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Barking up the wrong tree

- Story of the Earthlings

I would like to begin with a request; if you could find a wheat grain, I want you
to thank it, Wondering why, because if it wasnt for the wheat, we wont be
having the computer we are sitting in front of, or any of the modern
technological advancements and even our modern civilization. Its role is as
significant as something like, lets say; the role of Gollum (Smagol) of Lord of
the Rings, in the quest of Frodo Baggins & Samwise Gamgee duo, in destroying
the Dark lord Saurons Ring, or the role of R2-D2 (the Astromech Droid) of Star
Wars in helping the Skywalker family. Got taken aback, heres the story; before
the arrival of wheat, humans had been hunter-gatherers, leading a nomadic
life. Nomadic societies never had time to invent and improve their life, and
they had to stick with the old habits passed on from the earlier generations for
their survival. Then around 10,000 years ago an unprecedented event
occurred. In the wild wheat, the ancestor of the domestic wheat, the husk of
the seeds are attached to the stalk by a special ridge of cells, and when the
plants ripe, these cells break off releasing the seeds to be dispersed by wind. In
Southern Turkey; an accidental cross pollination between the wild wheat and
the goat grass resulted in a mutation of a single gene, which made the ridge of
cells to remain intact and the new wheat never let go of its seed. It required
the help of humans to do the rest, marking the beginning of the incredible
symbiotic relationship between us and the new wheat plants. It turned us, the
nomadic humans into farmers. And after the emergence of agriculture, we
formed groups, then villages, towns and eventually cities, marked by division
of labor and chain of commands and the most significant of all; we took our
first steps in sciences and technological innovations.
Since then, we have been on a spree of scientific discovery and inventions;
starting from plough, followed by wheel and axle 3000 years ago, and then the
rest is all history. All the animals left the evidence of what it was in the form of
fossils while the human race on the other hand, left what it created and
shared. Characterized by our creativity and the inherent nature of taking
immense pleasure in exercising our creativity and pushing forward our skills to
the next level, we humans got into the everlasting pursuit of mastering
everything around us. So am gonna take you on a sight-seeing of the major
scientific revolutions, which validates our mastery over the external world. Our
scientific quests and the immense discoveries we made in varied fields has
ever been followed by our attempts to acquire mastery in those fields.

After the discovery of atomic structure and after tapping into the source of
atomic energy through Manhattan project, our understanding of the subatomic world had given birth to the quantum physics. This field of science that
deals with the strange world of the atoms, where all the known laws of physics
are defied, has made us acquire mastery over matter. Here are the few
examples; we had built trains that hover over air, at the speed of 580 miles an
hour, using lesser energy; called Maglev trains (Magnetic levitation). It is based
on the principle of magnetism that, like poles repel, but theres more to the
story. Instead of using electromagnets (as in electromagnetic suspension
system) which requires power source to create the magnetic fields, these
trains use electro dynamic suspension systems involving the use of super
conductors (conductors with zero electric resistance). For example, Ceramics
like Barium, Copper Oxide etc., when exposed to liquid nitrogen; at about -200
degree Celsius, lose their electric resistance and become superconductors. And
the transition to super conductivity is characterized by diamagnetism, which
involves spontaneous expulsion of electric currents which in turn creates a
magnetic field that opposes any existing magnetic field. Oh, darn it. Sorry for
getting in too deep. Anyway the phenomenon is called Meissner effect. Now
am gonna swear an oath; no more boring you, with science. From now on, Ill
spare you the technicalities, at least will try to and if you wanna know more
about something; just Google it. That being said, let me continue; this principle
of super conductivity has better promises for the future, if scientists develop
the technology and pave roads made of superconductors, then we would have
hovering cars like in I, Robot movie, cars that no longer rely on fossil fuels or
any other fuel for that matter. And the next in line, are the Carbon nanotubes
(CNTs), the toughest material known to mankind (so far). Made of individual
carbon atoms arranged as cylinders, the unique structure of CNTs gives them
the strength of a diamond with the flexibility of a fiber, but for now, they cant
be manufactured for greater lengths because of the cost, and the maximum
length of CNTs produced so far is only few millimeters. But if they were to be
mass produced in huge lengths, they are gonna replace steel which is 20 times
less tougher than CNTs, and wed be riding unsmashable cars, ultra-light jet
planes and even build uncollapsible buildings. Now dont flip out, theres more
to come.

The next surprises are from nanotechnology, which involves the making of
Nano machines, with the size of microorganisms, yet capable of performing
complex tasks. They use living protein systems to be modified into computer
operated machines, which are to be used in medicine and other fields. In
medicine, those machines will act like nano sized doctors patrolling our bodies
through our blood capillaries and repairing our body, just like in the movie
Osmosis Jones well not exactly Osmosis Jones who is actually a White
Blood Cell, but you get the idea. Yet another future offering from this field is
the Personal Fabricator a system of nano-machinery that builds anything
you want from atomic level up, its like a factory on a desktop; from medicine
to food, even your own custom electronics, whatever you want, you can make
it with your personal fabricator. It is based on the natures idea of using DNA
and other protein molecules to act as blueprints that build microorganisms to
giants like blue whales. So by using the same design as nature, by combining
digital programming and natures protein coding, scientists have proposed to
make it possible.
Now the famed biotechnology, the unraveling of the molecular structure of
DNA in the year 1953, and the discovery of the nuclear bases Adenine (A),
Guanine (G), Cytosine (C) & Thiamine (T) which form the genetic code, has
resulted in an explosion of scientific progression and also our ability to
influence and even modify life itself. The Human Genome Project, one of the
major international research projects that mapped the entire human gene
sequences has given us the genetic information of our biology. With the ability
of manipulating the gene sequences, gene mapping and gene therapy have
caused revolution in medicine by the introduction of genetic medicine. Already
genetic medicine is being used in the treatment and prevention of diseases
that are caused by a single gene. By switching of those individual rogue genes,
gene therapists were successful in curing those ailments. For diseases that are
caused by multiple genes, scientists have begun mapping gene sequences for
specific diseases like for instance; the Cancer Genome Atlas targeting the wide
variety of cancers. Advancements in biotechnology also include the
regenerative medicine involving artificially growing of organs using stem cells
and organ scaffolds. Beside these medical applications, genetic enhancements
had bestowed humanity with improved farm animal breeds and new strains of
crops. And now scientists have discovered the genes that impact the ageing

through calorie restriction process; called Sir2 genes. And scientists hope to get
access to the natural fountain of youth through further research in these
genes. Research works in genetic enhancers had enabled the scientists to
genetically engineer smarter and stronger mice, with increased physical and
mental abilities. If these were to extend to humans, then this world of ours
wont be the same. And of course; our exploration into the realms of outer
space in which we have just taken a puny little step which begun with the One
giant leap for mankind (landing on the moon).
Now there is one more thing left in our list, if you havent guessed it yet; its
the information technology, and I presume, this one needs no introduction
from me; so here ends our sight-seeing. Now lets get down to the brass tacks;
I have a confession to make, theres always two sides for a coin, and the one I
showed is the good side, the dark side would scare the crap outta you, like the
dreaded Technological Singularity (like in Terminator and Matrix movie
sequels), the Gray Goo and the list is even more bigger. But when compared to
what we are missing out in our life; while delighting ourselves in these
scientific endeavors, everything weve got so far with all our scientific ingenuity
and its promises for the future; wont even come close. So heres the
newsflash; no disrespect, but all our Mastery in the external world through all
these years of scientific endeavors is only matched by the lack of
understanding of our own Self, what it means to be a human being? Or even
more precisely, lack of mastery over our own self. And whats the use of
mastering everything around us, if we are still lacking at self-mastery. When it
comes to that; radical revolutionaries and trans-humanists may pull out the
scientific files from medicine or biotechnology or neuroscience to argue
otherwise; well even in the fields of neuroscience and psychology which deal
with the inherent human aspects, we are still scratching the surface. so let me
be clear, no matter how deep we go even in the above said fields, we would
only be digging the insides of our outsides, while our true inside would still be
uncharted, because its beyond our human conception, and unless we have an
open mind, unrestrained by our pride and arrogance, we would continue to
live in the mire of illusion of being the dominant species, species that had
mastered nature and all the self-gratifying lies we have been telling to
ourselves. And we would go on this path of scientific glory, but only at the cost

of losing our own self and our identity as human beings, or even worse;
stagnating, our evolution.
Now, I would like to bring in something here, am sure its gonna boggle your
mind. In 1980, scientists observed a strange phenomenon in Random Number
Generators (RNGs), electronic machines which generate 0s & 1s, and are used
like a coin toss. When these RNGs are at proximity to a human being, their
randomness was influenced by the emotional state of that person. Based on
this observation, a scientist named Roger Nelson from Princeton University and
his team established RNGs all across the world to observe the variation in
randomness with respect to the commonly shared emotional state of people in
that specific locality. As expected the results were startling. Data from the RNG
network working 24x7 were showing deviation in the randomness, whenever
there was an occurrence of a major global event. One of the notable deviations
observed in US was after the 2008 elections, when Barrack Obama became the
president. And the deviation spike was brought about by the emotionally
overwhelming Victory speech given by Barrack Obama. And data from more
than 340 such independent experiments when accumulated, showed one
thing; thoughts of human beings, which corresponds to the electric impulses in
our brains, are transmitted through our feelings and expressions, get collected
and spans across the globe more like our earths magnetic field, and exist as
Global Consciousness. And the project called Global Consciousness Project,
headed by the scientist Roger Nelson is continuing to experiment with the
correlation of human thoughts and the randomness patterns of events.
Another fascinating thing which was brought to light is the premonitory ability
of the global consciousness, their data showed a remarkable thing of; deviation
in randomness, being observed even before the occurrence of the event. One
such instance was during the 9/11 incident, which shook the world and filled
the world with tears. A huge deviation occurred even before the 9/11 incident
happened, giving the glimpse of our human consciousness, having the ability to
sense future. Scientists now are advocating the theory of occurrence of
morphic fields around people, (analogous to the magnetic fields of the
magnets) which interacts with each other that enables transfer of thoughts
between people through feelings and emotions and affecting one another.

Now if you just think about it, the implications of such things are huge; we
could never perceive even to the slightest extent of who we really are. We
human beings are special, and one thing that made us special is our thoughts,
and our thoughts are not meant for digging into things outside of us. We had
done that enough already, as a matter of fact, we had reached a point, where
we could leave the digging to our super computers to carry on our legacy, the
future scientific advancements could be automatized with our present
technology. Its time that we stop wasting our incredible asset on ruining
ourselves. I dont think you got anything to disagree on that. Its an obvious
fact that, all our scientific achievements except in sophisticating our lives did
nothing but harm. We had become more isolated, selfish, less human and
more importantly less loving. The problems created by our scientific
advancements outweigh the problems it had solved, and significant amount of
our thought resources are continuing to be wasted to solve the ever emerging
new problems. Now we had to correct the wrongs we had done, by using our
thoughts more into refining ourselves and discovering our true nature. Once
we could recognize the infinity thats within us, we wont be looking for the
science or technological advancements for our self-gratification. Our search of
contentment and progress should be diverted from outside to inside for us to
grow and evolve.
The solution is simple; our thoughts transcribe into our feelings and our
feelings are contagious and affect everyone and everything around us. We are
beings of feelings, and we all share the same feelings irrespective of the
innumerable divisiveness we had created among ourselves. And the one thing
which carries us through the life is the feeling of love. So far we had been
directing this love in mastering things outside of us; if we could direct the same
love to ourselves, we would soon realize our true self and would recognize the
fact that we are all connected and indeed we are all one. With that realization,
we would no longer isolate ourselves from one another; we would become
unified humanity, a single living entity having love as the basis of everything.
So unless we open up to this truth and act upon it, no matter how much we
achieve in the field of science; we would only be barking up the wrong tree and
we would never find what we are looking for; inner contentment and love.
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