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PR3 Poster Presentation Planning

You will need to show evidence of planning. Organise the key points of your poster
in the most logical order below. Also, attach/provide a draft plan of the layout of your
Key points to be included.

Poster should not include oppsite color..

Poster should designed without using so much color.

Presentation should be more interesting, listener shouldnt get bored while

presenting and watching the poster.

Poster doesnt have to include so much written details. Also presenter

should not present like he is reading a text.

While presenting, do gestures to dont get listeners bored.

Use your poster area carefully. Try to equalize the area for all group

Your draft plan

First of all, our poster has to be remarkable and include informations
about our sub category ideas. It shouldnt be boring, it has to be
interesting to look, so listeners shouldnt get bored. Poster has to be
remarkable but not something ugly. Be careful about not to use opposite
colors together or doing something so colorful. As the poster, presentation
should be remarkable. We dont want to get anyone bored while were
presenting. And poster shouldnt include so much written details. Also
every member should use their area equally. It has to be simple and
original. While presenting, using some gestures and toning might be
helpful for listeners to enjoy our presentation.

Adapted from Sabanc University

PR3 Poster Presentation Planning