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I met respondent, Christian Dumatol when they moved into our residential
area. (name of subdivision/condo). Respondent introduced himself as a
businessman who has a security agency. He even gave me his calling card
showing his position with the said security agency. Because we thought him
to be an honorable person, we welcomed him as our neighbor and we
became friends.
Last January 2015, I and a friend of mine was enticed by Christian Dumatol,
herein respondent to enter into a business partnership which involves
DELIVERY AND TRUCKING . Respondent made us believe that he has
the knowhow and connection to engage in the alleged trucking business.
Respondent told us that we three partners should shell out financial
contribution so as the trucking business will materialize. Respondent further
assessed that the income in said trucking business will enable us to retire
securely with financial freedom.
Respondent then talked to me personally and convinced me to shell out
money to be used for the documentation of the business and down payment
for the truck we will be acquiring. Because of his enticing words, I managed
to gather the amount of P _______________ and handed the same to
respondent last January 23, 2015.
Since I am gainfully employed with regular working hours, respondent told
me that he will take care of everything.
According to him, he already paid the amount of P 150,000.00 to a certain
Joyce Pancho, an agent of Mitsubishi motors to facilitate the acquisition of
the truck for our business. The rest of the money, he allegedly used for
Months passed but no truck or even business materialized. I confronted
respondent then but he keeps on saying that everything is under process and
he is just waiting for the truck to be released. June 2015 came and still
nothing materialized, I decided then to withdraw my interest in the said
partnership only to find out that respondent has used the money intended for
documentation for himself as well as him gambling vices.
After several verbal demands, we were able to come down with a means of
getting respondent to pay me back/ return the money that I gave him.
Respondent issued 12 postdated checks in the amount of
P___________________ covering the part that he malversed and the rest, he

will get back from Joyce Pancho by filing a case against her for Estafa with
the City prosecutor. What is clear and equivocal is that whatever Joyce
Pancho pays, respondent in turn will transmit to me since it is part and
parcel of my investment to respondents defunct trucking business.
Much to my dismay, after the checks matured, respondent refuse to issue
another set of post dated checks to comply with the remaining P100,000.00
balance. Worse I found out that Joyce Pancho was already paying respondent
but instead of directing the payments to me, respondent appropriated and
used the same for his own benefit.
To date, respondent actually owes me P100,000.00 exclusive of damages
and cost of this complaint as evidence of his Undertaking hereto attached.
Despite having the undertaking, respondent continues to fail with his
obligation prompting me to send him a new demand letter for his
obligations. Said demands fell on deaf ears since to date respondent
continues to ignore his obligations TO MY GREAT DAMAGE AND
Because of his adamant refusal to pay his just and valid obligations, I am
now force to file this case so as I can get back what is legally due to me plus
legal interest and cost if the Honorable Court would grant me the same.

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