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Proceedings of the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Information, Digital & Embedded Systems, NCe-TIDES -15, 28th February


Raspberry Pi Based Smart Surveillance System

G.S.Ajay Kumar1


Electronics and Communication Engineering

Kuppam Engineering College
Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh

M.Tech Embedded Systems,

Kuppam Engineering College
Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh

Dr.G.N.Kodada Ramaiah3
Professor and HOD ECE department
Kuppam Engineering College
Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh

This paper deals with Raspberry pi based Smart surveillance monitoring system. It provides mobile technology for homes
Surveillance and other security applications. The proposed Smart surveillance system captures information and transmits
it via a USB 3G Dongle/Ethernet to a Local Computer or Smart phone using web application and even sends triggered
image to the assigned Telegram App mobile number. Raspberry pi operates video camera for remote sensing and
surveillance, streams live video and records it for future playback and entire operation occurs only when motion is




Raspberry pi is a credit card sized computer .It functions

almost as a computer. [1]This increases feasibility to future
advancements at ease as it acts like a general purpose micro
controller. This surveillance system uses NoIR filter for
night vision and Motion detection code bundle is installed in
order to trigger recording only when motion is detected this
saves storage memory and bandwidth over Network. Even
Users can keep an eye where ever they are in the world with
a smart phone or Web application.
Even it has access to Telegram Gateway an
android/Windows phone app it will send the alert message in
case any intruder entered into the surveillance area along
with triggered image. Even in case of Local LAN network it
can store videos directly into Windows shared folder or even
can be directly uploaded to FTP via Internet. Either it can
keep a continuous surveillance or it can act only when
motion is detected[2].


The functions of various components are given below:

A. Raspberry pi Model B:
The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized
computer. Raspberry pi model B has an Arm 11 architecture

processor works at a clock frequency of 700MHZ .It is an

advanced embedded system which has an high efficiency in
real time operations. This system is also called as
Microcomputer as it performs any operations similar to a
Computer[3]. It has an RAM of 512 MB and a Memory slot
for an external memory interface like an SD card where the
Operating system is loaded. The Raspberry pi runs under
LINUX environment few Operating system provided
specifically for Raspberry Pi are Fedora remix, Raspbian OS
wheezy, XBMC, NOOBS etc..,
B. Raspberry pi Camera Module:
The Raspberry Pi camera module is able to capture highdefinition video and photographs. It has huge number of
applications in Image processing and data acquisition
systems. Example applications are Motion detection, face
recognition etc. It is supportive over python bundles and
libraries for further development[2].
C. Network connection via 3G Dongle or Ethernet cable:
The module is capable of getting connected to a
network and can access Internet as well as can share data
between networks in Local LAN. The physical port like USB
or Ethernet port can be used for interfacing.


Proceedings of the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Information, Digital & Embedded Systems, NCe-TIDES -15, 28th February 2015

captures the image and process the image for any

motion detection. The motion detection functionality is
carried out by software Python.
iv) Windows shared folder:
When the pi cam is connected in a Local Area
Network The live feed or stored videos can be seen in
the locally shared folder over windows operating
v) FTP:
The video stored in the local memory SD card
can be directly uploaded to FTP and web hosting
service and can be accessed over any device throughout
the world with access over Internet either it may be
computer or any smart device[1].
Fig a: Work Flow



A. Raspberry pi NoIR camera :

The Raspberry Pi camera board contains a 5 Mega Pixel
sensor, and connects via a ribbon cable to the CSI connector
on the Raspberry Pi. The Pi NoIR version of the camera has
the same sensor with the IR filter removed with no Infrared
filter, it can see near-IR (700 - 1000 nm) wavelengths like a
security camera. But it has very poor color rendition. It is
otherwise the same and uses the same software as the
normal Pi camera[9].



The connectivity has to be made as show in below

image to make a security camera .The Hardware
requirements are
a) Camera module Pi NoIR
b) Raspberry Pi model B
c) Outer Casing
d) Ethernet cable or Dongle
e) SD Card
f) Power Supply

B. Raspberry Pi Model B
The Camera module is interfaced with Raspberry Pi at
CSI Camera Interface located between HDMI and LAN
ports. The CSI port is a designated port for camera interface
and raspberry pi supports the video processing and image
processing which can be simulated by python script. The PI
CAMERA supports with the firm update and Pi camera
library files[1].
C. Network Connectivity
The raspberry pi which runs under the Linux environment
its prebuild support to LAN connectivity and USB made it
feasible to connect using standard LAN cable or Internet
dongle for network connectivity.
i) Web access :
The video stream from camera is directly given a
live feed to a web hosting service providing Raspberry
pi a DNS service. User with authorized password can
access over the live stream.
ii) Telegram app gateway :
Ease of sharing alert messages rather than using
payable gateway is possible using Telegram App which
is a smart phone app. The alert message will be sent
whenever the intruder enters into focused area along
with triggered image.
iii) SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol :
Alert mail to specified user will be sent when any
intruder enters into focus area of camera. The camera

Fig b: Raspberry Pi Interface to NoIR

Configuring Steps
Load the OS Raspbian into SD card and insert into
Raspberry Pi power it up with 5v of power supply.
Let raspberry pi Load for first time and provide Used
Id and Password.
To enter into GUI mode give startx command and
press enter
A GUI builds and shows up as shown below and
open Terminal command mode and start configuring
the device.


Proceedings of the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Information, Digital & Embedded Systems, NCe-TIDES -15, 28th February 2015

B. Raspberry pi Infrared Vision

The Pi NoIR is an alternative for Infrared light for Night
Vision. The Pi is given supportive access to Pi NoIR with
Python Bundle script in order to analyze signals and
recognize along with motion detection.

Fig c: Configuring Pi

Enable SSH service along with RPI update in

terminal language, and provide the IP address along
with DNS assignment Design the GUI in web forms.
Update the Python library to support image Motion
detection. This will trigger an alert message.
Enable the Windows file sharing accessibility and
provide the gateway script of SMTP Simple mail
Transfer Protocol and Telegram app gateway servers
and API code.
Make a folder and allow newly created files to be
uploaded to an FTP via Internet.
Either it can be made to capture only jpeg sequence
or it can provide live stream even it is able to save
video files in Local storage as well as in FTP for
future access.

Work Description:

Fig d: Night vision NoIR camera

C. Video Streaming and Storing

Live stream over web browser using either computer or
Smart phone is accessible. A live feed will be given
whenever user prompts to view continuous live feed Or else
it will stay back in motion detection mode and starts
recording only when motion is detected. It is a feasible for
saving memory and processing and save bandwidth.

A. Motion Detection

Fig (h) Third party software

Over FTP to view stored videos.

Fig e: Motion Trigger and Telegram Alert message

In the above image the motion capture is triggered by

comparing the pixel values and code is stimulated by Python
.The Raspberry pi camera module has No motion detecting
sensor instead it is worked out by software part which
compares the pixel values changed with previous image and
In the above images the first image be the current image
and it is compared with second image triggering happens
because if change in pixel values and a jpeg image is
captured and eventually sends an alert message and video
recording will be triggered.

Fig (f) Smart phone web Browser

Live stream from Pi Cam




Proceedings of the National Conference on Emerging Trends in Information, Digital & Embedded Systems, NCe-TIDES -15, 28th February 2015

Thus we have designed a smart surveillance system

capable of recording/capturing video/image and
transmitting to a smart phone or upload to FTP. It is
advantageous as it offers reliability and privacy on both
sides. It is authenticated and encrypted on the receiver
side; hence it offers only the person concerned to view the
details. Necessary action can be taken in short span of time
in the case of emergency conditions such as elderly person
falling sick, military areas, smart homes, offices, industries
etc., Future work is to make a scouting drone to fly and
scout areas with an SOS Flaring signal so that whenever
any person is in danger it should rise an alarm or shoot a
Flare into sky to locate the position for help.

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G.S.AJAY KUMAR pursuing

B.Tech degree in Kuppam
Engineering College, Kuppam. His
Area of interest are embedded
systems, Image Processing etc..,

K.Karthik obtained his B.Tech

degree in Jain University.
Presently he is pursuing M.Tech
degree in Kuppam Engineering
College. His area of interests are
Embedded, Micro controllers, etc.

Dr.G.N.Kodanda Ramaiah He
is working as Professor and HOD
of ECE at Kuppam Engineering
College. He has around 18 years
of Teaching Experience .He has
published more than 20 papers in
all reputed journals. His area of
interests are Speech processing,
Image Processing, Embedded