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Lesson Plan

Name: Pop Ionela

School: Colegiul Naional Pedagogic ,,Andrei aguna
Grade: 4th
Time: 45 minutes
Module 3: Tasty Treats! Lesson 6: Zoo Food!
Lesson Aims:
I. Achievement aims:
- By the end of the lesson, the Ss will be better able to use specific information and
language about a certain topic;
- The Ss will be able to use the new vocabulary in the proper context(s);
- The Ss will be able to answer some questions related to animals;
- The Ss will be able to match the animal to its picture.
II. Procedure aims:
- The Ss will work individually, in pairs;
- The Ss will play a game;
- The Ss will listen to a song and mime;
-The Ss will practise language in a particular context;
- The Ss will practise listening, speaking and reading.
Teaching Techniques:





Game (Chinese Whispers)

Aids / Materials


Cassette recorder


Activity book

Stages of the Lesson

Warm-up: The teacher greets the students, introduces the guests and asks if anybody is
absent. (3 minutes).
Activity 1
Aim: - to review the language of Unit 5;
Interaction: T-Ss; Ss-Ss
Time: 7 minutes
Procedure: The T tells the Ss they are going to play a game and explains the rules: the T
approaches a student at the front desk and whispers a food/drink item. She asks him/her
to whisper the same word to his/her partner, who whispers it to the next student and so
on. Then the last student calls out the food/drink item. Then the T checks if the food/drink
item said is the correct one. The procedure is repeated with other words. (mango, salt and
pepper, cheese, a carton of milk, lemon juice)
Material: Activity 2
Aim: - to present the theme of the unit;
- to present and activate the vocabulary of the lesson.
Interaction: T-Ss; Ss-T
Time: 10 minutes

Procedure: The T reads the title of the lesson and elicits what the unit is going to be
about. Then she shows the Ss the animals from the book. She points to each animal,
reads and says the appropriate word. The Ss listen and repeat, chorally and individually.
Then she points to the animals in random order and invites the pupils to tell her the
corresponding words. Then she writes them on the blackboard.
Materials: book, blackboard
Activity 3
Aim: - to practise the new vocabulary
Interaction: Ss-T
Time: 8 minutes
Procedure: The T plays the song on the cassette. The Ss listen and point to the animals
every time they are heard. As an extension, the T plays the cassette again and the Ss
mime and sing along.
Materials: cassette recorder
Activity 4
Aim: - to develop the Ss listening and reading skills
Interaction: T-Ss; Ss-Ss
Time: 20 minutes
Procedure: The T goes through the pictures of the dialogue with the Ss and sets the scene
by asking questions. Then the T reads the instructions and explains the task. Then she
plays the cassette and checks the Ss answers. After that she plays the cassette with
pauses for the Ss to listen and repeat chorally. The T checks the Ss pronunciation and
intonation. After that the Ss take roles and read out the dialogue.
As an extension, the T holds the book to the class and invites the Ss to complete her
Materials: cassette recorder, book
Homework: The Ss are given two exercises (1. Copy and translate the lesson; 2. A/36Activity book) as homework. (2 minutes)