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Name: Mohd Hazad Bin Saharin

Matric No : BA14110745
AS30903 International Humanitarian Law
Reaction Paper of White Helmet Movie and the IHL issues in the movie.

The White Helmets Movie that directed by Orlando von Einsiedel and
duration about 40 minutes. I like this movie and inspired after watching it and
this is a short documentary about heroic rescue workers in Allepo, Syria that
wearing white helmet. More over, after watching the movie I also see how
terrible war is when women and children also get killed and more sad moment is
when the new born baby also get attacked by the soldier but Alhamdulillah the
baby is saved by the group members of white helmets A tiny baby, only a week
old, is born a second time still alive after 16 hours under rubble, the child is
dragged through a narrow passage made in the dust by a frantic volunteer. The
miracle baby becomes a talisman of hope, another reason for them all to keep
going despite the nature of their task like a child patiently standing up dominoes
while a bully follows behind, knocking them over. In addition, I also saw that how
hardworking is the white helmets group member do their humanitarian job and
they also brave enough to do humanitarian job in armed conflict that very
dangerous. Beside that, the White Helmets are touted for saving tens of
thousands of lives as show on the movie and that is amazing!.
In international Humanitarian Law context, what we can see from the
movie is that many issues about IHL. Basic rules of international humanitarian
law in armed conflicts is the seven fundamental rules which are the basis of the
Geneva Conventions and the Additional Protocols and based on the White Helmet
movie that I had watch there was some basic International Humanitarian Law
that had violated. Persons hors de combat and those who do not take a direct
part in hostilities are entitled to respect for their lives and their moral and

physical integrity and they shall in all circumstances be protected and treated
humanely without any adverse distinction but as we can see on the movie many
persons hors de combat also get attacked by the army. More over, based on the
movie many citizen that also had been killed because the army cannot
discriminate between enemy or citizen.
In addition there are more International Humanitarian Law had violated
such as woman and children also not excluded from the attack, In International
Humanitarian Law the woman and children is protected and cannot be invaded
by army and based on the movie we also crystal clear that this International
Humanitarian Law is not obeyed as we can see many woman and children is
injured and died because the army also invaded them. Captured combatants and
civilians under the authority of an adverse party are entitled to respect for their
lives, dignity, personal rights and convictions and they shall be protected against
all acts of violence and reprisals They shall have the right to correspond with
their families and to receive relief and all of this this is one of the basic rules of
the Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols that had been violated
based on the movie White Helmet that I had watch.
In conclusion, there are many lives had been save by White Helmet group
member, and during doing humanitarian job many White Helmet member is also
get killed but that cannot stop them from doing this job. They are brave and
strong to me, what they do is a good job and inspiring many people out there.
Based on the movie also many International Humanitarian Law issues that had
involved and my opinion the International Humanitarian law should obeyed and
the soldier must know it and civilian also.