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Cornitos Nachos Chips Positioning Strategy

1. Introduction
The Positioning Strategy Project for a product of Greendot Health Food Ltd.
Cornitos Nachos Chips aims to develop a new positioning strategy for the product
that will help it to increase its market share, by attracting more buyers. A preliminary
survey was conducted to identify the choices, preferences and snacking habits of
consumers. The characteristic features of the product (Cornitos Chips) were identified
for a proper positioning strategy. Market analysis was done to identify major
competitors and market conditions.
The market was then segmented based on the data collected and analysed. The target
group was then identified from the segmented market. The positioning strategies for
the selected segment (Target) were developed based on the characteristics of that
segment and based on the key features of the product. Figure 1.1 shows the
advertisements for Cornitos Nachos Chips.

Fig 1.1 Advertisement for Cornitos Nachos Chips.

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