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Make TWO (2) foldables with the outline given for the following
vocabulary words.
SS8H4 The student will describe the impact of events that led to the
ratification of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
a. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both the Georgia Constitution of 1777 and the
Articles of Confederation and explain how weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation led to a
need to revise the Articles.
Performance-Based Objectives
(As a result of their engagement with this unit, students will know
and be able to)
SWBAT analyze the strengths and weakness of the Articles of
Confederation IOT explain how the weaknesses led to the
creation of the United States Constitution.
SWBAT analyze the strengths and weakness of the Georgia
Constitution of 1777 IOT explain how the weaknesses led to the
creation of the United States Constitution.
1. Abraham Baldwin (1754-1807)- Georgia signer of the U.S.
Constitution; also a U.S. Congressman, U.S. Senator, and the first
president of the University of Georgia.
2. Articles of Confederation-First document that created a government
for the United States. Created a weak government (could not collect
taxes). The Federal Government of the United States could not enforce
any laws as it did not have a military.
3. Bill of Rights-The first ten amendments to the United States
Constitution, added in 1791, and consisting of a formal list of citizens
rights and freedoms.
4. Constitution-A written document that outlines a countrys
5. Constitutional Convention- meeting that took place in Philadelphia
from May to September 1787; original intent was to revise the Articles
of Confederation, though the entire document was soon scrapped and
a new constitution was written.
6. Describe-To tell about; To tell all about.
7. Executive Branch-Governmental branch responsible for enforcing
8. Georgia Constitution of 1777-This constitution created a system
with separation of powers, even though the legislature had the most
power. Guaranteed citizens some rights, however, voting rights
belonged only to white men over 21 and who could afford to pay taxes.

9. Great Compromise- A compromise made between the large and

small states during the Constitutional Convention; allowed for a two
house legislative branches with the number of senators for each state
being equal (2 per state) and the number of members of the House of
Representatives being based on the states population.
House of Representatives-One of the houses of the bicameral
U.S. Congress; number of representatives is based on the states
population. Today the U.S. House of Representatives as 435 members.
Annotate ( highlight using the five (5) Ws and how) your secondary
resource AND answer the text depended questions below in a least
1. How did past experience of the patriots with Englands monarchy
influence their decisions regarding a new form of government?

2. How did the new government assure citizens that it would not impose
the oppression of the past monarchy?

3. What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation?