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Word Wall

Annotating - to add notes to a text or diagram leaving comment or explanation

Assessment- a test or activity that provides teachers and students with data about what
students know feedback for ways the students can work to perform better in the future, and
motivation for students to increase comprehension and improve their memory of the content.
"Beautiful" question- is an essential question that cannot be easily answered. Beautiful
questions are open-ended, propulsive, and at the heart of inquiry-based teaching and learning.
Chunking- In the beginning stages of writing, "chunking" is the process of jotting down key ideas
that you want to convey without worrying about their order, form, or cohesion. The purpose is to
generate creative ideas, like throwing something at the wall to see what sticks. The textbook
suggests that you can write these ideas on index cards or post-it notes (Burke 88), which can
then be rearranged later depending upon the order that you want your ideas to follow. If you are
writing your ideas on a sheet of paper, chunking would mean writing however much you need
per idea, up to an entire paragraph, but the key is to not get bogged down by trying to make
them well-worded, flow together, or provide perfect examples. You can come back later to flesh
out the ideas and polish them off.
Commitment- is one of the main causes of reading difficulties among students. Burke describes
commitment as: "Students are not engaged; refuse to read or avoiding reading because they
believe they will fail; do not feel challenged; have no identity of themselves as someone who
can or does read the assigned text; dismiss the text or associated tasks as unimportant; do not
give themselves permission to try or you to teach" (Burke, 2013, pg. 177).
Composing- The act of creating a substantial piece of work, "made from elements one has
carefully chosen and arranged with a purpose in mind" (Burke, 2013, p. 133).
Craft- Where words, sentences, and meanings are the raw materials of
language, craft encompasses the tools and techniques writers apply to the materials to convey
a purpose, mood, tone, and unique voice. Language study requires knowledge of the base
elements as well as a deep understanding and appreciation of the way the elements work
together as part of a whole.
Independent Reading- students are involved in choosing and reading (nonfiction, fiction,
magazine, and other reading materials) for their independent consumption.
Multimedia Essay- According to Burke, a multimedia essay is a piece that is "composed using
presentation software instead of a word-processing application" (p. 132). Compared to the
traditional essay, a multimedia essay utilizes resources like "images and graphs to represent,
sum up, or elaborate on some idea they discuss in a paragraph" (p. 132). It allows students to
critically think about their writing and decide on a piece of media that compliments their