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Industry profile


Approaching a century of excellence in milling

leading miller since the company
was founded in 1919, over the years
Grand Moulins in Paris has been
able to diversify its activities and
innovate to maximize customer
Their business covers the entire
wheat chain from its cultivation up
to the finished product. Selecting
the finest wheat varieties to produce premium quality flour
and mixes is an example of how Grand Moulins guarantees its
customers the best products. The company mobilizes people in the
field and operational teams who are passionate about their work
and who combine expertise and know-how.
Similarly, their research and marketing teams create new formulas
and recipes to meet customers expectations in terms of originality,
diversity, and quality. It is well known that compliance with food
safety and health regulations requires the vigilance of every single
employee to constantly monitor all stages of production, in order to
give consumers the best guarantees and the best taste.

The history of Grands Moulins de Paris

Faced with the difficulty of supplying food to the French

population during the first world war, four men devised a great
project: to build the worlds biggest industrial mill in Paris. In
April 1919, their partnership gave rise to Grands Moulins de
Paris, which was managed by the Vilgrain family.
Their passion and taste for innovation have constantly driven
them to grow. For example, in 1929 they created the Paris Bakery
and Patisseries School and the invention of mixes in 1968. The
birth of the first Campaillette came in 1989 and the Recettes de
Mon Moulin brand in 2003.
More recently, the creation of the new Campaillette concept and
new network in 2015 was launched.
And in 2001, with the merger of the milling businesses of
Grands Moulins de Paris, Grands Moulins Storione, Euromill
Nord, and Inter-Farine with Dlifrances industrial bakery
business, one of Europes leading millers - NutriXo - was born.
In 2012, France Farine and its brand Francine joined the groups
milling business.
NutriXo, a leading food industry manufacturing group, the
number-one French miller, and one of the biggest European
industrial bakery manufacturers, positions itself as an ambassador
68 | October 2016 - Milling and Grain

of French bakery.
In 2013, NutriXo joined Vivescia, a powerful and profitable
cooperative farming and food processing group that controls the
supply chain from field to fork, from the farmer to the consumer,
by meeting the needs of its customers and of society as a whole.
Grands Moulins de Paris now operates on a variety of channels
- artisan bakery, major multiples, food service, food processing
- and export markets with its business highly concentrated in
Europe, Africa and, more recently, Asia and the Middle East.

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