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Day 1, Tuesday October 4, 2016:

1. Review morning work and homework as whole group at the carpet.

2. While students are at the carpet, introduce the unit by using Math
Lesson Powerpoint which is located in Dropbox. Students will be
selected randomly to answer any problems or questions they might
3. Once powerpoint is complete, display and review the prime or
composite anchor charts. Give examples and allow students to
4. Have students return to their seats. Explain students are going to
receive a factors/multiples foldable that they may use throughout the
week as a reference. Go over each strategy and definition of each
math term on the foldable.
5. Once foldable is cut and put away, bring students back to the carpet to
display the Youtube video of Factors and Multiples.
6. Students are to lastly complete the Factor Rainbows activity on their
desk. Teacher will complete one example with them under the
document camera. Once complete, students turn into the finished
Day 2, Wednesday October 5, 2016:
1. Review morning work and homework as whole group at the carpet.
2. As an introduction, display the two Study Jam videos titled Multiples
and Prime and Composite to review the skill of finding factors and
multiples from numbers 1-100.
3. One video is complete, teacher will go over the two sided worksheet on
multiples and factors. Teacher will go over each step and question and
detail; allow time for students to ask any questions about the
assignment. Students will be partnered up in teacher-selected
4. If students do not complete the worksheet during given class time,
they must finish it independently.
Day 3, Thursday October 6, 2016:
1. Review morning work and homework as whole group at the carpet.
2. Begin the Lesson 7 Common Core Math SMART lesson on Ready, Set,
Teacher Tool-Box. The lesson is interactive so students will be coming
up to the board to participate in the lesson and answer questions.
Students may use their slates to work problems out.
3. Once lesson is complete, teacher will go over the Factor Power game
student will play. Teacher will use Apple TV and Siri to randomly select
a number between 1-100. Once a number is generated and displayed,
students will work with their teacher-selected partner to determine the
factors or multiples of each numbers, and decide if the number is
prime or composite.
4. After each number, teacher will give immediate feedback by going
over each number and identifying multiples/factors on the white board.
Day 4, Friday October 7, 2016:
1. Review morning work in whole group.

2. Teacher will give a quick review of factors/multiples and

prime/composite numbers allowing student questions and an open
discussion. Teacher will go over each topic on the whiteboard.
3. Once whole group review is complete, students will complete the posttest at their desks individually. Protection shields will be used to ensure
each child is doing their own work.