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1 Q. Okay, let's go to 3-C, then, and ask you if you can

2 identify that?

3 A. It's another contract.

4 Q. Between whom and whom? Yeah, between whom.

5 A. It says VWN eMedical Group, LLC, a Georgia Limited

6 Liability Company.

7 Q. What is that?

8 A. It was another company that was formed to do payroll.

9 Q. Is it related to eScripts?

10 A. Yes. It was just, I guess, a subsidiary for some reason.

11 The CEO wanted to separate some things and formed this company

12 and I think to pay some of the employees, as well as the

13 physicians.

14 Q. Would you call this an MSO agreement as well?

15 A. Right, this is a Comprehensive Practice Management

16 Agreement as well.

17 Q. And look at the last page. Who signed this one?

18 A. I signed this one.

19 Q. You signed on behalf of that company?

20 A. Correct, as the vice president.

21 Q. And how much was --

22 MR. CHARTASH: Well, Your Honor, the Government moves

23 Government Exhibit 3-C into evidence.

24 MR. FLOYD: No objection.

25 THE COURT: Admitted without objection.