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USF Elementary Education Lesson Plan Template: Read Aloud

Name: Breanna Dennes

Grade Level Being Taught: 3rd Grade
Date of Lesson: November
10, 2016
Standard - What standard is
this lesson working to

Purpose/Objective - What
skill(s) are you developing in
this lesson? What do you want
students to practice, or be
able to do?

Book Selection & Rationale

What book have you
selected for this read aloud?
Why have you selected this
book (how does it support
your objective/purpose)? Will
you be reading the whole
book (why/why not)?
Step-by-Step Plan

LAFS.1.RL.3.9 Compare and contrast the adventures and experiences of characters in


In this lesson, I want my students to be able to compare and contrast the reactions of
Bunjitsu Bunny to the two opponents in the story.

For this read aloud, I have selected Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny by John Himmelman. I
selected this book because it is a SLAM book, or a Student Literacy and Media
Showcase book. These books are Reading Counts books, and if the student tests well
on these specific books and get a grade of higher than eighty percent, they get a
special dog tag to add to a necklace given to them. We have steadily been making our
way through these books, and I thought we would enjoy this one. However, I am not
reading the entire book, but only two chapters that are relevant to the lesson I want
my students to learn.

1. Describe how you will

preview the book and setup the read aloud.
Remember you may include

Students will be invited to join me on the carpet for the read-aloud. First, I will
reintroduce this book, reminding students of the main character, Isabel, and
asking a few of them to share some of the things we have already learned
about Isabel. Then I will explain that we have an activity for them today that
will ask them to compare and contrast Isabels actions in the story, so they
should be paying close attention.
I will then read two stories from the book, The Challenge and Bearjitsu

Breanna Dennes
(but are not limited to):
Introduce the book and
complete a picture walk
Connect to students'
Introduce key
Introduce the
objective/purpose of the
lesson (the skill being

2. Describe the purposeful

questions you will ask.
Make sure they are related
to your objective/purpose.
Remember you should:
name the points in text
where you will stop
name the questions you
will ask (keeping in mind
the objective/purpose of
your lesson and higher
order thinking question
stem starters)
describe the structures
you will use to allow
students time to think and
share their thoughts
describe how you will
bring students back
together to continue
describe the way you

3rd Grade

November 3, 2016

Bear. On page 30, I will pause and ask if the students think that Isabel will win.
On page thirty three, I will ask the students to turn and talk to their peers about
why they think Isabel did not fight Jackrabbit. Does this match what we know
about Bunnjitsu and its concept of honor?
For Bearjitsu Bear, I will ask if students can give me an idea about what
Bearjitsu is. At the end of this passage, page 97, I will ask students to turn to
shoulder partners again and talk about the differences between how Isabel
handled the situation. I will call on a few students to share. I will also ask why
they think Isabel fought Bear and not Jackrabbit. I will ask them to share their
thoughts, and add a few of my own.

USF Elementary Education Lesson Plan Template: Read Aloud

Name: Breanna Dennes
Grade Level Being Taught: 3rd Grade
Date of Lesson: November
10, 2016
will utilize an anchor chart
(if applicable)
3. Describe how students
will summarize and share
their thoughts about the
story. How will you wrap-up
the story with students? How
will they share their thoughts
or feelings about the story?
How will you lead students
into the assessment (i.e. after
reading activity)?

Evaluation Plan How will

you know students have
mastered your objective(s)?
Describe the afterreading/assessment activity
students will complete and
how it shows if they have
mastered your objective.
*Include a copy of any
materials (e.g. handouts,
organizers, etc.) that you
are giving to students.

For the assessment activity, I will dismiss the students by table to go back to
their seats. I will then pass out their compare and contrast maps, and have
them label one side as Jackrabbit and the other as Bearjitsu Bear. I will ask
them to give me some similarities and differences between the two situations.
How did Isabel handle them differently and similarly? What are some things the
two have in common?

Breanna Dennes

3rd Grade

November 3, 2016

USF Elementary Education Lesson Plan Template: Read Aloud

Name: Breanna Dennes
Grade Level Being Taught: 3rd Grade
Date of Lesson: November
10, 2016