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December 4, 2016
Second Sunday of Advent
Dear Parishioners:
Advent Wreath-Making Event
Recently, Pope Francis brought to conclusion the
Jubilee Year of Mercy with an Apostolic letter in which he Thank You to the 38 families and individuals who
wrote: Now, at the conclusion of this Jubilee, it is time to look to attended St. Columba's 1st Annual Advent Wreath
the future and to understand how best to continue, with joy, Making event in the hall on Nov. 12th. Pizza, salad,
fidelity and enthusiasm, experiencing the richness of God’s drinks, desserts and a good time were enjoyed by all.
mercy. Our communities can remain alive and active in the work
of the new evangelization in the measure that the “pastoral Thank you to Fr. McNulty for sharing the history of
conversion” to which we are called will be shaped daily by the Advent, the wreath and also for blessing the food and
renewing force of mercy. Let us not limit its action; let us not wreaths.
sadden the Spirit, who constantly points out new paths to take in
bringing to everyone the Gospel of salvation. First, we are called Thanks also to our Advent angels:
to celebrate mercy. What great richness is present in the Mike Conroy, Bob and Sharon Horn, Phil Holland,
Church’s prayer when she invokes God as the Father of mercies! Mike Pisor, Joan McManus, Miss Fiona, Deacon Bill,
In the liturgy, mercy is not only repeatedly implored, but is truly Charlie and Xavier.
received and experienced. From the beginning to the end of the May your Advent be filled with love in the preparation
Eucharistic celebration, mercy constantly appears in the dialogue for the Birth of the Savior of the World, Jesus.
between the assembly at prayer and the heart of the Father, who
rejoices to bestow his merciful love. After first pleading for Jane Pisor, Stella Vasquez, and Lisa Sawaya
forgiveness with the invocation “Lord have mercy”, we are
immediately reassured: “May almighty God have mercy on us, Retirement Fund for Religious
forgive us our sins, and lead us to everlasting life”. With this
confidence, the community gathers in the presence of the Lord, The weekend of Dec. 10-11 is designated for the
particularly on the holy day of the resurrection. Collection for the Retirement Fund for Religious.
December 8th is the Feast of the Immaculate Your gift helps provide nursing care, prescriptions
Conception. Therefore, in keeping with the Solemnity of the and more to aging priests, brothers, and sisters.
Immaculate Conception it might be helpful to remember that on Special envelopes can be found in the pews.
December 8, 1854, Pope Pius IX solemnly defined it as an article
of faith “that, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ the Savior of
the human race, the Blessed Virgin Mary in the first instant of Mass Intentions for the Week
her conception was, by a unique grace and privilege of almighty
God, preserved from all stain of original sin.” Explicit belief in
7:00 am—DA Intentions of Marlo Antonio
this doctrine developed gradually through centuries of devotional
and theological reflection on the holiness of the humble and TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6
obedient handmaid of the Lord whom all ages would call 7:00 am—EM Ron Allen
blessed. The second century saw her as the new Eve; the fifth, at
the Council of Ephesus, vindicated her title “Mother of God”; by WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7
the eighth her personal sinlessness was acknowledged and the 7:00 am—EM Donor’s Intention
feast of her Conception, thought not specifically as
“immaculate”, was being celebrated. The feast was introduced THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8—
into the Roman calendar in 1476, and by the seventeenth century Immaculate Conception
the Catholic world was agreed and increasingly enthusiastic 7:00 am—DA Intentions of Mario B. Icban
regarding this singular prerogative of the Blessed Virgin. Thus in 8:15 am—EM James & Mary Alice Quinn
1846, eight years before the definition, the bishops of the United 6:00 pm—EM Intentions of Dicken Hall
States declared the Immaculate Conception as the patronal feast
of our nation. Mass on December 8th will be at 7:00 am; 8:15
7:00 am—EM Thomas Ackerman
a.m. and 6:00 pm.
During the season of Advent we do penance in SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10
preparation for the Christmas season. We try to better our lives 8:00 am—EM Peggy Schultheis
so that we might be more fully prepared to celebrate the birth of 5:30 pm—DA Art & Millie Scarborough
Jesus. Therefore, I invite you to mark your calendars for our
parish celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, which will SUNDAY, DECEMBER 11
take place on Monday, December 12th at 6:00 p.m. We will 7:30 am—DA Richard & Cameron Hudjohn
have a number of priests from the neighboring parishes available 9:30 am—EM Intentions of Craig Carter, Jr.
that evening to assist with this celebration. 5:30 pm—EM People of the Parish
Fr. Ed DA—Fr. Daniel Anyanwu, EM—Fr. Ed McNulty

Matthew 25 Giving Tree Advent

Our Matthew 25 Giving Tree is up in the church Our parish Advent Penance service will be
vestibule. Funds collected will support Fr. John Tasto’s held on Monday, December 12 at 6:00
parish and school in Tijuana, Mexico. If you would like
to donate, pick an envelope from the tree, and turn it in p.m. in the church. Visiting priests will be
to the rectory or drop it in the collection basket. Make available for personal confession.
checks payable to St. Columba. Please DO NOT place the
envelope with cash or checks back on the tree. Thank Thank You
you for supporting this worthy program.
Many thanks are due to Joan McManus, Jeanette
Nativity Display Allen, Jerry LaDuke, and all other helping hands for
preparing our Matthew 25 Giving Tree with decorated
Next weekend, December 10 & 11, please visit our envelopes.
Nativity exhibit in the hall after Mass. If you have a Thanks also for preparing a lovely display for our
Nativity scene you would like to lend for the display, Thanksgiving altar.
please contact Robin Keator at 619-922-7941.

Mass on the Grass

Nearly 200 parishioners of St. Columba Catholic
Church celebrated the second annual Mass on the
Grass, held Nov. 5 in the front lawn of the Serra Mesa
church. Father Ed McNulty, who recently became
pastor, led the Mass, which was accompanied by
Advent App music from Spiritus. A post-Mass BBQ sponsored by
the Men’s Club followed the prayer-filled ceremony
Our Parish App will have a special Advent background
on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.
and a new button with Advent reflections for every
weekday during Advent.
The app can be downloaded for free by going to and selecting Apple Store or
Google Play Store.

Men’s Club
The Men's Club will meet on Tuesday,
December 6 at 6:00 PM in the hall. Dinner will
be provided. All men of the parish are welcome.

Readings for the Week

Mon: Is 35:1-10/Lk 5:17-26
Tues: Is 40:1-11/Mt 18:12-14
Wed: Is 40:25-31/Mt 11:28-30
Thurs: Gn 3:9-15,20/Ps 98:1-4/Eph 1:3-6,11-12/Lk 1:26-38
Fri: Is 48:17-19/Mt 11:16-19
Sat: Sir 48:1-4,9-11/Mt 17:9-13
Next Sun: Is 35:1-6,10/Ps 146:6-10/Jas 5:7-10/Mt 11:2-11

Sick List
PLEASE PRAY for the following:
Ted Altman, Elina Arbesu, Jim Barrow, Dicken
Hall, Daniel Herron, Mike Wolf


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