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Imagine the world without technology. Describe it.

Which do you think that is the best inven:on? Why?
How do you think technology will be in ten years?
Name three technologies that help us to communicate.

Phases of the Technological Process

Needs or Problem Analysis

First, we need to identify the needs of the project.
We need simple data to design correctly.
The design must be specic and adequate.

We look for complementary information. This helps us to nd
We can nd complementary information in these places:

Thematic books

The internet
Catalogues and magazines

Design of the ini:al idea

When we have all the information we need, we can start the
design phase.
We design dierent variations of a model.
Our drawings must be clear. We must explain our drawings to
clients and colleagues.
Why do we draw dierent versions of a model?
We can select the best model for our needs
To explore the possibility of new materials
To make small modications
To combine interesting ideas from dierent models.

Solu:on Development
We have solu:ons and we have dierent
models. Now we can think about how to do
our project. Ask these ques:ons.
How are we going to make each of the parts?
Have we thought about everything?
Are the pieces in order of construc:on?
How do the pieces unite together?

Manufacturing Process Document

Before we build our object, we have to know the method of
We have to consider:

What pieces do we need rst?

What pieces are sent to the factory at the same :me?
How can we ensure that the process does not stop?
What materials do we need for each part of the
How can we obtain the materials?

Manufacturing process con:nued

Also we have to plan the synchronisation of the job. We need
to know the order of the parts and the time it takes to make
In our document we note:
what we are going to make
who is going to make each part
how the person is going to make the part
when are they going to make the part
how long it takes to make each part.

Manufacturing Process Budget

The manufacturing (project) budget calculates the
cheapest costs before construction.
We have to decide if construction is protable.
If not, we can select other models or materials to reduce
the costs.
To make a budget we need to know the price and
quantities of all materials. The information must be
correct. If not, the budget is incorrect and the project
loses money.


Use the phases os the technological process to desing a school
What documents do you need to do the project?