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Name: Madison Macek

Support Study
Grade Level: 9th

Subject, Common Core State Standard (CCSS) and objective:

Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas and
information clearly and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and
analysis of content.
Students will learn the basics of how to write a summary and apply it to a
chapter from Mississippi Trial 1955 or Animal Farm.
Identify key elements from the text.
Create a visual reference for use during the book.

Anticipatory Set:
Assignments and homework for the day will be updated on the white board along
with the other assignments from the week. I will go over each of the assignments
and talk about the day with the students before we start the assignment.
1. Hand out folders
2. See where students are at in their books
3. Go over the sheet in the folder that explains the basics of a summary and
what the key elements are
4. Go over the pages where students can write in a summary for the chapter
they are reading and encourage students to fill out a summary for at least the
first chapter
5. As students finish, provide feedback on the sheet and allow them to transition
into other homework (Some students may have not started reading or are
working on different assignments for the book. This is a tool that I am
encouraging them to use, not requiring, so it is ultimately their choice to take
advantage of it or not)
6. Let students work on homework for the rest of the time and provide
assistance when necessary and review work/ rules if need be
7. With 15-20 minutes left of class have students complete Friday Exit Ticket
and review it with the students (This is super important since the new
marking period starts Monday so I dont want students to have any surprise

grades on their report cards and we can have a chat about how to change
things for the upcoming marking period)

Friday Exit Ticket

The Friday Exit Ticket is used to help the students become independent and hold
them accountable. The exit ticket has the students write all of their classes, circle
their current grade in the class, record if they have any missing assignments in the
class, look at their attendance for the class, and then rate their effort in the class
and make a plan for the future. (Students can find their current grades, attendance
and missing assignments on Skyward) After students fill out the exit ticket that have
to bring it to myself or Mrs. Bennett to review what they have put on the sheet.
Sometimes we then check Skyward again with them so we can also stay on top of
their grades and attendance, but we also check Skyward frequently so we are not in
the dark on their grades and attendance.