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Introduction to Omnikin

Name: Britney Buyas

Date: 11-3-16
Class Size: 28
Grade: 5
Time: 7:50-8:15
Lesson Focus: Introducing students to modified Omnikin games using the skills they have learned.
Standard 1: Demonstrates competency in many movement forms and proficiency
in a few movement forms.
Benchmark 1-E-3: Exhibits ability to manipulate objects in games and lead up activities (e.g., engages in simple
games requiring manipulative skills).
1-E-3.4 Demonstrate the ability to change directions while in motion and manipulating an object.
Standard 2: Applies movement concepts and principles to the learning and
development of motor skills.
Benchmark 2-E-2: Applies critical elements to improve personal performance in fundamental and selected
specialized motor skills (e.g., describes and demonstrates body positions for each part of an overhand throw).
2-E-2.1 Apply mature form for manipulative skills that include striking, volleying, dribbling,
throwing, and catching (use critical elements).
Standard 5: Demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior in physical
activity settings
Benchmark 5-E-3: Works cooperatively with teachers and peers to reach a common goal.
5-E-3.2 Demonstrate self-control in physical activity settings (e.g., sportsmanship, cooperation, diversity).
Benchmark 5-E-4: Exhibits independence and ability to succeed in groups.
5-E-4.2 Demonstrate cooperation with a partner or others in a group in order to achieve successful
Cognitive: TLW identify why they used a skill/strategy in Omnikin during class today.
Affective: TLW demonstrate teamwork by communicating and working with their peers to hit and catch the
Omnikin 100% of the time during class today.
Psychomotor: TLW demonstrate striking, pushing and catching the Omnikin ball 80% of the time through tasks
in class today.
Cognitive: I will identify why they used a skill/strategy in Omnikin during class today.
Affective: I will demonstrate teamwork by working together to hit and catch the Omnikin in class today 100%
of the time.
Psychomotor: I will demonstrate striking, pushing, and catching with proper skill cues the Omnikin ball 80% of
the time during various activities in class today.
Cognitive: Students will identify why they used a skill/strategy in Omnikin during class today on an exit slip.
Affective: The teacher will observe and monitor students teamwork and cooperation during class today.
Psychomotor: The teacher will observe the teams over multiple lessons and document students /teams level of
proficiency from 1-4 on a rubric at the end of class.



Learning Styles Addressed


Skill/Concept Taught

Setting up a Hit

A Push Hit

A Strike Hit


Kinesthetic- practicing and participating

Visual- Placing their sticker on the assessment board
Auditory- Instruction and class discussion
Interpersonal- working with team members
Skill Cues/Instructional Cues Used
Knee Down
Arms Wide
Chin Tucked
Elbows Bent
Step with non-dominant foot
Swing Back
Follow Through
Wide Arms
Soft Hands
Work Together

Student with wrist/ankle injury: can keep track of points during practice activities/can be the only person allowed to
talk during culminating activity to direct the team(s)
Student with severe injury/unable to physically participate: identifies successful moments of teamwork and
documents for the teacher. He/she can also help provide verbal feedback to his/her team to improve their
Starting activities with the smaller Omnikins and then allowing teams to use the larger ball
Rotating the Omnikin balls in order for all students to use the large size
Reduce/increase the amount of time allowed for Omnikin to be held before a hit (have other team count down)
5.G.B.3 Recognize properties of simple plane figures.
Omnikin Ball (Lg)
Omnikin Ball (Sm)
Hula Hoops

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black/White

Students should display spatial awareness and remain in their personal space.
Students should not kick or throw the balls inappropriately at another student.
Students should use equipment provided to them properly.

1 min

Activity Description
Anticipatory Set:
Review cues for hitting and catching.

Skill/Teacher Cues
Safety for setting up the hit:
Talk about extending the arms all
the way, tucking the chin, and
making a square/triangle base


Send students to their teams to put on their pennies and sit at
the hula-hoop. While students are sitting in their teams, begin
explaining the instant activity.
Instant Activity Instruction: "Setting up for a Hit
Call up a group to demonstrate (most well behaved)
You are all working together within the black boundaries to
keep the Omnikin in the air by using soft touches and wide
arms. When the whistle blows you are going to catch the
Omnikin. The goal is to keep the Omnikin off the ground.

Stress student safety: tucking the

chin and extending the arms.

1 min 20s


4 mins

1. Start with the smaller ball
2. Add in multiple Omnikin
3. Limit the number of students per catch
4. Have students catch and then set up a hit to start the next
Students may spread out in open space and begin playing
Instant Activity Game Play:
The students will begin playing a game of keep it up.
1. Start with the smaller Omnikin.
2. Multiple small Omnikin
3. Large Omnikin
4. Two large Omnikin
1. Setting up a hit quickly
2. Staying in personal space
3. Working as a team rather than for yourself


1st round students are just keeping it in the air

2nd round students will catch and set up a square stance
3rd round will catch and set up a square, I will call on student
to push hit
If you have the Omnikin roll it to your hula-hoop, and have a
seat with your team in 5-4-3-2-1.

Safety: While playing these games it

is important to be aware of your
surroundings. You should always be
an arms-length away from the
person next to you.
Remind students to take turns and
work together.

When the students are allowed to hit

the Omnikin, the teacher will pick
the student to hit based on proximity
and behavior.

1 minute

7 minutes


Activity Description
Skill Instruction:
Call on the two most well behaved group to demonstrate.
Explain that their boundaries are the yellow lines. One group
will set up a hit and push/strike the ball across to the other
team. You are trying to hit it away from the team across from
you. Your team will get a point each time the opponent
misses the catch. You will rotate through the numbers on your
name tag to take turns hitting
Receiving team will reset the ball at his/her hula-hoop with
everyones hands on it, and pass it back to the other team.
Your team will get a point for each catch.
Students may start at their hula hoop. Number 2 hits first this
game. Begin
Skill Practice:
Students will play 3, 2 minute rounds
They may use which ever hit they prefer
Every 1-2 minutes a new team gets to use the large Omnikin
1. Controlling the direction of the hit
2. Hitting to the empty space
3. Extending the arms
4. Working with the team
Students with the pink Omnikin roll them to me. Small
Omnikin in the bleachers. Number 1 pick up your hula hoops
and bring them to me in 5-4-3-2-1
Have a seat with your team on the black in 5-4-3-2-1

Skill/Teacher Cues
Remind students that they only get a
point if the ball hits the ground
within their boundaries.
Everyone has to keep their hands on
the Omnikin while walking to the
hula hoop.
If the Omnikin hits the ground at all
the other team scores a point

Be quick during this.

Place one hula-hoop on the far end of each court.

1 min 30 s

Activity Description
Culminating Activity Instruction:
Call up three teams to demonstrate.
You are playing with three teams because in Omnikin there
are at least 3 teams playing at a time. Your teams have the
from the mid-yellow line to the bleachers. You will be
rotating through a triangle with your team. 1st you will set up
a hit and hit from the partition across to an open team. After
your hit your team will run across and touch the black line,
then come up to the basketball court to set up for a catch.
Then your team will catch the Omnikin and walk it to the hula
hoop to set up a hit. Before each hit, the hitter must call out
the color of the team they are hitting to.
First 2 rounds: students will be assigned a team to call/hit to

Skill/Teacher Cues
Be specific and short

Rounds 3-4: the hitter can choose the color to hit to

10 s

Yellow and Blue are hitting first set up at the hula hoops.
Red and green spread out across from yellow.
White and shirts spread out across from blue.

Check for understanding.

Yellow will always call red, red will always call green, and
green will always call yellow for now.

6 mins

20 s

Blue will always call white, white will always call shirts, and
shirts will always call blue.
Culminating Activity/Skill Application:
Students will play until the end of class time.
During the final 2-3 minutes allow the hitting team to call
whatever color that they want.
1. Setting up quick hits to give the defense less time
2. Spreading out in open space
3. Working together
Roll the Omnikin to the hula hoop and have a seat infront of
me 5-4-3-2-1
CLOSURE 3 mins:

Review the new skills/concepts introduced during class:

Ask the students. Possible answers: Calling a hit, setting up quickly, that three teams play against each other.
Students will write down a new skill/strategy and how/why it was useful in class today on an exit slip. Stick their
name tags on the back, place their pennies on the floor and line up at the door.