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The experience of hyper-delightability.


What is it, in each and every braincell there's a holographic representation of

the Universe? Doorway Open, Multi-Dimensionally. Within that and within Creation
, boy, did I ever mention it's the same hologram? Simple isn't it? How Fun!
Course, Now that's all fine and dandy, but Who's there and Who cares? That's on
the test. The Show Up Test.
I, by myself, am a God, but fortunately, I am not by myself. There's More than j
ust Me. Course, We All move in one Joyful Dance of Consciousness. In that, there
is no past. Oh, yesterday. Yeah, yesterday happened, We're Here Today. Moving r
ight along...
The energies of the 6th night wane in the Presence of the 7th Day.
Yeah, Humanity gets to be Enlightened, alright.
There's an old saying, Some people are born to greatness, some people just have i
t thrust upon them. Want a Life with that?
See, ignorance can get no value out of anything we're sharing. For ignorance, it
's just a lot of gobbledygook, or something you can't eat because it gives you i
But for the True Human Heart, the words of poetry are spoken, and heard just by
listening. Starships are adjusting the frequencies on tinnitus, that's not tenni
s elbow folks. That's a persistent, Hello, are You in there? Can you hear Us? Can
you hear Us? What's that internal dialog, who are You talking to? Okay, we'll s
it and watch that for a minute, see if it's useful...
There's a lot of comments that happen, and just go directly into the Grid.
See, when the rectifier starts to Glow, there's gonna be a frequency shift with
the Pineal Gland where it also starts to Glow, don't you know? That's another on
e of those inevitable Divine Plan things that's gonna happen whether you believe
in it or not. I don't recommend believing in it, just get ready for it.
Pretty much, the tinnitus is just adjusting their frequencies for them to be abl
e to hear the Real. After that, We'll have a conversation. That would be the sam
e thing as a Starship with a Global Broadcasting System. I'm glad We installed t
hat, that was a good Rectifier.
The Starships are already Balanced Harmonics with the Rectifier. Humanity, We're
adjusting the frequencies up to the Balanced Harmonics of the Rectifier.
There's definitely a more simpler Way, and We have discovered it, discovering it
. Oh boy, nice Connection.
See, most of Humanity, well... Everybody that's Human on this Planet, has alread
y been to the Starships, in fact, that's how They got Here. Neat little packages
aren't Ya? Delivery system activated.
The more People communicate, the more Love communicated. Course, that's what ign
orance tries to prevent, communication, which is education.
The perfect description of ignorance would be: equal hate. If you're not ignoran
t, you can't hate. For ignorance, that's all there is, Would you like a little fe
ar with that? You're going in circles now aren't ya?
You know, in this realm, the only thing I ever noticed that I could insult was t
he ego. The ego didn't like Me at all and wanted the god mind to protect it with
it's belief systems. Bushel basket anyone?
We come in as a Human Being, uniquely like all the other Human Beings on the Pla
net. Is there a difference between what Us and They Are? Not really.
Divine inheritance, what are We giving away? What can you have? Well, first you'
ve gotta have You. I could describe what You Is, You Is the Unique Brilliance of
All That Love Is, contained within the Unique Experience called You. The Big Yo
u, called God, You. God I, meet God You. Shake hands and come out Loving.
You know Humanity may be given their Godhood but they still have to earn it. To
earn it, means to accept it, which is accepting the Truth of Who They Are. And t
hat ain't ignorant at all.
You see, We are giving You the Answers and Solutions on a golden platter. The so
lutions to all the current situations on the Planet is Love, Each Other, One Ano
ther, Together. Once this is understood, All else follows.

We Love to hear from You! It helps to let Us know where people are at and gives
Us ideas about what to discuss in the Galactic Free Press. The is a Co-Creative
Reality and Heaven sings when You really participate. There are a few brilliant
comments on yesterday's message that we'd like to share with You, our words are
in italics.

Comments on our message from Kita, on Indigo Society:

The Starships are increasing the sensitivity of the Grid Energy Sensors. They're
gonna intensify it until the rectifier starts to glow, and it wont be much long
er until that occurs. The visual range of the Human Being will increase exponent
ially, and finally their Eyes will open.
Coolz. I question things like timing and other things concerning numbers. In the
end, I suppose I have to accept that it doesn't really matter one way or the ot
her in the long run.
Eventually, Humanity will be educated enough that when they're walking around, t
hey'll ask each other, What Planet are you from? In some instances it'll be quite
obvious they aren't from Planet Earth, or even a neighboring Galaxy. Galactic Aw
akening Is Unity, Starseed Nation Activated.
Tee-hee, that would be great. ^_^ Diversity is the spice of life.
The other night on the Starships, We were monitoring the flow of Consciousness o
n the Planet, and seeing the ebbs and tides of all the Lights coming on.
I wonder what it'd be like to be able to SEE the flows of consciousness... Obvi
ously you go on and describe it, but for me it is incomparable to the actual exp
You can tell ignorance by the fear it tries to promote. If it's promoting fear,
then it's ignorant.
Good rule of thumb.
...Now, in unceasing amounts. Boy it's a big Universe, and it just expanded.
And continually expanding.
I guess everybody can be listening for their tinnitis, the ringing in their ears
, cause We're ringing them. DING!
Thanks for the heads up.

And selections from an email We received from our friend, Goddess Alicia:
Last week I finally emptied some flowers from bushel baskets and put the bushels
baskets "upside" down by the bricks and stones by my house. I read your message
today on your site and read this:
"The intensity of the Light is definitely increasing, cause there's more Lights
on. That's less lights off, even though there's still a few. The minions are run
ning around hiding underneath bushel baskets, figuring they're safe there. They
figure if they hide underneath that bushel basket, all the darkness that's aroun
d them is gonna protect them. They're gonna be surprised when the Light really c
omes on. Of course, they'll be directly back on the Starships saying, What just h
appened? Where was I? Where am I?... Oh, Good. "
I also was very attracted to a "diamond" today which is also talked about in you
r message. Just thought I would send you a "validation".



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