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Aims & Objectives

Following is a list of our aims and objectives:

To engage in activities which may help in minimizing the damages caused by

disasters specially in rural areas.

To make endeavors towards creating awareness among the people about disasters
and its consequences and to prepare them in advance to face such situations and to
ensure their participation in the disaster mitigation plans.

Existing institutional arrangements, interdepartmental linkages, role of NGOs,

voluntary agencies and local communities so as to understand their capabilities to
mitigate specific disasters which will also facilitate effective coordination in their
activities in times of need.

To act as an agency for the execution of disaster management schemes of the

Government and the NGOs.

To undertake studies which will facilitate in the preparation of rural development

schemes and their effective implementation.

To collect, compile and publish detailed information on the latest rural development
policies and projects of the State Government and The Government of India and to
engage in activities in the light of the thrust areas of Planning Commission such as
food processing, horticulture, sericulture and service sectors etc.

Any financial incumbency, socially and economically deprived rural and urban
women through literacy, education, self income generation schemes, professional
training and overall awareness building.

To undertake studies on a regular basis to procure Disaster Management

Information Data base and to engage in the task of risk assessment and
vulnerability analysis both for the state and districts.

To evolve information reporting and monitoring tools for preparedness, immediate

response and damage assessment, keeping in view the socioeconomic conditions of
urban and rural areas.

To undertake studies with a view to facilitating the preparation of a comprehensive

Disaster Management Plan both for the state and the districts within the state so as
to help the Government in providing uniform directives from the state government
to the district administration and to establish standardized response to any disaster

To engage in activities directed towards spreading literacy among minorities, dalits,

most backward classes, tribal and economically deprived communities and to ensure

community participation and income oriented generation of literacy and

professional skills.

Children specially those who are the victims of floods, droughts, earthquake and
similar other disasters in rural and urban areas.

To make efforts for the identification and elimination of child labor and to restore
childrens rights. For this Centre intends to provide economic incentive to the
deserving children in school going category and to actively campaign for the removal
of socio-cultural constraints in the community.

To establish educational & training institutions for educating communities in the

areas of Disaster Management and Rural Development.