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Dear all,

As mentioned in my previous class, we will discuss about some tenets of sales pr

esentation drawn from generic presentation principles. We would be interacting o
n Monday and Tuesday on this issue.
The activity described below would be conducted on Tuesday. I suggest you to be
ready with your preparation. Very important that you do not disclose your idea w
ith other participants.
Come to class prepared to make a knowledge gap pitch to your classmates. The goa
l is to make your classmates want to hear some information you can talk about. Y
our message should be informational,
not just a joke or a riddle or a brain-teaser. People should feel like they ve lea
rned something useful after they hear your message.
For example, here s a pitch you might deliver: People always say you can t make peopl
e pay attention, yet lots of people would love to understand how to make people p
ay attention ranging from advertisers to teachers. It turns out that conventional
wisdom is wrong you can make people pay attention. But to understand how, you need
to know a little bit about the biology of surprise and a little about uncommon
sense . . .
In your message you could talk about breaking existing schemas and illustrate wi
th the stories. But be short.
You ll make a short pitch for your idea and people will vote how much they want to
hear your message. If your pitch collects enough votes, we ll let you deliver you
r message and fill the knowledge gap (your messages should be relatively short two
minutes or so max). We ll take another vote about how satisfied people are with y
our overall message. Remember that it s easy to make people curious but harder to
close the curiosity gap in a way that leaves people satisfied with the experienc
e. So don t create curiosity gaps that you won t be able to fill.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Also, in case we encroach into our lunch time, pls be ready for it.
best wishes
--Dr. G.Sridhar,
Associate Professor (Marketing),
IIM Kozhikode Campus P.O.,
Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode 673 570
Kerala, India
Phone: +91-495-2809104(office)
Fax : +91-495-2809010-11
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On 19-09-2016 6:16 pm, drgsridhar wrote:
Dear all,
1. We will have a movie screening in the Old Auditorium during the class time (1
1.45 am to 2.00pm). However, the movie is not part of the course allocated 30 hr
s of time. Attendence is compulsory though.
2. We will not be meeting next monday i.e. September 26th.
3. You have to submit the Paperclip exercise assignment on September 27, 2016 as
soft copy emailed to me by 10.00 am. We shall have class on the same day from 1
1.45 am to 2.00 pm on the topic.
4. PFA the workbook that we have used in today's class. You may like to use

the workbook to further refine your goals. Also I suggest you to read the book T
he One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan and explore yourself with some tools
given on their website
5. I have released few more slots for the interview exercise. The participants w
ho could not bid for slots may like to visit the link and register their names.
Pls note that we do not have any further slots to release. Those who have regist
ered their names in the first phase may ignore this point.
Best wishes
-Dr. G.Sridhar,
Associate Professor (Marketing),
IIM Kozhikode Campus P.O.,
Kunnamangalam, Kozhikode 673 570
Kerala, India
Phone: +91-495-2809104(office)
Fax : +91-495-2809010-11
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