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8TH MARCH 2015 12TH MARCH 2015


This week is the sixth week of practicum. I have been in this school for almost one
month and half. Unfortunately, I am still facing with the most important thing as a
teacher that is remembering pupils names. This problem is focused to my music class.
For the English class, I am able to know each of my students because I entered the
class every day. However, for the music class, once a week teaching period makes it
quite difficult for me to get to know the students and remember their names. I can feel
that there is a wide gap with my music class students compared to my English class
students. As a teacher, an intimate relationship between the teacher and the students is
co-factor in ensuring the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Hence, that is why I
think I need to give attention to this problem.
Based on the problem mentioned above, I need to identify the root of the problem
before proceeding in taking any further actions. Identifying the cause behind the enable
the teacher to improve the quality of teaching. The problem may due to:

Once a week teaching period.

Too many similar names among the students.
One-way interaction between the teacher and the students.

Therefore, I need to figure out the appropriate steps to overcome the problem.


There are a few suggestions to overcome the problem mentioned above in order to help
the teacher improve the effective of teaching and learning. The ways are as follows:

Teacher puts names on the students table.

Teacher needs to prepare activity that involves two-way interaction with the


Teacher memorizes the name list.
Teacher calls out different pupils every time asking question to the students.

Remembering pupils names is the core of teaching business. The reason is that the
teacher can get to know the students better when he or she remembers his or her
students names. In turn, the students too feel appreciated whenever the teacher is able
to remember their names correctly. This helps a lot in building teacher-students
relationship. It is known as unconditional positive regard. Genuine caring and love that
the teacher shows to the pupils is unconditional Written in his book In A Way of Being,
Rogers (1980) as cited in Miller (2012) states that when the teacher is experiencing a
positive, acceptant attitude toward whatever the pupils is at the moment, therapeutic
movement or change is more likely to occur.
Among of the suggestions, I have tried number 2, 3 and 4 and it was successful. The
very first thing that I did to solve this problem is memorizing the name list. I took two
days to remember their names and their look. I captured pictures of each of my students
so that it will be easier for me to recognize them later on. Yes, it worked very well. The
next thing is calling out different pupils every time I asked the students questions. By
doing that, it gave me a chance to test my memory as I already memorized their names
before entering the class. Besides that, I get to know different students better when I
called out their names. It also improves my relationship with the students as now I can
remember their names. It is also easier to call out the pupils during class activity. The
learning activity also helped the teacher a lot. The communication went well with the
students because it is in two-ways. In overall, the problem has solved.


Actions can be solved in two or three days only. As for this, the problem has been


I need to make sure that I remember every name of my students. This would help me to
cater the students more effectively when I remember their names because I can call out
any name that I like in any time especially when conducting class activity. Furthermore,
music class involves practical more than theory so in order for me to assess the
students efficiently, I need to get to know each of them closer. The class also would be
more interesting, fun and meaningful when the teacher is able to remember her
students names.
No further action. Problem is solved.

Checked by,
SK Kuala Besut II

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IPG Kampus Sultan Mizan.