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prepared by Lutfan Nessa

What is Storage Media?

Storage media are devices that store application and
user information.
Some of the Storage Medias are
Magnetic Tape
Floppy Disk
Optical Disks (CD & DVD)
USB Flash Drive
Hard Drive

Evolution of Storage Media

Punch Card
It was primary method of storing and retrieving
data in the early 1900s.

The standard 80-column punch card stored about

70 bytes of data.
By 1937 IBM daily produced 10 million Punch
Card. That would represent 670 MB of Data.

Evolution of Storage Media

Magnetic Tape
Magnetic tape data storage is a system for
storing digital information on magnetic tape
using digital recording. made of a thin
magnetizable coating on a long, narrow strip of
plastic film.
Magnetic tape was first used to record computer
data in 1951having recording density 128
characters per inch.
In 2014 Sony and IBM announced that they had
been able to record 148 gigabits per square inch
with magnetic tape media developed using a
new vacuum thin-film forming technology.

Evolution of Storage Media

Floppy Disk
A floppy disk, is a type of disk storage
composed of a disk of thin and flexible magnetic
storage medium, sealed in a rectangular plastic
enclosure lined with fabric that removes dust
Floppy disks, initially (1967) 5.2 inch size could
able to store 1.2 MB data, later in 1980 the size
was decreased to 3.5 inch having storage of 1.44
MB. Later in 2000 the capacity was increased to
150-200 MB

Evolution of Storage Media

Optical Disks
An optical disc is an electronic data storage
medium that can be written to and read using a
low-powered laser beam.
Optical discs are most commonly used for
storing music (e.g. for use in a CD player),
video (e.g. for use in a Blu-ray player), or data
and programs for personal computers (PC).
Today Archival Discs are having capacity of 0.3
to 1 TB

Evolution of Storage Media

Hard Drive Storage
A hard disk drive (HDD), hard disk is a data
storage device used for storing and retrieving
digital information using one or more rigid
("hard") rapidly rotating disks (platters) coated
with magnetic material.
Every data computer uses is on a hard drive. Not
just documents, pictures, music, and videos.
Your programs, your preferences, even your
operating system.
At present 3.5 inch Hard Drive with dimension
4 in 1 in 5.75 in is having largest capacity of

Evolution of Storage Media

USB Flash Drive
A USB flash drive, also variously known as a
USB drive, pen drive is a data storage device
that includes flash memory with an integrated
USB interface.
USB flash drives are typically removable and
rewritable, and physically much smaller than an
optical disc.
They are smaller, faster, have thousands of
times more capacity, and are more durable and
reliable because they have no moving parts.
The first USB flash drive appeared on the
market in late 2000, providing a storage
capacity of 8 MB. Now it has reached to 1 TB.

Storage capacity has been increased significantly
after invention of Hard Drive and flash USB drive.

Storage capacity has been improved significantly
over last two decades.

Here is a comparison of storage capacity of Computer Hard
Disks of 1980 and 2010.
Multiple usage of computer increased with high definition
program due to this improvement.

Over the time capacity has been improved with lesser
dimension and weight of storage device.
This made devices user friendly with easy access.

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