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Weblogic Trouble shooting Guide:

Changing pwd of admin server:


First bring down the server

Remove the DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift(move to DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift.old)
Remove the ldap folder under the servers/admin/data
Change the username pwd in file(if exisits) to the new pwd
Run the below command under DOMAIN_HOME/security

/opt/app/bea/wls92mp2/jdk150_10/bin/java -cp /opt/app/bea/wls92mp2/weblogic92/server/lib/weblogic.jar weblogic admin .
The above command recreates the DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift
6) Start the admin server.

For Encrypting a particluar string into desc3 :

java -Dweblogic.RootDirectory="/home/kk595p/classick_domain" -cp
Above command will promt for the pwd

For creation of new serializesystemini.dat and filerealm.propertries file

/opt/app/bea/wls92mp2/jdk150_10/bin/java -cp /opt/app/bea/wls92mp2/weblogic92/server/lib/weblogic.jar SerializedSystemIni.dat

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How To Recover SerializedSystemIni.Dat When It Gets Corrupted :

NOTE: this is only for domain in development mode
Please do the following steps in order to recover SerializedSystemIni.dat file:
Go to DOMAIN_HOME/config
Open the config.xml file and remove any encrypted sections from the <credential-encrypted> attributes.
Replace its content with
Save the file.
Go to DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/security
Remove the file if exists.
Go to DOMAIN_HOME/security
Remove SerializedSystemInit.dat
Rename the to
Change all the hashed passwords (encrypted passwords) to clear text passwords.
For example:
user.system=0xa078cb45e6f6c4eefdd1f14495ff739b5536904c to user.system=Weblogicdomainpwd
13. Ensure to use the same password that was set to the domain.
14. Save the file.
15. Open a terminal and go to DOMAIN_HOME/bin
16. Execute
17. Then execute (in the same open terminal) the following script:
java SerializedSystemIni.dat

Save the script.

20. Start Weblogic with or startWeblogic.cmd
21. Enter the user and password

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Create a new domain with same username and pwd
1) Copy the file and serializeSystemIni.dat from the new domain to the corrupted domain.
2) Copy the credential-encrypted from the new domain config.xml to corrupted domain
3) Copy the node manager username from new domain to corrupted domain
4) encrypt each des3 encrypted pwd in all the places with the below command
Ex: jdbc passwords and others
For ecrypting a particluar string into desc3
java -Dweblogic.RootDirectory="/home/kk595p/classick_domain" -cp
When you run the above command . it will promt for a pwd . When you enter plain text pwd , it will
sencrypt the same .

5) After changes all the des3 pwd . Start the admin,manage servers .
NOTE: The above scenario is tested without JMS . Yet to check with that

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