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Present simple - negative / questions

Alan likes bananas.

Alan doesn't like eggs.
Does Alan like pizza ?

My sister plays the guitar.

the drums.
the piano ?

Our children read comics.

magazines ?

Cows and goats eat grass.

fruit ?

You drink coffee in the morning.

tea in the evening.
milk at night ?

My dad goes to work by car.

to work by bus.
to work by train ?

I come home at five o'clock.

home at seven o'clock.

home at ten o'clock ?

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps. Use Simple Present. Watch the punctuation
and form sentences or questions.
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Simple Present
1. Anne


my questions. (not/to answer)


3. This girl


tomatoes in this shop? (to sell)

trousers at school. (not/to wear)

Mr Barker

5. The guinea pigs


7. The poster

Ken often

physics? (to teach)

under the desk. (not/to hide)

the school bus? (to miss)

on the wall anymore. (not/to hang)


for the tickets? (you/to pay)

9. The boys


stones. (not/to throw)

the bells of your church still

? (to ring)

11. Make the present simple. Choose positive, negative or question.

1) (he / drive to work every day)

2) (I / not / think you're right)

3) (we / have enough time)?

4) (I / eat cereal in the morning)

5) (they / write e-mails every day)?

6) (you / watch a lot of TV)

7) (he / not / read the newspaper)

8) (she / dance often)?

9) (where / I / come on Mondays)?

10) (what / you / do at the weekend)?

11) (you / not / drink much tea)

12) (how / he / travel to work)?

13) (they / not / like vegetables)

14) (she / catch a cold every winter)

15) (I / go out often)?

16) (you / speak English)?

17) (we / take the bus often)

18) (she / not / walk to school)

19) (what / you / buy in the supermarket)


20) (how / he / carry such a heavy bag)?


Choose one of these verbs from below to complete each sentence. Remember third
person "S"!!


1. The cinema

2. All the films

at 6pm at the weekend.

at 6.15pm.

3. My mother

in a large supermarket near the city centre.

4. The Italians

a lot of wine, both red and white.

5. Cows are large black and white animals that

6. They also


7. The River Mississippi

8. John

9. Water

10. And it


into the Gulf of Mexico.

to go skiing in the Alps in winter.

at 100C.

at zero degrees.

11. The 'Spanish Express' train

Paris at 9am.

12. And it

in Madrid at 6pm.

. My father (work) ___ in Spain at the moment.

2. I (prepare) ___ for the biggest exams of my life.
3. Shhh, I (try) ___ to concentrate.
4. More and more people (buy) ___ Christmas presents in advance.
5. I (live) ___ with my parents at the moment.
6. London residents (become) ___ excited about the Olympics.
7. They (go) ___ to a fancy restaurant tonight.
8. She (cry) ___ because she misses him so much.
9. Jennifer (smile) ___ so beautifully in that photo!
10. My boyfriend (complete) ___ his masters at the moment.
11. We (wait) ___ for the actor to leave the theatre!
12. Look, I think that student (cheat) ___.
13. I (get) ___ really tired of your excuses.
14. People all over the world (listen) ___ to music online every day.
15. My daughter (dance) ___ in the most beautiful theatre in London next week