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Daily Lesson Log (DLL) in English 9

Grade level/ Section: Grade 9

Learning Area: Anglo-American Literature

Module 3: /Quarter 3
Lesson 5 Day: 1
Teaching Dates and Time:____________

A. Content Standard
The learner demonstrates understanding of how Anglo-American literature and other text types
serve as means of connecting to the world; also how to use ways of analyzing one act play and and
different forms of verbals for him/her to skilfully perform in a one act play
B. Performance Standard
The learner skilfully performs in one-act play through utilizing effective verbal and non verbal
strategies and ICT resources based on the following criteria: Focus, Voice, Delivery and Dramatic
C. Learning Competencies
1. Express appreciation for sensory images used ENG9 LT-IIIf-20.1
2. Explain the literary devices used ENG9 LT-IIIf-20.2
II. CONTENT ( Subject Matter)
Literary text: Sensory Images and Literary Devices
1. Teacher's Guide pp.
2. Learner's Material pp. 325-326
3. English Time
4. Other learning resources/ internet website
A. Reviewing previous lesson or presenting the new lesson
What do fortitude and determination mean?
B.Establish a purpose for the lesson
This lesson will show how the sample lines from the story whether they appeal to the sense of sight ,
hearing, smell, taste or touch.
C. Presenting examples/ instances of the new lesson (motivation)
Your Initial Task is to Perform Task 1 Sensation and Perception (p.324) Identify what sense each of
the following samples appeal to.
D. Discussing new concepts and practice new skill
E. Developing Mastery
Do the activity in English Time about Literary Analysis Group on page 52-53
F. Finding practical applications of concepts and skills in daily living
Create examples of sensory images through the behavior attitude, personality and others of the main

G.Making Generalization and abstractions about the Lesson

Define sensory image / How sensory images are use?
H.Evaluating Learning
Form small groups of five and get lines with sensory images from the excerpt of Romeo and Juliet.
A. No. Of learners who earned 80% in the evaluation
No. Of cases who answered correctly at least
B. No. Of learners who require additional activities for remediation who scored below 60%
C.Did the remedial lesson work? No. Of learners caught up with the lesson
D. No. Of students who continue to require remediation
E. Which of my teaching strategies worked well? Why did this work?
Pointers why it worked well
Why it did not work?
F. What difficulties did I encounter which my principal or supervisor can help me solve?
Assistance from:
G. What innovation or localized materials did I use/discover which I wish to wishto share with other
teachers? Innovation or localized materials used to be shared with other teachers.