% of Aztec society
and you have a big job to do. The emperor died last week and it is
now your job to pick a new one. If you are either a priest or a
noble and have a red arrow on your card, you must choose among
yourselves which one of you will be the new emperor. Vote now.
When emperor is selected:
You are the emperor. You are at the highest possible level of Aztec
society. There is only one of you. You are known as The Great
Speaker and, even though everyone knows you are human, you
are treated as a god. You have enormous palaces and a personal
zoo. Unfortunately, as you were elected, when you die your family
does not keep the throne. You are the head of state and the
commander of the army. Enjoy your power. Enjoy your crown.
**Slave brings grapes
***Place crown on head.