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Partnerships, M&A in China

Leading successful M&A in China

The book
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Being successful in China cannot be the result of only good intuition or mere luck any
more, solid foundations for business must be built. It requires a long and detailed
This book has been much awaited for and should quickly become a "classic" for all
the parties interested and involved in doing business in China. It will also be
instrumental for all the foreign investors willing not only to establish subsidiaries in
China but accelerate their growth through M&A. This book will be a reading of choice
for lawyers, advisory firms, audit firms and of course entrepreneurs whether they are
already established or not in China.
The authors are all specialists in finance, law, management. They all know China
very well for personal or professional reasons. They are presenting a comprehensive
technical analysis of the M&A process in China. Their approach encompasses China
culture, valuation techniques but also the grey areas related to financial
disclosures. They remind us that aside the Chinese particulars in accounting or
auditing, M&A in China is complex and tightly regulated. Investors should not forget
that the Chinese administration will play a pivotal role in authorizing M&As.
The authors are providing a comprehensive toolbox to lead M&A operations in China,
especially through the explanation of the due diligence process, and the review of the
complex regulatory framework. They detail a step-by-step approach and provide
three enlightening case studies. As a legal complement to their analysis, they present
the more important M&A laws of the People Republic of China.
This book aims at answering the key questions to lead successful M&A in China. It
takes a pragmatic and operational view on M&A to show how being successful in
China over the long run, is possible.


Preparing for external growth in China

Approaching an M&A transaction in China
Managing acquisition risks in China
Valuation and negotiation
Closing the deal
Case studies
Selected M&A related laws from the PRC

The authors
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Olivier Coispeau. Partner, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. He is charge of
partnerships and Corporate Finance in China.
Stephane Luo. Lawyer at the Paris Barr. He is a specialist in M&A, and related
matters including corporate law, fiscal and contracts.
Thierry Labarre. Partner, Mazars in Mainland China. Based in Beijing since 1997, he
opened the first Mazars office, in China and subsequently Shanghai (2002),
Guangzhou (2007).
Josephine Chow. Office practice leader of Tower Wyatt Mainland China and Taiwan,
she is in charge of the M&A practice for the APAC area.
Steven Yu. Principal consultant, he heads Tower Wyatt Mainland actuarial practice in
China. He is a seasoned actuary and a specialist in staff compensation.

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