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Nursery Primer SY 2010-2011

X avier School
Early Education
Our thumb is one of our most important fingers because our other fingers cannot

Welcome to
do much without it. In the same way, our Conscience, Competence, Culture,
Community and Compassion will not make much of a difference if we do not have
self-discipline and self-mastery (Character).

Xavier School!
INDEX Finger
Just as we use our index finger for pointing, our faith and values provide the direc-
tion in our life. It also reminds us that we can find God in all things because he
can be found at our fingertip.

Competence We look forward to a fruitful
We all have unique, God-given gifts and talents.
If we discover and develop them, we will stand out among our peers just as our and harmonious collaboration
middle finger stands out among our fingers.
with you this school year.
A healthy partnership between
the home and the school is very
important in the total formation
of every student.
6 Cs
Core Values of
Xavier School

Mrs. Nereyda C. Garcia

EED Team Leader
RING Finger
Just as we usually wear our ring on this finger, our creativity and culture are
treasures we should learn to value.

LITTLE Finger Ms. Ma. Anunciacion M. Bona

Compassion Assistant Principal for Unit
This smallest of our fingers reminds us of the little people in our lives, as well as the
poor and marginalized in society-- all of them we should learn to care for.

Just as our hand is most useful when we can make all our fingers work together Fr. Johnny C. Go, SJ
despite their different sizes and shapes, we are most effective when we know how School President
to work with different kinds of people.
Luceat Lux!
let your light shine!

Xavier Schools mission is captured in the

school motto. Our mission is two-fold:

For our students: To nurse the light

Our primary mission is: to form our students

into our vision of the Xavier graduate. God

Guidelines for Parents of Nurs ery Students has entrusted our students to our care: We are
called to recognize in each student the light
Uniforms Fetching Card Extra Clothes and within him- even if still but a Flicker- to help
Personal Belongings each student recognize that light, and to make
1. The official school uniform is worn A Fetching Card will be issued to every that light grow.
daily. It consists of : Nursery student for security reasons. Students are encouraged to change
All parents, guardians, yayas and clothes after playtime. Thus, all students As a community:
White, short-sleeved polo shirt with drivers are required to present this should bring the following items everyday : To be a light
a name patch (limited to 25 characters card to the Guard-on-Duty (Gate 6)
ONLY) sewn on the left breast pocket upon entrance and exit of the school Plain white T-shirt / XS T-shirt
above the school seal with the N patch premises. A pair of khaki pants A secondary, but also important
misison, is to live and work as
attached just above the slit of the A pair of plain white socks
pocket. The polo shirt is to be worn For your childs safety, the use of the Underwear one Christian community in
without being tucked in. Fetchers Card will be strictly imposed. Face Towel / Handkerchief joy and in peace so that we
White undershirt The holder of the Fetchers Card is may be a sign of Gods love
Short khaki pants responsible to take very good care of it. All personal belongings such as uniforms, and a source of hope in the
Plain white socks Any loss or change in the information extra clothes, face towel, handkerchief, world. God has entrusted
Low-cut black leather shoes on the Fetchers Card should be lunchbox, water jugs, etc. should be properly us to one another, to be one
reported immediately to the Office labeled with the students name and section community, to help in
2. The official P.E, uniform is worn of Disciplinary Services in the Grade to avoid losses.
one another s work
during your sons P.E. day. The P.E. School (GS-ODS).
and formation, and
schedule will be announced once All these should be properly labeled but
to be a witnessing
classes start. instructions on labeling will be given
School Materials during the Open House. community to the
The uniform consists of: outside world.
Most of the school materials are Nursery students are NOT allowed to bring
Rubber shoes (without fancy given when you purchase them money and toys nor wear any type of
lights and roller skates) upon enrolment. Please refrain jewelry or accessories to school.
Blue XS P.E. shorts from labeling them until specific
Yellow XS P.E. T-shirt instructions are given to you on the Hairstyle
first day of school during the Open
The uniforms will be available at the House. This is to ensure uniformity The hairstyle of students should be neat and
XS Bookstore during enrollment period. in the manner of labeling the folders, short. Your sons hair should not touch the
HSCN and books of your sons. ears, the eyebrows or the collar of the shirt.
During the months of June and July, the School
Canteen will serve snacks to ALL Nursery students.
This is for the following reasons:

to establish routines in proper

eating habits
to integrate formation and discipline
among students
to give the students a chance to try
Xavier School Song out the variety of snacks offered in school. Class Schedule
After the month of July, you will be given the The opening of classes for Nursery will be announced during the enrolment period.
Xavier school, our pride and glory option either to continue to avail of the snacks
To you, we pledge our loyalty, served by the School Canteen or to let your son Your son is required to come in complete uniform on the first day of classes.
Day after day, year after year, bring his own baon. For health reasons and to His school materials might be distributed by his teachers on this day.
Youve taught us to hold instill good eating habits, please take note that
carbonated drinks, candies and other junk food The first day of classes on June 8, 2010 will be an Open House. This means that parents
these things most dear
are NOT ALLOWED. We will send you a circular will be allowed to be with their sons to meet their teachers. Parents and children will
Strength and purity to this effect in due time. Any change in the also get a chance to do some classroom activities together. Parents can also go around
of soul, mind and body snacks reservation should be coursed directly the EARLY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT (EED) building to look at the various facilities of
Self-sacrifice, the spirit of charity to the Canteen personnel. the school.

Please note that snacks will not be served to On this day, the schedule of classes will be from 8:00 10:00 A.M. for the morning
Gratefully, we sing your name the Nursery students on the first day of class session, and, 12:30 2:00 P.M. for the afternoon session. Everyone should be in
to the sky since its only Orientation day. school by 8:00 a.m./12:30 p.m. because important announcements will be given at
As we hold the torch on high the beginning of the session. You may, however, decide to leave earlier than 10:00
a.m./2:30 p.m.
Luceat, Luceat Lux! Payments
On the following school day and thereafter, parents, guardians and caregivers will be
Keep the light in your heart always Parents or their representatives should pay allowed to accompany the child only until the drop off point which is the EED gym
Luceat, Luceat Lux! their sons snacks, tuition, school supplies and (Gate 6).
Make it grow brighter with each day, sports fees directly to the Accounting Office
Walk without fear from 7:45 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. on weekdays.
along lifes dark and stony road, Teachers will not handle payment of such A special schedule will be followed for the first week of classes.
nature on behalf of any parent. The specific time will be announced on the first day of class through a circular.
Give a helping hand
to lighten someones load; Communication The regular class schedule is as follows:
Let your light brightly shine
Till the journeys end, We expect all parents to regularly read and Morning Session Afternoon Session
Luceat, Luceat Lux! respond to all forms of communication
(notebook, circulars, written notes from teachers, Monday Thursday 7:30 10:30 a.m. 12:00 - 3:00 p.m.
announcements posted in the Bulletin Board by Friday 7:30 10:00 a.m. 12:00 - 2:30 p.m.
the entrance gate) from the school.