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I'm Janet Beckers, the founder and
host of Wonderful Web Women and I'm
very excited to welcome you to this
special publication of the Wonderful
Web Women community.

A Gift from All Parts of the Globe

This book is the result of team work but not your typical team!
The team who created this publication are spread throughout the globe.
Contributors come from all parts of the world from Australia to the USA, from
Canada to France, from New Zealand to Singapore.
Every part of this book, from concept to title, every article, artwork, formatting,
distribution and marketing everything has been the result of the collaboration
of women (and enlightened men). Each contributor is a GOLD or VIP member of
the Wonderful Web Women community who not only saw an opportunity, BUT

The Law of Attraction in Action

Action is what has set the authors and contributors of this book apart from every
one else and that is why action is the focus of this book. Each author's
background and life experience is as varied as the countries they come from and
here you have the opportunity to learn and be inspired on very different
approaches to how to take action to attract success into your life.

Action Steps A Sample of What You Will Learn

There are many ways to attract success into your life however YOU define
success. In these pages you will learn skills to:

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Look within yourself to discover your true life purpose

Tap into your spirituality and think outside the square
Evaluate how you use your time and techniques to set goals and get more
Master the one ability that will make or break your business how to
create meaningful and lasting relationships with your customers
HUNDREDS of action steps to grow your business, get more customers
and turn them into raving fans who build your business for you.
Impact on the future by applying the Law of Attraction to parenting.
Tap into your passion and build a business around the "ordinary"
Create vitality and energy in your life and have FUN
Attract health and love into your life

Every one of these articles focuses on ACTION, and to make it easy for you,
every article finishes with a series of actions you can take today to start attracting
success in your life. So what are you waiting for?

Thousands of Dollars of Gifts

The Law of Attraction is grounded very much on the power of gratitude and giving
before you receive. So of course, this book is filled with gifts to help you attract
the life you deserve.
Every one of the contributors to this book has gifted you further help. Many
of the gifts offered here are only available because you have taken the time to
read this book. Gifts range from free courses, books, generous discounts to
complimentary coaching and memberships. I urge you to take action and make
the most of the gifts offered to you. After all, the path those gifts take you on
might very well be the reason this book has come into your life. You can find links
to all of these gifts by visiting
You can join our dynamic community of entrepreneurial women (and
enlightened men) and also receive the resell rights to this book (so you can gift it
to your customers and use it to grow your list of prospective customers). Simply
visit it's free to join us.

Janet Beckers

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Legal Blurb
You've got to admit, there are some pretty powerful messages in this book. If you
take action on just some of them you will see changes in your life. But let's face
facts. We can't make any promises because you are ultimately responsible for
the choices you make and the actions you take.
Wonderful Web Women, which is owned by Niche Partners Pty Ltd, an Australian
company, is the copyright owner of this publication. This means you can't pretend
you wrote any, or even part of the articles in this book.
You can't reproduce any of these articles anywhere else (unless you are the
author) but you can certainly quote from the book and make references to what
you have learnt. Just make sure you acknowledge the author and also this book.
It's just good manners really (apart from being legal).

How You Can Distribute This Book Yourself

If you have been given this book as a gift or as a bonus with a product you
bought lucky you! You can use this book for yourself but you cannot give away
copies yourself.
But there is a way.
All members of Wonderful Web Women free, GOLD and VIP have the right to
distribute this book. This means (when you join) you can:

add this book as a bonus to products you are selling

grow your mailing list by giving this book away in return for contact details
print it out and post it to your favourite customers
email it to your customers as a way of rewarding their loyalty

visit and join for free. As well as getting the
rights to distribute this book, we also give you web pages, marketing material and
instructions on how to make the most of this opportunity. If you are a GOLD
member, we even give you videos to teach you step by step how to use this book
to start growing your mailing list through a web site.
See you there.

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Thank You
The pages of this book are filled with references to the power of gratitude, and for
good reason. If we give others the opportunity to help, not only can you create
something of greater value, the people who help you often gain just as much as
There are many people to acknowledge and thank for their part in creating this
book. I do hope that I haven't left anyone out but if I have, please know that I am
genuinely grateful for your help. So here goes..

Wonderful Authors
There are some "big names" here who are experienced authors and mentors and
others who faced the challenge and have authored their first book chapter.
Thank you for your wisdom and pushing yourselves out of your comfort zone.
The quality of your work is amazing. Congratulations.

Wonderful Designers
Thank you to Heidi Nabert who contributed her award winning skills in the
creation of the artwork for the cover of this book. She captured the simplicity,
strength and femininity of the book. Thank you for your creativity and meeting my
tight deadlines.
Thank you to Monika Newman, Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire and e-book
editing specialist. Monika volunteered hours of her time and expertise to format
the layout, look, images etc of the book. Monika is amazingly patient. Thank you
for your calmness and meeting very tight deadlines you're a star!
Thank you to Charly Leetham, Wonderful Techy Woman. Charly created the
web site and spent the hours needed
to make sure all the gifts donated by our authors are there for you to click on and
launched which is the "do it for you" arm of
Wonderful Web Women. Together we create web site and marketing solutions

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Wonderful Web Ideas Man

Behind the scenes, working long into the night, is Douglas Beckers, my husband
and business partner. Thank you to Douglas for well everything really! Douglas
has that wonderful mix which is perfect in a business (and life) partner. A great
lateral thinker and a man of action.

The Wonderful Web Women Community

This community started as a one-off project and has developed a life of its own. I
am continually inspired by the wonderful women I am privileged to interview and
the amazing women and men who make up our community. Your stories inspired
this book. I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to share my
knowledge with you and also to learn so much from each of you. Watch this
space as our community goes from strength to strength!

Express Your Gratitude

As you read through the following chapters you will find incredibly inspiring
stories and words of wisdom. Some of these stories will really touch you and
hopefully change your life in some way. We'd love to hear how these stories
impact on you and if you are inspired to take action.
When you visit please click on the link
"Meet the Authors". There you will find a list of every author and a section with
their photo and title of their chapter. Please leave a comment for the authors'
whose work you love. This is a powerful way to express your gratitude and
publicly acknowledge the generosity of the author. For many of our authors this is
the first time they have "put themselves out there" and they have really pushed
themselves out of their comfort zones. For this reason alone, they are my
There is also a link on the web site called "Share Your Story". We'd love to hear
your stories of The Law of Attraction and the challenges and celebrations you
have faced in your journey to attract success in your life.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Janet Beckers

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Heidi Nabert
Challenges help keep me level headed, it reminds me I dont know it all and there is always
more to learn. Im an award-winning graphic designer and podcast host / producer. I am also
a national activist (Canada) for the rights of children of divorce and survivors of child sexual
abuse my mission is to teach parents and kids peaceful divorce and safety.

L AW O F A T T R A C T I O N G R A P H I C S & P O D C A S T S
Incorporating the Law of Attraction principles into every aspect of your business message
strengthens LOAs power. My expertise includes graphic design, teaching teleseminar and
podcast creation combined with Web 2.0, to attract the audience and partners you deserve.

Producer & Host

Book Covers
Graphic Design

How to Protect
Your Child from Sexual Predators
Best in Show Book Cover
at Steve Harrisons
Sell Books by the Truck Load Event

LOA eBook Cover for

Wonderful Web Women
I am honored to be chosen to design
the cover for this important ebook!

Need Graphics?
Email Me

DADcast was our first Podcast and

it helped us to grow an international
audience! We recorded 12 1-hour
Episodes of everygreen
Divorced Dad
Minute was an
experiment to
if a 1-minute
Podcast could
be successful.
This Podcast is consistently #1 or
#2 in iTunes under the Divorced
Dads category.

Boo Boo Gone Podcast won a

Veteran Category Podcast Award
Boo Boo Gone Podcast
Safety Tips for Parents and Kids
Heidi Nabert Host and Producer

Free Safety Tips

TelePodcast Course
Conference Speakers

Presentation + Strategy Session

TelePodcast Secrets Course
Experts in Focus Conference
Balitmore April 17-18, 2009

Danny Guspie and Heidi Nabert

launched their first podcast in 2006
and watched their business grow
in a way that they could not have
predicted a global audience
emerged and new type
of client a pre-sold client.
TelePostcast Secrets Course
Youll learn how to host a
teleseminar, turn it into a Podcast
and how your TelePodcast can
build your Brand.
38% of the population is auditory
Your voice is the most intimate way
of bonding with your audience, add
the convenience of Teleseminars,
Podcast portability, add Web 2.0
youve enabled your audience to
choose when, where and how they
can listen.

TelePodcast Course
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Monika Newman Firstly I would like to say thank you for
the opportunity of being able to contribute to this project and
being able to play my small part in how it all came together. I
was included in the team of proofreaders to ensure that all the
contributions to the ebook were uniform and maintained high
standards. As readers would know it is no small feat working
with documents of 280 plus pages and making sure that the
document "behaved" but everything came together really well
and the team can be proud of all the hard work that went into it.
You may be wondering how I became involved with this project? Well, as a Gold
Member of Wonderful Web Women I was the recipient of the first The Law of Attraction
in Action ebook and when an opportunity arose to be involved with The Law of Attraction
in Action - Volume 2 I didn't hesitate to 'put up my hand'.
Being a Virtual Assistant and possessing the skills needed, I knew that this was
something I could handle. I understand that business owners can't do it all themselves,
nobody can and in the end it's about building teams to get the best outcome.
I have a Virtual Assistant business called Absolutely Virtual and support solo
entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, small business owners in their businesses
It is my job to make sure your business looks good, even when things get stressful
behind the scenes!
My services include, but are not limited to the following:

Word (Advanced)
Creating pdf ebooks, document layouts
Formatting, tables, manuals etc
PowerPoint (Advanced); Presentations
Excel Spreadsheets
Database Management
Publisher; flyers, tri fold brochures
PDF document creation; conversion
PDF to original
Mail Merge (via Word & Excel)
Email blasts

Mail Outs
Drafting correspondence
Internet Research/Field Research
Proofreading and Editing
Media monitoring/Online media
Personal Assistance; secretarial and
general administration
University assignments
Digital Transcription
Faxing, Scanning, Printing (colour & B/W)

"Giving your business that professional edge"

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WELCOME .......................................................................................... 1
JANET BECKERS ............................................................................................................. 2
LEGAL BLURB..................................................................................... 3
THANK YOU ....................................................................................... 4
JANET BECKERS ............................................................................... 12
CARGO CULTURE & THE LAW OF ATTRACTION IN ACTION ............................................ 12
ALMA APOSTOL................................................................................ 21
MY JOURNEY...RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA........................................................................ 21
AMANDA ROBINS............................................................................. 28
HOW TO DISCOVER THE BUSINESS WITHIN YOU! ........................................................... 28
ANKYA ............................................................................................. 34
ABUNDANCE IS AN ENERGY YOU CAN EMBODY ....................................................... 34
ANNIE OLIVERI ............................................................................... 43
HOW TO MOTIVATE YOUR CHILD................................................................................. 43
ARLENE HARDER.............................................................................. 49
RECOVERING PERFECTIONIST ...................................................................................... 49
BARBARA ROMAN ............................................................................ 62
CREATIVE MARKETING (ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET)................................................... 62
BARBARA SIMON ............................................................................. 67
COURSE JUNKIES ON DETOX....................................................................................... 67
BELINDA JACKSON .......................................................................... 72
BLOGGING TO ATTRACT ATTENTION! ........................................................................... 72
CATH RESNICK ................................................................................ 76
PARENTING, THE FUTURE AND YOU ............................................................................. 76
CHARYN YOUNGSON ........................................................................ 84
CLAIRE MCFEE ................................................................................. 87
FROM ROCK BOTTOM TO BLITZING THE WORLD WIDE WEB ......................................... 87

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CONNIE BORIS AND CHARLY LEETHAM............................................ 93

CONNIE RAGEN GREEN .................................................................... 99
CRYSTAL THUNELL......................................................................... 103
YOUR HEALTH!............................................................................................................ 103
DEBBIE DUCIC AKA...GUTZY WOMAN............................................. 109
.................................................................................................................................. 109
GABRIELA ROSA ............................................................................ 115
HOW TO FIND YOUR LIFE PURPOSE NOW ................................................................. 115
HELEN MEADER.............................................................................. 121
WEIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS - HOW TO BE YOUR PERFECT WEIGHT .............................. 121
JANET ATTWOOD ........................................................................... 131
THE TRANSFORMING POWER OF LETTING GO............................................................ 131
JASHMUNA SABINE NEBEL ............................................................ 136
DR JOANNA MARTIN ...................................................................... 143
THE FOUR P'S TO MAKING BIG MONEY AS A SPEAKER............................................... 143
JOANNE ROIBU .............................................................................. 146
GUIDE TO GOAL ACHIEVEMENT & THE LAW OF ATTRACTION ..................................... 146
JUDITH PFLUM, EFT-ADV ............................................................... 156
JUDITH SHERVEN, PHD & JIM SNIECHOWSKI, PHD ....................... 160
CHANGING YOUR IDENTITY . . . OR NOT? ................................................................... 160
KAY PROUDFOOT ........................................................................... 163
A RETURN TO LOVE THE KEY TO IT ALL .................................................................... 163
KRISTI SAYLES .............................................................................. 169
LEAD GENERATION ON A BUDGET.............................................................................. 169
LEAH SQUIRE................................................................................. 173
YOUR POCKETS.......................................................................................................... 173

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LENORE MILLER............................................................................. 178

CREATE THE OUTRAGEOUSLY HEALTHY YOU FOR LIFE! ............................................ 178
LINDA BINNS ................................................................................ 185
CREATING ENVIRONMENTS FOR SUCCESS................................................................. 185
LISA TALIGA.................................................................................. 190
LORRAINE PIRIHI ......................................................................... 194
HAVE A LIFE! ............................................................................................................. 194
LUDWINA DAUTOVIC..................................................................... 198
MARKETING & DATING - THE TWO GO HAND IN HAND................................................. 198
MARGARET SAUNDERS .................................................................. 202
HOW WHAT YOU LOVE DOING CAN MAKE YOU MONEY!........................................... 202
MARGARET SIMS ........................................................................... 206
POSITIVELY AND ATTRACT MORE CLIENTS.................................................................... 206
MARGIT ROBSON ........................................................................... 211
A RICH LIFE.............................................................................................................. 211
MICHELLE GREENE......................................................................... 219
3 KEY ELEMENTS TO CREATING YOUR DREAM LIFESTYLE ......................................... 219
MONIKA NEWMAN ......................................................................... 226
IS LETTING GO DIFFICULT? ....................................................................................... 226
NICOLE SCOTT ............................................................................... 229
POOL, EASY REALLY ................................................................................................... 229
PAT MARCELLO .............................................................................. 234
PHYLLIS BRIGGS ........................................................................... 238
RENEE AUSTIN............................................................................... 243
RICK AND JO HARRISON ............................................................... 250

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SALLY CURTIS ............................................................................... 253

TURNING MYSELF INSIDE OUT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN ..................................................... 253
SHEILA BETKER ............................................................................. 262
STACEY BARR ................................................................................ 268
THE SINGLE MOST POWERFUL DRIVER OF BUSINESS SUCCESS................................. 268
SUSAN WINLAW ............................................................................ 274
ENJOY LIFE IN 2009.................................................................................................... 274
SUSITHA P..................................................................................... 280
HOW TO ENHANCE SELF ESTEEM AND CLAIM ABUNDANCE......................................... 280
SUZIE WILLIAMS ........................................................................... 284
ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM COMPASSION FATIGUE? ................................................. 284
YEE WAH CHOONG ......................................................................... 292
7 KEYS TO FINDING THE RIGHT LAWYER FOR YOU ..................................................... 292

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Janet Beckers
Cargo Culture & The
Law of Attraction in
Congratulations on opening this book and taking the action to read the wonderful
wisdom shared by our authors. This simple step shows me you are a person who
is open to welcoming change in your life and are willing to take at least some
level of action. Thousands of people will be given the gift of this book, thousands
of people will save it to their hard-drive in a folder called "Law of Attraction" or
"ebooks to read" or "success resources" or similar, but believe it or not, only a
handful will go that step further and open the file and start to read. You are one of
those people. So again, congratulations on taking action.
As I have the honour of writing the first chapter in this book I thought I would help
set the scene by sharing with you:
1. What is The Law of Attraction
2. The No.1 mistake people make when using The Law of Attraction
3. The simple solution to that No.1 mistake.
I'll also share with you some great stories along the way because I just LOVE
stories and I hope you do to

So What IS The Law of Attraction?

The concept of The Law of Attraction has really been around for decades but was
recently made popular by the movie "The Secret". If you haven't watched it I
highly recommend you do so. There are books that have come out based on the
movie and you can buy these books and the DVD from most book stores. The
DVD is even available for hire in most video rental stores.
To explain the concept very briefly, The Law of Attraction states that you attract
everything into your life. Both the good and the bad. So what you think and
believe is reflected in what you attract into your life.

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It can be broken down into 3 steps:

1. Imagination asking the universe for what you want in life and being very
clear on this
2. Faith letting go and trusting that the universe will provide. You don't
have to always know how
3. Receive you need to be open to the opportunities that are provided to
you and be ready to receive what you asked for.
Of course, this is the simplified version and the science behind the concept is
absolutely fascinating. You will learn a lot about this in some of the chapters our
authors have contributed in this book. Unfortunately, many people have studied
The Law of Attraction, applied the principles to their life and not go the results
they expected. Many have become disillusioned and written the concept off as
"hocus pocus" and this is often because of one common mistake people make.

Cargo Culture and the Law of Attraction

To describe this common mistake, let me tell you a story
About 14 years ago I was living in a small village in Papua New Guinea for a few
weeks, doing volunteer work in a little health centre. I got to travel from village to
village and met many locals who would tell me stories of events happening in
other villages (a very efficient grapevine).
While I was there, all of the villagers in a small village had decided to throw all of
their belongings into the pit toilets and burn other belongings.
The theory was that if they went back to having nothing, as they did before WWII,
presents and riches would drop from the sky - just as they did during the war
when parcels of food etc would be dropped from planes. All they needed to do
was truly believe. This had a name - Cargo Culture.
I see so many similarities with the way many people approach the techniques
taught in The Secret, What the Bleep and You were born rich. That if you
truly just believe, it will all happen. Of course, the cargo never fell from the sky
again, and a whole village was left confused and disappointed.
The same confusion and disappointment is inevitable if people treat the power of
manifesting The Law of Attraction with the same cargo culture mentality. Many
people get the concept that they need to imagine what they want, truly believe it
will be provided and be willing to receive. It is the last step "receiving" that so
many misunderstand. Many people interpret receiving as a passive step but
unfortunately this is not the case (wouldn't it be great if it was that easy?)

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To really attract success into your life you have to be willing to take action and be
pro-active. This simply means that when an opportunity presents itself, or you
have an idea that will move you towards your dream, you put your whole heart
into it and take action.
Be warned though, if you do this you must be prepared to move outside your
comfort zone. This leads me to another story I'd like to share with you.

Making the Choice

Just over 2 years ago I was sitting in the audience of an Internet Marketing
Conference in Australia. As I watched the incredibly successful people on stage
who were presenting, a thought struck me.
None of the presenters were born successful. None of them knew how to run a
business or make money on the Internet when they first started. Yet they had
created wonderful success in very different ways. That's when it struck me. Every
one of those people must have made the decision at some stage to really push
themselves out of their comfort zones. They could never have been successful if
they didn't challenge themselves. They took massive action on the opportunities
presented to them.
So I made a decision.
I decided that whenever I had a choice between 2 ways of doing something; one
way that I felt comfortable doing and another that scared me but was doable, I
would ALWAYS choose the option that scared me. No excuses and no
Wow did things change fast then. Very quickly the things I had been imagining
and asking for came searching for me. 18 months after making that decision I
was the one on stage presenting at an Internet Marketing Conference. I didn't
seek this opportunity out, it came to me.
Here is an example of a choice I made and how choosing the scary path
attracted opportunities I would never have had before.

Aim for the top

When I decided to create Wonderful Web Women I was on a mission. A mission
to find successful women on the Internet, interview them to learn their secrets
and share these wonderful role models with other women who wanted to create
their own success. I had never interviewed anyone before, let alone a live
interview on the Internet with hundreds of other people listening. I was scared.

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I had to learn how to master the technology and how to do a great interview so I
wouldn't put people to sleep. That really moved me out of my comfort zone. But I
had another choice to make. A choice that would ultimately lead to success I had
only thought was possible for other people.
This was the choice I had.
1. I could approach women who were great at what they did but not very well
known (so I could build a reputation as my skills developed), or
2. I could aim for the top and ask the most successful (and inaccessible)
women, and just trust that the technology and my interview skills would
The second option really scared me so, according to my promise to myself, that's
the choice I made.
The women I approached were incredibly supportive and I launched with the
support of internet "legends" which instantly put me on the Internet Map.
Because of that decision I have been booked out every week for well over a year
interviewing incredibly successful women, which means people who join
Wonderful Web Women as gold members have access to the most extensive
archives of the best internet marketing advice on-line.
This also established me as an "expert by association" which then attracted other
experts to me to offer partnership opportunities I could only have dreamed of a
few months before. So making the decision to push myself out of my comfort
zone resulted in attracting the opportunities I could never have attracted by taking
the easy path or just passively waiting for the universe to deliver.
The key here is; I imagined what I wanted (to find great role models, share them
and act as a catalyst for change for women all over the world), I had faith it was
possible and I took action on opportunities in a way that really pushed me out of
my comfort zone.
So my challenge to you is: Look at the choices you have in your life. Choices that
will move you towards achieving what you really want. Only you can know what
your own comfort zone is and what is scary for you. Now, make the decision.
When you have 2 choices that will move you closer to your dreams will you
commit to always choose the option that makes you stretch beyond the limits you
have always set yourself?

Page 15 of 300

This is what I wish for you, as I know once you start there is no going back and it
just gets easier and easier with each choice you make.

A Catalyst for Change

I mentioned that part of my dream was to be a catalyst for change in other
people's lives. To help them be the best they could be and create success in their
own Internet businesses. I am honoured to share the stories of some of the
inspiring women who joined our community at Wonderful Web Women and made
the decision to push themselves out of their comfort zone. These are ordinary
women (aren't we all?) who put faith in themselves, took action on what they
learnt from our Wonderful Experts and attracted opportunities into their lives they
never expected. They are my inspiration. Ready for a few more stories?
Living a Life of Passion
Jashmuna Sabine Nebel is one of our gold members from Germany. One of the
benefits of gold membership is the opportunity to have your website reviewed.
Jasmuna took action and booked for a review. One of the suggestions I made in
the review really pushed Jashmuna out of her comfort zone, but she did it. I'll let
Jashmuna tell you what happened in her own words..
"One of the suggestions Janet gave me for my website was, to put my photo and name
and a bit about myself right on the front page of my site. This was a challenge, as it did
confront me with the old "who am I to show the world who I am, there are so many
people who are known and aren't they better than me?? What will people say or judge"
etc. It helped me a lot to hear that I am not the only one who felt reluctant at first. It's a
bit scaring to step out and become visible to the world."
"I followed the advice anyway, and it's not just that it changes my site to be personal. It's
much deeper, i.e. like a new faith into myself, and say "hi, here I am, and that is the gift I
am here to share with the world".

From this moment things happen by itself, like the Universe saying "Finally! Finally she
allows her vision coming true!"
"When I created my site, I did not even think to already offer healings or coaching. I
planned to create a course or book for the future, but right now I started with reviews of
my most beloved self-development products with my affiliate links, plus creating free
articles, meditation techniques etc."
"Without mentioning anything about offering healings or coaching, my first client from
the other side of the world contacted me. Dear Margaret Saunders from Australia who is

Page 16 of 300

a member here as well. I am working with her and her daughter since then and even
received my first testimonial on my site. It is just wonderful, and the work I have been
most passionate with, the more to see the wonderful results."
"The most amazing thing is - I have not even had time to update my site for a visible offer
of healings or did any promotion...but somehow people find me: just today I received a
new client request from someone from the Bahamas!"
"Well, that's really the Law of Attraction in action - actually we just need to start to do
what we really love, and the Universe opens the gateways to flood us with everyone and
everything we need. We simply have to take action on it and the success is inevitable."

Yin and Yang. Opposites Attract Success

Let me share another story with you. This is a story of 2 women who took action
in ways that moved both of them out of their comfort zones. Without knowing the
other existed they attracted the perfect business partner that complemented their
own skills and challenges. Yet if you had asked them at first to describe their
ideal business partner they would have given very different answers. Their
names are Connie Boris and Charly Leetham. I'll let them tell you their story
"..when I finally decided to become a Gold Member things really started to come together
for me. It was about that time that I saw Connie's request for more Women to join their
Mastermind Group (a special benefit for gold members). Knowing that I was ready for
this, I applied and was accepted in to group. This was truly the first time I met Connie 'in
"I'm not sure why, and I'm sure if you ask me in another 20 or 50 years I will know, but I
really resonated with Connie on our first Mastermind call. However, it wasn't for a
couple of weeks when we realized just how much we could help each other."
"It was about that time that Janet had announced the Wonderful Web Giveaway and all
of us were in a 'tizz' (good Australian term that) to get our offerings together. At the same
time, Connie and I connected for a Mastermind call and we were the only participants.
Connie confided in me at the time that she needed to create her product for the Giveaway
and was getting into the mindset to do it. I was studying Interviewing..and immediately
saw the opportunity where I could help someone and 'practice' what I had learned.
Connie graciously consented to my assistance and the next morning we were off. The
interview, to my mind, was wonderful! I have an abiding interest in Connies Niche Yoga specifically, but to me it's the self development aspects of Yoga that are intriguing,
so I interviewed Connie as I would have if I were a prospective Yogi. This interview
became Connies product for the Giveaway event. "

Page 17 of 300

'Connie Says'-- It was really great how that first interview flowed, we interacted well and
Charly was able to draw things out of me that I had forgotten I knew. I never thought I
would be able to get everything ready in time for the giveaway event and have everything
running smoothly but with Charlys help I did. I have a list now!
As you can see, both Connie and Charly had moved out of their comfort zones
and taken action. They had joined Wonderful Web Women, joined a mastermind
group when the opportunity was given to them, committed to create their first
products, take part in a giveaway event so they could grow their lists and face the
challenge of learning how to interview and create a product from that interview.
As you will see, Connie faced another challenge and doing so opened the door
for new opportunities she would not have foreseen
"We met in person in Sydney on June 6th 2008 for the first time and from there, our
partnership was born. Connie was brimming with ideas and I was looking for a way to
utilize my skills.
'Connie Says'-- I want to add here that I have had lots of ideas for a long time but was
always very wary to talk to anybody about them because a lot of these savvy internet
marketers are fast and furious in snatching up ideas and claiming them as theirs own and
monetizing them. For whatever unknown reason I completely trusted Charly and put all
my ideas out there in front of her, without hesitating."
"What can I say! It was at that point we both realized that not only were we 'compatible'
whilst being complete opposites, but that we interacted so well together that we just had
to do something."
Connie and Charly have since created a business partnership that is unique. I
like to think of it as the "Yin and Yang" of Internet Marketing
"Through this site and business, we want to help people not only 'overcome their
technology challenges' but to also ensure their physical and mental wellbeing. We are
devising a program that not only will you be able to learn about the techie side of the
internet that will help you either do things for yourself or make informed outsourcing
decisions, you will also be able to ensure that physical and mental well being is looked
after as well. So many people lose sight of the fact that ensuring all aspects of your life
are in balance means that you will be far more productive."
"If Connie and I hadn't met through Wonderful Web Women, this wouldn't be happening.
Thank you Janet for enabling us to meet and putting such a secure framework in place to
allow this to occur."

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These are just a few of the wonderful stories of people who have made the
choice to move outside their comfort zone and take action that scares them. As a
result they have attracted into their lives people and opportunities that would
never have happened if they had been left to plan out a logical path to their
goals. If I had not made that decision to always choose the scary path I would not
have created the opportunity to act as a catalyst for change in these inspiring
people's lives.
You can choose to be the catalyst for change in your own life.
Good luck!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Imagine big and have faith that if you can imagine it,
it can be.
2. When you have a choice between the easy way and
the scary way, ALWAYS choose the scary way.
3. Be open to new opportunities and just go with the
flow. Often the winding path is the fastest way to your

About the Author

Janet Beckers is the founder and host of Wonderful Web Women. Her mission is
to act as a catalyst for change and help people create success in their own lives
by building a successful Internet business. She does this by sharing the success
stories and secrets of the most successful women on the Internet with women
(and enlightened men) all over the world. She helps people to help each other by
creating a dynamic and generous Wonderful Web Community where people are
supported to learn through action and partnership.
You can join this community for free at

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Special offer
Visit to download the audio and
transcripts of an interview with Janet "How To Build A Targeted Mailing List And
Gain Instant Credibility Through The Power Of Joint Ventures And Expert
Interviews - In 6 Short Weeks"

What actions will you take today?

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Alma Apostol
Saudi Arabia
Im an adventurous person. I love to travel, learn other cultures by living among
the people, which is by far the best thing to do it. I take opportunities that come
my way, to find the truth and to learn.
I encountered set-backs, but the lessons Ive learned and what it did to my
personal being far exceeded everything else. Aside from the knowledge I
acquired, I became bold, a risk taker, a compassionate person, have self-esteem,
confidence and above all the resilience that I need in tougher times.
When I was in the Philippines, I heard so much about life here in the United
States that to live here is like being in heaven. I took advantage when the
opportunity came. I applied as a professional, 3rd preference. It took a while
before I finally got here but it was worth it. I was able to prove that yes, you can
live in heaven, but you have to work hard to get there.
Against the advise of almost everybody, family, supervisor, friends, etc. I decided
to go to Riyadh. It took me a year to make the final decision. Saudi Arabia is a
closed country and I thought it was an opportunity to live in a country ruled by a
King, render my services and live amongst its people. This article is about my
journey and what I learned.
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, a world-class research
facility located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia employs 5,000 people from 40 countries.
It was through this hospital that I was recruited by Hospital Corporation of

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America (HCA), a placement agency, as a Research Associate in 1994.

Although I'm no longer residing in Riyadh, I would like to share my journey,
experiences and observations as an expatriate in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I indicate
actions that you can take to learn about other cultures at the end of this article.
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre
The salary of men and women employees was based on their citizenship. The
highest paid were the American citizens, followed by the Canadian, British and
Saudi Arabian. The lowest paid were the Asian citizens. The hospital offered
dental and medical coverage, very generous sick days and vacation days. Round
ticket to the countries of origin after the first year of service. Work week; Saturday
to Wednesday. Weekends; Thursday and Friday.
At the workplace, women expatriates wore their regular clothing with the
exception of the following: Shorts, low-cut dresses or tops, halter or strapless
tops, any tight fitting or revealing clothing. The Saudi women wore black cloaks
or capes over their heads and black clothing covering their entire body. Muslim
(Non-Saudi) women wore a black veil and abaya (a black gown). Unlike the
women from Saudi Arabia, women from Sudan covered their entire body except
their eyes.
The Saudi men wore head cover set, a long skirt which covers all the way down
to the ankle. The headdress consisted of three things, the Taqiyah, the Ghutra
and the Iqal. The Ghutrah, part of the headdress was a square scarf made of
cotton, and was worn folded into a triangular shape with the fold in the front over
the Taqiyah. Ghutra came in either pure white or a combination of red and white
also called smagh or shmagh.
The employees at the hospital, such as women nurses, technicians, etc. who
interacted with the patients, had to speak Arabic. I dealt with professionals. I
picked up some words but had since forgotten.
During prayer times, the Muslim men stopped their work. They assembled at a
designated prayer location while the Muslim women prayed any place where they
happened to be during prayer times.
At the cafeteria, the men and women were segregated. Each had their own
entrance to the cafeteria. There was good selection of food, lots of fresh fruits
and vegetables. The meals were very affordable. There was a restaurant at the
hospital where men and women dined and mingled. Sometimes, I just walked
home, a five minute walk, for my lunch and watched the news on TV.

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The Flashing Arabic Names of the Stores were Reminders that I was in
Touring Riyadh at night was my first contact with the public. I was excited to see
what was outside the compound of the hospital. After our second day of
orientation, our friendly tour guide, an Egyptian lady welcomed us as we stepped
inside the bus. She introduced herself after all the listed recruits were inside. The
bus winded down a narrow street. The city was well lit and she described briefly
the places we passed by. We entered a shopping mall and the bus stopped. The
flashing Arabic names of the stores reminded me where I was. The shoppers
were mostly Saudi families.
Our tour guide announced that we had two hours to shop. She wanted to show
the ladies where they could buy inexpensive but good quality abayas. I tagged
along closely as she walked briskly through the crowded mall. It was easy to get
lost when everybody wore abayas and scarves. She entered a store and
exchanged pleasantries with the owner in Arabic. She waited for our entire group
before she introduced us.
Beautiful abayas of different designs and fabrics were displayed throughout the
store. After checking them, I picked up an embroidered silk and asked the owner
how much it cost. One hundred riyal (2.75 riyal/dollar). Our tour guide told him to
be nice to me and gave me a discount, she said, "fifty riyal". I smiled. I
remembered what I used to do in the Philippines. The merchants applied
excessive mark-ups on their merchandise, so we bargained. They continued
haggling until finally they settled for seventy riyal. I handed him the money.
We continued our tour getting in and out of the stores. Then we entered a store
whose walls were covered with golden necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc. of
different sizes and designs. It was quite a sight. Expensive rugs of beautiful
designs and shades draped the walls of another store. Some friendly salesmen
handed us free tiny bottles of perfumes. The two hours shopping was over. We
went back to the bus where the driver was waiting for us. When all the
passengers were accounted for, we drove back to the hospital compound where
we were dropped off individually in front of our buildings.
Jeddah, The Pearl of the Sea
Jeddah, the ancient Arab trading port, is a city of great beauty and often referred
to as the Bride of the Red Sea. After securing an in-country certificate from the
Personnel Department, I joined twenty one American expatriates for a weekend
tour to Jeddah. We left on a Wednesday after work. We had three male Filipino
tour guides. We took a van to the airport. The flight to Ahba was 45 minutes.
Thursday, we had a Swiss Buffet Breakfast at the Al Bouhaira restaurant. We

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met other American expatriates from other cities. Then two hotel vans took us for
a tour of Old Jeddah. Unlike being in public in Riyadh, the women were not
required to wear their scarves. We walked through narrow streets taking pictures
without any restrictions. We visited the Abdul Raouf Museum. There was a short
movie to familiarize us with the citys development while tea was served. Some
government officials patiently answered our questions.
The hotel tour guides carried lots of food for lunch. After lunch, we drove to what
seemed to be a continuous desert until we reached the horse stables. A British
lady who managed the farm gave us an overview about raising Arabian horses. I
talked to a lady feeding the horses. She handed me a carrot and told me to feed
the horse. I was never this close to a horse. The horse took the food from my
palm. Then I watched a guy expertly cleaning and changing horsehoes.
From the horse farm, we were driven downtown for a shopping trip. We were
allowed three hours to shop. We visited the Fashion Centre/Jamjoom. My friend
wanted to buy a nice abaya. There were lots to choose from. She tried a few and
found the right one. We walked in and out of the stores. I bought souvenirs. The
mall was huge. Finally, it was time to go back to the vans.
Seafood dinner at the Al Bouhaira Restaurant. Citizens from different countries
came to attend conventions held at the Red Sea Palace Hotel. We dined with the
American expatriates from Jeddah. They love the freedom they had. The women
were free to go anywhere without the Mutaween telling them to cover their hair.
Friday, Swiss Buffet breakfast at the Al Bouhaira Restaurant. Then off to Al
Nakheel Beach for those who opted for it. My friend had a stomach problem. We
tried to find a drug store. It was a weekend so most of the stores were closed.
Finally, we found a lady in our group who carried some medications for
emergency purposes. She gave her the pill. She felt better after she took it.
We decided to go shopping. A hotel staff offered to drive us to the mall. This time
we took our time. We went to different souks which were virtually found
everywhere. There were moneychangers, material, hardware, gold, silver,
antique and carpet souks. Colourful stalls bursting with daggers, incense burners,
Turkish-style coffee pots, copper-studded Zansibar chests, leather Bedouin
saddle-bags, etc. were displayed. After shopping we took a taxi back to the hotel
and just rested. This was our last day. We had our luggage ready for check-out.
The Filipino tour guides instructed us to assemble at the lobby and get ready for
our departure to Jeddah airport. The guides were there constantly helping us with
our needs. It was late when my friend and I were dropped off in front of our
building. I treasured this enjoyable and wonderful trip.

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Diamond Hunting in the Desert

Diamond hunting in the desert? I joined a field trip sponsored by the Social Club
at the Hospital. The leader was Mohammed. It was very early morning in
November when the bus with about 20 men and women (wearing their scarves
and abayas) started its journey to Summan.
On the way Mohammed gave us an overview of what to expect when we got
there. The desert/Saudi diamond is high grade quartz and looked like expensive
carbon-based. They are very clear and their internal structure is very stable. It will
not become brittle, cracked or lose its colour as it ages.
The Mohs scale is one measurement of mineral hardness which is the resistance
to scratching and also related to its toughness. Desert diamond is rated 7.5.
Because of its composition, it is heavier than carbon. A one carat is about 20%
smaller than a diamond.
When we reached the area, the women were allowed to remove their scarves
and abayas. The Mutaween were not around to enforce the dress code. Summan
was miles of flat, pebble-strewn, hard-packed sand or dirt. The hard surface
seemed to go on forever as it stretched to the horizon. Early in the morning with
the rising sun is the best way to hunt them. Mohammed showed us how to
distinguish a desert diamond from the rest of the stones. Hold the stone toward
the sun, it should have a clear internal structure. We scattered in different
directions searching for the precious stone.
Initially, I had a hard time distinguishing the real stone. Mohammed had to show
it to me twice or three times before I became confident I was picking the right
pebble. I was cold. The leader called everybody for a snack. He carried lots of
snacks to choose from. I was shivering but it stopped when I drunk a very hot
coffee. Everyone had a story about their hunting luck. One guy collected a lot, but
when Mohammed checked some of them, most were not real. I collected a few
real ones. After a while, we continued our search until it was time to leave.
These precious stones are found throughout Saudi Arabia. Some of the highest
quality is located in Qaysumah, an oil pipeline village. They are cleaned to
prepare for the cutting. Although, there are places in Riyadh where these stones
could be cut, most are send to Bangkok to be worked. Its more expensive to
have the stone cut and processed than just buying the finish product.
What Are Behind Those Covered Faces
Covered faces...familiar voices but unfamiliar faces. A Saudi woman co-worker
invited me to a party. It would be held at the apartment complex. I didnt bother to
dress up believing the Saudi women would be wearing their regular outfit at work.

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I arrived early. She opened the door. Gone was her black cloak and veil. I saw an
unfamiliar face but a very familiar voice. It was the first time I saw her face. She
saw my expression. She smiled and told me that females only wore their cloaks
and veils when they were in public or in the presence of males. One by one the
Saudi women arrived removing their coverings. Light complexioned, beautiful and
modern women emerged. They wore make-up, painted lips, polished nails and
beautiful long dresses.
Some of them were young, very friendly and introduced themselves. Some
voices were familiar because I heard those voices at work. It was a surprise and
a pleasure to see the faces behind those veils. They were very excited and like
most young ladies they talked about their dresses, displaying them, how they
were chosen, etc. Some had sewn their own dresses and were very proud of it.
Watching them I became self-conscious. Fortunately, some visitors were
American and British expatriates from work. I struck up a conversation with them.
Meanwhile, the Saudi women talked, made jokes and laughed at funny
comments. Gone were their inhibitions at work. Food, Arabian dishes, was
served. I was not familiar with their food but I sampled every one of them. They
were very good and tasty.
After the party, I left with one of the American expatriates. I commented on why
these Saudi women bothered to wear their make up, had their nails polished and
dressed up only to cover them. She remarked that for the married Saudi women,
they did it for their husbands. I took the elevator to my fourth floor apartment,
glad that I accepted the invitation and learned more about the Saudi women.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. I encourage everyone to take a leap, go see the rest
of the world. Find out for yourself what people are
talking about, live among the people and see what it
does to your personal being.
2. I know that it takes resources to see the rest of the
world, especially with this economy, however there
are so many ways to learn about other cultures.
Technology is growing so fast and the world looks
smaller and smaller everyday. Gadget, internet,
television, you name it and you can see the rest of
the world.

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3. You always have to adhere to the rules and

regulations imposed by the country youre visiting or
living in. There are lots of consequences when the
countrys laws are not followed. Sometimes, these
will contradict your belief, but follow it anyway. You
become resilient and ready to adjust to any kind of
environment and situation.

About the Author

Ms Alma Apostol came to the United States of America with a degree in Bachelor
of Science in Chemical Engineering from the Philippines. Alma is an expert in
laboratory instrumentations and laboratory techniques and has worked as a
Medical and Clinical researcher at Northwestern University in Illinois; USC &
CHLA in Los Angeles, California and KFSH in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In 1994,
while working at the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles she accepted a job offer to
work at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh, Saudi
Arabia. Alma has co-authored articles published in Scientific Journals. Alma is
also a non-fiction writer.
Visit for a link to her interesting

What actions will you take today?

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Amanda Robins
How to discover the
business within you!
Have you ever wanted to start a business but you didn't know what you
wanted to do or where to begin?
You will discover the WHY, WHAT & HOW of starting your own business in this
Starting a business is something that can be very rewarding and fulfilling if you
follow your passion.

It all starts with a dream

Imagine waking up every morning and looking forward to your day because you
get to do what you love and it gets even better. You are getting paid for it!
Does that sound too good to be true? Well it's not. There are people living their
life like this every single day and you could be one of them.

WHY do you want to start a business?

Firstly lets look at why you want to start a business.
Step 1.
On a piece of paper write down the reasons why you want to start a business.
You may think of answers such as to make money, to be my own boss, to
quit my job, to work from home, for more freedom and many more...
Now I want you to go much deeper into the why than this.

Page 28 of 300

Step 2.
Take another piece of paper pick one reason that you listed in step 1 and then
underneath it I want you write down why you want it.
For example; I want more money. Why do you want more money?
Do you want to provide your family with a better lifestyle? Do you want to be
financially free? Do you want to make decisions on your desires not your bank
balance? Then go even deeper into why you want all the reasons you just listed
until you find the reasons deep within your soul.
Step 3
Now think about how you would feel if you already have everything you have just
written. How happy would you be? Write all your emotions down under each
Step 4
Once you have written down your emotions close your eyes and imagine you
have achieved your goal. Create a movie in your mind of your success. How
does it feel? What does it look like? How does it smell? What do you hear?
Doesn't that feel GREAT?
Repeat step 2-4 for every reason on your list.
CONGRATULATIONS. You are now beginning to use the Law of Attraction!

WHAT kind of business is within you?

Your Life Should be Enjoyed not Stressed
Somewhere deep within you is the power to have and be whatever you want, you
just have to learn to master it!
One thing I have learnt in the past year is that you have to do what you are
passionate about to attract the fortune you are entitled to. I started many
business ventures just to make money which was the wrong way to go about it
because even though I made money I was unhappy and bored with what I was
doing therefore leaving a lot of money on the table. You have to design your
business around what you love and you will attract more money and success
than you could have ever dreamed of.
The answers of what you should be doing are within you right now.

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Step 1
On a piece of paper make list of all the hobbies you have. Include the things that
you currently do and the things you have done throughout your life.
Step 2
Make a list of all the things that interest you. You may find the answers to this
one in the television shows you watch or the magazines you read.
Step 3
Make a list of the kind of books you read or the websites you visit. By now you
might see a pattern.
Step 4
Make a list of times when you felt the happiest and the things you were doing to
feel that happiness?
Step 5
Make a list of all the skills that you have. Include all the skills or tasks you carried
out in the jobs you have had.
Step 6
On a sheet of paper draw a line down the middle from top to bottom then
mentally go through the tasks you are required to do in you current career, writing
the things you enjoy on one side and the things you dislike on the other.
Once you have made your lists or in other words completed a stocktake of what
you enjoy in your life you will see a pattern of what makes you happy and what
you are good at.

HOW to spot business opportunities.

Now that you are opening your mind up to focus on what YOU enjoy doing, you
will now begin to see new and wonderful opportunities to achieve your goal of
starting a business. It is similar to buying a new car. Suddenly there are cars just
like yours everywhere you go. These cars were always there but you just didn't
take any notice before because they meant nothing to you. This is your brain's
way of processing the billions of pieces of information you are exposed to
Once you have opened your mind and the possibilities are following to you, it
may get a little overwhelming, but if you keep on top of your ideas you can find
the one or two that will lead you to your dream business.

Page 30 of 300

Step 1.
Pay attention to your life and opportunities that you may be able to turn into a
business. Write down each opportunity on a piece of paper and place them
together in a folder.
Step 2.
Write down any ideas or plans of what you could do with each opportunity you
have noticed. It doesn't matter if you cannot see how you can make money with it
right now just write it down to get it out of your head and you can come back to it
Step 3
Pick one or two opportunities to research and develop to see if this could be a
viable business. Don't worry if you can't find a business in the first few tries. Each
idea you rule out is one idea closer to your dream business.
Don't rush this process. If you over think it or try to push what you simply think
would work but you don't truly feel it, you may miss an opportunity of a life time.
If you are still unsure about what to look for just think about all the businesses
you deal with in the areas of your life. For example: I like to make jewellery. Just
with this one hobby I came across manufacturers, online bead shops, craft
shops, other jewellery designers, publishers, newsagents, book stores, courier
companies, Australia Post and many more....
Can you see how many businesses can come directly or indirectly from one
Open your mind and your heart to opportunities and there will be more available
to you than you could ever use. Write down all your ideas and then pick one at a
time to test and develop to avoid the idea avalanche.
Once you are using the Law of Attraction it is time to add the missing
piece- ACTION!
You now have your vision of the future, your business idea and you can see
endless possibilities, you have to do the work to bring it into reality.
I know what you are thinking - WORK. Doesn't everything just come to me? The
answer is yes and no.
Everything is being drawn to you but you have to do the things necessary to bring
them into your reality.

Page 31 of 300

It is like the old saying You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it
drink, that is an ACTION the horse has to take.
All you have to do is take one baby step at a time towards developing your
business and you will be amazed how quickly your dream becomes reality.
If you are doing what you love then it doesn't feel like WORK
Imagine if you loved to play basketball and someone offered you a contract for
$10,000,000 to play basketball. Wouldn't that be great? For some people this is
exactly what they do (and some get paid even more).
Enjoy this process. It will also work in different areas of your life as well as your
business idea. Remember you need to use the Law of Attraction and the Law of
Action together to achieve the success you desire in you life.

You can have it all!

If you are sick of seeing those around you achieve the level of success
you can never seem to achieve.....
If you feel that your life can be so much better than it currently is..
1. If you have ever wanted to start your own business but just didn't know
where to begin....
2. If you want to stop your struggle with money....
3. If you are sick of dreading to go to work everyday...

Don't wait another day. Follow your Dream

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Answer WHY you want to start your own business.
2. Discover the WHAT you are destined to do.
3. Explore HOW you can start a business with the
opportunities that present themselves to you.

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About the Author

Amanda Robins is the owner of After
starting several businesses of her own Amanda has found the secret to not only
discovering what kind of business would suit the individual but the simple steps
take it from an idea to a money-making machine. Amanda offers fantastic
products and services to show you the baby steps to starting your dream
business. Amanda's coaching can help you to follow your dreams, over come
your struggle with money and help you to feel confident in yourself and your

Special offer
To help you on your way to your business success I am offering three wonderful
A special eBook: 20 ways to turn your knowledge into cash! Valued @
$39.00 plus 2 wonder eCourses: Discover the Business within you! valued @
$47.00 and Set up your life for success! Valued @ $47.00.
That's a Grand total of $133.00.
For more great resources and to receive your special gifts, please visit where there is a link to download
your gifts.

What actions will you take today?

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Abundance is
an Energy You
Where are the images of women made by women? from the Album the Zen
Kiss, by Sheila Chandra, Women, Im Calling You

Abundance is all around You

As you embody abundance, You attract it to You.
Love, Love me do,
Ill always Love You,
So Please
Love Me Too.
Do you remember these words by The Beatles? For me, recently they have
taken on a different meaning. This is what they are saying to me now.
I am your Body, I am You
I love you just the Unique way You are
I am here to support You on your journey of Life.
I want you to Love Me and Value Me too
Not just when you are young and fresh
But For Ever,
And especially as you grow older
And are rich with Lifes abundant experience

Page 34 of 300

Lets celebrate the journey we have taken together

I will always support You
Just please remember to Love Me too
Every part of You
As You always You
And I will always be with You.
You ARE beautiful forever.
Just Remember to keep me in your heart.
I hear every word you say in your head;
All the bits you no longer like.
For how can you be strong in the world
A powerful woman with impact
If so much of us you neglect or reject?
Learn to Love Yourself fully
Your scars and your lines are your Life.
Your wisdom shines through each grey hair
And wrinkle on your face.
Why would you want to make them
They are the testimony of your Life
And your Love.
So if you want to truly step into your greatness
And take your place on the world stage
Lets celebrate together each and every bit
Then its wholeness and integration
Of body and mind
True alignment of purpose
With nothing left behind.
And the world will sing a great anthem of joy
As all women are finding their way.
To embrace all that they are from within not without.
Can you see their bright light like a beacon of Round Love
Circling the whole world?
As at last you realize its not a disease to grow old
But something quite natural you see - You are FREE to BE
What a gift your story will give to all the women
Who wait in the shadows their turn to eclipse

Page 35 of 300

As young as 30 it appears they have tucks!

You no longer see your life as a line with an end
But a continuous circle of Life.
And imagine all the energy you are freeing up for success
The true success of being free to be your totally authentic You!
Lets women the covers of magazines world wide
With all ages and colours and size
The one ingredient needed quite simple,
Be fulfilled inside!
And BE the message you wish to see in the world.
Let me share a secret with You!
For 2000 years God the Woman has been kept in the dark
Rejected, neglected and set quite apart.
And we all believed this lie
That somehow we were flawed, less, and without power
So our only access to Spirit you see
Has been through association with the male
In You and Me.
But that hasnt felt quite right has it?
It felt a bit rigid and a bit tight.
Isnt that so?
Surely our birthright is to feel good in our very own skin?
Were You yearning for something that was missing
But didnt know what it was?
Well maybe it was to find once again your true female self
In her natural authentic form?
Your true female self is flexible, colourful and free
Nothing to constrict your wild soul
But flow and colour and intuitive choice
From within You, as you live your authentic being.
Then perhaps Abundance is
True self esteem that comes
When you express your authentic voice out loud

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The one that comes from deep within

And has nothing to do with conforming to pressure outside
That magazine and media impose on You,
Not for you that way.
You see your Life fresh each day.
You are not afraid to be colourfully seen.
Can you feel the shift?
The one that is waking us all up
Its all about the feminine returning
To the stage
Not as a male look alike in all that you do
But in ways that are uniquely femalely YOU
Thats your gift to the world
Being female and True.
A perfect balance of Heart into Mind
Focused on your vision
And flexible too
How lucky are we
To be alive at this time
When the world is waking up
To the Beauty of what being
Female is all about.
Caring and sharing
And community
Thats Her
And what we have always done,
How great that being female is now in fashion!
See what Janets created
With this Wonderful Web Adventure
For You and for Me
And all women to Share
Thats the model the world is needing right now
Cooperation, collaboration and networking
Thats what we do so naturally.
And now it is recognized as valuable Too!

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Where do I go to find Images of women, made by women?

Women, whose wisdom is in dreams.
Where do I go to find,
Images of woman, woman Made?
(From the song Women, Im calling You, by Sheila Chandra in the Album The
Zen Kiss).
Its all about owning the Abundant Goddess in you.
The Goddess is not one-dimensional, as the media would have you believe her
to be, but she comes in all shapes and sizes and ages. Each one an archetype
of the elements expressed in you.
As you learn to own your Goddess, You become free of the tyranny of external
conformity. What better way to control women and quell her power than to
convince her she does not measure up to some external standard. Do you relate
to that? Do you feel the power it steals from you? While you are focused on
your perceived lack, the world is being run without you in ways that make your
heart grieve.
A Goddess is not afraid of ageing, for she knows it is perfectly natural and that
each cycle opens her to new life and learning. She knows that her wrinkles
express her life experience and wisdom.
A Goddess loves men, for she knows they are the other side of herself
A Goddess is flexible, loving and open to change
A Goddess supports her sisters in their growth.
A Goddess finds her source of strength within and in her contact with nature.
She is her own authorityShe is abundance.

Transformational Photography to connect with

Abundance. (Perhaps you really are beautiful Ever After!)


How do you feel about having your photo taken? Does it stress you, thrill you or
something in between? Do you realise how conditioned you are by society to
seek to fit your image into a perceived standard out there? In the appearing out
there, dont you find you lose touch with whats in here? Thats because you
have in your beliefs an idea about what is beautiful or not how you should be

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and appear on the outside. That is disempowering. Your true beauty radiates
from within from your living being and experience. As you connect with that
energy, through guided awareness and connection with your environment, the
multitude of facets that make up you are allowed to surface and express
themselves abundantly the full palette of your rich emotional experience. That
is the gift that you are to the world. Abundance embodied.
When you learn to accept all of those bits that you have rejected, you put back
together the shattered pieces of your true self into a magnificent painting of your
sacred inner temple.
You are the embodiment of that temple. Your source lies within.
From a place of inner Abundance you create abundance all around you.
As you gently learn to love all the bits of you you feel the flow of your life force
regenerating in you opening doorways to your intuition and knowing to be
heard and expressed.
My vision is to empower women through my photography. Up until now I have
done this symbolically through my art work. (You can view my symbolic images
I am now being called to connect directly with women around the world who want
to free themselves of all limitation to living their authentic truth and embrace their
inner beauty and abundant power.
Transformational Photography has been born. With it, I take women on a journey
to connect with their divine selves their inner sanctuary to first experience it
and then to have a living memory of the experience in the photography. This also
includes Your Body Art Book of you, with quotes from your insights received
during the session, and a series of printed cards with your favourite images
printed on them to share with your world.
Your Body Art Book is a Touchstone for you a reminder to yourself, on those
days when you lose connection with yourself, of how beautiful you truly are.
Here are some things my Clients have been saying:
Our Transformational Photography session was a deep healing communion with
myself, nature, and my sister-soul, Ankya. We played with sarongs, leaves,
flowers, and the majesty of Bali and I unveiled parts of my body I usually hide to
Ankya's loving lens. "you are your own temple," she told me, and I knew it to be
true. I will never be the same; I will never look at myself in the same way again."

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Vicki Hannah Lein, singer and





Yes it was truly inspirational seeing myself through the eyes of Ankyas
wonderful eyes.
I think this is the very first time in my life that I have allowed myself to see and
open to the beauty within me. This was through the soft and gentle guidance and
encouragement of Ankyas voice that repeatedly said you are so beautifulI felt
myself for the first time going to the depth of my soul and the roots within
stretching up to the light and the love within me that is one with the beauty of
nature and one with my own beauty.
My experience of seeing the photos I wanted to cry with joy at seeing my beauty
shining out to the world and saying yes to my inner wisdom, strength, my
feminine power, my wild hair my natural being true to my nature, my
overwhelming sense of freedom yes, its truly me. Yes, I cherish the divine
source of love and beauty within and I own it. Its me.
Thank you so much Ankya for being there and giving me this wonderful
opportunity to appreciate and love myself through my own eyes for the first time
and saying yes to being me.
Verena Mostyn is a textile artist of Wearable Art from the Heart She is based in
Ubud, Bali. She has worked around the world teaching and empowering women
with their textile creativity to create sustainable businesses.

3 Things You can do to connect with the Divine Feminine Abundance

in You:

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Listen to your Intuition (I call HER my Muse). She is
guiding you to your truth and authentic self. She is
your future. Your new life. If your critical voice tells
you your Intuition is crazy, just test her out! Critical
voice is just scared of letting go of the known. If you
find yourself doing something unfamiliar to you, trust
that your inner spirit is guiding you to your highest
2. Learn to be comfortable with not knowing. The
SECRET is: Its OK NOT to know! Sounds crazy?
Its actually by surrendering into the Truth of not
knowing that you find your freedom. Wait for the
MUSE to speak to you. That is the way of the
3. Remember to Connect with Nature every day. A 30
minute walk on your own somewhere in nature will
always connect you with your spirit and provide you
with answers to your questions, either in flashes of
insight, or by learning to recognise the visible
messages from Nature. You will be filled with

About the Author

Ankya is a photographer and creative visionary of Ankya Design She creates symbolic images that support the Shift in
Consciousness happening in our world. The images we make, shape our world
and our thinking. What images do we wish to see?
You can see her art on products at
You might especially like The Divine Feminine images on Cards: To learn more about Ankya and read

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her poetry go to . You might also like to visit

her Blog:
Ankyas inspiration is Nature and that includes You! See her Vision: Round Love
on YouTube:
Ankya also has a friendly character you will LOVE to meet! BLUE BEAR - Blue
Bear was abandoned and washed up one day on a beach in Australia. Yes, its
true! You can discover Blue Bears adventures at and his Shop at He will put a smile on your face! Every
day is an adventure if we know how to read the signs.
Ankya has recently published a chapter The Magic of Image and Word - in the
Anthology, Conscious Entrepreneurs A Radical New Approach to Purpose,
Passion and Profit, Love Your Life Publishing.

Special offer
To find out more about experiencing a Transformational Photography Session
with Ankya, visit You will receive
20% off the cost of your Session when you mention you have found her through
the Gold Book. You will also have access to a Free 30 minutes Beauty
Empowerment Call with Ankya. Or write to her at using the
title of this Article Abundance is an Energy You CAN Embody in the Subject
line. She would love to hear from you.

What actions will you take today?

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Annie Oliveri


How To Motivate
Your Child
You probably know that the words we speak to our children have a powerful
influence over the attitudes they develop, right? This in turn, has a huge impact
on their motivation.
I've discovered this is true, from infancy to adulthood. A child's development
of healthy self-motivation is modelled on what they hear and see, in their
home/school environment.
But sometimes, as parents, we get busy and tired. If only we had a few key
phrases to share with our children; a selection of empowering messages that
would continue to influence long after we've said them.
I have some good news. My personal research has uncovered "motivational
messages" that inspire your child to achieve success in learning.
Here's a selection of my "motivational messages" to share with your child, today.

Message 1 - "I'm listening to you"

How do you find out what motivates your child? You simply ask, 'You did that
job you didn't want to do. What helped you get it done?' And really listen to
their answer.
We are all unique, so the answer will be different for each of us. Fully listen to
your child's answer and give it importance.
By that, I mean think about what they are saying, not what you want to say next.
Listen without interrupting, from beginning to end. Listen with genuine
acceptance and understanding.

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When you do, your child will feel accepted, loved and more motivated to try
in the future.

Message 2 - "It's OK to feel like that"

Be aware of your child's emotional reactions to learning. These may include
showing anger, anxiety or frustration. Some children react by avoiding or blaming
the task or other people. Others may give the impression of being unenthusiastic
or uncooperative.
Try to really understand how your child feels. Listen with sympathy and
Some children give up on learning because they think that personal effort and
persistence are useless. They feel helpless. If this is happening to your child,
accept your child's expression of negative feelings.
You could say something like, 'I understand how you would feel like that. It's OK.
How about we look at some new ways of thinking to change what happens for
you? Then you might feel, and be able to do things, differently.'

Message 3 - "Your thoughts make a difference"

Our thoughts influence how we feel and what we do. Begin to gently challenge
your child's thoughts. Introduce your child to the idea of 'self-talk.'
Self-talk is another word for what you are thinking, or telling yourself, about
events as you experience them. An optimistic style of self-talk leads to success
in learning.
You can help your child develop optimism by sharing your own self-talk. Talk
about something your child has done well and share your own thoughts about it
out loud.
Say something like this, 'I was just saying to myself that when you try hard, with
your homework, you get good results.'
In this way, you not only model optimistic self-talk but you attribute your child's
success to 'trying hard', something your child can control.

Message 4 - "You are in control"

A sense of control means that your child realises that how they think, and what
they do, makes a difference. When they put in personal effort and persistence
they can achieve success in learning.

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This leads to self-confidence and optimism about their future. It can dissolve
feelings of helplessness.
Focus on effort, strategy and attitude. Things your child can control like trying
hard, practice, planning and organisation.
Respect your child's autonomy. Encourage your child to take responsibility for
solving their own problems. Involve your child in family decision making.
Assist your child to do the things they really love to do.

Message 5 - "Follow your heart"

Treasure your child's uniqueness. After all, there is no one else quite like them.
Your child is an original, so help them be the unique person they are.
Help your child realise that there is more to being successful than competence in
a narrow range of skills.
Allow your child many opportunities to show the world, and themselves, what
they can do. There are many pathways to success.
Discover your child's unique learning style. It is the key to unlocking their natural

Message 6 - "Give it your personal best"

When you do what you love your natural motivation kicks in. Just ask 'peak
performers' like our elite sports people. Interestingly, while they are involved in
highly competitive sports, they often talk about 'personal bests' as their primary
They understand that we can't win all the time, and they accept failure as an
indicator of their next challenge.
By encouraging your child to achieve their 'personal best' they can compete with
their own past performance.
This not only gives them more control over the outcome, but also prevents the
damaging effects of comparison with others.

Message 7 - "One step at a time"

At times your child may feel overwhelmed by the amount of work they have to do.
The solution is to break it into smaller parts and take it step by step.

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Instead of seeing a page of sums for Math homework, encourage your child to do
the first couple then praise them for their effort.
As each step is completed, encourage your child's effort so they feel successful.
The focus is on effort, something your child can control. This gives your child the
confidence to keep trying.

Message 8 - "Reward yourself"

Everyone needs to be acknowledged for their efforts and achievements. Thinking
of how you are going to reward yourself, when the job is done, can be a powerful
Help your child tap into this feeling each step along the way, by discussing and
setting up small rewards.
Remember each small step where your child feels successful, leads to greater
success. So celebrate your child's efforts and achievements.
Teach your child how to reward themselves by giving them feedback such as,
'That's a terrific project. What do you think about it?'
Encourage your child to make positive comments about their efforts and

Message 9 - "Use people power"

Many great achievers say that they could have never achieved their success on
their own.
Everyone needs a success team to support and encourage them 100% of the
way. Who's on your child's team?
Have you considered a study buddy or a mentor who shares your child's special
Positive people can often teach, through their own example, how to press on
when enthusiasm wanes and how to bounce back from a setback.
Support your child's school. It gives your child a sense of belonging and helps
them fit in.

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Show your child by example that it's OK to ask for help, by seeking help when
you need it.
Each child is different and every stage of development brings new challenges, so
there may be times when you need some advice and support.

Message 10 - "See the funny side"

Laughter is good for learning. It not only relieves stress and reduces anxiety but
helps your child to relax and regain alertness, and to refocus on the task.
Laugh at your own mistakes. Children love it. It gives them the message that
mistakes are OK and reduces the fear of failing.
So have fun, lighten up and share a joke, even if it is at your own expense!

Message 11 - "I love and accept you for who you are"
You can have a deep and profoundly positive effect on your child.
The messages you give them in their childhood stay in their minds through to
adulthood, and influence the way they think about themselves and interact with
the world.
These messages affect their willingness to have a go, to keep trying, and to
bounce back when things go wrong.
Listen with genuine interest to your child's feelings.
Treasure your child's uniqueness and most of all show them you love and
accept them for who they are.

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Establish excellent communication with your child
through effective listening.
2. Help your child deal with their emotions.
3. Discover more about how positive self-talk leads to
healthy self-esteem.

About the Author

Annie Oliveri M.Ed. Dip. R.S.A.TESOL has more than 25 years experience
teaching in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. She was recently
awarded the Deans Commendation for Outstanding Achievement. For advice
and support visit

Special offer
Developing a healthy self-esteem and becoming an achiever may take time for
your child. To help you develop your skills so that you can help I am offering you
a free weekly audio motivational message, sent to your email address. Start
at and register for your first audio
motivational message immediately.

What actions will you take today?

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Arlene Harder
Living With a
Perfectionist: Advice
for Families from a
Therapist Who is a
Recently I received an e-mail that said, I love my wife, but she is a perfectionist.
Any advice? Yes. As a recovering perfectionist, here are some observations that
will help you both survive, and even enjoy the journey along the way.
First, let me point out that perfectionists come in both male and female versions,
but it will make writing this much easier if I assume the non-perfectionist spouse
is male. Besides, I find that females are more likely to strive for perfectionism
than their partners, though the advice applies to both sexes.
Also, my comments can be valuable if your parent, sibling, friend or co-worker
hasnt yet learnt that life is a lot more fun and a whole lot easier when he or she
learns to distinguish between those things that are important to do well and
those that are not.
Lets begin with a few examples of what life was like before I learned how to tone
down my need to always be right and to do everything as well as I possibly could.
Typical would be a decision to invite a few friends for a simple dinner party.
Before I knew it, I would include twice as many guests and three times the
number of dishes I had originally planned. When guests offered to bring
something, Id politely let them know I could handle it all myself. However, Id
make certain my husband knew how much work I had put into the evening and I
expected compliments for my efforts.

Page 49 of 300

Though I enjoyed having responsible positions within organizations and in my

work, and when doing many projects around the house, from refinishing floors to
refinishing the piano, I was sure to tell others of my efforts and would almost
always do more than necessary. One job that particularly sticks in my memory
was the time I painted the inside of the garage and put two coats of paint on the
wall behind the power saw. The saw never gets moved. No one will ever see that
wall unless we sell the house. But I had to make certain it was well painted!
People who dont live with a perfectionist may think there are worse things than
having a spouse who does a pretty good job with almost everything she does.
And while you realize you may feel a little less talented in comparison, it would be
useful to have someone who always remembers the details of bringing salt and
mosquito repellent on a camping trip.
As you can imagine, one of the reasons people are attracted to perfectionists is
that we do what we say well do and finish tasks when others quit. With us
around, the non-perfectionist doesnt have to do as much work.
However, ask someone who has lived with a perfectionist for several years and
you will learn that it is hard to continually be the cheerleader for someone with
low self-esteem. The very traits that attracted you to her in the beginning can
drive you apart, or at least cause conflict.
For example, when we were newly married, I would wrap presents so elaborately
that people would take pictures before they opened them. Yet I would resent it
when my husband didnt share the job. Had I thought about it more, I would have
realized that he isnt at all artistic and doesnt feel that much effort is necessary. It
just wasnt his thing. Besides, the love he presents with a gift in a brown paper
bag is no less sincere than love in a fancy box.
Today, as a recovering perfectionist, I know I have been extraordinarily blessed
to be married to someone for more than forty-five years with the strength to put
up with me. Fortunately, I got into therapy a little about twenty-five years ago and
worked very hard on my control issues. However, I wish I had started therapy
sooner. It would have made our lives and the lives of our children, much easier.
And if my husband had known how to deal with my perfectionism, it would have
saved many years of feeling I wouldnt be loved unless I worked harder. And he
would not have needed to wait (usually patiently) while I took twice as long to do
a job as I should have.

Is Your Partner a Perfectionist?

If you suspect your mate is a perfectionist whose traits are damaging your
relationship, take the following quiz.

Page 50 of 300

Does your mate often enhance her position at work or in social situations by
pursuing jobs that are difficult to do and making certain others know how well she
has done?
Does she tend to assume that you have high standards for her even if you dont
say so?
Does she generally hear any comments that counter her opinions as criticism of
her as a person?
Is she often impatient with her imperfections and do images of past failures
plague her?
Do others frequently complain that the standards she sets for them are too high?
Has she often postponed a job because she hadnt laid out all the steps needed
to do it correctly, then become paralysed at the prospect of not doing it well
enough and end up not doing it at all?
Does she frequently behave as though everything she does is going to be
inscribed on her tombstone?
If you start to tell a story about something you recently learned, does she often
make certain that you know that she is also aware of what happened?
Does she frequently complain about the incompetence of others, including you?
Does she seem to feel guilty about many things that other people wouldnt feel
guilty about doing?
Does she usually react to a simple statement of disagreement as though she has
been seriously attacked, even when the criticism is not rude, angry, or
Notice that the questions above include words like always, often, and
usually, because there are times when doing things well works out fine for
everyone. No one wants to fail. Striving for excellence is fine and its natural to
sometimes want others to share in our pride of a job well done.
However, striving for perfection is something else entirely. It can get tiresome
having to continually praise a perfectionist spouse who lets you know that
admiration is required for all her efforts, who wants you to have as high standards
as she and who wants to control every situation. So if you answered yes to half of
these questions, the chances are youre living with a perfectionist.

Page 51 of 300

Understanding the Struggle of Perfectionists

In graduate school, I learned about perfectionism, which is related to obsessivecompulsive disorder and gradually began to recognize those traits in myself. It
was liberating to know that the complex feelings I had were understood by
someone. It has taken me many years to integrate my learning to a point where I
no longer focus so much on what others think of me. Now I hope that I can help
you help your spouse become a recovering perfectionist more quickly than I was
able to do.
Lets start with the fact that your spouse probably doesnt experience herself as
trying too hard. She doesnt stop to realize she tries to work at 110% capacity
110% of the time. In fact, every perfectionist Ive met in my marriage and family
practice denies he or she wants to be perfect. They all say, Im just trying to do
well. Unaware of their often impossibly high standards, they dont know when
theyve reached a reasonable place to stop and dont know what good enough
As long as your partner doesnt demand you do more than necessary, of course,
you can tolerate the standards she places on herself. Unfortunately, in a world
where the achievement of high standards is not usually the norm, including the
world within the home, perfectionists feel displeased much of the time. Selfcritical, judgmental of others and opinionated, we often find it hard to see the
other persons point of view, although most of us have learned to be quite
pleasant and courteous in our relationships.
This veneer causes us internal distress that others dont see. When we think
about it, we know that 110% is reasonable. But when we dont achieve that level
of success, we feel shamed. And it is this sense of shame that lies at the heart of
a perfectionists pain, for shame is the feeling that not only have we disappointed
someone, we are, at our core, bad in some way. This shame turns easily into
anger, which is often suppressed or denied, though our spouses may often feel
its effect.
Since we need the approval of others, however, we generally suffer in silence,
afraid to show our anger because we need the other person, particularly our
spouse, to like us. This fuels the fire even more when we consider the unfairness
of being asked to do so much.
Unfortunately, the outlook on life between perfectionists and others is
exacerbated because we dont see life in greys, where most people live, but in
the polarities of omnipotence and impotence. Constantly checking to see whether
we and others, hit the 110% mark, we experience life as black or white, up or
down, with me or against me, success or failure, okay or not okay.

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Since we perfectionists only experience high self-confidence omnipotence

when we reach our high expectations, or what we think are the high expectations
of others, we only feel great about ourselves some of the time. And even though
we may do well more often than the average person, it isnt often enough from
our perspective and, therefore, we frequently feel impotent. This doesnt make
sense, you may say, for your perfectionist seems so composed and capable. You
cant see the inner struggle she goes through every day.
Imagine what it must feel like to constantly check to see whether another person
spouse, teacher, parent, sibling, friend, boss, or child believes you did what
you think you were supposed to do, and whether you did it well enough.
In actual fact, of course, your perfectionist may have done exactly what you
wanted her to do (or what you would have been satisfied to accept) long before
she finally got around to finishing a project. You, of course, would find it only
reasonable to check with the person who asked you to do a job so you could
understand what he or she required. But from the perspective of a perfectionist,
this would be a sign of weakness and indicate she hadnt understood the
instructions, mind-reading being one of the skills perfectionists think they ought
to have. Since they need the approval of others so badly, theyre not willing to
confront the other person and learn whether theyve guessed correctly. So they
put on a cheerful face, yet shudder in fear they wont be liked!
Since perfectionists think theyve been appointed Gods assistant, they must be
very careful and make sure all their decisions are the best possible in the
circumstances. Consequently, as you have undoubtedly already discovered, it
can take a long time for her to choose not only the best pattern of wallpaper for
the dining room, but any DVD she rents. This may drive you crazy, but remember
that she doesnt want to take any chances that she will choose wrong. She isnt
yet able to see that that any choice that anyone makes is simply part of the
human condition: sometimes we make great choices, sometimes we dont.
That is why you may sometimes get a sense of foreboding when she suggests
you choose the evenings movie or restaurant. She may be able to avoid putting
in her two-cents worth, but she is secretly afraid that you may not make quite as
good a choice as you should. Then, if you happen to choose something that
you both agree is terrible, despite all the good reviews youve read, she may be
outwardly magnanimous in forgiving you, even laughing about it. But inside there
is a good chance she is disappointed in you for not choosing better. After all, as
Gods appointed assistant in making sure the universe runs smoothly, if you dont
make mistakes, her life is easier.

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The Origins of Perfectionism

How does such a complex personality develop? Usually it began when we
decided that our parents, good souls though they may otherwise have been,
didnt think we were okay unless we met their expectations. Those expectations
may have been perfectly reasonable, but we concluded that we werent okay just
as we were only when we performed. Come home with all A's and one B? I'd
be questioned on why I got the B.
It is nice to get praise for doing well, of course. Praise helps us know we have
reached the goals someone thinks we can reach. Praise can reinforce the good
feeling that comes from finishing a difficult task. All of us like to experience that
sense of achievement. Winning a race can leave us feeling were on the top of
the world. The problem is that no one stays on the top forever. Rather than
accepting our new position as somewhere between the top and bottom, we feel
impotent. We feel ordinary, an uncomfortable feeling because our parents
wanted us to be special.
Our perfectionism also grew out of the fact that as children we didnt learn that
mistakes were a natural and acceptable part of life. We didnt learn that they
were to be honoured because they offer a chance to learn to live in the middle
ground between success and failure.

Learning to Live With a Perfectionist

Does any of this help you understand your partner a little better? Perhaps now
you can see why some of the traits that seemed so endearing at the beginning of
your relationship are starting to wear a bit thin. Youre tired of having to watch
each step you take to make certain she doesnt get upset. Youre tired of having
to be very careful when pointing out something she didnt do as well as expected
for fear she will think you dont love her. And if she also tends to have a bit of a
martyr complex, which is not uncommon with perfectionists, that can be an
additional challenge.
What can you do? First, I suggest you remember that it isnt comfortable living in
a perfectionists skin. I strongly suspect she would appreciate your help in getting
past her fear of failure and in becoming more accepting of the middle ground
where most people live. If you seriously give these suggestions a good try, I will
almost guarantee that life will be better for both of you.

Suggestions for Learning to Live With a Perfectionist

Understand yourself: How well do you handle anger, guilt, worry, and criticism?
What dreams do you have yet to fulfil? You cant help your partner very easily if
you dont know how you're past might be affecting you today and that what
you do or don't do about that has ramifications for your relationship. Knowing who

Page 54 of 300

you are and recognizing your own struggles and weaknesses will help you
respond to the perfectionist family member with greater compassion.
Remember the importance that shame plays in your partners makeup and
be willing to talk about it: If you sense that your partners reaction to a real or
implied criticism by you or someone else is causing her distress, reassure her
that she is loved, even if she hasnt done everything as well as she, or others,
would have liked.
It also helps to let her know that you understand how she might react negatively
because of her experience growing up (assuming you know enough about her
background to recognize the seeds of her perfectionism). Unfortunately, we tend
not to discuss shame and other intense emotions, as Brock Hansen, LCSW,
notes in Shame and Anger: The Criticism Connection:
Talking about shame tends to evoke some of the sting of this
powerful and painful feeling. Many of our basic affective states
seem to have an infectious or contagious quality to them. There is a
universal tendency to suppress expression of powerful affect in
publicperhaps because its expression can be contagious. [For
example, terror, rage and mob violence.]
Shame and distress are similarly contagious, especially within the
primary groups with which we identify: our families. When we see
the posture and facial expression of shame on the face of our
parent or our child, we often identify and feel the shame ourselves. .
. . Shame motivates us first to hide, to avoid eye contact, and to
keep quiet, though the anger response that follows may motivate us
to protest. It may be that this contagious and uncomfortable
response to shame, even as a subject for discussion, is part of the
reason we do not talk about it.
Acknowledge your perfectionists accomplishments: If you are proud of what
she has done, say so. Withholding praise because she needs it so much wont
make her less anxious. And as she makes progress in working to overcome her
perfectionism, be sure to tell her that you appreciate her efforts. Becoming a
recovering perfectionist is a long journey. Recognizing she (and you) have made
progress opens the door to progress in the future.
Imagine you are planning a picnic and suggest she keeps it simple. You realize
she has resisted the urge to bake another batch of cookies, or stop at the store
for the perfect accompaniment to the meal. When the picnic is over, say
something like, Honey that was a great picnic. I enjoyed just being with you and
taking time to relax. I hope you enjoyed it, too. This gives her the space to

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accept your definition of a great picnic and to know that you enjoyed it even
without the extra cookies or gourmet crackers.
Model an open response to criticism: It is hard for almost anyone to accept
criticism without an emotional response. And when shame and anger have long
been the dominant emotions in reaction to criticism, there is a tendency to
minimize whatever truth there may be in the other persons opinion in order to
avoid feeling those uncomfortable feelings. So it wouldnt hurt for you to learn
how to listen without anger or denial when others point out positions that oppose
yours. Also, learning calming techniques, like yoga and meditation, can be helpful
for both of you.
Be clear and concise when expressing what you need: Remember that your
perfectionist does a lot of guessing what you, and others, want from her. If she
has to ask, that means she hasnt been able to discover your goal by herself.
Therefore, make certain that she knows what you want and that you dont
want more than that. Let her know that if she cant do what you want, that youll
still love her. If she needs help, youll be glad to assist her.
Offer your opinion clearly and without anger: The benefit of being in a
relationship is the opportunity to learn from the other person. Yet you may tend to
store up resentments or be reluctant to comment honestly on a project that has
turned out poorly in the fear that your comments will trigger her shame and
anger, or that you will slide into old arguments.
However, if you are unwilling to address issues important to you and dont stand
up for yourself, you will unintentionally leave her with the expectation that, first of
all, you expect 110% performance from her and, second, that you dont think its
possible for her to change. On the other hand, she will find it easier to lower her
standards if you are direct, open, honest, kind, and polite.
For example, assume that you are going on a trip and are afraid she will bring
more clothes than she can wear. Also, if fashion is not your cup of tea, you may
not even notice if she dresses in the latest style. But you wont get very far if you
say, Its stupid to bring more clothes than you can wear in one week. Who cares
what you look like? Youll get much further with, I would appreciate it if you
would only bring enough clothes to fit in one suitcase. Not only will we save
money on air fare, but it will mean less luggage to carry. Besides, you look good
in everything. Just bring the basics and have fun.
Always present your point of view as simply your opinion, one version of the
truth. Also, be sure to discuss your ideas when there is enough time for both of
you to openly explore your different points of view and find common ground.

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Help her set a reasonable time frame in which to finish a project:. Unrealistic
expectations for finishing a job have tripped me up more times that I can count.
Sadly, when Im not through in the time I said I would be, I feel I have somehow
failed. The only failure is in my estimation of how long the job needs for
completion. With my standards, I fail to realize that I can only get the job
completed in the time I give myself if I have absolutely no other responsibilities,
feel energized all day, have no interruptions, know how to do everything before I
begin, and my computer doesn't break down.
Address the fear of abandonment: All of us, from time to time, may be afraid
that our spouse will find someone who is more handsome, wittier, and
accomplished than we are, and whose qualities may cause our spouse to view us
in less flattering light. Assure her that you will always be there, if you intend to be,
and that you are committed to making the relationship work. The more she is
assured of your love, the easier it will be for her to lower the standards she feels
she must reach in order to keep you from leaving.
Forgive yourself and your partner: There is no relationship in which everyone
doesnt make mistakes. We all need to learn how to forgive. This is especially
true when a person has been raised in a home where there is a strong belief in a
judgmental God. Fear that one has made a work or social faux pas is far different
than fearing one may fail in a final judgment.
In this regard I am blessed in being raised by a Lutheran minister, so I was taught
that I was saved by faith, not works. Although I have since left the church and
followed a spiritual path of my own, I am not burdened by the fear that I may not
be interpreting scripture the correct way. Today I believe there are many paths
to truth and I am glad Ive learned how to forgive myself by letting go of the
expectations and demands I had placed on myself that I should have been able
to do something I hadnt known how to do. Ive also learned how to forgive others
for not being able to do what they didnt yet know how to do.
As I often tell my clients, no one wakes up in the morning with the intention of
making a mess out of his or her life. We all do the best we can with what we
know at the time.
Learn to laugh: A spouse who laughs and hugs his wife when the gourmet
dinner she worked on all day is a disaster sends a message that he can still love
her despite her failed attempt at perfection. I can guarantee you that if you
develop a sense of humor, one of the contributions my husband makes to my
recovery, it will make it easier for her to resist the need to excel when excelling
isnt necessary. Laughing with her, not at her, will lighten the ground between
extremes in her life and in yours.

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Encourage counselling: The more strongly a perfectionist has been criticized

as a child, the more criticism or negative comments will trigger shame and anger.
In fact, in some cases it may be almost impossible to accept criticism as anything
but an attack or the threat of attack. Further, if your partner was repeatedly
abused in a family where no one offered comfort and understanding, she may
need much more help than you can give her. Her belief that she doesnt deserve
to be loved by someone, even a wonderful person like you, may translate to a
belief that anyone with whom she falls in love wont be able, or willing, to love her
You may see yourself as the knight in shining armor who has been placed on this
earth to comfort, encourage, and protect your partner. Thats not a bad goal. But
remember that you have a few flaws in your character as well. An objective
person may be able to help you sort out the characteristics within you that get
hooked by your perfectionist, and help you see the traits within her that get
hooked by you. These traits may have nothing to do with perfectionism. On the
other hand, you may discover that you, too, have some hidden perfectionistic

Preventing Perfectionism in the Next Generation

Are your children headed down the path of perfectionism because your partner
(with perhaps some help from you) is pushing them in that direction? These days,
when overindulgent parents are extraordinarily focused on their childs future
success with high expectations and competitive pressure, they unintentionally
plant seeds for a weak sense of self and unrealistically high standards. Wanting
outward approval, these children are vulnerable to the delusion that wealth,
meeting the standards of others, and a position of power create happiness.
How can parents prevent perfectionism and still encourage success? First and
most important, make certain your children know that they are absolutely loved
no matter how many As they bring home, that they dont have to do anything to
earn your love. Help them accept their mistakes as opportunities to learn, not
evidence they arent good enough. Give them lots of space and time to play as
they choose, without expecting every moment to be filled with useful activities.
Encourage them to first try to figure out problems by themselves and then to ask
questions when they are stumped.
To the greatest extent possible, see that your children attend a good public or
private school. Beyond that, begin to help them discover the pleasure of being as
responsible for themselves as they possibly can. I can guarantee you that time
will come sooner than you might now imagine.
When children are young, they need help getting to school on time and doing
their homework. However, before very long you need to step back and recognize
that waking up in time to get to school is their responsibility. Homework is their

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responsibility. Deciding which extra-curricular activities will enrich their lives is

their choice. And selecting a career or training program is theirs to make.
This doesnt mean, obviously, that you have no interest in their lives in and out of
school. Knowing whats going on and why they make the choices they make is an
important part of being parents. Adding your input is obviously helpful. Discipline
is essential. But in my work with adults who feel strangely empty and anxious, I
often find that their parents didnt help them learn how to stand on their own two
feet and to be responsible for themselves. By giving their children everything they
wanted and always being there to catch them before they fell, they didnt have
the chance to learn from their own mistakes.
Here is a small thing, but it is often a signal that children feel they must be
perfect: they ask for extra time to finish a project because they couldnt make it
good enough within the time frame everyone one was given. They want to add
more colorful pages or illustrations, even if they will only add 5 points for artistic
presentation on a 60 point project. When parents dont point out the unfairness
of that request, and when teachers allow extra time, the child can feel proud of
getting a good grade without recognizing that if everyone were to have more
time, others would also get better grades. The extra credit was courtesy of extra
When your children become adults and have a job that requires them to finish a
report for a three o-clock meeting, they wont be given an extra two hours to
make it better before. Theyll have to know what is most important to include, and
what can be left out. Learning to stop at good enough is one of the best lessons
you can teach your children.
My best friend in college did not get all As but was satisfied in doing the best
she could. I felt I had to bring home the best grades and in one final exam I even
cheated, I am now sorry to say, and once asked for an extension on a test,
claiming I had a cold. The truth is that I had had a cold, but I was certainly over it
enough that I could have taken the test. I wouldn't have done as well as I did by
having extra time to study, but getting a better grade seemed so important at the
Today, after a highly successful career as an educator, my friend is widely
respected and has mentored many teachers and administrators and teaches
graduate students. She even has a school named after her! Good grades didnt
get her there. She got there because she was resourceful, resilient,
compassionate, and had a strong sense of self.
As I come to the end of my comments on living with a perfectionist, let me say
that I want this piece to be well-written. The better I write it, the more likely you
are to understand what I want to say. However, if I realize after it has gone to

Page 59 of 300

print that I might have said something more effectively, or if I left out something I
wish I had included, I wont believe that who I am at my core is flawed. My value
as a human being is not dependent on whether I do everything 110%.

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wisely and sensitively takes the reader along every step of the way,
providing just the right questions, tools and approaches to make the
journey fulfilling and satisfying.

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Undertake the Is Your Partner a Perfectionist quiz on
your partner, or work colleague to determine if they are
likely to be a perfectionist.
2. Undertake the Is Your Partner a Perfectionist quiz on
yourself to determine if you are likely to be a
3. Practice a Suggestion for Learning to Live with a
Perfectionist every day.

About the Author

Arlene Harder, MA, MFT, is a licensed psychotherapist in California, founder of
several well-respected websites, author, speaker, workshop leader, creator of
guided imagery and reflective meditation programs and co-founder of two nonprofit cancer support organizations.
She believes that in everyone there is potential for success, serenity, vitality, joy,
and wisdom. Her successful work with clients demonstrates that we can learn
how to find those qualities within us and live fully even in the face of todays

What actions will you take today?

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Barbara Roman
Creative Marketing
(On a Shoestring

The world economic situation isn't the best right now - but it's also got its silver
lining. As the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention"... so creativity is
the means we can all use to become inventors! Many businesses thrive during
hard economic times; let's make yours one of them!

And, if I may, quote one more saying, "Out of sight, out of mind" really is true
when it comes to business. Repetition is crucial for acquiring new customers and
for retaining the old. For obtaining new customers, a key to effective advertising
is product (or service) recognition. On the average, it can take anywhere from 6
to 10 times for a viewer to see a companys ad before they are moved to action.
Even previous and current customers need to be reminded of your business and
what it can do for them. Continual communication builds rapport and in turn,

Cross Promoting
Introduce your product to several different markets, gaining exposure to broader
amounts of people, as well as repetition to a number of them. Try to cross
promote through various avenues, traditional and non-tradtional.
What can you do to stay in touch with your existing customers and encourge their
thinking of you when they are ready to shop? And how do you acquire new
Think creatively. Can you design some Viral Marketing? Do you have an offer
that can inspire people to pass it on? Can you create a game they can
participate in that makes them laugh or gets them so excited about the prize that
they have to spread the word? Even a coupon (in your emails or on paper) can
cause people to want to share the wealth. Make it really enticing. Consider

Page 62 of 300

increasing a coupon discount for higher volume purchases. For example, save
$25.00 on a purchase of $100.00 or more, save $50.00 on a purchase of
$150.00, and save $100.00 on a purchase of $200.00 or more! Or a friendship
promotion - bring a friend and both receive a ___% discount!
Besides the obvious newspaper, magazine, and direct mail ads, which you may
or may not have a budget for, and when done well are excellent vehicles, but
there are other ways - free and low cost ways to promote your business through
methods already created and those that you might create yourself. Creativity
isn't inventing something from nothing, it's putting things together that haven't
been put together before or are put together in a new way. And in my book, even
if you invent something that happens to already exist, you still get credit for
inventing it in your world.
Lets work on your business and take a look at some marketing tactics that you
can start thinking about in a new way.

Obtaining New Clients

Press Releases - Does your business have a noteworthy aspect to it that you
can write about in a press release and get free media coverage? No? Then
create one. Perhaps you would like to start a program, even for a limited time,
where you give a percent of your proceeds to a charity. Now that's noteworthy!
Perhaps your business can help your community. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps those are magic words. Open your mind to possabilities.
Sponsorships - If a $100 sponsorship could get your product or business
exposed to a 10,000 person audience, you're spending one cent per person
you're reaching. And how many times are you reaching them? In the brochure?
Signage at the event? And again on your product and literature that's given
Reciprical Links and Ad Exchanges - Place your link and/or ad on other
websites, E-zines, email promotions, etc. and their link/ad on yours - FREE! (And
the bonus for you is that the more links you have on your website, the higher your
page ranking will be on the search engines!)
Joint Ventures - Partner with another business, each of you giving the customer
a discount or freebie when they've purchased at the other establishment. This
works with physical as well as internet businesses.
Free Bonuses - Promote your business with extra incentives - extra services
(free delivery, free coffee refills, free belt with a pair of shoes, a free informational
e-book, a sampling of your service, whatever makes sense for your business).

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The free bonuses can also be joint ventures. You can give away your own
product or better yet, a free product from another company and they give away a
product of yours; that way you each are getting your merchandise in front of a
whole new group of people.
Affiliate Program - Create an affiliate program where individuals and businesses
can refer your website. A trackable link to your website is created and will credit
that person or business with purchases made on your site that came through
those links (via email and/or website).
Ask for Referrals - Give ___% off as a thank you to our customers who refer a
new customer. Post a sign in your shop, on your website and in your email
promotions (more on this below).

Stay in Touch with Previous and Current Customers

Email marketing - Your most cost effective means of communicating with your
customers is through email promotions - no high costs for postage and printing.
With most bulk email systems, links are trackable so you can see what was of
most interest to your viewers, and those links can transport them to your website
where they can see more, learn more, and buy more. You can also gain new
customers through your email promotions if you include a "forward to a friend"
button and perhaps an incentive.
Periodic Phone Calls If you are in a service business, periodically phone your
clients to check in and update them. My broker does this twice a year which has
added greatly toward solidifying my loyalty to her.
Send Holiday and Birthday Cards Sending cards for special occassions via
email or post is a lovely way to stay in touch and show your customers that you
appreciate them.
If you do have the budget for direct mail and print ads, all the better; add those to
the mix too.

Target Your Market

Think about who would benefit from your product or service and what type of gift
you can give them. Think of what other businesses would benefit from an
exchange with you.

Exercise Creative Thinking

Begin thinking of marketing in new, creative ways.

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Creativity isn't inventing something from nothing, it's putting things together that
haven't been put together before or are put together in a new way.
All commonly used promotional tactics were once new, creative ideas. Would you
like to try some creative thinking? You may be surprised with the inventive, and
successful, ideas you can come up with!
I'd love to hear how creative thinking has changed your business and/or your life,
or answer any questions you have, so please feel free to email me at:

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Take out a piece of paper, a pen, and if possible, a tape
2. Open your mind to possibilities. Discount nothing. NO
JUDGING; many a fabulous idea was born from a
seemingly "silly" or "stupid" idea. We want ALL the ideas silly, strange, stupid and even those that don't begin with S.
We want vague ideas. We want ridiculous ideas. We want
the obvious and the obscure. Your mind will flit around.
This is when it's good to also have a tape recorder
available. Jot down and speak into the tape recorder so you
can catch more ideas as they flood by; even use shorthand
phrases, whatever you can grasp. Write down every,
seemingly insignificant idea. Carry paper and pen with you
to work, on your walks, to the movies - everywhere! Keep
paper next to your bed at night; the subconscious mind
loves that groggy time. Once you turn on your brain it's
pretty hard to turn it off. Ideas will come in the most unlikely
times and places. Jot them all down.
3. Be positive, curious and playful.
4. Use phrases like, What if and Perhaps ...
5. Brainstorm with others. (Dont judge them either)!

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6. When you feel you've exhausted all your resources, stop.

Set it aside for several days. Some new ideas may incubate
within that time. If so, jot them down too, but don't try for
more ideas. Take your mind off the project - just relax and if
something comes, that's fine, but take the pressure off.
7. After you've relaxed (and before you forget about the
project entirely), review all you've done. Is a fabulous idea
or two beginning to really take shape? Follow it and see
what's there - no matter what twists and turns it reveals.
8. Don't forget to have fun!

About the Author

Barbara Roman of Roman Art and Marketing is an email marketing specialist,
award-winning graphic designer and illustrator, and a creativity coach. She
creates highly successful email marketing promotions for businesses of all sizes
and budgets.

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1. Mention Wonderful Web Women's Gold E-Book and Barbara would be happy
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2. As a Gold E-Book reader, if you need email marketing help, receive 20% off
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E-Book reader, you can also receive 20% off a half hour marketing consultation
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see how you can redeem all of Barbara's offers.

What actions will you take today?

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Barbara Simon
Course Junkies on

Are you an alternative health care practitioner, constantly looking to improve your
services to your clients? Or are you a professional who thinks you constantly
have to attend conferences or trainings in order to become the best in your field?
Well then I am sure you are familiar with a very common illness of that industry
called course junkie-itis. And may be you even suffer from it yourself.
Let me explain: My name is Barbara Simon, I am a Natural Therapist with 12
years of practical experience in this field so far and 3.5 years experience as a
teacher/trainer of Dorn Spinal Therapy. And in this exact role I have experienced
many times, that practitioners and professionals seem to go to some sort of
training, conference or similar professional gathering nearly every weekend.
Wow, that is a lot of training throughout the year and it got me thinking about
another very common illness, particularly of health care practitioners, and that is
That means that many professionals, especially running their own business,
complain constantly about how much they work and how little money they have
at their disposal. No wonder, they are spending it all on their training and hours of
conferences and fail to charge enough for their own services particularly after
having attended so much learning and education.
So it looks to me as if there is a very serious problem in the industry when we
look at those 2 illnesses. Or should I say when we look at the consequences of
those 2 illnesses.
One is that the junkies never have time for themselves which eventually leads to
all sorts of problems, health, social, mental etc. The other is that they never

Page 67 of 300

seem to have money to do the things they would like to do, the reason why they
are working and trying to make an income, which again has a ripple effect I
suppose mainly on their mental and emotional state. They feel as if they are
working their butts off and cannot even afford to go out for dinner or let alone on
a well deserved holiday. Hence the reason why so many practitioners leave their
industry after 3-5 years to go back to a job they hated, but at least it pays. Well,
no weekend trainings they have to pay for involved there, isnt it.
Now when I start thinking about this problem I realise that the junkie-itis is the
more severe of both problems and that is why I want to go deeper into the
resolving of that problem, hoping to being able to help you make this new year a
more successful even though we seem to head into really difficult and gloomy
times. But in those times only the good ones will survive and those are the ones
that make wise decisions and know exactly what to do because they have a plan.
The first question for me is; why do health care practitioners and many other
professionals think they constantly have to go to trainings and/or education
Is it really because they want to improve their services to their clients? Or is the
reality that they never feel they are good enough? Really, how much of the
content they learn in these trainings do they really use? May be 30-40%? And
why is that? Because it is impossible to apply everything you learn, it often
doesnt make sense in your working environment or simply is not required by
your clients. And if you dont apply what you learned immediately you forget it,
you lose it, and all the time and money spent on it is wasted. Just imagine what
you could have done with that weekend and that money that would have given
YOU some enjoyment, relief, relaxation!
It is a constant search for well what? This one gem? This one therapy that
makes you better than anyone else? This one service that your clients will love
and for what they will finally tell you and you might finally believe it how good
you are. But guess what, you will be searching for a long time and it will cost you
a lot of time, money and frustration and you might not ever find it. Because you
have to find it in YOURSELF.
If you cannot reach a point where you accept that you are a good practitioner and
that you are giving a good service you will never get cured from course-junkie-itis
and probably not from no-money-itis either.
So what can help you in getting to that most important point of content and self
confidence? From where on you will have more weekends available to you, more
money available to use for you or your family, more clients that come to you

Page 68 of 300

because you are a very good practitioner? Here are 3 steps you can take today
to set you on the right path and then you just have to make sure to really stick to
them during the year and dont get insecure just because Jane and John are
doing one course after another. Watch how much of what they learned they are
actually using....
1. Sit down and decide what you want your expertise to be. Really think
about what clients you want to serve in your working environment. E.g.
Infertility treatments, children's problems, diet, pain management, or
whatever it might be. When there are more than 1 area, write down more
than one and then rank them in order form highest to lowest priority. In the
end you really should come up with one area only. That means you will
become a specialist and that is what people are looking for more and
more. They want to be sure that you are an expert in the field. And that is
what you have to shout out with every kind of marketing and advertising
you are doing.
2. Once you have established your expertise, you know what specialist you
want to become, only look for trainings that will help you becoming even
better in your specialist field. Limit the number of trainings to a maximum
of 4 per year.
3. Create a mantra for yourself that includes praises for you and your skills
and knowledge. Use this mantra whenever possible. Write it down on Post
It notes which you stick around your house. Carry it in your wallet. Say it
loud various times through the day, start in the morning and say it last at
night. And to underline your confidence, put up your fees for your
specialised service. Remember specialists always charge more than
And if you are looking for the best training available in the field of Pain
management then you might want to have a look into Dorn Spinal Therapy
and meet me personally at one of the trainings I facilitate around Australia
and the US.

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Sit down and decide what you want your expertise to
2. Once you have established your expertise, you know
what specialist you want to become, only look for
trainings that will help you becoming even better in your
specialist field.
3. Create a mantra for yourself that includes praises for
you and your skills and knowledge.

About the Author

Barbara Simon was born in Germany and after studying Social Works, travelling
the world and starting a family found her passion for Natural Therapies. She
completed her training for Natural Therapist and specialised in Dorn Spinal
Therapy back in Germany in 1996 and moved to Australia with her family in
January 2000.
Since then she has been committed to making Dorn Spinal Therapy available to
as many people as possible by providing treatments and training other health
care practitioners in Dorn Spinal Therapy. Her trainings are recognised by many
Australian Health care Associations as well as the NCTMB in the US. For more
information please go to or

Special offer
To see how you can check and balance any given leg length difference to may
be help someone with back pain, go to to see how you can access
Barbara's gift.

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What actions will you take today?

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Belinda Jackson
Blogging to Attract

Blogging enables you to publish content online, gain exposure and

attention, attract new clients, and market yourself and your business to a
mass audience of potential clients.

So whats all the fuss with Blogs and Blogging?

Firstly let me explain what a Blog is. A Blog is a type of website or online
publishing platform. Youve probably visited Blogs without even knowing thats
what they are. These days a Blog can look just like any other news or media
website and in many cases a Blog will be an integral part of a Business website.
Generally a Blog displays content in a chronological order, with the most recent
content or News at the top of the page. In most cases content is categorized
and is easily accessible.
The content on a Blog consists of both pages and posts. A post is an individual
piece of content which may be text, images, video, audio or any combination.
According to Technorati, the leading Blog search engine, there are more than 1.5
million new Blog posts in real time every day.
The purpose of this article is to not just outline what a Blog is, but to bring to your
attention to some of the many benefits available to you through the medium of
Blogging as a business growth and client attraction marketing medium.
Blogging enables you to publish content online, gain exposure, attract new
clients, and market yourself and your business to a mass audience of potential
clients. Three of the biggest benefits of Blogging are;

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1. The ease it provides you to publish online.

2. The credibility it allows you to build for yourself and your business.
3. The fact that Google loves Blogs and therefore Blogging can easily attract
new prospects to your website and offering.

An Online Publishing Platform

Over the past few years Blogging has become a very popular marketing and
communication medium for individuals and businesses throughout the world.
Blogging has changed the face of the internet, making publishing online
accessible to anyone.
A Blog in many ways is like a Content Management System which in years gone
past could cost thousands of dollars to setup. The functionality now comes with
most Blogging platforms as standard for very low cost or in some cases even free
and enables you to easily publish and edit your own content on the internet.
Your Blog allows you to establish an authentic and personal voice on the internet
and build a relationship and communication channel with potential and existing
clients. The benefit here is that you will naturally attract the right type of
prospects and clients and you will be allowing them to get to know, like and trust
you so that they will want to do business with you.

Build your Credibility and Expertise Online

Do you agree that experts generally;

Can command higher fees

Lower price resistance
Get loads more referrals
Convert clients easier
Gain the respect of peers and clients alike
Get loads more free media publicity and media attention
Get asked to speak at industry and business events

All of the above are true results when you become known in your industry as a
leader and an expert. Those who shine publicly in their industries as experts are
the go-to people and they are the ones that easily attract clients.
A business Blog is a marketing tool that puts you in the public eye and that allows
you to become visible on the internet as an expert. The goal should be to publish
articles, information, news and other industry specific information that will serve
to educate your clients and prospects and that will put you into the limelight as a
trusted source and an expert.

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Google Loves Blogs

Let me say that again. Google loves Blogs. This fact on its own is a big enough
reason to consider Blogging. Being found on the search engines such as
Google, Yahoo and Ninemsn is extremely important these days, as for many of
us this is the place we go to find all kinds of products and services.
Youve probably heard about Search Engine Optimization or SEO before.
Whether or not you understand all that this means, in basic terms this means
applying strategies to your website to get it listed in the search engines as highly
as possible for the keywords that your potential clients are searching for.
Optimising your website for optimal results on the search engines is a great way
to bring targeted prospective clients directly to your website!
And a Blog can help you get positioned more often and for more search
keywords and phrases. The reason for this is twofold. One reason is the
functionality behind the blogging platform and the second reason is the amount of
content you will be publishing. The more content you offer online that includes
your keywords (the words your potential clients are searching for) the more
chances the search engines can find and index your pages and return them in
In a nutshell a Blog can be a business marketing tool to showcase your expertise
as well as to publish industry or company news and get you found on the Search

How to get started as a Blogger

The main ingredient of Blogging is going to be your time and commitment. The
rewards mentioned above are definitely available to you if you can commit to
posting regular updates and helpful information for your prospects and clients.
The software that Web Chameleon use and recommend is Wordpress which is
available as a free download from Ask your web designer to
help you get this set-up or visit where you
can download free information including a free tutorial video and Getting Started
Guide. The Business Blogging Program with Web Chameleon is where you can
learn all the tips and tricks you will need to launch, manage and market a
successful business Blog.

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Visit to
download your free report and Blogging: Getting
Started Guide
2. Visit to learn more about
Wordpress and follow the steps included in the guide
3. Plan what type of content you could include on your
new Blog Site and get started!

About the Author

Belinda Jackson is founder of Web Chameleon at, Chameleon Mail (Email Marketing System) at and The Business Blogging Program at
Belinda has a passion for helping service professionals and business owners
harness the power of Online Marketing to build relationships with their prospects
and clients and ultimately attract more business and revenue.

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What actions will you take today?

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Cath Resnick
Parenting, the future
and You
So many of us undertake parenting within an atmosphere of scarcity and
deprivation and wonder why we never feel good enough.

What better place to put the Law of Attraction into action, than
in our feelings about parenting
In focusing on the areas that we, as parents, are not delivering and feel we
should be, we not only continue to manifest our failings but it gets
worse. Our children become focused on our inadequacies, what they are NOT
getting, and what they feel they are entitled to. What follows for parents can be
guilt, anger and frustration only serving to deepen feelings of inadequacy.
So, how do you raise happy, contented, resilient children who are also motivated
to care for others (including you) and make the world a better place? Well, you
begin by feeling happy, content and resilient yourself whilst being motivated to
care for others (including them) and make the world a better place..... it seems so
simple, so why do so many of us struggle with parenting?

Being good enough parents

Many parents feel they need to be perfect, and anything short of that constitutes
failing as a parent, sometimes leaving them feeling as if they have failed as a
human being too.

Did you know that your childs development DEPENDS on you

failing often enough for them to develop?
Let me qualify. Just imagine for a moment, that you were the worlds most
perfect parent, providing everything for your child just as, or even before they
knew they wanted it. From the time your baby was born you were attentive to

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every move and every sound. Your baby would be in bliss almost an extension
of the womb where everything was provided without thinking.....and therein lies
the problem. We dont feel motivated to learn to talk until there is something that
we need to communicate, something which isnt communicated clearly enough in
our cry. We dont learn to walk until there is something out of our reach. We are
not motivated to leave home until there is something we want that our parents
cannot or will not provide. Failing your child often enough can be essential for
their perhaps youre a good parent after all?
Now of course, there is a balance. So instead of perfect, the ideal parent
is one who is good enough to quote Winnicott 1 . So what does that mean?
Well, a lot of being good enough is what many parents do everyday - without
even being aware of it. Some of what I list below may seem obvious, or even
easy, but many parents struggle with some or all of these and that is where
support, education, therapy or mentoring can be beneficial. So perhaps I will list
a few of these key qualities first, and then what to do if you are struggling with
any one of them.

Loving your child as they are

Lets face it, we all have ideas about how we would like our children to be, or who
we would like them to become. Perhaps they are sporty, whereas you may be
academic, or they are artistic when you are technical. Perhaps you are someone
who has struggled hard to pay your way through university or college, and fought
for the professional education you have, only to see your son or daughter be
content working on a production line. It is very hard to accept that your dreams
are not the same as your childs, or your strengths and talents are not the same
as your childs, and they will have to find their own path, and undertake their own
Accepting their uniqueness and their developing personality is one of the
greatest gifts we can give our children. WHY? It allows children to feel that
they can be true to themselves, and be loved in the process. As teenagers
they will be less affected by peer pressure (though not immune). As they
become adults they will feel less inclined to comply with situations or demands
that challenge their own principles and integrity in order to feel accepted -so they
will be less likely to be subject to use or abuse.
This is particularly important in relation to siblings. Many parents mistakenly
believe they need to treat each child EXACTLY the same. But each child is born
with their own temperament, and exposed to different life circumstances. For
example the first child begins life as an only child, with parents who are learning


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the ropes. When the second child is born, they already compete for their
parents attention with another child and the parents are a little more
experienced. So we are in a different place in relation to parenting and
therefore cannot treat our children EXACTLY the same. And they are different
from each other, as people. Recognising and responding to their differences in
personality is a vital component of parenting.

Did you know that thinking and ruminating about your children
is an important part of parenting?
Many parents have children at the front or back of their minds no matter what
else is happening. Wondering how they are going during their first day of school,
or their first date, constantly thinking about them in day care, or when they are at
work. Being concerned about them when they are sick - calling them from work
to check if they are OK. Psychological theorists refer to this thinking and
ruminating in different ways. Winnicott 2 calls it primary maternal pre-occupation,
Bion 3 calls it maternal reverie.
Yes, it is so important to your childs
development, they have even developed whole theories around it, because
psychotherapists see the consequences of what happens when it is not there.
WHY? One reason is that when your child knows you are thinking about
them, they learn to feel that they are not alone in the world. In my
psychotherapy practice, feeling alone in the world is the source of a great deal of
suffering in my adult patients. So next time you are trying to work and cant stop
thinking about your children, instead of feeling frustrated by the conflict,
congratulate yourself on your parenting ability!

Many of us underestimate the power of the words we use. Most commonly, we
learn our patterns of communication from our own families, and because they are
patterns that we are familiar with, we rarely see them from the outside and dont
challenge or question their validity. The same principle applies in all relationships
and of course in the workplace.
Adding to the confusion, the same pattern of communication can be useful in one
situation and harmful in another. Let me give you an example of how the same
pattern of communication can have vastly different effects depending on the
context. To quote RD Laing (1976) 4

RD Laing (1976). The Politics of the Family and other essays. Middlesex, England: Penguin
Books Ltd. 109-110.

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This is a conversation between a mother and her fourteen year old

M (to fourteen year old daughter): You are evil.
D: No Im not.
M: Yes, you are.
D: Uncle Jack doesnt think so.
M: He doesnt love you as I do. Only a mother really knows the truth
about her daughter and only one who loves you as I do will ever tell you
the truth about yourself no matter what it is. If you dont believe me, just
look in the mirror carefully and you will see that Im telling the truth.
The daughter did and saw that her mother was right after all and realised
how wrong she had been not to be grateful for having a mother who so
loved her that she would tell her the truth about herself. Whatever it might
........The dialogue appeared somewhat disturbing, even sinister. Suppose
we changed one word in it; replace evil by pretty.
M (to fourteen year old daughter): You are pretty.
D: No Im not.
M: Yes, you are.
D: Uncle Jack doesnt think so.
M: He doesnt love you as I do. Only a mother really knows the truth
about her daughter, and only one who loves you as I do will ever tell you
the truth about yourself no matter what it is. If you dont believe me, just
look in the mirror carefully and you will see that Im telling the truth.
The above example highlights how influential our communications are to our
children and to others. Imagine the profound consequences of a small change in
the way we communicate. But dont believe me see for yourself!
My husband 5 has a saying that it is more important to be understandable,
than understanding. This not only relates to what we say as parents, but what
we do and how we do it. WHY? It is a comment about the damaging confusion
and mystification caused by parents conduct or contradictions when it doesnt
make sense to the child. Sometimes this can lead to learning and language
difficulties, or even significant psychological problems. So, in that sense, it can be
more important for parents behaviour to be intelligible to their children, than for
parents to be able to understand the behaviour of their children.

Dr Jan Resnick is a father of three and has been practising as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist
for more than 30 years: .

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Consistency, Reliability & Boundaries

Even under stressful circumstances, or when you are feeling tired or sick, be as
consistent and reliable in your interactions with your children as you can.
WHY? Your children will learn to feel safe in the knowledge that they know how
you are likely to think, feel and react to something. Feeling safe and confident in
their world (you), allows them to put basic life stressors into the background and
allows them to focus on other aspects of their development. Attachment theorists
(a branch of developmental psychology) believe that this leads to secure
attachment styles, and is more likely to facilitate secure relationship
patterns for your children in the future.
Firm and consistent boundaries are not only important for the safety and
welfare of your child, but also for you. WHY? It is just as important to
demonstrate that you have respect for yourself by meaning no when you
say it, as it is to teach your child about what is right and what is wrong. Now that
doesnt mean that you are never negotiable or never open to another opinion.
But it does mean that you will not let anyone, including your child, walk all over
you. In doing so, you show your child that you can look after yourself (some
children feel that they have to take the parental role), and demonstrate to them
how to protect themselves. Boundaries when fair and reasonable tend to help
children feel safe and cared for.

And now for the good bits...

Allow time for unstructured play and exploration for you and them! In the
experience of play, children learn to explore, understand the world around them,
and experience the extent and limits of their physicality and power. WHY? They
get to imagine and play with possibilities as well as understanding the
consequences of what they do. Sometimes that may involve getting hurt (ie
hurting their knee climbing a fence), but more often it involves amazing new
experiences. They learn about time and attention in putting something together
and managing destructiveness in knocking something down. Play is the source
of a growing capacity for creativity. If you can, find the child within you, and
come out to play with your child (its a great excuse) and give them plenty of
time to play alone too.
Children learn best by example. In particular: respect for others (your
acceptance of them), acceptance of imperfections whilst building on strengths
(acknowledge when you get it wrong, and show how you intend to remedy the
situation), identifying and overcoming limitations (supporting them through
challenges and difficulties) and most importantly, respect, love and acceptance of

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Last, but by no means least, make a space to love and be loved. In such a
busy society, this basic tenet of life can easily be overlooked. In our rush to be
the best parent we can be, the best partner or employee or business person we
can be, we tick off all the technical boxes of things we should do, whilst too often
overlooking that which makes life worth living. WHY? Monetary abundance and
providing your children with every material thing and every opportunity is unlikely
to bring you, or them, the happiness you expect if you are unable to give and
receive love. It is just as important for your child to feel you can receive
their love (through your actions and direct communications), as it is for them to
feel loved by you.

When it is not so easy...

So what if you are struggling with any of the above? Well chances are you
either missed similar interactions with your own parents and/or you have had
some other life experience/s along the way to parenthood that has left you
exhausted, fearful, traumatised or cut off.......But dont worry, if you are then you
are certainly not alone, in fact you may well be in the majority of parents.
So what can you do?
1. Remind yourself (and others) of those areas of parenting that you are
good at and enjoy build on those.
2. Find a parenting mentor - someone that you can comfortably talk to
and who will respectfully listen without judgement and without
interference. They should facilitate your development as a parent not
focus on weaknesses, nor dictate how to be a parent nor take over the
parenting themselves.
3. Create a local village - people and places that you and your children
can feel known by, who form part of your neighbourhood and can be
there for back up and support when needed. This can include a virtual
neighbourhood when insufficient local resources are available.
4. Rely on your intuition. If the latest fad or parenting must do or must
have doesnt feel right for you or your children it probably isnt.
5. Allow time for yourself (if you possibly can). I know it sounds corny,
but any time you spend on your own growth and development (or even
relaxation for the chronically exhausted) can translate into more enjoyable
parenting experiences, and happier and emotionally healthier children.
6. Do get professional assistance if and when you need it. It is not a
failure, it is taking action. It shows you are a person, and that you have

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come to terms with some inevitable limitations. Asking for help is never
wrong. We accept that we need mentors, coaches and teachers in our
workplaces, hobbies and sports yet somehow expect parenting to just
Perhaps if you have been struggling with parenting issues for a while you may be
wondering if it is too late to begin now. If you and your child are still open and
available to change and development, then change is still possible. Some people
go through a mid life crisis to attend to aspects of their youth or childhood that
remain unresolved. Child therapists will tell you that one of the most important
ingredients for successful childhood development is the parent. So, working on
yourself to feel better about you and how you relate as a parent, will create
a wealth of parenting enjoyment and rewards.
It is the Law of Attraction in action, in the most important job there is
parenting. The emotional development, balance, love, care and involvement that
you bring to parenting brings rewards that make it potentially the best
investment there could be for ourselves, our children and for the future.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Remind yourself about what you do well
2. Accept your childs uniqueness
3. Rely on your intuition
4. Create a local village, including a parenting mentor
5. Learn how to receive love as well as give it
6. Recognise that your nurturing, growth
development can also support your children


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About the Author

Cath Resnick is a mother and psychotherapist. When, as a young parent, she
sought information and resources to assist her in the task of parenting, she found
plenty of information about WHAT to do but very little information about WHY.
Without the WHY, Cath never felt empowered to critically appraise what was right
for her and her family in the environment and circumstances they found
themselves in. Later, when she began training as a psychotherapist, Cath finally
found ideas, concepts and applications about the WHY of parenting, which made
sense of her earlier struggle and validated the concerns she intuitively held as a
parent. As she continued in psychotherapy practice, she found other parents
struggling with similar issues and adults whose suffering may have been avoided
if their well meaning and/or struggling parents had the opportunity to learn some
very basic principles. What she found difficult to reconcile was why she had to
become a psychotherapist to learn how to be a parent.
Cath passionately believes in sharing the wisdom of experience and personal
insight gained through parenting. In doing so she believes you will feel more
empowered in your capacity as parent and better able to embrace the joy and
pleasure of parenting and living.
As parents, we create future.

Special offer
I am so passionate about improving the future for our children and sharing
knowledge to empower parents that I have put together a free guide: "The Secret
of Empowered Parenting." Download your copy now at:
The information on this chapter is made available for information purposes only. It is not intended
to be comprehensive on all matters of emotional development or parenting and is not intended to
be a substitute for professional healthcare advice, support, diagnosis or treatment.

What actions will you take today?

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Charyn Youngson
You can only
measure the past,
you cant predict the
Use the past to point the way forward
We are the sum total of our past, but what of our future? Well, you can measure
whats happened but no one can predict whats ahead. Accurate measurement
though will give you a dim view of what lies ahead, and a dim view is better than
driving blind.
The advantage of measuring is it allows you to coldly observe how youve
travelled, what each turn and bump in the road has meant so that, as your
journey continues you can feel confident that whatever happens you will be able
to turn it to your advantage.
Despite what many people believe, most of us have absolutely no control over
what happens in our lives and the only thing over which we have some modicum
of control is how we react to what has happened. The current financial meltdown
is enormous so how come none of the big financial players saw it coming? If you
feel a bit trapped by the crashing piles of money, youre not alone, but how you
respond to it is what will set you apart.

The time to act in a falling property market is NOW

Let me explain. I was talking the other day to a cashed up man who said he was
holding on to his dollars because he expected property prices to be lower in two
to three months. How much lower? I asked. He didnt know. How did he know, I
went on, that at the end of two to three months property prices wouldnt be ready
to fall even further in another two to three months? He didnt know. So if he didnt
know that, did he really know when he would be ready to buy property? He didnt
know. When it came down to it, he really didnt know much except that he was

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contributing to deflation, but what was true, was while he was waiting for prices to
fall, his money could have been earning him considerably more by buying,
renovating and selling properties in a falling market than what he was saving by
waiting for prices to fall even further.

Seize the day opportunities abound

I know because buying, renovating and selling is what I do every day and every
day I am helping more and more people achieve a maximum return on
investment by linking up with my SOLD! For top $ program.
Selling your home, whether its the one you live in or your investment property is
stressful and the knowledge I share with people gives them the power to not only
cope but to flourish. Through helping them achieve what they want I get what I
want satisfaction and a booming business!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Be passionate about what you do.
2. Consult the best advisors you can afford.
3. You dont have to get it right you just have to get

About the Author

Charyn Youngson always wanted to be a property developer and finally got her
chance when she was sacked from her admin job in an old folks home and was
forced to fend for herself and her two teenage children. No one would hire her so
she saw it as a sign that she was meant to work for herself and in her first
renovation made more money over five weeks than she did working nine to five
in the previous 52 weeks!
Since then shes been passionate about sharing her knowledge and inspiring
others to change their lives through property investing. Charyn can show you
how you can access the knowledge you need to achieve Financial Freedom in
your life, so you can escape the rat race just like she did. If you are selling your

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home or own an investment property, Charyns techniques will help you to unlock
the value in your home to maximise your profit. To find out more, visit and

Special offer
To download Charyn's free report "10 Proven Techniques to Makeover Your
Home to Sell Faster And For More $$$$$" visit

What actions will you take today?

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Claire McFee
From Rock Bottom to
Blitzing the World
Wide Web
Until my thirties I didnt know anything about the Laws of Attraction. I was what is
sometimes termed an 'Unconscious Competent.' That is - I practiced the Laws of
Attraction without realizing what I was doing. There are many others like me who
attract what they want into their life, without even realizing they are doing it. What
is really exciting is how much more you can achieve when you learn about this

When you are ready the teacher will appear

When I was ready to learn what there was to know about the Laws of Attraction,
it came at me full throttle and I havent looked back. Admittedly, it does take a
leap of faith to accept the principles of the Law of Attraction and absorb them into
your life, which I can understand is difficult for some as it goes against everything
they have ever known. All I can say to those people is try it for yourself with an
open mind, remembering that just because you cant see or prove something
(yet!) doesnt mean that it isnt true. You only have to think about the Law of
Gravity or the old belief that the world was flat to understand this. So how has it
helped me in my life and business? - in countless ways that literally amaze me all
the time.

Rock Bottom
After running Organize Your Life on my own for almost 8 years, I came to a
crossroads. I had some great publicity on TV (A Current Affair) and other media
and became totally overwhelmed by the enormity of what I had to do to keep the
business moving forward and cope with the growing demand. It was almost a
case of be careful what you wish for, because with two young children the
demands were too much.
After feeling like I was slowly drowning for a few years, I made the very difficult
decision to sell my Baby. The thought of going into business with anyone else
was completely foreign to me and too hard to contemplate how on earth it would
work. Too many What ifs

Page 87 of 300

What happened next came as a complete shock

I had the business valued and prepared to let go of everything Id worked so
hard and long to create. As with all experiences there were some powerful
positives that happened as a result. Some took a while for me to see, but were all
there nonetheless. I did some major culling- both physically and mentally, feeling
a sense of weight being lifted from my shoulders as I created a fresh space in my

The Universe works in Mysterious ways

I was part of a Goals Group at the time with 4 other inspiring women. They knew
of my plan to sell the businesses and gave me advice on the process. After a
short time Deb, one of the members mentioned that she and another
businesswoman were looking to start a new Specialized Web Based business.
To cut a long story short, we met and they were really interested in the business but with me staying involved. It all felt so right and we set about formally
becoming equal, joint business partners. That, I didnt expect, but thank my lucky
stars every day for it having happened.

Unfortunately, Fortunately
I have people sometimes say to me Its so lucky you didnt sell you business or
you wouldnt be where you are today. And I tell them if it werent for setting
about selling my business I wouldnt be where I am today. It was how I found my
two amazing business partners Deb and Julie and got to still grow it as I had
always wanted to with their skills (ones I didnt have) to make it happen. Totally
meant to be in our book! There is always a silver lining you just have to look
for it.

Splash, Mop and Polish

Jules, Deb and I joke about how I am the one that comes in and makes a
splash, Jules mops it up and Deb finishes it off with a good polish. When we
first looked at going into business together we wrote down what our individual
skills sets were and what our roles would be in the business moving forward. This
was an extremely important part of the partnership building process and is
precisely what we do today.

Accepting our Strengths AND Weaknesses

Too many business partnerships go under soon after the honeymoon period is
over and weaknesses are focused on rather than strengths. All the idiosyncrasies
have always been there, but as the saying goes Whatever you resist persists,
so thats what shows up all the time driving you nuts and adversely affecting

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the business. This doesnt happen for us because we very much focus on our
strengths and help one another unblock anything thats in the way.

Matching Mindsets is the Key

Jules, Deb and I all believe theres a reason for everything. This doesnt mean we
let life happen to us because its all going to happen anyway. We influence our
lives in countless ways. We take our business seriously and work really hard, but
often comment on how blessed we are to be doing something we enjoy so much
that it doesnt feel like work most of the time especially when we are together.
The amount of laughing that goes on when we work together face to face is
hilarious in itself. Good for the soul.

Challenges are still there to be had

We still have personal and professional challenges that arise, but the difference
with how we approach them is a What can we learn from this? attitude, instead
of Why did that happen to us? mentality. There is always something to be
learned that will help us be more effective next time and always, always room for
GROWTH. Who could ask for more!?

De-Clutter your Mind & the rest will follow

As we all know A cluttered house equals a cluttered mind, which makes being
open to new opportunities almost impossible. I was lucky that my business idea
was literally about organizing your home from the ground up so that I did just that
as I came up with each idea one after another.

From 12 lists to over 100!

When the idea for the Organizer came to me my daughter was ~6months old. I
simply and literally thought I would save so much time otherwise spent searching
for paperwork if I kept all the miscellaneous lists and tit bits that end up floating
around the house, accidentally getting thrown out or taking forever to find, in the
one folder. The ones I had in mind originally were ones like: Items On loan;
Health Record; Tradesmen; Contact Details; Books to Read and DVDs to Watch.
All of a sudden it was like the floodgates had been opened and every night as I
tried to go to sleep more and more ideas would pop into my head.

Pen and Paper at the ready

So as to not wake up my husband - I had a pen and paper by my bed so I could
jot down my ideas in the dark and cross my fingers that I would be able to read
my writing the next morning. Some days it was a stretch let me tell you, but that
was obviously my creative time so I had to capitalize on it. Before I knew it, I had
over 100 ready-made lists that I converted to a tabled, formatted list, shaking my
head all the while after researching my product-to-be that no-one had thought of
this before.

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Break it down piece by piece

You would be surprised how far the lists are broken down, but how much of a
difference it makes when you do just that. When it comes to creating a new habit,
it apparently takes around 21 days for the new habit to become automatic.
Therefore, when you consciously become more organized by doing like tasks
together, rather than scattered throughout the day and if you create a daily To
Do list and tick them off as you go, you will find that you are way more productive
and as a consequence save yourself precious time.

Start with the basics

After I had my fist baby I often found that I hadnt even managed to unload the
dishwasher at the end of the day. After creating my daily/weekly To Do lists it
really got me into the right mindset. It got me thinking about what else I could do
to save a few minutes here and a few minutes there. This may have meant
ignoring the phone if it rang while I was in the middle of something or letting the
baby cry for a minute rather than interrupting what I was trying to get done. Even
I was amazed by the difference this made, not only to what I was getting done
but to my feelings of accomplishment. Instead of thinking I didnt even manage
to do today, it was I did this, this and this! It may not have been breaking
news but at that time in my life it was important to my feelings of self-worth in my
new role out of the workforce. Importantly, it was a stepping stone toward what I
have achieved today.

The Weakest Pen is better than the strongest memory Anon

Dont even get me started about the difference it made just getting all the
thoughts, ideas, tit bits and so on down on paper that came from my over-flowing
mind!!! Well Ok, just for a minute. My energy levels literally increased by the
second as I filled in item after item in list after list. I worked till late at night after
the baby was asleep and whenever I could during the day and found that even if I
had to get up a couple of times during the night I had energy for that and them
some. It was a very freeing feeling that Id never felt before. I had gradually
attacked years of paperwork, then moved on to each room of the house including
the dreaded garage which was a big milestone as it was chock-a-block with stuff
. (My husband is a builder so we have even more stuff than most). After tackling
the garage, I really understood the power of what I had created and how much I
could help others in a similar way. Excited doesnt even begin to describe how I
felt. I knew very early on I was onto something and that it was going to be big. I
had no idea how gratifying it would be to help thousands of people and how
much I would learn along the way. Lets just say I am looking forward to what I
manifest next.. Wheres my pen?!

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So simple once you know how

I know it sounds too good to be true, but time and time again, we will say to
ourselves, Wow, weve just achieved another big goal we set (2,4,6,12) months
ago. And we make sure we keep writing them down, visualizing them all the time
and having very much a giving attitude to helping others along the way, because
What goes around (really does) come around.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Get a pen and paper. And write down what you want
to achieve in the next 12 months
2. Visualise it regularly for example, every night before
going to sleep
3. If you are considering taking on a business partner,
join a Business Women's group or Investors group
and scout them out for potential people. Make sure
they are like--minded, have high integrity - evident
from past business dealings and that you compliment
one another.

About the Author/s

Claire McFee Author of the Original 1999 Organize Your Life Organizer
loves helping people improve their lives, so they can have more energy to
chase their dreams. Claire treasures the day she met Deb and Julie her
business partners, so that she could achieve all that she wanted to with
Organize Your Life, having recognized she couldnt do it alone. I love how the
Universe works its truly amazing.
Deb Wilson- Co Author of the New Interactive e-Organizer brings 'fine
detail' to all areas of Organize Your Life, overseeing the business and keeping
the business on track with a focus on product development and marketing.
Julie McRitchie Co Author of the New Interactive e-Organizer ensures
Organize Your Life reaches more people via website development and internet
marketing via her extensive global contacts that have taken the business truly

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Special offer
We have a special offer for readers of the Law of Attraction in Action 2. To help
clear your mind and home of clutter, so that other opportunities can come into
your life you can get $20 off our full set of e-Organizers containing lists, tips &
links for every aspect of your life. Thats only $67 (+gst). Use discount code 1515
to redeem.
Go to where you find a link to get
your discount.

What actions will you take today?

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Connie Boris and

Charly Leetham
How Ancient Secrets
Will Create Success
for You Today
Were Connie and Charly from Our mission
is to help you to establish a successful online presence whilst helping you to
remember to smell the roses along the way. Balance in your life and a healthy
body and mind are the key to success.
To be able to put the Law of Attraction into action you need to be balanced so
you are able to focus. We can teach you many different ways to achieve balance.
However, in this article, were going to focus on just one method - Aromatherapy.
Aromatherapy is very effective, quick and easy to use and we both love it.
(Charly says ... ) "I have to agree. I spend a lot of time working on my computer
or just hanging around the house and when I need a pep up or a wind down,
out comes my oil burner and oils. Its so effective that both my children also have
their own favourites."
Four Simple Steps and you are on your way to enjoy the benefits you deserve:
Step 1 gain some knowledge about aromatherapy (this article and our
free audio recording contains enough information to get you started)
Aromatherapy smells heavenly and is based on the use of essential oils. An
essential, or volatile oil (as it is sometimes referred to), is a very concentrated
liquid. These oils are totally volatile or evaporating in nature. They are derived
from plants and come from different parts of the plant, like leaves, petals, roots,
bark, berries, seedssome plants yield 2 or 3 different oils from their different
parts, others only one. The oils are very effective in creating balance, relaxation

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and healing. They are used to treat emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety
and a wide range of other ailments. The oils are called essential because they
have a distinctive scent or carry the essence of the plant, which is what makes
this plant unique.
Essential oils can be used in many different ways. Aromatherapy is often used in
conjunction with massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology and herbal
You can use those amazing oils yourself to create balance, harmony and focus in
your personal life. In turn, this will help you to be much more successful in
business. Essential oils can also be used to enhance your relaxation or
meditation so you can visualize your goals more clearly. Studies have shown that
Lavender oil helps you to make up to 20% less mistakes while working.
(Charly comments ...) "You know Connie, I use Lavender when I have a
headache too. A couple of drops on my hanky really helps or if its bad, in my
oil burner whilst I get a nap. Does wonders!"
Step 2 choose your essential oils
Essential oils are quick and easy to use. You can start with just a couple of oils
and then gradually build up your collection as you gain knowledge and
(Charly says ) "Connie shares some of her favourite blends with us in our
audio interview. They are really great and I cant wait to test them myself!"
Good essential oils dont come cheap often huge quantities of the plant are
needed to get a tiny amount of essential oil. There are various processes to
extract the oils from the plant. Distillation, expression and solvent extraction are
the main methods. Each of these methods has different subgroups again. This all
sounds very technical but sometimes it is important to know which method was
used because, in some cases, it changes the properties of the oil.
The most modern method of solvent extraction is using CO2 (carbon dioxide)
which is great because it leaves no chemical residue in the oil or environment
and does not heat the oil. However, it is an expensive method and very small
operators cannot afford it.
(Charly says ) "So this means that if we find essential oils that are extracted
using CO2, we should expect a higher price, but know they are a quality product

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that is well worth the price tag. It also means that if the price is considerably
lower, the oil is probably a synthetic concoction and not the real thing."
Before you go ahead using these amazing oils, there are a few very important
things you need to know:

Never use an essential oil straight out of the bottle and put it onto your skin.
(they need to be blended with a carrier oil). A carrier oil is anything like
almond oil, olive oil, sesame oil or wheatgerm oil.

Do not use essential oils on babies under 12 months. With children under 6
you still need to be very careful. Put a drop of oil on their sheets, pillow case
or clothing rather than getting it in direct contact with their body. Do not
apply peppermint oil near the neck or throat area of a child under 6.

Do not use essential oils without qualified advice if you are pregnant, suffer
from high blood pressure, epilepsy or have any other health problems.
Some sources recommend completely avoiding the use of essential oils
while pregnant. We tend to agree.

Dont use essential oils if you have allergies.

Dont touch the oils and then the area around your eyes or your contact
lenses. Did you ever cut chillies and then accidentally rub your eyes?

Some oils are phototoxic they create a reaction when the sun shines on
your skin ugly brown discoloured blotches or a bad rash could be the end
result (sometimes those changes are permanent). These oils also make
your skin more sensitive to the sun you burn quicker than usual. These
effects can last for at least 12 hours after you applied anything containing
these oils to your skin.

To avoid this effect on your skin, these are the oils to watch out for: angelica
root, bergamot (unless it is specified as "bergaptene-free"), bitter orange
(cold pressed), cumin, dill, ginger, grapefruit, lemon, lemon (cold pressed as
well as distilled), lemon verbena, lime (cold pressed as well as distilled),
orange, mandarin, tangerine (cold pressed), yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit)

Step 3 choose how you are going to use the oils and get the necessary
Now lets have some fun. There are an amazing number of ways you can use
your oils, here are some examples:

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Any type of bath (whole body, hands, feet) use no more than 5 drops of
essential oil in total.
Shower Wash yourself first, then add a maximum of 4 drops of essential oil to
your wet washer or sponge and rub briskly all over your body and inhale the
lovely scent.
Massage or body oil mix a maximum of 1 drop of essential oil into 2 ml (approx
40 drops) of carrier oil. Only mix enough oil for 1 massage. The choice of your
carrier oil will depend on what you want to achieve. Some oils are light and get
absorbed into your skin fairly quickly, others are very sticky. They all have
healing properties as well. Go to your kitchen cupboard and have a look you
might find something suitable.
(Charly asks) "Connie, what do you use as a Carrier Oil? I like olive oil and
almond oil for my massage oils."
I also love almond oil and Jojoba, which is an amazing substance. The other one
that is really great is coconut oil (the organic version in a glass jar that is sold for
cooking). It is solid when it is cooler but becomes liquid at body temperature. It
soaks into your skin and you can mix a small quantity of coconut oil with a couple
of drops of an essential oil.
For children above 6 years of age and elderly people use half the dose of
essential oil only 25 drops of essential oils to 100ml of base oil.
Oil burner or scented candles to freshen up your room, office, shop, restaurant
your customers will be happy a shame we cant stream fragrances out of our
websites yet!
(Charly says ) "I love oil burners and scented candles. I really like the idea of
the electric oil burners though, no exposed flames near my paper work!"
I fully agree the electric burners dont get very hot and I have to admit, I dont
know how often my electric burner has burnt dry and stayed that way for hours .
The best thing is, it hasnt caused a fire and it is still working after many years.
Tissue or handkerchief just put 1 drop of essential oil and take a whiff
whenever you need to.
Light bulb 1-2 drops maximum on a cold bulb (make sure the oil does not run
down into the fitting - it is flammable), then turn the light on. There are rings you

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can buy that sit on the light bulb and you put your oil into the ring. The warmth of
the light bulb will make the oil evaporate and gently scent your room.
Other uses for your essential oils:
Potpourris, drawer liners, sheets, linen cup board, coat hangers, bookmarks,
stationery and whatever else your imagination may conjure up!
Step 4 Enjoy the experience and reap the benefits
We hope we were able to at least entice you to consider using some of these
amazing essential oils. Want to know more? Go to and listen to a recording
containing more useful information
(Charly says ) "I have always loved aromatherapy and using the scents to set
the atmosphere I need to succeed! Ive even converted my family to it now the
discussion is not IF we will put an oil on, but which one." Connie shares a lot
more of her wisdom in our recording on how you can use Essential Oils and

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Go to
and download our audio interview
2. Get yourself an oil burner and select a blend of
essentials that will work for you
3. Enjoy the benefits and enhanced success you will

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About the Authors

Charly Leetham and Connie Boris will share with you the secrets to balancing
your mind and body connection and the amazing benefits that you will experience
in doing so.
Charly has over 20 years experience in the IT business and realised very early in
her career that all parts of life, body and mind have to be balanced for true
success to occur.
Connie is an extremely talented Yogi who has the amazing ability to translate
everyday activities to Yogic principles and balance the mind / body connection.
She has over 20 years experience teaching, coaching and motivating people
from all walks of life. She has been teaching Yoga for over 16 years.
Through our partnership at, we want to help
others balance their mind and body connection to achieve true success in your

Special offer
Connie and Charly have put together a fantastic Relaxation pack that you take
action with today. Visit and receive
a 20% discount for The Law of Attraction In Action readers.

What actions will you take today?

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Connie Ragen Green

How to Build your
Online Empire by
Using the 5 Pronged
Building an online empire is possible when you know how and where to begin. I
have created the 5 pronged approach to help my students build a profitable
business on the internet that can be done from home, or from wherever you
happen to be.
Choosing a Niche that is Right for you
You first must choose your niche. This comes from looking at what you are
passionate about, what life experiences or careers you have been involved in
during your life, as well as what will be economically feasible. By looking at these
three areas you will find a market of people who are anxious to purchase
information, products and services from you in an area that you are
knowledgeable about and truly love.
The 5 Pronged Approach Getting Started
The 5 prongs are the areas where you will focus your time and energy so that
your business can grow as rapidly as possible. You must treat your online
business like a real business, which means that you will make a schedule and
follow through in all areas. Make sure your family knows that you are working
during specific hours and not to interrupt you unless it is truly an emergency. This
will make all of the difference if you intend to create an online empire.
Prong 1 Article Writing
Writing and marketing articles on a regular basis will build your credibility in your
niche. I have written more than 860 articles during the past year and a half and
see how powerful they have been. More than 190,000 people from around the
world have read these articles, turning them from readers into prospects and
finally, into clients.

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Set a schedule and make a goal for yourself when it comes to article writing.
When I first began I challenged myself to write 100 articles in 100 days. This did
not happen it only took me 78 days! Even if you will only set a goal to write one
article each week, stick to that goal and make it part of your routine.
My articles tend to be about three hundred words in length. I submit them to
EzineArticles, the largest article directory in the world. Choose the categories you
will be writing in and write enough articles to be included in the top ten authors for
that category. For example, I am in the top ten authors for the number of articles I
have written in the eBook and article writing categories. This continues to build
my credibility as I continue to write and submit more articles every day.
Prong 2 Blogging
Blogging builds your visibility in your niche. Consider your blog to be your home
on the internet. I use my blog as my primary site, rather than a traditional
website. People know they can come to my blog and find out the latest
information that will help them in their online business and also to leave
comments and questions about what they are working on.
When you first start blogging, I recommend something I call power blogging.
This means that you will post to your blog once a day, every single day, for the
first six to eight weeks. This will give you a boost in the search engines for your
keywords and also get you into the habit of writing fresh new content every single
I still post to my blog about five times a week and use the opt-in form in the upper
right-hand corner to collect names and emails to add to my list. I also announce
my weekly teleseminars, my upcoming courses and any other affiliate programs
that I am currently promoting.
Prong 3 Social Networking
Social networking gives you exposure to people you want to connect with online.
With several hundred different social media sites available on the internet, there
just isnt time to be everywhere. The two sites I visit daily are Facebook and
Twitter. These are the sites that make the best use of my time. On Facebook I
have my own group, as well as a secret group for whom I mentor, where we
exchange information and ideas, almost like a membership site. I am also a
member of about thirty other groups where I stop by regularly to see what they
are doing and to write on their wall. Facebook is also where I announce my

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courses and programs by creating an event and sending out the information to all
4,400 of my friends.
Twitter has become my favourite social networking site. I have just started a new
practice of tweeting one of my articles every single day. Since you can only
send out a tweet that is 140 characters long, it takes at least twelve to fifteen
tweets to get my article out there, but I have found this an excellent way to
repurpose my content.
Prong 4 Teleseminars and Internet Radio
When people hear your voice they very quickly begin to trust you and the
information you are providing to them. I began holding regular free weekly
teleseminars more than a year ago and find this to be the very best way to get to
know my prospects.
Taking advantage of internet radio also connects you with people in your niche
that you can interview and who will want to interview you. Many times people will
come up to me at a live event and tell me they recognized my voice before they
saw that it was me. Both of these methods are excellent to let people hear what
you have to say.
Prong 5 Developing Your Own Product
Until you have your own product to sell online, you cannot complete the steps
necessary to build your online empire. Even though you can do quite well as an
affiliate, promoting other peoples products and services, it is a product of your
own that will give you the freedom to take your business to the next level.
I recommend creating a digital product at first. This can be a series of audio
recordings, transcripts and a workbook. Once it is completed you can sell it
online from a web page. People from around the world will be able to purchase
and download your product at any time of the day or night.
Be sure to create the most excellent product you can so that your clients will feel
like they made a wise decision to purchase. Stay in touch with them after they
buy to allow them to ask questions, get more information and purchase more
products from you as you continue to build your inventory. Your goal is to turn
each buyer into a raving fan.

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Choose your niche and start a blog on that topic. Post
to the blog and write articles about it on a regular
2. Host a teleseminar or internet radio show to let
people hear your voice.
3. Become active in social media and let people tell you
what type of product they would be interested in
purchasing from you.

About the Author

Connie Ragen Green teaches entrepreneurs how to use their writing to create an
online empire, as well as how to use the technology necessary to be profitable on
the internet. Visit Connies blog at

Special offer
Please download my Spring Jumpstart course to learn how you can begin
building your online empire right away. This course can be found at

What actions will you take today?

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Crystal Thunell
- The Art of Generosity
and Laughter a
generous gift to your
The Generous Quest
Generosity is a creative act, as living and acting generously can impact others,
but the most transformed is the practitioner of generosity, for by being generous
one becomes generous! We live in a waiting, needful ever-regenerating world.
Charity is being moved to give. Generosity is being moved to change. The
courage to change what is wrong in the world hinges on the courage to also
change what is wrong inside ones own heart.
Practising Generosity
Generosity can create the spiritual as well as personal, an ability to change and
regenerate. When one commences to consciously practise generosity, it is vital
to remember that it is not really about giving more money, or even more time, it is
about being more generous with one self towards others, including those who
criticize you or are threatened even, by your changing. The clearer you are when
communicating, the easier it is for others to understand and let go of any residual
prejudices or nagging reservations.
The generous response to positive support and responses received is, simply to
be grateful.
Time is the most precious gift. Time can actually slow and expand if you know
where you are to share it. You may know how much time to give or to whom you
will give, but you also have to know where you are to practise your generosity.
Have you ever noticed that when a friend or even a stranger, gives freely of
their time when you may really just need an ear to listen, is really one of the
most precious gifts on this Earth!! When you know where you are to give,

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then you will find that time doesnt have such a stranglehold upon your life; time
can be on your side.
When it comes to personal relationships, you can give someone money, but it is
not the same as relating. To relate, you give of yourself, you appreciate and
value and understand someone else. Every spiritual law is about visible bonds,
but this one especially so. I have a couple of very close friends amongst my
circle who have been such a great example of real support and generosity, and I
can tell that they truly enjoy giving from the heart. Their friendship is so precious
to me and I will always feel privileged just to know them and spend some time
with them.
Giving time, as an art of right living, actually requires more discernment than
giving money. When time is given, it is not just an hour or two, or an evening at a
shelter, or a chat on the phone; generous people offer their heart and their gifts to
regenerate others. We need to remember ourselves too as we need to give
ourselves as much love and support that we give to others!
Generosity depends on the practice of virtue and there are three reasons why:
First, as a form of wisdom generosity is realized only in action. It gains its
strength through constancy and not by being learned as a theory. One needs to
pause to be clear about personal motives and discern how ones choices serve
others and express love. This orientation to others is the core of generosity.
Second, as generosity will challenge the easy comforts and assumptions
considered normal by the status quo, it is essential to prepare for criticism. There
are downsides, risks and undersides to all choices. However, with virtue, it is
possible to develop a foundation for standing on principle and daring an
unconventional approach to lifes problems.
Lets not kid ourselves,
practising generosity is often criticized or unwelcome. Ive certainly experienced
it several times in the corporate world and its disconcerting to say the least.
Sometimes, by being generous and happy, people mistrust you which is always
so alarming and disappointing!
St. Francis of Assisi taught, Those who possess one virtue will possess all the
others, provided that they do not harm any of them. A person who hurts one of
the virtues offends all of them and does not possess any of them.
Ten virtues that when practised and nurtured, inspire and give form to the art of
generosity. Those wonderful virtues are:



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An exercise that one can try on a daily or at least weekly basis is to ask:
Who have I been compassionate towards today (this week)?
Where have I practised humility? etc. and try to think of all of the virtues while
going about your day.

Interpersonally competent people are self-aware. They understand

themselves, and as a result they understand others.
Interpersonally competent people build solid, long-lasting, mutually
beneficial relationships with the people in their lives.
Interpersonally competent people are able to resolve conflicts with a
minimal amount of problems and upset to relationships.

We always remember those people who have and continue to treat us well and it
means so much.
Interpersonal competence comes from within.
relationships and treat people well because its the right thing to do not
because you have something to gain from it. People can spot a phony a mile
Some ideas to become more interpersonally competent are:

Work hard at relating well with all kinds of people. People who are
different from you might make you feel uncomfortable at first. However,
they also have the potential for teaching you something you didnt know. I
have experienced this countless times in my life and am always grateful
for being fairly open minded.
Listen well and demonstrate your understanding others points of view.
Ask questions if you dont understand; paraphrase (repeat your
understanding) to ensure you got it right. I find that with the various
generations and such a global communication now with different accents,
etc. it always behooves one to have the person repeat the message for
either reason.
Be a consensus builder. If you focus on where you agree with another
person, youll find that it will be easier to resolve differences and come to
Learn how to relate to all kinds of people. Focus on building mutually
beneficial relationships.
Put others at ease. Be diplomatic and tactful and whenever possible and
appropriate, bring some humour in to the exchange.
Be warm, pleasant and gracious, and sensitive to the interpersonal needs
and anxieties of others.

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Be receptive to feedback.
Take a deep breath when you are angry. Dont blow up. Present your
side of things in a measured tone of voice.
Take responsibility for your feeling. Dont blame others if you are
Be easy to get to know. Share your feelings. Be open about your
personal beliefs.
Be attentive to the needs of others. Listen actively. Set a goal of listening
twice as much as you speak. Weve all heard the fact that we have two
ears and one mouth for a reason!
Avoid judging and criticizing and preparing your response while the other
person is speaking. Instead, focus on understanding what they are
saying, and the emotions behind what they are saying.
Show others the respect they deserve as human beings listen to them
and do your best to put yourself in their shoes. Respond to the feelings
they share with you before responding with facts.
Be humble, not a know-it-all. Apologize when youre at fault as promptly
as possible. Recognize people and give them credit when they are
Speak only when you have something to add to the conversation. Dont
make comments just to hear yourself speak. Dont state the obvious.
Look people in the eye when you are speaking with them. Ask questions
to clarify things that are not clear to you.
Acknowledge other people for their contributions and talents. Everyone
likes to hear nice things about themselves.

Laughter IS The Best Medicine!

We all laugh in the same way and it gives everyone a chance to unite and share.
Laughter is a mechanism by which one can influence the emotions of another
and we all know how well it can save the day by slicing through the air that
could be cut with a knife, as it certainly knows how to combat tension!
Just a Few of the Benefits of Laughter
Humour mitigates the effects of stress against our moods etc. With laughter
there can be a change or decrease in adrenaline and cortisol and is definitely an
upregulator. Laughter can actually help an individual get well in the disease
process. It has been said that if you laugh, you dont fall ill. That may be an
exaggeration, however, the immune system can be regulated in something as
simple as laughter! When even hearing laughter and others around us laughing,
we experience a bit of a positive effect.

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Remember laughter is contagious and the easiest and best laughter usually is
not about jokes, laughter causes laughter and can be a helpful tool we use when
communicating and developing rapport with someone new.
I loved a short story that I read recently about a 92-year old woman who has
always loved making people laugh and said that she hoped she would always be
able to make others laugh and laugh at herself. I would venture to guess this
woman has seldom had a negative thought and has far better than average

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Give as many people as possible when you see they
are struggling, an encouraging word and whenever
appropriate and possible, make them laugh!
2. Share some valuable information that you may have
about anything at all that could help a friend or
anyone, to reach a goal or ease a dilemma whenever
possible. Give generously of tips and hints regularly
to all and everyone!
3. Practice random acts of kindness consistently and
recognize and praise people for their
accomplishments and especially for their generosity!
4. Look for opportunities to laugh regularly and try
making 3 people laugh every day, including yourself,
for a week!

About the Author

Crystal Thunell is an accomplished results-oriented entrepreneur and after
spending 17 years in the legal field, has turned to her passion People!! She
has always enjoyed empowering others to realize their full potential in various
areas of work she has been involved in, and is now happily a personal coach,
public speaker and new author. Crystal brings her excellent communication and
leadership skills to all of her endeavours and enjoys various coaching platforms
at: and

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Special offer
Crystal is offering the first 10 people one hour of coaching for the price of
30 minutes. All Gold Book readers can go to to see how you can claim 50% off
Crystal's coaching and begin living the life you were destined for and deserve!

What actions will you take today?

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Debbie Ducic
aka...GutZy Woman
Recipe for Attracting
Personal and
Business Success:
HeartZ, BrainZ, GutZ
Although we spend much less time in the kitchen than we used to...we still LOVE
a GREAT RECIPE! But just as our tastes have changed in what we consider to
be a great dish, so have our tolerances changed in how we allow technology, the
internet and marketing to affect our lives. What used to work just a few years ago
just doesn't cut it anymore.

Ready or Not, The Future is Here...

IMAGINE THIS...A GutZy Woman walks into her favourite room with her laptop in
hand, heading toward the crackling fire in the fireplace. As she sits in her
favourite reclining chair, she plays over in her mind just exactly what it is she
wants to share with her thousands of followers. She clicks on her laptop,
complete with built in camera and microphone and proceeds to address her
audience around the world!
Now this is amazing enough considering just a few years ago this was just a
dream but she now has the capability to remain online and get feedback from her
most trusted advisors IMMEDIATELY, in REAL TIME, face to face, through the
wonders of computer technology.

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Welcome Back to Real Life...

She sets her laptop down and heads into the kitchen to prepare her favourite
meal, mulling over how she's going to handle the tremendous challenges ahead
of her as a leader in this chaotic world. As she consults the recipe book a thought
pops into her mind...she could narrow her plans to deal with those challenges
down to a few simple recipes:
Recipe for Personal and Business Disaster:
Start with 1 Tough Economy
Add Heaps of Usual Business Challenges
Plus Several Challenges Unique to Women
Don't Forget the Demise of Previously Proven Marketing Strategies
Add an Avalanche of Change (Rapidly Advancing Technology)
Blend in Global Competition
Finish with A D D (Attention Scarcity) Epidemic
END RESULT: A Society of stressed, overworked, undervalued, cynical,
frustrated, confused, scared and broke business women.
So what happened? It's a case of...
Too Much
to buy
to learn

Too Many

Not Enough
real solutions

So what do we do?

Let's Get GutZy!

Let's MAXIMIZE our efforts
by LEVERAGING the time we DO have
by HARNESSING the challenges and the change
using our

Let's walk away with an action plan


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#1 Ingredient Heart Z Must add Brain Z Dash of Gut Z New ingredient -

mandatory ingredient
hard to do without
definitely adds spice!
cutting edge technologies- develop a taste for them

Final Dish: Satisfies GutZy Women's cravings for more ABUNDANCE &

The number 1 ingredient. Without this, the dish will fall flat.
Vital to giving GutZy Women its' distinct flavor. Adds to a winning recipe.
1. Where to harvest?
a. Web 1.0 VS Web 2.0 (Web 3.0 coming soon!)
b. Social iMedia (Facebook, Ning, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, YouTube, et al)
c. Video, Audio, podcast, teleseminar, webcast, blog,
d. Forum, group, community, skype room, chat room, etc.
2. New species:
a. less hype
b. more value
c. more honesty & ethics
d. FREE!
e. pull VS push marketing(Law of Attraction!)
f. abundance VS scarcity mentality
g. green, sustainable, holistic
h. under promise & over deliver
i. relationship building, relationship marketing

1. How to Harvest:
a. Life long learning...keep up with the times
b. Do research & become a student of your business
c. Invest in your business and your education
d. Practice open mindedness - new things are discovered daily
e. learn by doing - test - survey - ask
f. join mastermind groups
g. study other industries, countries, cultures, age groups, trends
2. New tools:
a. Blogs, blogosphere
b. Social iMedia: networking, bookmarking
c. Wiki

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d. Podcast/Talkcast
e. Video
f. Audio
g. Teleseminar/Webinar
h. Webcast
i. Online TV
j. Virtual spokesperson

1. How to find:
a. Concentrate on changing perception - Which of these is a bad word?
Nope...change is essential!
Nope...risk is an integral part of doing business.
Obviously know this one. Leadership is KEY!
Yep... even though it's normal and at times a good
thing, it often stops us from accepting that change
is essential.
b. Convince yourself by studying up to date data:
Traditional media VS digital media
Trust VS Disgust
Viral VS Paid
Honored guest VS Party Crasher
Free VS Profit
Honesty VS Hype
Maven VS Marketer

So much to little time! How do we do it?

Align with those people and entities we respect, admire, trust and who truly care
about helping us reach our highest potential as well as offer products and
services we need to succeed ...NOT with those who are merely out to take our
money as fast as they can, filling you with empty promises and half truths.
At first we joined a GutZy Woman on a journey of the mind into the not too distant
future. She then brought us back to the reality of following simple recipes in the leading to disaster, one to success. Whatever our reality is to us,
there is no escaping the fact that the world as we know it is changing very
The advances in technology are a HUGE part of that and we have a choice.
We can choose to be overwhelmed and frozen by our perceived enormity of the
tasks and changes ahead, or we can choose to join others who are willing and
ready to take our hand and gently prod us to become the best we can be.

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Let's attract those who encourage us to bring our gifts and talents into the world
in the honorable quest to provide the products, services, gifts, talents and
leadership that we came into this world to and in the future...
Which do YOU choose?
Then LetZ Get GutZy and Take Action!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. HeartZ: Write down a list of your values, beliefs and
passions and create a relationship with those of likemind on at least two NEW social networks.
2. BrainZ: Find at least one qualified, knowledgeable
and experienced mentor or coach who can help you
warp speed the process of educating yourself.
INVEST in yourself!
3. GutZ: Step out of your comfort zone by taking one
small ACTION feel the success, then take another.
Once a month try out a NEW technology, software or
online marketing tool. In just a year, you'll have
developed a whole new recipe for your own success!

About the Author

Debbie Ducic (Do You See? I See) is the founder and CEO of GutZy Women llc.
This International online company strives to attract, motivate, train and develop
Gutzy Women (and Brave Men) as a way of life. Its a belief system. Its a new
innovative and creative way of working togetherOf dreaming together...Of
manifesting together.
Our reason for being is to establish credibility with other members of the GutZy
Women community as ethical, qualified, experienced, talented, action oriented,
and caring human beings who are passionate about helping others (especially
women) create more abundance and freedom in their lives.

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It is our belief that new technologies and the world wide web are the key to
opening up more possibilities for EVERYBODY, especially women. But education
and involvement is essential. That's where GutZy Women fills the gap.
In Debbie's 30 plus years of advocating for women as a community volunteer, as
well as her entrepreneurial and career experience, she discovered that many
people are intimidated, frustrated, and fearful or overwhelmed by computers and
Internet technology. Women, especially baby boomers, want help. She deeply
understands that and so approaches them with understanding, empathy and a
gentle approach...a VERY DIFFERENT approach than the typical "techie"
You can find her and many other INCREDIBLE GutZy Women from around the
world @

Special offer:
For special gifts from Debbie, please visit

What actions will you take today?

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Gabriela Rosa
How to Find your
Life Purpose NOW
Happily fulfilling one's life purpose brings immense happiness, which in turn
leads to robust health and physical wellbeing.
Does your life's purpose seem to be eluding you? Not sure what your "Life
Purpose" is? Well, you have just found it!
You may be saying to yourself right now: "Yeah, right! How can that be? I've
been searching for my life purpose all this time and here's this crazy loony telling
me I just found it!", Fair enough. Let me explain.
The thing about our life's purpose is that we tend to overcomplicate it. We think
that if it is not mystical and amazing, it can't possibly be it. However, I'd like to
pose a question to you. What do you think is the purpose of your life?
If we 'zero base' it, which simply means make it *v-e-r-y* plain and simple-deep
down inside, you feel happiest when you are living in unison with the natural laws
of the universe (pure physics, mind you). The natural laws, one of which is the
law of service illustrates the point well. The grand aim for us in this life is spiritual
progression (even if at first we don't recognize it). The way we go about it in our
day to day is also simple. In order to continue the experience we need to keep
ourselves alive. In order for that to happen we need to work to feed ourselves
and being on purpose whilst we do that means being happy whilst adding value
and solving other people's 'urgent problems'. Whether you clean houses for a
living or run multi-national corporations, you are on purpose when each day you
are happy and can't wait to start your day because it is another opportunity to
positively touch someone else's life in a positive way--adding value to them.

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You see the creator of all life inscribed in each one of us a very simple program:
"become better than you are, whilst helping your neighbour do the same!" It is
within our daily activities that we find the opportunity and the lessons necessary
to act out that program. These very opportunities help us make the necessary
attitude choices in order to gain the most out of our learning: The purpose of this
You see our purpose as spiritual beings having a physical experience is to
improve ourselves and come closer to perfection. In so doing we help those
around us do the same and hence improve the collective consciousness. Making
the universe a better place for everyone; and it all starts with one person at a
Precessional Effect
Buckminster Fuller explained it best. 'Precession, which is different to
Procession is an inevitable consequential result of our actions. A processional
activity is one based on linear action, where the outcome is the result of an
intention. A precessional effect is a sideeffect that is often unexpected and
usually operates at rightangles to the Processional effects (in the way that
when a pebble drops into a pond, the resulting ripples on the surface propagate
out at rightangles to the direction of the pebbles travel).
We see precessional side-effects clearly throughout nature. Bees are a good
example. The bee needs honey, so it flies from flower to flower, collecting nectar
in an intentional and straightforward cause and effect process. However, the
precessional sideeffect of this activity is such that flowers are pollinated in the
process creating all sorts of beautiful and necessary effects in nature. In His
wisdom, the Great Spirit gave bees and humans the need to work to provide for
'self', knowing that in doing so precession would take care of the rest, thus
ensuring his creatures' purposes are fulfilled daily. The more conscious you
become about yourself and the need to add value to other people's lives the
more valuable your precessional impact. This is also how together we can
change the world, one person at a time.
Cause and Effect
Precession is the consequential aspect of our activity - the result of our actions.
When looking for your life purpose you only need to concern yourself with
answering yes to 3 simple questions.

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1. Am I adding value and having a meaningfully positive effect on the lives of

the people that cross my path?
2. Am truly coming from my heart and do I have other people's best interests
(not just my own) as my priority?
3. Am I honestly happy in this pursuit? Does it make my heart sing?
The precessional effect you have on this world doesn't require outward material
success and recognition although you may certainly desire it and
(consequentially) receive itwhat it does however require is that you go about
the business of your heart, diligently.
Whether or not you answer yes to the questions above, fundamentally you are
already fulfilling your life's purpose. However the ideal is for you to be able to
answer YES and joyfully fulfill that purpose. However, be sure to be realistic
about it, just because you answer yes to the above questions it does not mean
you are going to be 100% happy with your activity 100% of the time. The key is to
honour yourself and start making changes (first within yourself) that will
accommodate a circumstantial change in direction for you.
How do I change course?
Here are a couple of ways to help you get started in joyfully fulfilling your life
Get really clear
First you need to assess where you are and where you want to be. Get really
clear about the simple things in your activities that make you happy in your life
and that add value to other people. And start doing more of those, applying
leverage wherever possible. There are many processes to help you with this:
keeping a diary and writing down your thoughts, meditation, emotional freedom
technique and even prayer are some of the ways to gain clarity.
Focus on your strengths
Playing on your strengths is going to be the one thing that will make you happiest
and most successful in adding value to yourself and others. Any professional
athlete will tell you that they work to bring their weaknesses to competency level,
but their greatest focus and diligence is to further develop their strengths!

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Listen to your heart

If you hate somethingstop doing it. Get educated, get creative and start doing
what you love. Life is too short to be miserable. However, take RESPONSIBILITY
for your actions and be smart about your change in focus and remember as the
great motivator Zig Ziglar says "You can have everything in life you want as long
as you will help enough other people get what they want!"
Face your fears
Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: "Theres nothing capricious in nature, and the
implanting of a desire indicates that its gratification is in the constitution of the
creature that feels it". In short you wouldn't have a desire unless you were
capable of its achievement. Believe in yourself and break through your fears.
One thing about life is that your commitment will be consistently and sometimes
seemingly, aggressively tested. Be ready for this. Just because you are 'on
purpose' does not mean it is going to be easy all of the time - we have a lot to
learn! Too many say they 'want' and they 'will', but too few 'get' and 'do'not
because they can't but because they DESISTtoo often just when they are
about to get the desired result. Don't let that happen to you, believe in yourself.
Replace negative thoughts with a new mantra: "No matter how bad it is or how
hard it gets, I AM GOING TO MAKE IT!"
Choose to be extraordinary--the seed is already in you!
2008 Gabriela Rosa and Natural Fertility & Health Solutions P/L

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?

1. Get clear about your strengths. There are many

ways to do this including a great book by Marcus
Buckingham, Now, Discover Your Strengths.
2. Listen to your heart. Forget about doing things just
to please other people. You will end up pleasing no
one to your own bitter discontentment. Choose right
now to be true to yourself.

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3. Face your fears. Nothing in life is as bad as we

make it out to be in our head. Choose to let it go now!
Find out how:

About the Author

Sydney-based natural fertility specialist, author and researcher Gabriela Rosa is
the founder and director of Natural Fertility & Health Solutionsa multi modality,
integrative medicine practice specializing in womens health, mens health and
natural fertility treatment. Gabriela is the author of four books, including 'Eat Your
Way To Parenthood: The Diet Secrets Of Highly Fertile Couples Revealed'
(GoKo Publishing 2008).
Gabriela is truly devoted to creating healthy and happy families by helping bring
healthy babies into the world and empowering individuals through better health.
Towards this end Gabriela publishes two ezines the weekly Natural Fertility
Booster and the fortnightly Natural Health Booster.

Special offer
Order Gabriela Rosa's CD The Natural Fertility Solution: 11 Proven Steps To
Create The Pregnancy You Desire And The Healthy Baby of Your Dreams
(RRP $97) FREE from a link at Alternatively if you prefer you can request
the acclaimed 7 Proven Steps To Achieve Abundant Energy, Vibrant Health,
Mind-Body Balance And Remarkable Wellbeing In 28 Days Or Less (RRP
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What actions will you take today?

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Helen Meader
Consciousness - How
to be Your Perfect
Vital Secrets You Need to Know To Be Successful
With Your Weight Loss Journey
There is a little know secret to losing weight that very few people are even aware
of let alone talk about, yet it is the foundation for your success or otherwise. This
is what I call Weight Consciousness.
Have you ever lost weight only to find that down the track you have put it all back
on again and some? You had it all together when you lost the weight so how
did this happen?
Fundamentally you were only working on the symptoms of your weight gain not
the cause! It is no different to any other issue where the body is out of alignment,
there are the symptoms that we can see the runny nose, the skin rash, the
excess weight yet we know that the runny nose is being caused by something
else, the skin rash has erupted due to another influence yet many times we
only focus on the symptoms and treat them, then wonder why the problem keeps
coming back or never quite resolves itself!!
Welcome to the world of weight struggles, the I am trying to lose weight, the Ill
lose weight when., Once x is over/resolved I will be able to lose weight
WRONG!! Unless you resolve the underlying issues that are driving you to be
the weight you are, then I am sorry to tell you the weight problem will not be
resolved permanently.

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Look out for the January 2009 edition of the Oprah magazine where Oprah
discusses this issue and what has been her learning. Here is a snippet from the
I have to focus on being fully alive, awake, present, and engaged, connected in
every area of my life. Right now.
What I've learned this year is that my weight issue isn't about eating less or
working out harder, or even about a malfunctioning thyroid. It's about my life
being out of balance, with too much work and not enough play, not enough time
to calm down. I let the well run dry.
Here's another thing this past year has been trying to teach me: I don't have a
weight problemI have a self-care problem that manifests through weight. As my
friend Marianne Williamson shared with me, "Your overweight self doesn't stand
before you craving food. She's craving love." Falling off the wagon isn't a weight
issue; it's a love issue.
Did you hear what she just said? It is not about her eating or working out for
Oprah the issues she has identified for herself are about self care and love. What
are your issues? Lets explore these.

What is Weight Consciousness?

Your weight is simply an indicator of what is going on in your life. Weight
Consciousness is a life affirming process for building your foundation for your
weight loss, this is a process for determining what beliefs and life issues are
driving your success or otherwise with your weight.
Weight Consciousness is about removing the complication and overwhelm which
create resistance and lack of connection within you and instead taking the
peaceful path to inner harmony and your ideal weight. This is a life affirming
process of coming home to you.

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The process requires you to get to know yourself at a deep level; you will be
required to really look at yourself and to discover the beliefs that have been
driving your lack of permanent success to date. If you are willing to be honest
with yourself you will be amazed how quickly things can change, and you will reconnect to the amazing person inside and feel fabulous about yourself in the

What is the Weight Consciousness Process?

This simple 7 step process is about building a solid foundation for understanding
yourself and your own personal journey. Each of us has an individual journey to
follow; Weight Consciousness is about you finding your own journey your own
particular path of ease and grace. In each step you will be reviewing the beliefs
that are holding you back from your success, try to be as honest with yourself as
you can.
Step 1. Set Your Intention
Set your intention now for what you wish to get out of this process and set your
intention for your own personal Weight Consciousness journey. The more
important something is to you, the more likely it will happen. Ask yourself how
important is it to achieve your weight goal, and to achieve it now. What is it that
you actually want to achieve right now, not in five years time but now?
For example, my clear intention is to lose weight easily and simply surrounded by
supportive encouraging people. I easily see what I need to clear or change and
am able to assimilate and integrate any insights quickly. My journey is safe and
effortless; my skin is smooth and clear.
I easily choose the right foods to nourish and nurture my body and soul. I am
energetic and inspired. I inspire others around me with my achievements. My
journey is filled with fun and laughter.
Now write your intention. Write down everything you can think of, do not skimp
on yourself and have faith.
Step 2. Make Your Decision and Set Your Goal
Our power is in our ability to decide.
Buckminster Fuller

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A decision to do something is like a line in the sand; it is a statement to the

universe and yourself that you are choosing to change something in your life, this
is a critical step, for without a soul affirming decision the results will be mediocre
at best and at worst, will see you revert straight back to the weight you were or
heavier. Decide to make the changes that are right for you, decide to live your life
with energy and passion; decide to achieve your goals.
You may have some beliefs running that will get in your way even before you
start, review the following list and see if anything resonates with you, if so you will
need to clear this before you can move forward.
Decisions are hard to make
Decisions dont work
I might get it wrong
I am afraid to make a decision
I might make the wrong decision
I am afraid to make the decision to lose weight
I have to take time to make a decision
Making decisions about my weight courts disaster
Making a decision about my weight means failure
What is your goal?
Write it down and see how you feel about it.
My ideal weight is ___________ lbs/kgs
Is this causing a stress? Is your mind chatter already telling you that this is
impossible? Or, that it is not possible until, by, before. or it is not possible
Can you see now why you may be finding the permanent solution elusive?
Your mind and your beliefs are amazingly powerful and can trip you up if you do
not take the time to identify the beliefs that are running your success and then
clearing and changing them.
Step 3. Are You Committed to Your Intention and Your Decision

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You also need to look at your commitment, are you actually committed to making
the changes or are there some beliefs preventing you from making a full
commitment? Living life in the body of your dreams is not hard if you are willing to
stop doing the few things that are killing your results and start doing the few
things that will accelerate your progress and along the way clear any issues as
they arise.
Do any of the following beliefs ring true for you?
I cant commit to things
I cant commit to things for me
I am afraid to commit
I cant commit to my weight loss
Step 4. What Got Me Here?
The optimist sees opportunity in every danger;
the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity.
Winston Churchill
Take the time to clear the past and the issues that have got you to here. Your
weight is a reaction, a response to something in your consciousness, through this
process you can learn to love everything that has happened to you and to learn
from each experience.
The key to your weight loss and never having a weight issue again is to allow
your body the environment where the perfect program for you is activated rather
than the current program. Work with your body not against it. The goal is to
return your body to the place where it is safer for you to be your perfect weight
than to be the weight you are now. When your body is in harmony weight loss will
become automatic - easy and inevitable.
Here are some beliefs that may be running your outcomes.
Weight loss is a long and slow journey
Weight loss is hard
I am not allowed to be healthy
I am not allowed to be my ideal weight
I am not allowed to lose weight
If I lose weight I wont be healthy
If I lose weight too fast I will get sick
I am not allowed to lose weight fast

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Step 5. What Keeps Me Stuck?

Think of your body as a pendulum, as a stress indicator. Your weight is then
simply an indicator of things not being perfect for you. Weight Consciousness is
thus a process of listening to your body; exploring, clearing and re-learning what,
at a soul level we already know.
You are an individual and your journey will be very different from the next
persons, so be sure to honour where you are at. The path will come from within
you, not from outside of yourself. Your weight has happened for a reason, life is
perfect, all is meant to be and your life is as it should be. Let go of any
attachment you may have to how you think it should be and work with what is
presented to you.
Your world, your current reality is telling you what you need to know and
what you need to clear to achieve your goal.
Whatever is around you is a reflection of you, see this as a blessing and use the
insights to move forward. Look at your life NOW, use the gift of what is
happening in your life right now. Who is being attracted into your life and what
experiences are you bringing into your life? List these down as they are a great
source of insight and information.
What am I seeing around me, what is bothering me or annoying me?
Who is around me, what qualities do they possess? What do I like about them or
their behaviour? What do I dislike about them or their behaviour?
What is this telling me about where I am at in my life right now?
Are you doing things to stay fat? There are reasons and benefits for staying
where you are currently. Explore what is going on for you and allow yourself to
gain insights that will enable you to move out of this place.
Are you habitually afraid to move forward to the life and the body of your dreams
and your desires?
What are the things that you are currently doing habitually that are undermining
your weight goals?
I am ________________________________________________
And ________________________________________________
And sometimes _______________________________________
And the things I dont really want to see in myself that I am doing are

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Here are some beliefs that may be holding you in this place.
Women in my family are fat
Fat is in my genes
I am weighed down by all I have done in my life
I am weighed down by all I have not done in my life
I am meant to be fat
I was born to be fat
I deserve to be fat
If I lose weight my partner wont love me
My spouse prefers me to be fat
My family prefer me to be fat
My fat keeps my spouse/family safe
I always make bad food choices
Nothing is healthy for me
All the food I love is bad for me
Food helps me relax and feel good
I am not good enough to be my ideal weight
I am not allowed to lose weight
I do not deserve to be happy
I do not deserve to be happy with my body
I will not allow myself to be my ideal weight
I will not allow myself to be happy with my weight
I will not allow myself to be happy with my body
I must stay fat
I love being fat
Step 6. The Way Forward
To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.
Mother Teresa
So you have now cleared a path to move forward, yet there can still be some
hesitation. So whilst you may believe that you are ready to move on you may
also believe that you are not. This can be a time of Yes I am ready to move
forward to my perfect weight as well as No I am not ready to move forward to
my perfect weight.
You must clear these tug-of-war situations that are going on in your body
otherwise you will keep reverting back to issues that you thought you had
cleared. Look at beliefs like the following.
I cant trust my body

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I need to control my body

I dont know how to listen to my body
My body is the enemy
I have lost touch with my body
It is not really safe to move forward with my weight goals
My mind is the ruler, not my heart
My head overrules my heart
I cant trust myself
It is OK to be stressed about my weight
I am starving myself
My weight is protecting me from all the changes in my life
It is not safe for me to follow my heart
I am starving for / longing for
Personal fulfilment
Complete the following sentences.
I am starving for __________________________________________
I am longing for ___________________________________________
I am waiting for ___________________________________________
Step 7. Maintaining Focus
Maintaining focus is about staying on track in the easiest possible way and
making life easy for you. What is the easiest way for you to move forward?
Where will you get the quickest wins, the easiest success? How will you support
yourself daily to achieve your dreams?
As your life changes you will need to keep revisiting what is the right thing for
you, as you evolve and change so do your challenges and issues, so do not take
your eye off the ball, re-focus, re-group and re-develop new foundations - new
intentions, decisions, goals and commitments to them.

Support Yourself

Daily review your intentions, decisions, goals and your commitment to

them. Write them down and read them morning on rising and nightly
before you go to sleep.

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Get support for your journey. Support yourself by following the steps in this
chapter, surround yourself with supportive people, and create the physical
environment that will support your success.

Work with a Theta Healing Practitioner to fast track the process.

Lighten up, have lots of fun and laugh more. Schedule this into your day.

Go as far as you can with what you know. You will not always be able to
see the path ahead. Set the process and trust that you will achieve your

Jump and grow your wings on the way down. Go for the ultimate life you
desire and see where the journey takes you.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
What do YOU need to do RIGHT NOW to build your
Weight Consciousness?

Set Your Intention

Make Your Decision
Commit To It
Devote Time To Get To Know Yourself
Get Support for Your Journey
Have FUN

About the Author

Hi, I am a life long advocate of human potential. I fundamentally believe that we
human beings have far greater capacity than anyone knows. My passion is about
exploring that capacity through Weight Consciousness. For me looking back I
can see that at every point in my life where I had an issue with my weight there
was something other than what I was eating that was driving the outcome. I
actively started my own personal development journey in 1992 and have been a
life coach since 2000.

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I was introduced to Theta Healing and became a Theta Healing Practitioner in

2005 and discovered that when a person is ready, healing and change can be
instant; the only thing getting in the way of this is you and your beliefs.

Special offer
For readers of Law of Attraction In Action Volume 2, 2009 I have 2 FREE gifts.
1. An mp3 of some fabulous beliefs and amazing feelings to listen to that will
support you to fast track your journey.
2. Join my eZine list to receive regular updates, articles, interviews and the latest
information on beliefs and Weight Loss.
Go to where there are links to
Helens website to receive your gifts.

What actions will you take today?

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Janet Attwood
The Transforming
Power of Letting Go
Have you ever let go of it all? The most remarkable things can happen when you
surrender completely.
Letting go and trusting in the universe is probably the all time greatest challenge
anyone can face. Walking in the dark with total blind faith, not knowing where the
next safe footing will be, afraid that the unknown will unveil more than we can
One of my first experiences of consciously handing it all over to the universe was
in 1980. I was in a job recruiting disk drive engineers in Silicon Valley and was
failing miserably. Luckily for me, one day after work when I was meditating in the
local meditation center, I opened my eyes, and glanced upon a sign on the
bulletin board that advertised a success seminar called Yes To Success to be
held in San Francisco the following weekend. All circuits firing, I knew that
somehow the answer to my prayers had everything to do with taking that
My intuition couldnt have been more on! Not only did I take the seminar, but I
eventually persuaded the seminar leader, a vivacious and passionate woman
named Debra Poneman, to hire me. As luck would have it, Debra was going on
her U.S. speaking tour at the same time I was to arrive in Los Angeles where her
company was located and she needed someone to housesit. She said I could
stay in her apartment, study her success tapes while she was gone and when
she returned, I could start my illustrious career, uplifting and speaking to
hundreds of people all over the world.
I was in seventh heaven!
Two weeks later, after Debra and I finalized our plans, I said goodbye to all of my
friends at the recruiting firm, packed my bags, filled my vintage red Toyota up

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with gas and headed down to Los Angeles, radio blaring, singing at the top of my
lungs, ecstatic that I was on my way to start my dream career.
Two miles into my journey my little red Toyota started sputtering and spurting.
Steam started rising up over the front of my car from inside the hood and as I
was pulling over to the side of the freeway to see what was going on, my trusty
little red car took one big breath, let out the most God awful sound and died.
Horrified, I just sat there frozen by the side of the freeway, stunned at what had
just happened.
After the initial shock of losing my beloved Toyota, I came up with an alternate
plan to take a train down to Los Angeles. After paying the tow truck to tow my
car, buying my train ticket to Los Angeles, and then taking a long taxi ride to
Debras apartment in Santa Monica, to my dismay and alarm, I arrived at Debras
door with $13.00 to my name.
Frozen with fear that Debra wouldnt hire me to go out and teach other people
her success principles if she knew I was completely broke, I said nothing while
we were together and kept a sunny smile on my face until Debra finally waved
good-bye to me.
Now what am I going to do? I thought to myself. Feeling totally weighed down
by the fact that I hardly had enough money to last me more than a few days, I
went to Debras refrigerator and scooped myself a huge serving of her chocolate
ice cream. After eating almost the whole gallon, I laid down on her couch and
fell into a drunken chocolate sleep.
When I awoke I decided there was only one option when things got this bad.
I grabbed the keys to Debras blue chevy which she had said I could borrow for
emergencies and headed down the Coast Highway with a renewed sense of
hope. I knew my poverty state would soon be over.
Realization Fellowship Meditation Center in Pacific Palisades, I immediately felt
a deep sense of calm take over me. I walked past all of the beautiful buildings to
the majestic and serene gardens that graced this special place.
Reaching into my purse I pulled out my treasured, crisp one dollar bills and
stuffed all $13.00 into a little wooden donation box that was located in the

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When I had donated all I had, I sat down on a nearby wooden bench and had a
very intimate talk with God, pouring out my heart and telling him all that was
going on with me and where I could use a little of his support.
After a little while, I walked back to Debras car, knowing that letting go of all the
money I had left in the world absolutely had to be the best thing I could have ever
done. I didnt know why I felt that way, but I did.
I headed back to Debras apartment and the minute I walked in, the phone rang.
Hello I said.
Janet, is that you?
Uh huh Whos this? I asked
Its me, Patrick
Patrick was my ex-husbands father whom I totally loved and hadnt heard from in
over a year.
Hi Patrick, its so nice to hear from you, how did you find me? I asked.
After we chatted on the phone for some time, he invited me to meet him for lunch
at a nearby restaurant.
Patrick was unbelievably animated and talking 100 miles a minute. He had just
started selling a natural weight loss program he was really excited about. He put
four bottles of the stuff on the table and said this was just the beginning for me.
Janet he said. I think this is something you could really make a lot of money on
in your spare time if you wanted to.
Patrick still had that same sparkle in his eyes I had always loved and when he
spoke about the products he had set down before me, I couldnt help but start to
feel excited about it too.
The opportunity sounds great I said. How about when I have some extra
money, Ill order some from you?
I dont think you should wait that long Patrick said to me smiling.

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I just happen to have $500.00 worth of the stuff in the trunk of my car.
You can have these bottles on the table and the $500.00 worth as well. Pay me
back after you sell it and make some money for yourself.
Just as he handed over the four bottles our very overweight waitress walked up
to our table and said to me,
Whats that?
I told her everything I could remember that Patrick had just told me about the
Ill take everything you have! and she immediately whipped out a $100.00 bill
from her apron, grabbed the bottles and walked away.
I sat there stunned, and overjoyed. Thanking Patrick as we said goodbye, I
headed home.
This experience was a profound lesson for me. One which Ive remembered often
during the twenty-six years since these events took place.
We are always taken care of. Donating my last $13.00 was my way of
surrendering to that force which is always looking after us. I learned that all thats
required of me is to let go of my agenda, and surrender to Gods will for me.
When we do that, the result is always better than what we could have come up
with on our own.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Take a leap of faith and put your trust in the universe
2. Let it go. Surrender to the force that is always looking
after us
3. Be open that the result will be better than you could
come up with on your own

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About the Author

Janet Attwood combines a unique blend of spirituality and practical, useful
knowledge that can be put to use immediately. Her passion and focus is
supporting people, in every part of the world, in knowing their personal
Janet is the co-author of the New York Times bestseller, The Passion Test The
Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny. She is also co-founder of one of the
largest online transformational magazines in the world, Healthy Wealthy nWise
with 150,000 subscribers and of Enlightened Alliances, a marketing firm that was
responsible for arranging 36 of the 52 interviews for the movie and book, The
Janets latest passion is working with homeless women in transition and youth in
detention Centers.

Special offer
Janet shares many gifts for you to help you discover your true passion in life. You
can find out more at

What actions will you take today?

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Jashmuna Sabine Nebel

How to unlock your
inner source of
unlimited creativity
Why struggle is a contradiction to life - a practical life lesson
Whenever I hear the word struggle, an association with an incisive experience
pops up in my mind. It was in the early 70s, during a vacation in Austria. We
were out swimming in a lake, when suddenly my legs got entangled in stems of
water lilies that were invisible on the waters surface. Being in a panic I struggled
to get free and the more I struggled, the more my legs became knotted in the
stems. I was close to drowning, and would have if a friend had not guided me
out. He instructed me to stop moving and calm down. Relax, he said, stop
moving and relax, breathe. Now focus on the shore, calmly use your arms only
and swim towards the shore. I did and amazingly, with graceful ease, the stems
let go my legs and I could swim away effortlessly.
This experience became a key metaphor. What can we learn from it? Struggling
is a contradiction to lifes flow. Focus needs stillness.
So what do entangled legs have to do with the power of the mind?

The power of stillness

We hear it over and over again where the attention goes, the energy flows.
However, the human mind loves complication. Yet truth is always in simplicity.
Harnessing your power has nothing to do with getting the Law of Attraction
working in your favour, as the Law of Attraction works always and any way and
is impersonal. But it has everything to do with mastering and educating your

Page 136 of 300

You dont have to work through countless different methods of meditation,

exercises, seminars or books. Isnt this rather experiencing a method than
experiencing who you are? So, stop searching for the right way, and start finding
yourself, your source. You dont have to meditate all day even. Instead of
meditating half an hour every day just to fall trapped into the unconscious selftalk for the rest of the day make your entire day a vivid meditation.
Start to perceive how your mind actually works. When you find yourself
dwelling on a problem, struggling in circles for a solution, trying to figure out how
to reach your desired goal, or focussing on something unwanted, use this to
observe your mind.
Observe your self-talk, notice the content of your thoughts. Observe
objectively: how much of your self-talk is proven, founded truth? Notice how
much assumptions, speculations, definitions, conclusions the mind dwells on. If
you observe objectively and start to question the truth of every negative thought,
you will soon become aware, that the rational mind behaves like a monkey. It
almost never has real facts, but because the mind wants security, it rules your
being and pretends to understand and know everything. It feels uncomfortable
when it does not understand a matter, so it fills the gaps with speculations, which
turn into paradigms. Where does the mind take its conclusions from? It pulls out
the stored archives from your past experiences. So, it thinks in circles inside the
known box.
The rational mind keeps you in the trance of your memory, and its
projection onto the canvas of your outside reality. It is this trance,
unawareness that disconnects you from the source. To awaken, the first step is
objective observation. As soon as you become aware of how your mind works,
you have created a space between you and your thinking mind. Without this
space, you cannot control your life because your mind controls you. Controlling
your life means to control your mind.
So, when you catch yourself having fallen unconscious again stop moving in
your mind, defocus and observe your thoughts. Simply observe, and do not
change anything. This will lead you to the awareness that in truth your rational
mind knows nothing and that you are not your mind. Knowing nothing means
freedom: every moment is completely new, has never been before and will never
be again, every moment is unique, and it is impossible to know anything about it.
It is the assuming, speculating, defining, limiting monkey-minds noise that
disconnects the awareness from the source that constantly flows into the NOW.
Your source, your true eternal being, is stillness. Stillness is awareness,
awareness of the Now. Awareness of the Now is the access-point of universal

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Releasing blocking beliefs

By simply observing your mind, there is no need to dig deeply for any hidden
blockages. They are not really hidden, but when we are entangled in thoughts,
we usually are just not aware of those thoughts being just that: our familiar
blocking patterns.
While you observe your mind, you now become aware effortlessly, of those
unquestioned convictions and thought habits. Now extend your awareness
into your body sensations: which emotions are tied up with your thoughts, where
in your body do you sense them? Simply observe and do not judge anything.
Dont try to fix or change anything. Simply accept everything as it is. Also, do not
name or define it. Just observe your emotions that are there now, and the
sensations in your body. Relax and observe. Acknowledge the wholeness of
what is now. By observing and accepting you embrace your emotions with
acceptance, which means, you lovingly acknowledge your being the way you are
in this present moment.
That is what your blocking emotions want; just being acknowledged in the light of
your consciousness. It is an act of self-love, and in the sun of your loving
acceptance, they can melt away. It is important not to define anything, so, you cut
the tie between thought and emotion. Observing the emotional sensation as what
it is, you will notice, that it is just energy. Observing puts it back into the flow. Just
like you would do, if you sit on the shore of a flowing river, observing the water
flowing, observing the weed and clutter you wont jump into the river, you wont
try to dig the weed out or get caught in analysing where the clutter comes from
and why it is there or how terrible it looks like. You simply sit and observe and
allow the flow.
To help you release, you can gently place your hand on the area where you
sense the blockage and observe how your hand feels like on your body.
Just observe and allow.

Uniting your whole being in the moment of Now

While you objectively observe your thoughts and emotions, extend your
awareness and include all your senses. What do you see around you? Which
sounds or noises can you hear right now? Are there any smells, what do you
taste? Become fully aware of everything that you can perceive in this very
moment. Listen to the stillness between sounds, between your thoughts. The
stillness where all thoughts, feelings, shapes and sounds emanate from. It is the
stillness where you perceive from. You are the observer and the observed is a
projection of your observation. The stillness is the source of your being and of
everything in your world as all creation that you can perceive is a manifestation of
your own thoughts. The stillness is the center-point of your universe.

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Being fully aware in the Now you will find, there is no real problem to solve, there
is nothing to struggle, there is no problem and no challenge. There is only peace
and grace. The Now is the only reality and flow of life. Being in the Now means,
being back home. In the stillness of the Now lies the magic point where the
human mind empties into the cosmic consciousness.
As you constantly train and educate your mind by defocusing and
observing, you are in constant meditation. When you are aware in the Now,
you connect with the beauty and perfect harmony even behind trivial daily
activities like brushing teeth, waiting in queues, or writing checks. Only in the
Now are the rational and intuitive mind, the left and right brain, in synchronicity,
and your consciousness is open to the unknown. Here you find answers and
solutions, great ideas, and the never ending flow of creativity.

Defocus and focus

How often have you heard stop focussing on the unwanted and focus only on
what you really want? Well, it isnt always easy to do, is it? If you are stuck in a
problem, it is like fighting against a giant, when you try to not to think about
problem x. And there is a reason why. Actually it is a misconception as shifting
the focus alone does not solve the movie that the mind is used to being busy
with. It is the controlling mind trying to control itself, and that does not work. We
think 10s of 1000s of thoughts a day, so it is not possible to control them all.
Instead of fighting against your thoughts, train your mind to defocus as
explained previously. When you experience how your mind works and that you
are not your mind, it becomes effortless to release unwanted thoughts.
If you are going to win a marathon, you cant start while you are stressed out and
your muscles are tired from constant tension. First you need to relax and
recharge, releasing tension, so you can use your full resources for the new
tension needed for the marathon.
Its the same with the mind. For an effective focus the mind needs to be relaxed.
Imagine you drive from A to B. You just know that you will arrive at B and before
you started and during your drive, you are effortlessly focused on B. At the same
you are aware of the present moment and the road before you. It is effortless.
Thats exactly what focus really means. It is not a desperate or stressful
concentration or visualization. It is rather your consciousness bundled into a laser
beam embracing your goal while fading out everything that is not in alignment
with your goal, and at the same being completely aware of the very moment of
You keep your desired goal in your relaxed vision, while you are aware of your
source in the Now, and it is in this Now where you get signs, hunches, ideas, new

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opportunities or new persons, information ready to act on them as soon as you

perceive them.
It is really that simple yet not simplistic. Defocus by objective observation,
be aware in the Now, keep your vision, listen to the signs and ideas etc. that
emanate from the stillness of the Now, act on them. Too simple? Of course it
takes some effort to educate the mind, but then, to learn how to use a computer
or how to drive a car takes some effort as well at first. What could be more
important than to train your innate power tool your mind!

Cause and projection

As above, so below; as inside, so outside the outside reality is an exact
reflection of your inside world. It is a projection of your mind. So, trying to solve a
problem by controlling outer circumstances is just like struggling to get the legs
free from entanglement with water lilies. It rarely solves a situation, but even
tightens the knots. There is no answer in a reflection, just like you cannot change
your image in a mirror, no matter what you tell the mirror. The source and cause
of everything you experience outside is inside you. Instead of wasting your
energy in dwelling on he said this, and she did that, why is the recession and I
hate my job because, shift your attention to your inside world. Observe the
cause where the outer circumstances emanate from. You dont need to
understand why you have manifested this situation. Simply acknowledge that you
have, listen into your body where you might feel any emotions or sensations,
observe them, observe your thoughts, accept and allow them to be released.
Feel the peace of the stillness between the thoughts, and be open for the solution
and answers.

Awakening into your enlightened being

As you see, it does not need complicated methods or 5 decades of meditation.
Enlightenment and the mastery of deliberate creation is one. The key is
simplicity. There is nothing to add or to become before. You are perfect and
whole here and now, all you need is to let go of your minds chitchat that holds
you in a fiction of life and keeps you away from life. Educating your mind is easy
to do though it can take some effort and perseverance. The more you practice
awareness, the longer the periods will become where you stay aware and your
consciousness expands and shifts. The periods where you feel your inner
stillness, the sense of who you really are, eternally. Your inner source is the
source of everything that exists, it is love, peace, serenity, beauty, infinite
creativity, health, power, wisdom it is your I Am.

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Observe your minds self-talk objectively, defocus
2. Observe your emotions without judgement, defocus
3. Be aware in the NOW and your inner stillness
4. Listen to signs, ideas, and hunches in the Now
5. Act on your ideas, signs etc. that you receive in the

About the Author

Jashmuna, born 1957 in Germany, spent most of her life researching and
studying the power of the human mind and the true nature of love.
Being a former nurse, she went through a terminal disease in her early years
herself, which gifted her an invaluable lesson and quantum leap in spiritual
growth, as she learned to connect her unconscious power and the infinite
intelligence of the divine source resulting in complete healing and spiritual
She studied and worked with alternative healing methods, such as herbal
medicine, acupuncture, and energy healing.
She practiced Shamanism, Kundalini Yoga, Taoism, as well as Reiki, and light
She has developed a powerful light energy system for clearing and healing the
physical-emotional-mental bodies, and offers distance energy healing &
She is a workshop leader, meditation teacher, life coach, energy healer, artist,
writer, and her heart's purpose is to support others connecting their divine source
of bliss, to create their own miracles and live the life they truly desire.

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For more articles and distance energy healing & coaching visit
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and notification about Jashmunas upcoming course Breakthrough to Freedom
please sign up at

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What actions will you take today?

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Dr Joanna Martin
The Four P's to
Making Big Money as
A Speaker

It cannot be denied that fame and fortune go hand in hand. So how are you
leveraging your talents when it comes to marketing your business?
Public speaking is one of the fastest ways to grow a business, and certainly to
add a significant amount to your bottom line. Using the simple formula outlined
below we have been able to go from business startup to revenue of over $450K
in three months. So I believe this system is one of the quickest ways to boost
your business profit.
However, it is not just a case of standing in front of a group and having a yarn.
There are some basic principles you must take into account before you can be
sure that speaking is the right strategy for your business.
I call them The Four P's of Successful Presenting:

If you don't believe in what you're talking about, you shouldn't be talking about it!
Your audience is not dumb, and will see right through you if you are not being
authentic. Speak about topics that you are passionate about. Therefore, if you
are tired of your business and no longer inspired by it, putting yourself out there
and running presentations is not such a good idea- you might just get found out.

Whats more, the topic of your presentation must be something that other people
are passionate about. These people become your target market. If you're the

Page 143 of 300

only person on the earth who cares about your topic, you won't have a very big
audience and you won't get sales! If this is the case, it sounds like your passion
is more of a hobby than a business.

Next, we have to make some money. Having something to sell is necessary to
monetizing a successful speaking business. If you already have a business
selling products and services, you are at an advantage. All you need to do is put
together a killer presentation to inspire people to buy from you.

Finally, you must also practice and perfect your presentation. Delivering your
message is important and there is a formula to it. If you would like to find out the
7 Steps to A Dynamic Presentation that takes someone from who the hell are
you to heres my credit card, sign me up then go to

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Determine what you are passionate about in your
2. Determine what topic in your business your target
market is passionate about
3. Create products to sell from your presentation
4. Learn and refine a powerful presentation

About the Author

Dr Joanna Martin is an internationally acclaimed speaker and sought-after
educator who has taught over 40,000 people on three continents.
She started her working life as a medical practitioner, then an actor before
launching her career as an NLP Trainer and CEO of Shift Lifestyle...
Joanna started small like most of us - her first business was as a life coach in
Australia, and through a series of happy coincidences (and damn dedicated

Page 144 of 300

study of marketing) she was quickly approached by some of the movers and
shakers of Sydneys business scene.
Her odd mix of being intelligent enough to pull off a medical career, with her
irreverent performers attitude (she was trained at the prestigious Actors Centre
Australia - other alumni include Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman) made her
memorable in the field of communications and transformation.
A quick rise to success
Before long she was consulting to companies such as ANZ bank, John Fairfax
Publishing and Ebay, as well as working with individual small business owners
and lesser known but very successful firms in the Sydney business scene.
She was then invited by Christopher Howard to take on the role of Head of
Research and Training for his organisation where her speaking career sky
Living her dreams
Today, she trains entrepreneurs and professionals alike in key communication,
leadership, and presentation skills. With her partner Greg, through their business,
Shift Lifestyle they provide strategy and support for business owners who want a
lifestyle, not just a living.

Special offer
If you would like to find out the 7 Steps to A Dynamic Presentation that takes
someone from who the hell are you to heres my credit card, sign me up then
go to to see how to redeem Jos offer.

What actions will you take today?

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Joanne Roibu
Guide To Goal
Achievement & The
Law Of Attraction
The Law of Attraction is directly related to Goal Achievement
If you are like most people in the world, you devote countless hours to thinking
about your future and your present situation in life. You wish that there was
something that you could do to change your life. Whether it is your family life;
your friendships; relationships or finances, you want to change something.
You may feel you have a good grasp of the Law of Attraction, you take action and
yet achieving your hearts desire may be slower than you want. Why is that? Is it
you? Are you missing something? Or is this Law of Attraction just another pipe
You probably know the Law Of Attraction (LOA) experts say that it is crucial to be
in vibrational resonance with what you want to achieve and that you should not
focus on the HOW but just the WHAT of what you want. So now you are really
confused! Isnt Goal setting and LOA mutually exclusive?
The truth is that Goal Achievement and the LOA work very well together if goal
setting is done effectively. In fact, goal achievement observes the Law of
Attraction and is dependent on it.

When you dont achieve your Goals, Its because of One, or

More of these 3 Reasons
Despite enjoying incredible success in some areas of your life, you might still find
that something is missing. Ask yourself how it is that you got some of the things
you want, but not others.

Page 146 of 300

What are you not seeing? What are you not doing? What is the difference
between those goals that you did achieve and those that you didnt yet?
After extensive coaching and research with numerous clients, I found that when
you dont achieve that which you set out to do, without exception, one, or all, of
these 3 elements are true:
1) You are not clear about what you want
2) You have an all encompassing plan that is usually to big to tackle
3) You do not resonate with what you want to achieve
Looking at it in a different way, it follows that by ensuring that you satisfy these 3
elements you will achieve your goals.

The Law of Attraction Works IF you Follow these Simple

Goal Achievement Principles
Lets look at what these basic principles of successful goal achievement are
because once you understand and apply them, Goal Achievement is attainable,
Every Time:
1. Get Clear about What You Want To Achieve. Crystal Clear!
2. Develop a Plan with achievable action steps.
3. Be in vibrational resonance with that which you want to achieve.
This is it. Yes, it is this simple, but remember you must understand and apply
these in order to have success.

Getting Crystal Clear about What you Want is the 1st Principle in
Goal Achievement
Getting crystal clear about what you want is not only about making a list of what
you want but also getting to the Essence of what you want. Think back to
childhood -- you know that time in your life before you did not know that you were
not supposed to know how to do something. Remember that time before well
meaning parents and role models infused you with patterns and beliefs that they
themselves got from their parents and role models. And theres no blame here
it is what it is.
Think of that time in your life when anything and everything you imagined was
possible. Yeah, that time when pretend was the same as real (hint: your
subconscious mind still cant tell the difference). It was so simple, wasnt it? You

Page 147 of 300

felt like you were on a stage playing different roles and you truly lived, tasted and
felt like those characters, you were that character! You saw it and believed it. The
world was your oyster.
I know that you may be saying: Yeah, thats great! But that was thenthings
were simple and uncomplicated and playing pretend was not the same serious
business that I have to contend with today. Today, I have to make a living,
provide for myself and my family. I cant play roles on stages. Theyll come and
reposes my car, throw me out of my house, take my furniture away for Gods
Please read on .I am not talking about living in a fantasy world. I am talking
about really getting to the essence of what you want. This is important! Getting
to the ESSENCE of what you want!
So, now perhaps you are thinking, What the heck is Essence? You know
because Ive heard about this stuff before and I think this is another way of
saying visualization and.... I am not that visual!
You should know this is not just about visualization. It is ok if you are not visual
because the process for getting to the essence of what you want (and I will go
over what essence means a bit later), works whether you are able to see the
things you want in your minds eye, or you think about these things or if you
simply feel things. It doesnt matter how you do it!
This process works, every time. Best of all it is simple. Keep It Simple
Sweetheart (KISS). You are all for that, arent you? And it will work for you just
like it works for me and every single one of my clients.
Now you may be thinking, Boy Joanne, I dont know if I know what I want yet,
but I sure know what I dont want!
Exactly, most of us have an easier time with what we dont want. So lets start
there. In fact, heres something you can do right now to start this process. I am
going to give you 4 simple steps to start the process of clearly determining what
you want. So please do these steps:
Step 1 Write down what you Dont Want. Make a list of the things you Dont
Want. This could be a list pertaining to a particular issue you are working on. or it
could be several things you know you dont want. For example, lets say that
what you dont want is, to work with un-cooperative co-workers.

Page 148 of 300

Step 2 Now write down WHY you Dont Want this. Why you dont want this is
crucial. It reveals to you what you are afraid will happen if this is true. So from
our example before .I dont want to feel like I have to work hard to get things
done or maybe I dont want to feel unappreciated or taken advantage of.
Step 3 Look at your list of Dont Wants and now turn this list into Do Wants.
So, from our example I want to work with cooperative and supportive coworkers. Excellent, continue doing this for all of your Dont Wants.
Step 4 Just like you did for your Dont Wants now look at your list of Do
Wants and write down WHY you want this. Heres where we get to the
Esssence I spoke about earlier. The essence is ... how this makes you feel. So
from our example, I want to feel excited and enthusiastic about working with
my co-workers or I want to feel joyful, supported and valued by my coworkers.
It only takes 5-10 minutes, once you get used to this process. There is a part b
to step 4. Please dont skip this part b! Look at your Do Wants and the WHYs or
Essence of your Do Wants, and write a little scenario/script of what it is like once
this you accomplish this goal.
It does not have to be a screenplay, just one paragraph. Remember, Keep It
Simple Sweetheart (KISS).
Let me give you an example from the scenario we used before It could go
something like this:
I arrive at my office and I am greeted by the smiling faces and warm hellos of
my co-workers. I exchange a few pleasant words with them and then go right into
discussing our latest project. I am excited about our work and share my
thoughts about how we might tackle some of the challenges we are facing vis a
vis our low sales volumes. Together with them I look at the pros and cons,
discuss them and then agree a few steps we can each take to move forward. We
value each others opinion and I feel that I am part of a powerful, united force. I
am full of expectation and know that we can resolve our issue by applying the
principles in Joes direct sales marketing plan.
Now you see how I did that? I combined the Do Wants with the Essence of what
I want. I used the essence of feeling warm and excited and feeling powerful and
united and valued etc... You want to put as many specifics as you can in terms of
these wants and their essence. The clearer you are about what the outcome
looks, feels, seems the better!

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Lets recap. To get Crystal Clear About What You Want:

Step1 List your Dont Wants
Step 2 List WHY you dont want this
Step 3 Turn your Dont Wants into Do Wants
Step 4 Part a, List WHY (the Essence) for your Do Wants; Part b, write a few
sentences about your desired outcome incorporating the Do Wants and the
WHYs. Remember KISS.
Getting clear about what you want is just the 1st ingredient. This principle alone
will not be enough to help you achieve your goals. You must also take action.

Developing a Plan with Actionable Steps is the 2nd Principle in

Goal Achievement
You need to take action and to make a plan. You must break this plan down into
manageable steps.
Now, I know that you can look at Amazon and find many books written about
having a plan and Im sure that you have even heard many coaches and self
development experts say things like If you dont have a plan, you plan to fail
and so on.
You can spend weeks and months reading up on this stuff and trying to make
sense of it all and still be none the wiser. I know, I have read a number of these
books and listened to a lot of the Gurus talk about plans and planning and at the
end I felt the same way that some of my clients felt. OVERWHELMED - about the
sheer volume of information about these plans.
Even those of you who may have started despite feeling overwhelmed may find,
a lot of times, that your plans were too big and that perhaps you missed breaking
them down into small actionable steps. You may have had a plan for a goal that
was really several goals expressed as one.
If you dont take baby steps and you dont break down your goals into actionable
steps, you are right back to OVERWHELMED.
Heres an example showing an excerpt of a plan that is too big:
The items in red below should not be part of action 1. These extra items make
completing tasks unmanageable and measuring your progress difficult.
Too Big (Example)

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Goal: To joyfully, easily and effortlessly attract 5 ideal clients to my new

business by X.
Action #1: Create a one hour promotional talk by Y
a. Review info about promo talks.
b. Clearly define the specific solution that I am providing for a very
specific problem.
c. Create an outline for the promo talk.
d. Create a name for my promo talk.
e. ID venues to partner with to deliver my promo talk. (Is this
about creating a promo talk?)
f. Request info from venues on their process for
partnering/speaking. (Is this about creating a promo talk?)
g. Create flyers for my promo talk. (Is this about creating a
promo talk?)
h. Create a script for my promo talk.
i. Record practice promo talk.
j. Create a sign up sheet to capture names & emails for my DB.
(Is this about creating a promo talk?)
k. Create a raffle for a cool giveaway at the end of my promo
talks. (Is this about creating a promo talk?)
A more manageable approach might be:
Good (Example)
Goal: To joyfully, easily and effortlessly attract 5 ideal clients to my new
business by X.
Action #1: Create a one hour promotional talk by Y
a. Review info about promo talks.
b. Clearly define the specific solution that I am providing for a very
specific problem.
c. Create an outline for the promo talk.
d. Create a name for my promo talk.
e. Create a script for my promo talk.
f. Record practice promo talk.
Remember that you do not want to get overwhelmed by all the actions and feel
like you are not making any progress. If you do, you are very likely to abandon
your plan.

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Is Principle 2 Violating the Law of Attraction by Focusing on the

As we said before, there is a lot written and said about not focusing on the HOW.
You are taught to make your lists, focus on WHAT you want and not worry about
HOW it is going to happen. This seems contradictory to making plans and
breaking plans down into action steps. Doing this seems like we might be getting
into the HOW. Doesnt it?
This is an important point that often confuses. So, I want to address it straight
away. It might be easiest to use an analogy of a plane flying from, London to
In our example we know that the plane has a desired outcome. Its desired
outcome is to get to Chicago. So this is a plan.
Of course, we know that there are a number of actions steps that need to happen
before the plane sets off. For instance, check of all instruments, fuel check and
fill, interior cleaning, assembly and assignment of flight crew etc you get the
point. These are manageable action steps.
Lets assume that the plane got to the takeoff action step and has taken off and is
now en-route to Chicago following its flight plan. Can you, you tell me about what
% of the time you think the plane is on course? What % of time is a plane,
following its predetermined flight path, actually on course its path?
You may think the plane is on course 98-99% of the time. I thought so too,
because it makes sense. Normally I get on a plane and I expect to get to my
destination and, so far, I have every single time! In reality, a plane is actually on
course closer to 1% of the time.
The plane still gets to its final destination with the help of the on board
instruments and the pilots who keep making in-flight adjustments for the various
weather conditions encountered en-route. Actually, when you think about it, it
isnt all that surprising.
Weve all experienced turbulence or strong
winds/currents while flying, yet we still expect to achieve our goal of reaching the
final destination.
I hope it is pretty clear that if we left it at just writing down our wants and made no
plans, and took no action, we wouldnt get off the ground. Alternatively, if we did
get off the ground but rigidly stuck to only one way of getting to the final
destination that wouldnt work either. In our plane example, if the pilots insisted
on only flying straight, no in-flight adjustments, then we would get massive delays
and loads of frustration, to say the least.

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It is as important to have a plan and take actions toward achieving your desired
goal as it is to keep flexible and ready to make in-flight adjustments. I cant
emphasize this enough.
This brings us to the 3rd Goal Achievement Principle.

Being in Vibrational Resonance with What you Want is the 3rd in

Goal Achievement
You got the main idea behind applying principle1- Get Crystal clear about what
you want to achieve and principle 2 -Develop a plan with achievable action
steps. Now, you may be faced with another challenge. Sometimes even when
you start seeing results, and things are going great, you might still get stopped,
and feel that you cant move forward.
You may have encountered some exterior obstacles or maybe even some interior
obstacles like fear or limiting beliefs such as: Im not good enough to do this.
or I dont deserve this. or this is too easy, I never get to have it this easy. I
always have to work hard for what I have! Or, you simply dont know why you
cant move forward on certain actions. Sound familiar? When this happens, the
natural response is to get disillusioned and disappointed.
So, what do you do?
See if you agree with this approach. When you hit an obstacle, the best way to
handle it is to ignore the problem and stop altogether. Pretending that the issues
dont exist might make them go away. Right?
Have you ever experienced that by ignoring a problem you solve it? I sure
havent! Usually things get worse when you do nothing to address and resolve an
issue. One thing is for certain, the issues do not get better.
If you want to continue moving forward, you need to address these fears, this
little voice in your mind that passes judgment or evaluates the viability of what
you have set out to accomplish.
There are various tools and methods developed specifically for the purpose of
overcoming your inner obstacles, fears or limiting beliefs. I have tried a few and
report that each has its benefits. At the end of the day, it is your personal choice
which one you use.
Staying true to my nature of keeping things simple and delivering on the promise
that I make to my clients of only recommending methods and tools that I have

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personally used successfully, I choose the Emotional Freedom Techniques

(EFT). I have personally found them easy and incredibly effective, and my clients
have as well.
To give just a brief overview, the Emotional Freedom Techniques are based on
ancient principles of acupuncture, and are simple tapping procedures that gently
re-align the bodys energy system without the discomfort of needles. EFT
address unresolved emotional issues as a likely cause of physical disease,
psychological dysfunction and personal performance limits.
Gary Craig (the creator of EFT) points out that the theory behind EFT is that
negative emotions are caused by disturbances in the body's energy field and by
tapping on the meridians while thinking of a negative emotion or event alters the
body's energy field, restoring it to "balance". The best part is EFT is that they
work whether you believe it does or not. I cant say that about most other
Since we know the Law of Attraction states that we attract to us experiences that
are a vibrational match to the thoughts and feelings we are sending out into the
universe, how we feel is particularly important. How we feel is an indication of
the direction in which we are pointed.
Very simply, good feelings are attracting more positive experiences. Feelings of
tension, fear or anger attract more of the same, even if you dont actually want
So the 3rd principle of successful goal achievement - be in Vibrational Resonance
with What you Want To Achieve therefore means removing obstacles and limiting
beliefs so that you can move forward.

When you Follow the 3 Simple Principles, Successful Goal

Achievement is Guaranteed
If you are using all 3 of these integrated principles, I know that you are achieving
your goals Congratulations!
If you are using some of these principles but not all three, then heres your
chance to try it and be amazed by the results you get. After all, If you are not
clear about what you want and why, you dont have an actionable plan and you
dont address and remove the obstacles that stop you from moving forward you
wont move forward!
Go ahead, apply these 3 principles together you will get the results you desire!

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Identify the most important goal you want to
accomplish in the next 90 days.
2. Identify the 3 top things you stand to lose from not
accomplishing this goal & the top 3 things you stand
gain from accomplishing this goal.
3. Identify 1 action per day you will take (each day) for
the next 30 days. Please do this for 30 days at a time,
even if you are tempted to map out the whole 90

Special offer
Joanne has put together a wonderful 35 minute guided meditation on
Forgiveness. Just go to and see
how you can listen to this audio and see how you can receive a 5 part minicourse on how to get clear about what you want.

What actions will you take today?

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Judith Pflum, EFT-ADV

Letting Go of
Your old Stuff
to Attract Good
into Your Life
Is the clutter in your life causing your stress?
The definition of clutter is, a confused or disordered state or collection: a
jumble. Clutter is also anything unfinished, unresolved, disorganized, broken or
unused. A cluttered environment has effects on our thinking, behaviors, and
health. It depletes our energy and you feel so tired, have low productivity and
loss of focus.
People in balanced and harmonious surroundings are much happier. They are
more efficient and productive. They understand more easily and learn faster.
They feel in control. They enjoy life, themselves, and whatever they do. They
respond to healing processes better. They are more open to new possibilities;
they heal faster and stay that way.
On the other hand, people in disorganized environments feel lost, anxious,
dissatisfied, disappointed, overwhelmed, and unhappy. When overwhelmed with
time constraints generated on them by others, a feeling of defeat and
hopelessness is created. They get sick easily and their recovery takes longer.
There are emotional issues attached to all that clutter: feelings of overwhelm,
uncertainty, hopelessness, feeling lost, inadequate, out of control and fear of

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Being organized is about peoples habits, lifestyles, personalities, what

motivates them and how they function. Before you can get organized, you need
to understand your ways of doing things.
Are you a procrastinator? Procrastination is defined as avoidance of an action or
task. This behavior causes anxiety, stress, guilt, and sometimes shows up as
physical manifestations in the body in the form of headaches and insomnia. The
procrastinating behavior causes loss of productivity, tension and crisis,
disappointment in self and others for not fulfilling responsibilities and
commitments. It is created by an emotional imbalance in the bodys energy
Then you may need to consider that clutter in your life includes looking at
unnecessary behaviors, objects, people and events.
How many extra steps are you taking while you do things just because you
assumed that it is the right way to do it?
How many objects are stored mostly in the attic, basement, storage facilities, or
in the garage and have no value or function in your current life?
Do you have people in your life that are very negative and you feel depressed,
less productive and upset when in their presence?
And how often do you have an overload of activities and events to attend?
All of this is a form of clutter taking up energy, time and space in your life and
causing lots of stress. But once you release, let go of your stuff, you may find you
feel so much lighter as if a weight of stuff was taken off your shoulders.
A very proven, effective method to help in this release process is EFT. Now you
can successfully use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to unblock, and
uncover the underlying challenge. EFT is an easily learned, painless, and drug
free method (similar to acupuncture, but without the needles) that addresses the
emotional roadblocks to attracting good in all areas of life. When the core cause
behind the procrastination is realized it will be much easier to create a solution, or
tactic. And if there are emotions and blockages attached to the procrastinating
behavior, EFT will create amazing results with the end result being an elimination
of guilt, gained clarity, and motivation to take positive action.
When going through old boxes of stuff, EFT is a very fast and amazing method to
uncover the cause of the problems that are currently present in our lives. Get rid
of the physical clutter, and get rid of the emotional clutter. "Old clutter" mostly

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exists in unopened boxes of stuff from previous moves. It can also be found in
boxes of things not wanted or needed anymore. Getting rid of things comes with
a lot of guilt and regrets. Just think, just because someone sent you something
you don't have to keep it! Even though the clutter is boxed and put away, it still
affects us energetically. People who hold onto things get stuck in the past, they
can't get over past hurts, and most of the time feel stuck and can't move forward.
Opening physical space in our environment frees up emotional space so that new
desired changes, things, and people can enter our lives much easier.
There is no better time than the present to get started do it NOW!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Make a list of where you have too much stuff and
determine why you are resisting letting it go.
2. Take note of how you feel about your mess and
notice if it includes physical pain.
3. Call an EFT practitioner to setup your action plan to
release your stuff.

About the Author

EFT Practitioner, Judith Pflum, the EFT Lady and personal wellness, wealth and
wholeness coach, publishes Tap Into Healing a monthly e-zine featuring helpful
articles on the various emotional issues being resolved with EFT. She provides
intuitive, focused private phone sessions teaching this amazing energy healing
tool. As a business owner of Self-Healing Awareness with EFT, she is a speaker,
writer, workshop and tele-seminar presenter working with women improving all
areas of their lives. Her mission is to teach those open to self healing methods, a
positive, easily learned process which allows the body to release emotional pain
and suffering in a very gentle way. Having spent thirty years working in a
corporate setting and experiencing the stresses, plus being a single parent and
also a cancer survivor, she relates to her clients needs and understands, listens
and encourages, providing a healing environment for whatever emotional issues
arise. With Judith as your coach you learn to improve relationships, beliefs about
money, build self-confidence and improve school or athletic performances, also
remove doubts, resistance, judgments, anger, stress, fatigue, and much more
without needles, pills or hypnosis. Accomplish this in the privacy of your home
through a phone session.

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Special offer
50% discount on an EFT phone session with Judith. Please mention this e-book
or Wonderful Web Women to receive this special rate. Go to for details as to how to contact
Judith about her special offer.

What actions will you take today?

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Judith Sherven, PhD &

Jim Sniechowski, PhD
Changing Your
Identity . . . or Not?

You wouldnt be reading this if you didnt desire a larger, more fabulous life. And
youre no doubt going after it in this way and that.
But are you ready, really, really ready to change your identity? To see yourself in
a new, more successful, more attractive, more loved kind of way?
Larger Success always comes with a price, even a loss. Because you have to,
You absolutely must give up who youve known yourself to be (or at least some
part of you) in order to become someone new.
That means youll necessarily change how others see you and relate to you. It
means youll have to change the actual quality of your current relationships.
Youll say good-bye to some of your history, allowing it to stay on only as a
memory, no longer a daily drag or limitation. Youll open to new discoveries as a
regular, thrilling element of continually moving forward.
Sometimes youll hesitate, not quite sure of your footing in this new land, when
before you knew every square inch of the turf youd walked so many thousands
of times.

Page 160 of 300

Because success is seldom, if ever, the whisked into wonder that we imagine. It
requires your willingness to overcome your loyalty, your allegiance, to what has
been so you can surrender into your new identity.
To start, notice who will be there for you cheering you on as you cross the river
from your old life onto the fertile soil of your new life, your new identity.
Take a moment right now and think about those people who are really in support
of you, really in support of you being all you can be. See them there?
Then pay very close attention to the specifics of this new life of yours - the one
youve been dreaming of and yearning for.
Again, open your imagination and see yourself living the details of this new life,
living the every day activities that you desire. Notice how you feel as you picture
yourself living in your new freedom, your new success.
So now what is that first step that will begin to take you into this new life you
Take some time to write about it, to talk with friends about it, until you are certain
what that step is. And, if youre ready, with our support and those who are there
to cheer you on as you move into your new life What do you need to do to take that first step, that all important first step that will
move you - even just a tiny bit - beyond the life youve been living and begin to
deliver you to into your new future?
Because when you know, really know - get ready. For you are about to change
your identity!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Do the visualisation exercise we described here
2. Write down the first step you need to take
3. Talk to friends about the first step until you are clear
what it is

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About the Author

Husband-and-wife psychology team Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski,
PhD, best selling authors of five books, are famous for their ability to dig deep
into the heart of what holds people back while providing the recipe for permanent
release from that internal prison. Their Overcoming the Fear of Being
Fabulous(tm) program shatters the blindness that holds people back, guiding
them through the necessary steps to releasing their hold backs and roadblocks to
successful living and loving. As guest experts they've been on over 1500
television and radio shows including Oprah, The View, 48 Hours, CNN, Canada
AM, and The Daily Buzz.

Special offer
For even more specifics about taking that next step into your new future, Judith &
Jim offer you free tips that will support your desires and help you move forward

What actions will you take today?

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Kay Proudfoot
A Return To Love
The Key To It All
I cant do that!
I am not good enough!
Im not lovable
What will others say?
I am too fat
I . Can you relate?????

What you focus on, talk about, you manifest

One of the most common things I witness in people, especially women, is their
lack of self love and worth. They are not able to see their beauty, their talents and
gifts. They are not able to receive love. They dont feel worthy of it. I too was
once like that. Love though is the key! More on this in a minute.
The other thing that has come to my attention is the fear around cancer. Cancer
has reached epidemic proportions. What people do not seem to realize is that it
is this fear around it that is responsible for a lot of deaths. This fear has been
deeply embedded into us, through programming. Cancer is only a label. It is your
bodys way of getting your attention, to tell you that changes need to be made,
because you have not been listening. It is the same with any so-called dis-ease
or illness.
For example, if you take a look at people lifestyles in general today, you have to
agree that they are not balanced. People in general have lost touch with
themselves, who they are and what life is really about. We are not robots and yet
if you were to watch, you would see that the majority of the population is running
around like one. Our bodies are walking miracles, genetically pre programmed to
heal themselves. However they need some requirements in order to do so, rest
being one of them. Human beings are the only creatures that do not have
balance, do not take time to properly rest and recharge like the rest of nature.

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This is due to programming, making us believe that we must be constantly on the

go, working hard in order to be successful and accepted. All this does is burn out
the immune system and set a person up for illness. When the body is not in
balance, dis-ease happens!!!
However, from my experience I feel that there is one factor that is even more
essential to our bodies healing themselves, and that is self love. Again we are
heavily programmed to have low self worth, even self hatred. There is a saying
nothing suppresses the immune system like self hatred. Having been there
myself, I know the truth of this. People with low self-worth, give their power
away, relying on others for approval and acceptance. They are constantly
judging themselves and others. They constantly worry and complain. This has a
big impact on a persons health and energy. How many people do you know who
are like this? You just have to listen to peoples conversations in general to
realize how many people have low self worth. Dr Dean Ornish, an American
cardiologist, says in his book Love & Survival that people with low self worth,
that cannot let love in, are 4-5 times more likely to die from premature death!!!!
And yet if you stop and reflect on things, you will see how ridiculous this is. As
the saying goes, we are born in the image of God. Not just spiritual, also in
the physical form. The bodies we have are perfect and beautiful as they are. We
are perfect and beautiful as we are. We are a unique aspect of God or Source
energy in human form. Hello, what does that tell you!!!!!! You are perfect the
way you are right now and do not have to prove anything to anyone!!!
Every single one of us has gifts and talents waiting to be discovered and used.
Every single one of us has the ability to live life with joy and love. Every single
one of us has a unique genetic make up, so it is impossible to look like anyone
It is through deeply embedded belief systems that we feel we are not good
enough as we are, and adopt crazy beliefs like, if we have the so-called right
kind of body, then maybe we would be good enough. So we start messing with
our bodies. And start a vicious cycle that doesnt work as you probably know.
Look at these statistics:

97% of Canadian women are dissatisfied with their bodies.

70% are yo-you dieters.
Girls as young as 6 are dieting.
Plastic surgery has increased over 100%!!!

This is crazy and it is time for this to stop. It is time to see the truth and set your
Self free. It is time to open your heart ladies and let that love in!!!

Page 164 of 300

So you may be asking how? The answer does not lie outside you, it lies within
You set yourself free by learning to love and honour yourself exactly as
you are. Become your best friend instead of your worst enemy!!!
A lot easier said than done I know. However, I also know that it can be done, for
I am proof. Only then can one truly love another unconditionally and secondly,
honour and accept others as they are. Whenever you judge another, it is a
reflection of how you feel about yourself. For your outer world reflects your inner
The key lies in awareness and living in the present moment. It means retraining
yourself to stop thinking about your body. As the energy group Abraham shared,
If you could never again think about your body, and instead, just think
pleasant thoughts your body would reclaim its place of well-being. Again
I know easier said than done. With practice though you can do it. Every time
you catch yourself thinking about your body or talking about it, stop. Shift your
attention to something else. This is how you break the patterns. This will take
time as the beliefs we carry have been with us for a long time. So be gentle and
patient with yourself. As said, the key is awareness.
For many generations women have had to rely on their bodies and looks. In
some cases, women were literally thrown by the wayside once their looks faded
or they werent the right size. Take the movie The Devil Wears Prada. What a
perfect example, highlighting clearly the mad world we live in. Things are
changing though. We are in the process of a huge transformation where
humanity is waking up to the truth. Balance, equality, freedom is coming.
Your thoughts and feelings about yourself affect the bodys immune system. If
you love and accept yourself, you feel vibrant, alive and this boosts it. If you are
constantly criticizing yourself, you feel heavy, lethargic, depressed, and this
suppresses your immune system. The movie What The Bleep shows clearly how
our thoughts and feelings about ourselves affect us. Remember it is important to
keep in mind, our belief systems have been with us for a long time and so it will
take a little time to change them. Again be patient and gentle with yourself. The
key here is to just observe, without judgment. The more aware you become, the
faster things change.
So how else do you learn to love and honour yourself?

Congratulate yourself often, give yourself credit for what you do each day.
And this is not ego. This is essential to build your self worth.

Page 165 of 300

Speak your truth quietly and clearly. If you do not feel to do something,
say NO.
Start letting go of every thing that does not bring you peace and fill your
life with what does.
Each day before you go to bed, write down 10 things you are grateful for,
5 successes you had, no matter how small they are, what miracles or
synchronicities happened to you today, and how many peoples lives did
you touch.
Ask yourself What did I learn about myself today?
Find what speaks to your heart and do it. Discover what you feel
passionate about. How? What do you do that you lose track of time, that
you get completely absorbed in. What things naturally interest you?
Learn to meditate. Take time each day to be still. Start with 3 deep
breaths and then observe your regular breathing. Take your attention to
your nose and follow the air as you breathe in and out. Scan your body,
starting at your toes, making your way up as you tell each part to relax.
Then just sit quietly observing your body. Notice how peaceful and gentle
it becomes when you give it a break. This is how to teach yourself to be
present, in the now. When you are present, so-called negative thought
patterns are broken. It stops or slows down the mental chatter that drains
you. It helps you to tune into who you really are.
Spend time in nature. Start to look for the beauty that nature offers.
Listen to the birds. Smell the flowers. As your heart opens more, you will
naturally feel more attuned to nature, for you are a part of it.

From my own experience, illness or dis-ease, whatever label it is given, shows up

to tell us we need to make some changes. And we do!!!
It is time to break free from all the programming, all the belief systems.
It is time to look at what really matters to us, how we can simplify our
lives, and make them more enjoyable.
It is time to find out what speaks to our hearts, what brings us joy and do
It is time to learn to live in the present moment.
It is time to remember who we really are and return to that love.
Love is the answer.
Love is the natural force of the universe.
Love conquers all.
Love is all there is!
You are a part of the universe; therefore, love is also your natural way. It is the
core of your being and as you use the tools above and your awareness
increases, you will realize this. By setting yourself free, the love that you are,

Page 166 of 300

blazes forth and touches every thing you come into contact with. This is the
greatest gift you can give to humanity, to all on the planet. It is time to
reconnect with your authentic Self and set your Self free. It is time to return to
love for LOVE is all there is.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. When a thought comes up that is negative about your
self, ask Where did that come from? You will find it
originated from someone else. It was someone elses
belief that you took on. This awareness immediately
begins to dissolve that belief.
2. Train yourself to be in the present moment. Take 5
minutes a day and tune into yourself. Focus on your
breath, go through your body, telling each part to
relax and then sit quietly keeping your attention within
3. Focus on what brings you joy and peace. Make a list
and incorporate them into your life daily.

About the Author

Kay Proudfoot is a Canadian inspirational speaker, facilitator, teacher, healer,
artist and writer, who created her company as a result of her own personal and
professional experience. She has freed herself from many addictions and low
self worth by reconnecting with her Authentic/Higher Self, and in turn
Source/God/ Universe, as well as tapping into her gifts and using them. She has
been through many years of intense training, experiencing a wide variety of
healing modalities, in order to come from her heart and assist others on their own
journeys to freedom. Her passion for her work shines powerfully through to all
that work with her. One of her gifts is her voice as it carries a healing vibration
that accelerates a person in healing themselves. As a result of this she has
created guided meditation CDs and just created her first childrens audio book.
She travels around the world as guided and offers teleseminars, 1-1 spiritual
coaching as well as long distance healing.

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Special offer
As a gift, Kay is offering a 3 month membership to her Ascension Integration
Circle or a 30 minute 1-1 with her. For further details visit for a link to her offer.

What actions will you take today?

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Kristi Sayles
Lead Generation on
a Budget
If you have a hot-selling product with all of the web traffic, list members and
money that you desire, this article may not be for you.
But, if you want more visitors, subscribers, and buyers, and don't have the luxury
of a huge advertising budget, keep reading, youre going to like this.
Does this sound familiar? You know you have a fantastic product or service, but
how do you get people interested in coming to your site to sign up for your offer
without blowing a huge wad on expensive pay per click campaigns or promotion
You have put your blood, sweat, tears, and hard-earned cash into creating this
Product - and for what? Barely enough to pay for your hosting and autoresponder bills each month! You know that there are millions to be made if you
can just get the branding that you deserve. You believe in your product and your
The problem is that you have a limited budget.
So, what can you do?
Let's look at your options:
*You could hire a copywriter to write your copy for your sales letter. But if you find
yourself having to choose between putting food on your table or hiring a decent
wordsmith-that's probably not the right solution for you right now. You know your
product better than anyone, so you should probably stick with your own ideas
and wording until you can afford a professional.

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*You could join a giveaway event and get your name "out there." That works
great for those with decent-sized lists, but most of those require that you have a
minimum number of subscribers already and if you're rather new, you probably
don't have that many just yet.
So, what can you possibly do to get your name and brand out there more quickly
without having to break into your life-savings or cash in your life insurance
You could do article marketing. Thats one of my favorite solutions. Its not

Submit Articles to Article Directories

All you do is write information-packed articles pertaining to your niche and then
submit them to article directories. People interested in your topic will visit the
directories and copy your articles to add content to their blogs and sites. Since
they are required to include your resource box, which should include your name
and website address, you get free advertising!
There are lots of good article directories, but is the best in my
opinion, and every marketing mentor that Ive interviewed agrees. As the host of
my own online radio show called Talk with Experts Teleseminars, Ive interviewed
dozens of the best-known gurus on the planet.

Write Free Reports

I suggest writing free special reports and sending them out into the world-wide
web via submission sites that request them. A special report is basically a 7-10
page article that you write that solves a problem that your target market faces.
As the expert on the subject, you provide a free report that provides interesting,
timely information that these people want to read. If you've done your job right,
they are so impressed with your amazingly helpful content and expertise, that
they happily click over to find out more about this fabulous author and what she
offers and recommends.
Lately, some "big name" gurus, like Mike Filsaime and others, have been
generously offering their precious web space to allow everyone-new and
experienced-marketers, to add helpful, relevant special reports to their giveaway
sites. Go to to submit your report.
People visit these sites and download the special reports available to gain
knowledge about a certain topic or niche. If youve never been there, youre

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missing a valuable resource to do research on as well as to submit your own

If you have the ability to churn out a solid information document with an enticing
title and description, these information seekers will soon discover your special
report and want to know more about you and your offers soon after you submit it.
Your special report should make it simple for someone to sign up for your list,
newsletter, or gift, so that you can continue your precious relationship with them.

Offer Value
Once they are on your list, you have the responsibility to provide them with more
good content, but you can also offer products or services that they would find
useful as well.
These can be your own products or someone else's high-quality offers that you
can make affiliate commissions with.
Don't make the mistake of offering low quality products for the chance to make a
quick buck. Since you're promoting this product, your subscribers expect you to
know that it is going to be a good investment of their time and money. Always
follow the golden rule
Treat people the way you want to be treated.
You now have the chance to get known by sending your very own articles and
special reports out to millions of people by leveraging these well-known
marketers' popularity! It's time to go viral!
Kristi Sayles is the creator of the Special Report Generator and would like to
invite you to visit her site at to get your own
program, a free gift, and the chance to earn cash directly to your Paypal account
today with her 100% commissions affiliate program!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Write a killer article or special report.
2. Submit it to Ezine Articles or Butterfly Reports.
3. Treat your new subscribers well, so you can build
trust and good relationships.

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About the Author

Kristi Sayles is a second grade teacher that supplements her income with
information marketing and her own writing software programs. She enjoys
sharing this knowledge and invites everyone to visit her blog at where she offers valuable advice, discounts on internet
marketing goodies, contests, and even useful freebies.
More of Kristis sites:

Special offer
Kristi is offering her lead generation package for only $67-thats buy one and get
one FREE-you get her unique Special Report Generator AND her Instant Article
Creator Pro for the cost of only ONE of the programs-just $67!
Go to for this amazing discount that
only those who read this article will know about!

What actions will you take today?

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Leah Squire
Using Affiliate
Marketing to boost
your online business
and put dollars in
your pockets
There are two sides to Affiliate Marketing firstly if you need to increase
sales you can get a workforce for free.
Would you like to have a workforce driving traffic to your online business or
selling your products but not have to worry about employing them, paying
holidays or super, supplying them with a workplace, equipment or in fact never
even having to meet them? This is affiliate marketing.
Or secondly, use affiliate marketing techniques to earn a passive income
working minimal hours from anywhere in the world.
I am fortunate to make my income from affiliate marketing via a couple of
successful websites. Affiliate marketing gives me the freedom to work when I
want and where I want. My passion is travel and I travel with my husband and
kids at least four months of every year. If you make your living out of affiliate
marketing all the tools you need are an internet caf or laptop.
So what is affiliate marketing? And how can you apply the principles to
enhance your business or life?
Affiliate marketing is simply a pay for performance referral system. If you have
products to sell and want to use affiliate marketing to increase your sales you are
called the merchant. You pay affiliate marketers for sales they generate. The

Page 173 of 300

great thing about Affiliate Marketing is that Affiliates are only paid when they
generate sales for you. They typically work on a commission basis only.
If you would like to generate an income from affiliate marketing you are known as
the affiliate. Your job is to promote products for merchants. You do not physically
touch the product, package it, or place the orders. You get paid for simply
referring a buyer. You will receive commission for any sales generated for the
I first become interested in affiliate marketing around 5 years ago when I
stumbled across some information on the internet. At the time the concept was
growing in popularity in the US and UK but practically unheard of in Australia. I
asked around enquiring with literally hundreds of web designers only to find no
one really understood affiliate marketing. I researched and read anything I could
find on the subject as the concept fascinated me and the thought of making a
passive income for life, fascinated me even more. Back then there were so few
merchants that it was very difficult to find suitable products to sell but firmly
believing affiliate marketing would grow in Australia I started building myself a
content rich niche website that people would find informative and enjoy visiting. I
was ready when affiliate marketing started to take off around 18 months ago.
Hundreds of merchants signed up looking for affiliates and there are now literally
thousands of products an affiliate can promote.
I am both a merchant and affiliate. As a merchant I use affiliate marketing to
drive traffic to my websites. It is an important part of my online marketing
strategy. I then offer my readers informative content and relevant products to
purchase on an affiliate basis. I have built a substantial database and market to
them regularly.
Sales, leads or clicks to and from your website are traced via tracking codes.
The easiest way to get started in affiliate marketing is by becoming registered
with an affiliate network, there are three leading networks in Australia.
Some companies run independent affiliate programs avoiding the commission
the network makes on each sale. You can investigate setting up your own
affiliate program however many affiliate marketers wont use them as it creates a
lot more work for the affiliate and the merchant. When you join a network as a
merchant your products will be offered immediately to hundreds of affiliates
already registered and looking for something to sell. So using a network at least
in the early stages is the easiest and simplest way to get started for both affiliates
and merchants.

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Affiliate marketers range from people wanting to make a small income to offset
the cost of running their sites to individuals and companies working full time
promoting to their databases via emails or on websites. Some affiliate marketers
make six figure incomes through the promotion of other peoples products. The
great news is that you can have these super sellers working for you and you only
pay them a commission on any sales they refer. If you had to pay for all the
advertising and promotion an affiliate marketer provides free of charge it could
cost you thousands so paying them a sale commission is great value.
If you want to join as a merchant and increase product sales: Your aim is to have
as many affiliates as possible promoting your business, more affiliates equals
more links to your website, which equals more visitors and more sales. The main
factors that will attract affiliate marketers are:
The commission youre paying. The more money a marketer can earn the
harder they are going to work to sell your products.
Your sites conversion rate ie the ratio of visitors to buyers on your site.
Your site needs to sell. A marketer will not continue to promote your
business if they refer thousands of people but no-one buys. They need to
earn money for all their hard work.
The range of banners or text links you have on offer. Marketers will be
looking to fill spots of various dimensions in their newsletters and on their
websites so provide a range of shapes and sizes. Also provide a range of
colours, static and animated banners.
When you join an affiliate network as a merchant include a detailed
description of your business and what you sell. The affiliate marketer may
want to write a small editorial and the easier you make it for them, the
more promotion you are likely to get.
Using affiliate marketing either as a merchant, affiliate or both can enhance your
business and your life. Putting you on the path to financial freedom and the life
you desire.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Sign up to an affiliate network today. Do some
research and see how individuals and companies are
using affiliate marketing to grow their business or
make an income.

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2. Go to your list of goals either personal or business

and work out how affiliate marketing can bring you
closer to achieving them.
3. If you would like to become a successful affiliate and
make a passive income for life start thinking about
products you can sell. Build a niche website on
something youre passionate about thats informative
with lots of content and most importantly start
growing your database today!

About the Author

Leah Squire is a wife, mother of two boys and a successful businesswoman. She
is an entrepreneur with a talent for building and marketing lifestyle businesses.
Leah and her family are keen travelers and started a family travel blog with
$1000, no knowledge of the internet and no idea but a bunch of library books and
a passion to build a website and business based around their family holidays.
She launched BYOkids your family travel gurus and was recognized for her
business skills being awarded best new business in Australia 2007 when in its
first year of operation the business exceeded a $3million turnover. She more
recently won best micro business in Australia 2008. Leah is an author having
written a marketing book aimed to help small business owners get their
businesses exposure and results on the cheap Marketing with no money covers
a broad range of strategies from affiliate marketing through to forums, blogs,
signatures, competitions and more. Leah is a successful affiliate marketer,
director of a travel company, marketing guru and accomplished author.
Leahs websites are:

Special offer
Visit and access dozens of Leahs
strategies and ideas to grow and market your business. Wonderful web women
readers will receive a free 10min phone mentoring session when they purchase
the Marketing with no Money book. Where they can ask Leah how she has
achieved her business results.

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What actions will you take today?

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Lenore Miller
Create the
Outrageously Healthy
YOU for Life!
How would you like to feel Outrageously Healthy every single day of your life? If
you are living any life other than the Outrageously Healthy Life you deserve, then
youre in the right place.
Hi my name is Lenore Miller and it has been my privilege to work with more than
1500 women in the past few years through my fitness studio, assisting them to
create the outrageously healthy life they desire.
As a fitness professional people come to myself and my team looking for a
solution to their fitness and weight loss problems. But heres the thing - what
these gorgeous women really want is what they think getting thin and fit will give
them: feeling great about themselves, energy, vibrance and happiness!
The other side of this discussion, is the many women I have met who have
achieved their ideal weight or size, but are still not happy with who they are or
how they feel. The reality is they were really looking for what they thought being
their ideal weight would give them. Usually what they want is to feel happy,
energetic, vibrant; they want to feel Outrageously Healthy!
So why when they get to their desired size or weight are they still not satisfied?
Why do they then go on to want to adjust other things about themselves the
shape of their bottom, arms or nose? What they want is not really about their
weight, or size, what they eat or even how often they exercise. Its about the
quality of their life; how they feel every day when they wake up and then every
second of that day - its about how they feel in their own skin. If you spend all day
thinking about all the ways youre not perfect, then youll never feel outrageously

Page 178 of 300

healthy - and you will never live the great life you deserve no matter what your
shape or size.
So whats the solution? Im glad you asked.
The solution is to learn how to feel outrageously healthy and happy TODAY
regardless of your weight, size, shape or health issues. Outrageous health starts
with the quality of your life and flows into all areas of your existence. You dont
need to get thin or fit first, because once you know how to feel outrageously
healthy easily and effortlessly then everything else follows from there. Its a
natural progression.
Will you need to take some action - absolutely - but once you stop focusing on all
that is wrong with you and focus on feeling outrageously healthy, making steps
toward the outrageously healthy you and the life you deserve is easy!
Whats getting in the way of you feeling outrageously healthy today?
Wouldnt it be great to feel outrageously healthy today and everyday of your life?
I bet the minute you read that question all kinds of thoughts flowed for you of
course I do but So what came after that but? Whats holding you back?
Make a list of all of the things that come up for you when you ask this question, or
the things you see as reasons you cant possibly feel outrageously healthy right
NOW! Go on write down your list; no-ones watching and you dont have to share
it if you dont want to!
What did you come up with Im overweight, I smoke, I have no energy, I dont
exercise, everyone in my family suffers from I am sure the reasons are as
many and varied as the wonderful people reading this e-book. And you know
none of this has anything to do with feeling outrageously healthy, because feeling
outrageously healthy is a state of mind, not a state of body.
You get to choose an outrageously healthy state of mind and my mission is to
show you how you can make this choice and transform the quality of your life and
health, easily and effortlessly. You know, once you decide to start feeling
outrageously healthy at every opportunity, then youll start acting outrageously
healthy too! Its a self-fulfilling prophecy. What kind of impact do you think that
will have on you and the people around you? You may even find some of the
reasons you gave for not feeling outrageously healthy start to move and shift
because once you do feel outrageously healthy, you might then start acting like
an outrageously healthy person? I bet you will.

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I have a question for you? How many times have you started on Monday? You
know what I mean - Monday is the day youre starting that diet, or exercise
program, or giving up smoking, or youre going to stop biting your nails Have
you started on Monday more than once? Wow I can hear you from where I am
sitting! Yes of course you have, and so have I.
Why did we need to start more than once? Why wasnt the first time the solution
that got us to our goal? I have an idea why all these Monday starts havent gotten
us to where we want to be.
Its because we have been using willpower to overcome whatever we see as an
issue - we will just stop eating our favourite food, or just stop smoking. We will
just decide to do it and thats it! The thing with willpower is it is only one tool we
have at our disposal and its a tool of your conscious mind. What does this
mean? It means that for you to take action you have to be consciously thinking
about it all the time and that is really hard work. You have to be vigilant all the
time; aware of what you are doing every minute of every day and its exhausting.
Guess what happens - you sometimes slip up then what do you do? How do you
feel? I bet you feel really awful; maybe even thinking, oh no Ive failed again.
And then what do you do? Slide back into the old habit again and feel even
worse. Thats right, isnt it?
Todays the day that is all going to change. Today you get new understanding
and new tools to ensure you have the outrageously healthy life you deserve.
Did you know that your conscious mind is only 1/6 of your total capacity, and the
remainder (5/6) is your unconscious mind? So when we decide that Monday is
that day we are using our willpower - in our conscious mind - we are only using
1/6 of our total capacity. The thing about our conscious mind is that it can only
do so much at one time before it starts dropping balls and becoming overloaded.
However our unconscious mind has a huge capacity. It does all those
unconscious things like breathe for us, beat our heart, digest our food and not
just that - it stores all kinds of information, in fact everything you have ever
learned, heard, seen, thought or felt is stored in your body as part of your
unconscious mind.
Have you ever had the experience of remembering an event or person that you
havent thought of consciously for years, but suddenly it or they are there front of
mind? Where was that information before it came to your conscious mind?
Stored in your very own advanced computer back-up system - your unconscious
mind - ready for retrieval.

Page 180 of 300

So what else is stored there? Well all of our beliefs and thoughts and all the
records of every time you started on Monday! Every time someone told you that
you were big boned and would never be slim, or that you werent sporty, your
unconscious mind stored those images, along with images of that person in your
life that you loved or thought was cool who smoked. It stores your beliefs about
who you are and how your life will be.
Some of this information is really old and way past its use-by-date. Maybe it
served you at some time in your life, much like the belief that youre a 10-year-old
child that served you when you were 10, but would it serve you to believe that
now? Maybe food always makes you feel safe or loved, and this may have
helped a troubled child cope, but does it serve you now to hold on to that belief
and continue to act it out? We have so many things stored in our unconscious
that we are not consciously aware of, which we still play out in our lives today,
creating results or outcomes we dont consciously desire. Once we become
aware of these patterns, beliefs or behaviours then we can change them to a new
pattern, belief or behavior to get us the life we want and deserve.
So stop feeling bad about your current state and get excited, because an
outrageously healthy life is yours for the living.
What happens when we start on Monday and by Wednesday we are totally off
our desired path? You now know there is something else going on, something
thats getting in your way, holding you back from moving forward on your goal something that is stored in your unconscious mind. How useful would it be to
remove that old information thats holding you back? Even better - to replace it
with something else; something empowering that will propel you forward into the
outrageously healthy life you deserve. Here taking the steps towards those health
and fitness goals becomes easy and just part of the way you live your life.
This is the business of getting your conscious and unconscious mind working
together and moving in the same direction.
So first lets get you in the right state of mind to begin. Do you have pieces of
music that when you listen to them elicit a specific emotion in you maybe its
joy, love or nostalgia for another time? Maybe its the music you use on your
iPod when you exercise to make you feel energetic, or the music you play when
you want to relax.
The gift I have for you today will allow you to feel outrageously healthy, energetic
and positive any time you desire - in an instant. How useful would that be? All
you have to do is download the FREE MP3 Feeling Great for No Good Reason

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which has a truly cool tool for you to use to create a really direct way to feel
to to claim your gift). This is a great
starting point and puts you in the drivers seat to an Outrageously Healthy Life
and Lifestyle.
The next thing I am going to suggest you do is a writing exercise. I want you to
write the story of what your life looks like as an Outrageously Healthy YOU! I
want you to do it in full sensory detail. Let me explain - I want you to use your
senses in the story:

what do you see - how do you look, whats happening in your life, what are
you doing?

what do you hear - what are others saying to you, what are you saying to
yourself, is there a sound track to your outrageously healthy life?

what do you feel how does outrageously healthy feel to you, are you
energetic, ecstatic, peaceful, happy? You get the idea.

Use as much detail as possible and cover every area of your life. What are your
relationships like - with your partner, children, extended family, friends, work
colleagues? How does being outrageously healthy affect your career, your
finances, your leisure time, the clothes you wear or the things you do on holiday?
Go on juice it right up - its your Outrageously Healthy Life, and it all starts
Next Steps
If you have done the exercises in the chapter and listened to Feeling Great for No
Good Reason then youve taken some great first steps to creating the
Outrageously Healthy Life you deserve. The next step is to expand the
relationship between your conscious and unconscious mind, to uncover the
things that are holding you back and make living an Outrageously Healthy Life
both easy and effortless.

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Download and listen to the FREE MP3 I have
recorded for you. I promise you will have yourself a
really cool tool that will help you feel outrageously
healthy and happy, any time you choose.
2. Writing activity three pages in full sensory detail
about what your life will be like as an outrageously
healthy person.
3. You can also go to
and join as a FREE member and listen in to our
interviews with great experts live, either by phone or

About the Author

Lenore Miller is the Creator and Founder of She
brings together both tools of the conscious and unconscious mind to help you
create the Outrageously Healthy Life you deserve. You can listen to Lenores
expert interviews by becoming a FREE member of,
where you will hear authorities speak on everything from fueling your body and
exercising efficiently, to motivation and having a wardrobe that has you feeling
fabulous. She also offers you the opportunity to work at an unconscious level by
participating in group and individual coaching calls.
Lenore is a Keynote Speaker, Result Coach and NLP Practitioner and she holds
a Bachelor of Social Science and a Diploma in Relationship counseling.

Special offer
Get your FREE MP3 Feeling Great for No Good Reason which has a truly cool
tool for you to use to create a really direct way to feel outrageously healthy in an
instant. (Go to to claim your gift).

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What actions will you take today?

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Linda Binns
Environments for
To be successful in life and to live the life that you truly want, you need to focus
on many things your beliefs, emotions, the actions you take, who you surround
yourself with. You must have a vision, a plan and you must make sure that
your home is not holding you back.
This is one area that people often neglect as they diligently focus on everything
else. Yet its true, your environment truly can hold you back. It can either support
you, helping you move forward and achieve your goals with ease, or it can
sabotage your efforts, keeping you stuck and bringing up obstacles for you in
your life.
Here Im going to cover 3 main areas for you to focus your attention on. If you
address just these 3 things in your home, you maybe amazed at the positive
change that can happen.

Your Front Door

Your front door is the most important part of your home. This is true even if you
dont use it very often. In fact, if you dont use your front door, Im going to
encourage you to start using it from time to time to keep it activated.
The front door is where energy enters into your home. In Feng Shui, it is also the
symbolic point for opportunities to come to you in life. You want energy to enter
into your home and you want that energy to be positive and healthy. You also
want it to circulate freely in your home, neither moving too fast nor too slowly
which Ill address in a little bit.
This means that everything about your front entrance should be good. It should
be easy to find if you gave me directions to your home could I find it easily? Is
the house number clearly visible? Once I arrive there, is it obvious where I enter?
If the entrance to your house is tucked around to the side or if you have more

Page 185 of 300

than one door at the front of your house making it somewhat confusing, then you
need to make it really obvious where people should go.
Once I do get to your front door, how welcoming and inviting is it? Youll want to
make sure that landscaping is well cared for, that there is something that
welcomes people to your home such as a small table and chairs on the porch,
flowers or plants, a welcome mat, a wreath on the door, etc. Its helpful to have
some red by your front door. Painting your front door red can be a good thing to
do, but if this is not possible or desirable, simply having some red by your front
door can be a very good thing. This is because red is a high energy color and it
helps to bring vibrant, positive energy to your door. You can have red flowers or
some red in your welcome mat and so on.
Make sure the doorbell works if you have one, or if you dont there must be some
other way for people to let you know they are at your door. Have a greeter at
your door. This could be a beautiful plant or a statue of some kind (for example,
an angel or an animal or Buddha).
Your front door should open easily if it sticks or is blocked in any way from
opening fully (such as things stored behind it) you may find yourself feeling stuck
in life with opportunities passing you by.
When working to enhance your front entrance, think of it this way when your
entrance is welcoming and inviting, youre inviting not only people to your home,
but also good energy and opportunities to come to you in life.

Your Bedroom
If the front door is the most important part of your home, the most important room
is your bedroom. Your bedroom is the room thats closest to you and has the
biggest impact on you. If you want to bring about positive change in your life then
start with your bedroom.
First of all, you should love your bedroom. It should feel like your personal
sanctuary. Clear any clutter from the room. In particular, do not store anything
underneath the bed doing so creates stagnant energy which can affect you as
you sleep, resulting in health issues. Do you love your furniture? Choose furniture
that you love and that makes you feel good.
Its best if your bed is made of wood, rather than metal. If you have a headboard
it should be solid no railings or bars. The headboard represents the support you
have in life you want to have solid support. If you have an open headboard with
bars or railings see if you can put something behind it or use some fabric. You
could use a board that is covered with some nice fabric.

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If you have a king-sized bed, cover the box spring with a red fitted sheet. This is
because the box spring has a split in it, which can cause a split in your
relationship. The red sheet will help to heal the split, and bring you and your
partner closer together.
Make sure you have a nightstand on each side of the bed. They should be the
same size and have the same things on it so if you have a lamp on one, youll
want a lamp on the other as well.
Your bed should be in the command position. This simply means that you can
see the door when you are sitting or lying in bed. The bed will be in a part of the
room farthest away from the door, but should be facing towards the door, with a
wall behind you. It should not be directly in line with the door remember that
energy enters through the doors and you dont want to block it by having your
bed there.
If you cannot place your bed in the command position and you find that you have
your back to the door, simply hang a mirror on the wall so that as you sit or lie in
bed you can look in the mirror and see the door behind you.
If you have or want a relationship, the color scheme in your bedroom should be
predominantly warm colors. Cool colors (such as blue, green, white, etc.) can
create a cooling of communication, a drifting apart in your relationship.
Use calm, peaceful colors nothing too bright. Also use artwork that is
appropriate (nothing too active or loud). You want this room to feel calm, peaceful
and romantic. So ideally this would mean no television, exercise equipment,
computers, etc. in the room. If you MUST have a television in the room put it in a
cabinet so you can close the doors when its not in use and when you go to
sleep. Otherwise, find a nice throw or scarf to cover it at night.
If you have lots of mirrors in your bedroom and you have difficulty sleeping, try
covering the mirrors at night. This will calm the room down and people very often
find that this helps them sleep.
Make sure that you only have things in your bedroom that you love, that it
represents you and you feel really good there. This helps your energy
tremendously and will help all aspects of your life improve.

We all know that clutter is bad but it can easily become overwhelming so that we
dont have the time, motivation or energy to deal with it. If you are feeling tired,

Page 187 of 300

lethargic, stuck in life in any way, dealing with clutter can be one of the most
effective things you can do.
Everything has energy. Also think of your possessions as being alive with your
memories and associations. Everything you own is connected to you
energetically and emotionally. This means that when you have an accumulation
of clutter things that you dont need, use, want or love, it literally drains your
energy. Also, when your home is filled with things that you dont use or want, it
means that your life is full and overwhelming. Theres no room for anything new
to come into your life.
If clutter is a big issue for you, I highly recommend getting started by working with
a professional organizer. There are many of them around and it shouldnt be hard
to find one in your area. If this doesnt feel like something you can do but you
dont know where or how to get started yourself, try getting started with one thing
right now, go and find one thing that you can throw away or give away. Do this
every day, just find one thing and take action with it throw or give it away. Or,
you can put together a box of things that you will sell but you must take action
with them. Either put them on e-bay or set a date for a garage sale. Youll find
that if you get rid of one thing every day the energy will start to clear, youll start
to feel better and things will start to move for you, without it being or feeling
If you address these 3 areas within your home your front door, your bedroom
and deal with the clutter you will find that you feel better, more positive and
peaceful and that life starts to flow much more smoothly. Opportunities will
appear out of the blue. Who would have thought that you could achieve so much
by changing a few things in your home?

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Enhance your front door
2. Turn your bedroom into your sanctuary
3. Clear the clutter

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About the Author

Personal Growth consultant and coach, Linda Binns is the author of Feng Shui
for Your Relationships: Changing Your Environment to Create Better
Relationships and The Energetic Edge: How Changing Your Environment =
Big Success. Her web site offers both In-Balance and Full-Life Balance
memberships (

Special offer
Learn how to create a more balanced life by aligning your thoughts, beliefs,
emotions, actions and the energy in your environment with Lindas free 9-Step Ecourse

What actions will you take today?

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Lisa Taliga
How To Attract
Clients To Your
Virtual Assistant

What Is A Virtual Assistant?

First of all, what is a Virtual Assistant (VA)? Well, think of all the hats that a
business owner has to wear when running a business. Theres a myriad of
admin, technical, secretarial, creative and marketing tasks that have to be
completed and that are essential to a successful business.
To succeed, sooner or later, a business owner has to delegate. Often, its far
more cost-effective to outsource to a Virtual Assistant rather than employ
someone in the traditional sense of the word. A VA works from their own office,
usually at home, with multiple clients, assisting them with tasks that can be done
remotely. The internet has allowed this business model to evolve into the exciting
opportunity it is today. Here are some of the tasks that a VA can help with:

Data entry
Organizing events and meetings
Editing and proofreading
Setting up blogs
Submitting articles
Creating products e.g. ebooks, audio, video
Running membership sites

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Social networking and bookmarking

Setting up autoresponders, squeeze pages
Setting up and updating websites
Researching joint ventures and affiliates
Search engine optimization

When using a VA, clients are only paying for actual work done. There are no
additional costs such as sick pay, holiday pay, insurance, retirement benefits etc.
In recent months, the media has turned its attention to the Virtual Assistant
opportunity. Becoming a Virtual Assistant is very exciting right now, as many
businesses are looking to outsource the tasks they dont have time for, to willing
and capable VAs.

How Can You Attract Clients As A Virtual Assistant?

So, if youre interested in becoming a Virtual Assistant, or maybe youre already a
VA but want more clients, how can you make 2009 your most successful year
yet? How can you attract the clients you want to work with?
First of all, you need to really think about what you want for your VA business.
Because if you dont really know what kind of services you want to offer, and with
whom you want to work, your business will be without direction, and youll find it
hard to get clients.
Lets talk about the Law Of Attraction (LOA) for a moment - a very popular topic
these days. The LOA is universal and works in any situation. The key is knowing
exactly what you want, because unless you know exactly what you want, the
universe will not deliver it. If you have unfocused thought, then you will attract
unfocused results.
As is true in life, if you are unsure of your destination, then you will simply never
get there. You will never reach your goal until it is specific, positive and affirmed
in the present tense.
So, what do you want as a Virtual Assistant? What kind of clients do you want to
attract, what kind of work do you want to do, what kind of relationship will you
have with your clients, how much will you earn? How many billable hours will you
work each week? What will it FEEL like sitting in front of your computer, working
from home, with a full day ahead of you, exactly how you want it?
If you know what you want, youll start to attract those things into your life.
Opportunities will present themselves to you, and because you know exactly

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where youre going, youll know whether a particular opportunity is suitable for
you. This is one of the keys to success as a Virtual Assistant.
At first, I didnt really know what I wanted. I just wanted to work at home with
pretty much any client that came along. And so, I found myself with an odd
assortment of clients, some of whom I didnt really enjoy working with.
Others panned out really well, so I began to visualize getting more clients like
these and being quite specific about it. I took appropriate actions to get those
clients and I immediately recognised when suitable ones came along.
It really worked!
You can apply this on a daily basis and make it part of your everyday thought
process. Every morning, before you start your day, set your intentions for your
Virtual Assistant business - not only for what you want in a months time, but
what you want for that day. Each day must include specific actions to attain your
ideal life.
Once you have these things formulated in your mind, youll find it much easier to
stay focused in spite of distractions. This is an excellent way to attract your ideal
Virtual Assistant business, by constantly thinking of your grand vision and
working towards it.
As for the specific marketing strategies that will actually land you your ideal
clients, remember that you can use a mixture of online AND offline techniques to
get all the clients you could wish for.
Online marketing strategies include having your own website and networking on
Facebook, Linkedin and small business forums. Offline strategies include
networking at your local Chamber of Commerce and business networking groups
such as Business Network International, and volunteering in your local
Consistent thought and action is key. Start today, and in a years time you will be
enjoying the fruits of positive intention and focused action.

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Decide exactly what kind of clients you want for your
Virtual Assistant business
2. Visualize your ideal business on a daily basis
3. Every day, take daily action toward that vision no
matter how small that action is

About the Author

Lisa Taliga has been a Virtual Assistant since 2002 and is based in Melbourne,
Australia. Originally from London, she emigrated to Australia ten years ago. In
2006, she published her first information product an ebook called ' Freelance
from Home! The 5 Key Steps to Your Successful Virtual Assistant Business'. She
is now an Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant working with clients to bring them
success on the internet.

Special offer
Get your FREE EBOOK called The 7 Things You Must Know Before Starting
Your Successful Virtual Assistant Business and newsletter subscription to find
out how to become a Virtual Assistant. Go to to claim you gift.

What actions will you take today?

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Lorraine Pirihi
The 3 Secrets Every
Female Entrepreneur
Needs to Know to Stay
Sane and Have a Life!
Many female entrepreneurs subconsciously sabotage their efforts in having a life
because they try and do everything themselves. Why waste your precious time
working on tasks, which are definitely not your forte when you can delegate or
invest your money on a product or service which will free up your time? Youll
then be far more productive, much more profitable and enjoy time with your
Debbie's Story
Debbie was the Director of her own computer company, employing four staff.
Debbie had a hectic lifestyle. She worked long hours, had three children and a
husband to organise. On top of all that she was in the middle of a major
renovation of her own home. As if she didnt have enough to , Debbie was also
studying for a Bachelor of Computer Science!
No wonder she was stressed out!
Here was a situation where she had overburdened herself unnecessarily. She
had far too much going on in her life and something was about snap!
Debbie was unable to sleep properly with all the worry and strain of juggling
everything and had neglected her own self in the process. She looked tired and
haggard when I first met her. She was 15 kg overweight and looked at least 10
years older than she really was. She had lost touch with what was really
important to her. Debbie was trying to be superwoman!
She had taken on far too much and was forced to review her lifestyle (or lack of
it) or she would either have a nervous breakdown or die in the process.

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The Solutions
In working with my clients I always get them to write down all the activities and
responsibilities they are currently involved in, both at work and home.
By writing them down you can clearly see what is really important and what isn't.
You can also see where you fill up your day with unnecessary activity.
With Debbie there were many areas where she could free up her time to give her
the time for herself as the number one priority and get some sanity back into her
Before Adding, Look at Subtracting
I suggested to Debbie that she needed to look at which activities and
responsibilities she could defer, delete or delegate.
This is what she chose to do:

Defer her Computer Science Degree until the following year.

Organise a building company to project manage her home renovation. Up
until that time she had been organising the whole project on her own!
Hire a babysitter with a car who could pick her kids up from school and run
them around to their activities. The babysitter would also cook the dinner and
do other light domestic duties.
Utilise her bookkeeper much more by delegating to her basic administration
tasks, which she was very capable of doing. Her bookkeeper was only
employed three days a week and was delighted to work an extra day assisting
Debbie with other tasks.
Attend her local gym at 6.00 a.m. three mornings a week and once on the
weekend. She also sought advice on her diet.
Within four weeks you could see the change in Debbie. She was more
confident now that she had taken control of her situation. Her life was getting
back on track!

The Final Word

It's really easy not to invest money in yourself. Do you spend money on your car,
your computer, your business, your home and other 'things' in your life? Are you
not worthy enough to invest in yourself? Is the price you pay for neglecting
yourself really worth it?
What can you defer, delete or delegate so that you can have more time for living
your life?

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Defer everything is not urgent. Sometimes you
have to put things off.
2. Delete Get rid of the unimportant
3. Delegate Free up your time. Get help!

About the Author

Lorraine Pirihi is the founder of and creator of The
Productivity and Profit System the complete one-on-one training program for
solopreneurs and small businesses.
Lorraine is also the celebrated author of The Productivity and Profit Home Study
System which helps you to easily organize your time, your marketing, your
people and your systems so you are much more profitable and have time to
enjoy life.
She is a speaker, author and productivity expert who specializes in helping small
business owners how to reclaim their business and reclaim their life.

Special offer
Get your Free CD How to Boost Your Productivity and Profits and Enjoy More
Time Off valued at $47. Go to to see how to redeem your gift
from Lorraine.

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What actions will you take today?

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Ludwina Dautovic
Marketing & Dating The Two go Hand in

You dont ask the guy to marry you on the first date; do you? So why then, do we
expect our prospects to say yes the first time we meet them?

Marketing is like dating. If you want to close the customer, you have to flirt with
them a little. You have to give them a reason to be attracted to you. Think about
when you went on a first date. You wore your red lippy, sexy perfume, you looked
hot, you listened intently, you laughed at their bad jokes and then low and behold
he asked you on another date. Well, marketing is just the same. If youre
wondering why you are not attracting your ideal client and closing the sale, then
you might not be flirting enough!

Marketing Strategy
Many businesses fail to consider where the client might be at in the sales
process. Some people are quick decision makers, but only some. Most people
need to have a few points of contact before theyll buy anything let alone your
major product or service. If they dont have any options other than a $3000
product, chances are they wont buy from you.

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Consider this scenario

Julia is a business coach who when we first met, was surprised that she
wasnt closing many clients for her business mentoring program valued at
$2997. It was a great program that supported the client ongoing for a period of
three months. It had all sorts of bonuses and I could see the value in it.
However, Julia wasnt offering anything else other than this program. What
she failed to see was that people needed to trust her and connect with her
before they would hand over a large sum of money like that. What she needed
was a marketing strategy which I call The Marketing Funnel.

Marketing Funnel
A Marketing Funnel is a series of options that allows your customer to be
seduced by you in a way that is easy and comfortable for them to accept. It gives
them the opportunity to sit back and decide if they like what they see. This forms
the basis for your marketing strategy and it looks like this
Step 1. Lead Generation Light and flirtatious.
Your marketing tactics are the things you do to attract your target market. They
will be article writing, blogging, speaking, newsletters, networking, advertising,
mail drops, strategic alliances, competitions, directories, referral systems, build
your database etc. etc. etc.
Step 2. Irresistible Offer You need their number if you want a first date!
Once they are attracted to you they will want to see more. Before you can ask
them on a date you need their phone number; right? Offer them something that is
so attractive that theyll whip out their pen and jot down those precious details!
The offer might be an e-book, an audio or both. It might be a copy of this book
you are reading right now. Whatever it is, make sure its enticing enough so they
will be happy to give you their phone number and email address!
Step 3. Relationship Building The first date!
Now that you have their details, you can directly market to them via your regular
newsletter. This essentially, is your first date. Its your chance to showcase who
you are, your services, your style, your look and feel of your business. But
beware; dont go straight for the sale. Always give them something of value
before you show them all your wears!

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Step 4. Low Cost Product - The first kiss!

Here is your chance for the first kiss. Now that theyve been reminded of you,
they are more likely to buy from you. Give them an option of a few products that
range between $20 and $50. Better yet, make it a downloadable product they can
buy and get instantly. This will leave them with a nice taste in their mouth and a
reminder of how sweet you are!
Step 5. Vary your Range Second and third date!
Once you have had your first date, it will only be a matter of time before you go
on a second and third date. This can only lead to an engagement! Offer products
that are priced at different levels but lead them further towards your bigger pricing
item. You might offer them a workshop, a home study program, or a mentoring
program. Create something that suits your market and leads to an engagement!
Step 6. The Final Step The Wedding!
Once you have developed a relationship and they keep coming back for more,
the wedding is a given. They are regularly connected with you via your newsletter
and other points of contact. They trust you and know that you offer a high quality
service. So picture this when they are ready for your ultimate service or
product, who do you think they will buy it from? They wont go anywhere else.
Theyve already invested so much in their relationship with you that you are now
the only option. You have successfully put all the elements in place for an I do.
Remember, everybody has different buying strategies. Some are quick decision
makers, some take a little while and others need a lot of time and trust before
they will buy. By installing a system like this you will be certain that you can
attract your target market and ultimately get that yes.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Decide what your lead generation tactics will be
2. Set up a relationship building system e.g. newsletter
3. Create products that have a progressive pricing

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About the Author

Ludwina Dautovic is the founder and director of The Red Tent Woman, an
organisation that supports women in small and home based business through
business coaching, mentoring, business resources, training and speaking.
Ludwina was the 2008 MCEI National Marketing Award Winner for the category
of Women in Business.
The Red Tent Woman hosts monthly networking events at various locations
around Melbourne and in 2009 will be hosting these events around Australia. The
events have an organic approach enabling women to feel comfortable and
connected whilst creating business alliances and joint venture partnerships.
The Red Tent Woman is also the producer of 'The Business Success Series
which is a range of interviews with highly successful men and women aimed at
providing powerful and practical information to business owners. It helps you
make better business decisions and will arm you with the information you need to
grow and sustain your business. Some of the interviews include - Di Williams,
Fernwood Founder and Managing Director, Shelley Taylor Smith, 7 times world
champion marathon swimmer, Rhondalynn Korolak, Author of On the Shoulder
of Giants.

Special offer
Go to and apply for The 7 Keys to
Unlock your Business Potential free e-report and audio valued at $97.
It will be my first date with you!

What actions will you take today?

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Margaret Saunders
How What You Love
Doing CAN Make YOU
Hi, Im Margaret Saunders and Im a very contented mother of two wonderful
daughters. I love being a mum and run a parenting business which came about
after I started to write a book which I never finished about what I love most.

How It All Came To Be

My business is mainly about bedtime and toilet training solutions. Yes, it has
nothing to do with internet marketing or teaching people how to make money.
However the success of my business is because I run it along similar lines as if I
was teaching people how to make money or run a business internet style.
The only difference is that I teach parents how to toilet train their children in just
one day and how to get the little ones into bed happily and quickly and in a loving
In my early life if you had told me I was going to be a successful marketer and
mother I would have given you the big No Way and crossed my arms. I didnt
even know I would be a mum until my late 30s. And thats because I became
very clucky.
Up until then I had had considerable work experience in office work, secretarial
skills, running an office and managing activities for teenagers in a drop in centre.
I then became very New Age and learnt new age methods of counselling and
communicating skills.

Our Past Experiences Help Our Present Day Experiences

As you can well imagine all my past experiences were very useful when I started
to create what I do now.

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When I discovered I was really good at getting my daughters into bed and falling
asleep fast and my eldest daughter Alicia, was asking me to put her to bed at
6.00 pm on a Saturday night I knew I was onto something.
A year later I was introduced to my method of toilet training which took only one
day. This was so impressive to all my friends with children that they were asking
how to do it for themselves.
So that led to me thinking I could write a book about my parenting ideas and
skills and pass them onto other mums. I really did love what I was doing. I
started in sections and before the book was finished I came across internet
marketing. And that was the beginning of my business.
Instead of finishing one book I created four different parenting packages and
used the internet techniques of marketing and promoting and my business took
You Too Can Do This.
If you have a hobby, an interest, something that you love doing and are really
good at, maybe youd like to use your skills to develop a product, such as an ebook, a CD, a home study course or more.
My life has become much more fulfilled and interesting due to my day to day
contact with the people who need my advice, or just to tell me their success
stories. Internet marketers and members of Wonderful Web Women have
become close friends and advisers and I give thanks every day for these people
who are now in my life and that I am able to share something that I truly love
So dont put it off, take some positive action, think of those ideas and start today.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. What is it that you really love doing that could add
value to other people like you?
2. Start somewhere.

Page 203 of 300

3. Charge what you are worth and enjoy every minute.

4. Use the many resources that are available to help
you with your journey.
5. Give thanks every day.

About the Author

Margaret Saunders is a later in life mother. She had her two daughters when she
was 39 and 41. Margaret lives in a seaside village called Dromana which is 1-1/2
hours out of Melbourne Victoria, Australia. She runs her successful parenting
business Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions from home whilst her two
daughter attend the local Secondary College.
To find out about Margarets winning parenting style and receive her free
information package go to
and to find out about her Baby Sleep books visit

Special offer
As parents we all want the best for our children and this includes a good nights
sleep. I believe massaging our children as babies is the best way to start. To
receive your free e-book Baby Massage A Gift Of Love which includes bonus
sections on how to get your child to bed quickly and easily and my one day toilet
training method plus other parenting ideas and skills please go to where you will find how to get
Margarets excellent ebook.

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What actions will you take today?

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Margaret Sims
How to be
Memorable when
Speaking in Public
look good, be
positively and attract
more clients
Whether you love or hate speaking in public, most business owners decide at
some stage to put themselves in front of a group audience. It is one of the most
cost-effective ways to reach your potential target market.
When you speak in public, you are a visual example of the result of using your
product or service. If the way you dress is in harmony with this, then the Law of
Attraction is at its most powerful. The audience will feel a connection to you. They
will also feel safe starting to build a relationship with you. And they have an
emotional reason to buy from you.
Its a courageous act to speak on a stage and reveal who you really are to an
audience of strangers. So here are three action steps and one bonus to help you
be the best and most confident YOU possible. The first two steps relate to your
audience and the third relates to you.

1. Dress to look like the Best of Your Target Audience

Ask the Organiser if the group or venue has dress standards for speakers.
If they dont, ask what their members or speakers usually wear. This is important.
Organisers and guests have often spoken to me about how they have been
disappointed by the way their guest speaker has dressed.
If you have never spoken to this group before, a pre-visit will help you
check out how the members dress.

Page 206 of 300

It will also show your interest in them and your interest in their goals and
Dress like someone they can aspire to without being too far above them.
There are now more solo entrepreneurs and they are discarding the corporate
suit and dressing in a more relaxed business style. It is important to know how to
dress to appeal to this target market. If you are not sure how to do this well,
consult an Image Coach.
Always wear the best quality clothes you can afford.
This shows respect for your audience and pride in yourself.

2. Check out the Venue so You Stand Out from the Background
This is the one I find that many speakers overlook.
Ask the Organiser about the background colours of the room where you
will be speaking.
Find out the colours of the walls and the background curtains, the height of the
stage and what the lighting is like. Many groups meet in rooms that are also used
for entertainment and you may be standing in front of dark curtains as well as in
the shadows under poor lighting.
You do not want to blend into the background. I have been in venues where the
walls or curtains behind the speaker have been brown, yellow and even green.
Many speakers who are not aware of the background colours and lighting have
turned up in either a matching wall or curtain colour or colours that are low
contrast (eg black and plum or any two colours that are very dark). I have seen
speakers who have literally disappeared because of the colours they have worn.
A better option is to wear two colours that are a medium contrast (ie a lighter or
brighter coloured top with dark coloured skirt or pants). This appeals to most
people as they can see your face and you look more enthusiastic. A medium
contrast appeals to everybody.
Ask the Organiser about the characteristics of the group.
I belong to Business Swap and this group contains a high proportion of lively
extroverts. So to a group like this or if your topic is high energy, then you can
choose to wear high contrast colours (eg purple and orange, bright red or bright
yellow). Only do this if it suits your colouring and your personality and the
Organiser feels that the group will respond positively to you.
Natural Extroverts and some people with skin colouring that aligns with certain
colour seasons feel very comfortable wearing high contrast colours. If this is you,

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be aware that these combinations can discourage potential clients who are
quieter in nature. Your personality can overwhelm them. It can also have the
opposite effect of attracting dependent clients who see your strong personality as
meaning that you will do all the work for them.
On your pre-visit or when you arrive to speak, check the lighting so you
stand where the audience can see you clearly.
Check where the President or the MC stands and note whether you can see their
facial expressions. Use this as a guide for the best place for you to present your
A word of advice for those who look good in slim fitting skirts.
From experience I have learnt that if you look good in a slim skirt, it is best to
wear one with some stretch in it as some venues have steep steps or no steps up
to their stage.
When you ask these questions, you appear very professional. The Law of
Attraction is working in your favour as word spreads about your attitude and
commitment to your audience.

3. Be Remembered by Being the Real You

This is often the scary and courageous part. To be remembered and attract those
to whom your message appeals, you need to show the real YOU.
Its a combination of dressing for the parts of your body that you like (Yes!
You do have good body bits) and dressing for your personality.
When you show your true personality through your clothes and accessories, you
are revealing your courage. You are daring to be yourself rather than dressing in
the safe, conservative style of everyone else. It is important to understand the
three elements that make up your personality and wear clothes and accessories
that are in harmony with these elements. Have a look in your wardrobe. The
clothes that you dont wear are either the ones that dont reflect your personality
or you have lots of clothes that show only one side of your personality. Consult
an Image Coach if you need help with this as it will do wonders for your
confidence and sales.
As a speaker, you want people to concentrate on your face.
I suggest that you wear a colour that draws attention to your eyes or your hair
because, depending on your colour season, this is what the audience sees first.
They may not remember the colour of your eyes or your hair but they will
remember that you looked good. That perception re-enforces the positive result
of using your product or service.

Page 208 of 300

Leave some open skin space at your neckline so that your face shines. You can
then wear a statement piece of jewellery or scarf that reveals part of your
personality. Women (and some men) will notice an interesting piece of jewellery
or scarf. Accessories attract people to you and they are great conversation
starters when you are mingling with the audience before you formally speak to
What women call female intuition and men call gut feeling is you believing your
eyes before your ears. Your eyes take in messages from the way the speaker
dresses and their body language. So dress confidently and let the audience see
all your facial expressions. Those who will be your potential clients can then
decide whether they trust you enough to buy from you or start a business
relationship with you.
For more Image, Colour and Business Etiquette Tips to help you reveal the REAL
YOU, go to my website listed in About the Author and click on the Tips Library

Bonus Tip
When you provide a jpeg image for promotion, make sure it is a current image
that brings light to your face and shows something of your personality.
People buy YOU first. So show them who you are, dress to give them something
to aspire to and be surprised by who and what you attract.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Create a Checklist of questions to ask the Speaking
Organiser about the Venue and the Guests
2. Test and record the results of wearing different
clothing to speaking events
3. When youre serious about success, visit an Image
Coach for advice

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About the Author

At the age of 53, Margaret Sims left a career teaching business and computing
skills to go into business for herself. Shes now a down-to-earth Business Image
Coach and solo-entrepreneur owner of YourFutureDirection.
It took me, Margaret, a number of years to discover what Im passionate about
after leaving high school teaching. I now teach businesswomen and
businessmen over 40 how to have the courage to use their naturally best colours
and the clothes they wear to reflect who they truly are and spontaneously attract
more clients. Courage as a mature-age businesswoman is something I am still
I live in Brisbane in sunny Queensland, Australia and am a proud member and
past Vice-President of Brisbane Business Swap. With two adult sons and no
grandchildren on the horizon, Im joining the Too Young to Retire brigade. My
goal is to inspire women and men to confidently show their individuality so the
world is richer for all their different perspectives on living. I see the Internet as a
wonderful force for connecting people all around the world and Im taking my
soon-to-be retired husband on this journey with me wherever it leads.
Come and find out more at

Special offer
My Gift to You: Go to
to sign up for the Standing Tall eZine and download your free eBook for
businesswomen - Look Fabulous, Feel Confident Every Day. It contains Hints
to have you smiling at yourself in the mirror on your way out the door, standing a
little taller and straighter and acting like a successful businesswoman every day.

What actions will you take today?

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Margit Robson

A Rich Life

When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear...

Helping people discover strength of spirit to create an extraordinary life.

Your extraordinary Life

Do you wonder who you are and what youre life purpose is? Like many people
today, there are so many life challenges that its hard to know where your life is
heading let alone how to get through and rise above these lessons. Lets begin
with you, the most important person in your life and how you can create more
abundance. Its not only possible; its simpler than you think.

Finding your WHY

Whats your intention, your purpose and your motivation for success? Your
reason has to be bigger than any doubt. The Why is your soul energy, the fire in
your belly, the passion in your heart and the repeated mantra of your mind? Your
why has to be big because when life throws challenges your way, it will only be
the passion in your heart and soul that motivates you towards action. Your mind
wants to justify a hundred reasons why not to take the unknown road, yet your
inner why is the strength that will encourage you to rise above fear.
Ask yourself, how will your life change for the better? As you move through fear
what accomplishments will you achieve? To ignore, even procrastinate with your
dreams and desires can hold you back as you may be short changing your life.

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In creating a better life the on flow is also a better life for your family and friends
as well. Be the best you can be and set your natural gifts free.
How do you know what your gifts are? Start by asking your friends and family
what they admire in you, and funnily enough, you may find youre not aware of
some of your natural talents. For some people being the best they can be is to
be a great Mother or Father and is reward enough, yet for others, contributing to
their community or environment enriches their soul. There are those that stand
out in leadership and create examples for the rest of the world. It doesnt matter
what it is you want to be the best at, its far more important that you believe in
yourself and try.
Its not what your dream or what you desire, rather how you allow your
dream to manifest. Limiting thought patterns are inside each person and to
become aware of what emotional issues are sabotaging your delivery of
abundance requires paying attention to dominant thoughts. If you believe that
your life is lacking in any way or that you live less than you want, these thoughts
can dominate your days and nights and you will continue to create a life of
limitation. If your mind focuses on what you dont like, what you dont want then
sub-consciously your dominant thoughts constantly attracts the very things or
situations that you dont want.
Its not easy turning your thoughts around but through persistence and daily
practice of listening in to your limiting thoughts, you can change to abundance in
a matter of weeks and months. Its like emptying a deep well of water, just when
you think its empty you find a little bit more. Remember that your limiting
thoughts have been gathering over a life time, therefore allow time and be patient
for these changes to empower your life. Students question their ability to create
abundant thoughts citing that when theyre surrounded by a society that
questions and judges, that staying on a positive thought track can be difficult.
There are many way to retrain your mind, one is to find a mentor, a spiritual
teacher who is a great guiding light when negativity and doubt reign.
Write down a list of all the dreams and goals you long for. Next to these write
how these dreams will impact your life, how they will benefit and enrich your life?
Express all your feelings and emotions, right down to how they will relieve stress
and worry. As you write your list start to become aware of any limiting thoughts
that arise in your mind. Thoughts that say, if only this were true, or why am I
doing this, these things never work for me and Ill only wish small because I
dont want to be judged as being greedy. As you hear thoughts of doubt or
limitation rising within your mind, stop writing and ask yourself this question, Why
am I restricting myself? and why do I think this way?

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The truth is that you are not consciously aware of how you limit yourself
and your life. If, for example, your dream is to travel and see more of the world,
yet the dominant thought that constantly rises is, Ill never be able to have the
money to do that or I want to travel with a partner, be aware of how you have
immediately desired something from within your soul (travel) and then squashed
your dream through limited thought (reason why not). Your reality is created in
an instant.
When you next think of a dream you really want, and then hear your mind
suggesting why it wont happen, what if you could change from limitation to
creativity of mind to hear yourself instead thinking, Im not sure how that dream
will come true, and Im not sure when it will come true but I sure want it to come
true so Im going to keep that dream alive and will think, feel and act like its
already on its way. As a spiritual teacher I encourage you to keep your dreams
alive. Never let any other person or any circumstance or situation take your
dreams away. Your responsibility is to keep a burning desire in your soul, heart
and mind. For something magic happens when you do this, you begin to work
with an energy that is all around and delivers what is called the law of
In taking a step back, letting go of control and allowing the universe to
deliver without expectations, you open yourself and your life to an
abundance of rewards. What happens is that people all too often want what
they want, when they want it and on their terms. Life doesnt work that way. Take
a look around you at the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom and you will see
that Mother Nature allows. To create a life of abundance you are required to
allow the universe to deliver without control or demand. Therefore if you want
riches beyond your imagination, be specific, ask, give thanks, step back, act like
its on its way to you, keep believing and patiently wait. When abundance starts
to manifest in your life you need to be ready for anything and everything to arrive.
Remember, no limits. Not even in delivery.
In fact that is what most people fear. They keep a certain amount of control on
their desires because they dont trust that they will know what to do or how to
handle their request when it all comes flooding in. Its interesting that true
abundance scares people, yet they wont readily admit it. Abundance requires
trust. Not that you know for certain that you are clever enough or wise enough to
know how to handle this unlimited abundance when it arrives in your life, but that
you just know you trust yourself and that however and whenever it arrives, you
will trust the effects and how abundance changes your life.
A rich life is a full life. An abundant life is not only materialism, wealth, health and
happiness but also a life of inner peace, poise and wisdom.

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Abundance is all around, we see it in the blue sky, green grass, white lines on the
road, groceries in a supermarket and yet abundance for many people is like a
fish trying to find water, its everywhere yet they cannot appreciate it. When your
eye is trained to look for abundance you will always notice it is everywhere. The
challenge is when abundance is limited by differing values. To one person an
abundant life is only wealth and yet to another person, abundance represents
only health. Spiritually abundance is unlimited and eternal, manifesting
everywhere, interconnected with everything. When a student views a particular
class as a difficult lesson, another student will view the class a potential to learn
something new. How do you view your life? Do you see the abundance in some
areas but not in others? Is it possible to view those areas of your life that seem
lacking or limiting as holding some abundance? Could you possibly have an
alternative outlook?
Write a list of everything you want or desire. Look at your list and keep writing
until you feel youve unlocked every desire inside your heart and soul that youve
ever wanted.
Read over your list and adjust it as necessary, adding words or removing
words and creating a list that is specific. Look at your list once again, could it
be more specific? Where you have asked for something materialistic, write more
details about it, write the time frame you wish to have it by and then write what it
costs and how many you want. Remember you need to have no limits to your
desires. The law of abundance is listening, watching and waiting to deliver to you.
If you are controlling in any way you are delaying the arrival.
For example if you request a new car you need to specify the make, the colour,
the year of manufacture, the cost, the time of year and month that you want it,
where you will get it from and who will drive it. Hear your dominant thoughts as
they limit you and override yet by understanding you dont need reassurance as
to how this car arrives at your doorstep, because the law of abundance takes
care of that, you just need to keep your dream alive. As you visualise your new
car and all the details youve described, allow yourself to feel what it will be like
when you have this new car and how you will feel receiving it, driving it, being
seen driving it, how family and friends will respond and how joyous you may feel.
The next step in the law of abundance is action so do not be surprised when one
day you get the urge, the intuitive feeling that you desire to take this dream car, in
real life for a test drive. You see the law of abundance encourages that the more
a dream or desire lives as energy within you, the more you co-create it. You have
a part to play in having a rich life and that is to speak, think, walk and act like you
already have all the riches you seek.

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Students sometimes say that they feel like theyre eluding themselves by
dreaming this way, yet by learning to turn their limiting thoughts towards
allowing possibilities they already have riches in their life, for every cell and fibre
of their being radiates a brighter light. Cells that make up your body; brain and
heart vibrate energy that empowers and enlightens when at a higher frequency.
In this equilibrium, atonement the body, mind and spirit align, become uplifted
and in turn you will become balanced, have greater clarity and more energy. Like
meditation, when the mind, heart, body and soul unite and equalise, rejuvenation,
replenishment and re-energising occurs. Likewise, when align your mind, body,
heart and soul with a life dream, step back and surrender control, the
interconnected life force called the universe, God force, steps in and guides,
guards and opens doors that you have only ever dreamed about.
A rich life is a life where one wants for nothing and understanding
everything is possible. Spiritually everything the heart desires, the mind
manifests and as a person is aligned with their life purpose, inner peace dwells. If
your desires are for the greater good of your life and the lives of others, then be
prepared to witness some amazing rewards take shape in your life and in the
lives of others. At no time are you to limit your dreams or goals or limit the way
you view your life for your future. I have a spiritual gift, but in no way is it different
to the gifts which lie inherent within you. The only difference between us is that I
am in touch with not only who I am, who I can be and also with where I am going.
This means I am clear about my future, my life path and infinite abundance.
When I am envisioning an abundant life for me and my family quite often I hear
my spirit, my soul intuition reminding, dream bigger. It dawns on me at these
times that human strengths are amazing and dreaming big is under stated and
under valued.
There is plenty of abundance to go around in this world; no one will miss
out because you have your share. Richness does not lie in martyrdom as profit
is derived so as to help more people. Gone are the days where having just
enough is good enough for these days enriching lives of those less fortunate
comes from understanding the flow of abundance never ends and is in fact
destined to be continually on flowing, like the cycle of life.
Judgement is a dangerous past time yet all too often you will judge
yourself let alone others judge you. Who are you to be brilliant? Who are you
not to be? What will people think if you living a rich life when they are still
struggling? Who are you to presume that others want what you want? What will
you say to others who choose not to open their minds and hearts to the
possibilities of greatness? Who are you to keep company with procrastination or
ignorance? Understand that others may know and thats ok. Your role is to be all

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that you can be and allow your heart and soul to open fully guiding you to your
life purpose.
Forgive yourself that you have limited your life so far but that now you know
and understand you will give yourself permission to step forward with courage
and trust. It will feel like its on a wing and a prayer, yet the rewards for diligence
and tenacity are life turning.
Affirmations are great tools to use as they visually remind you of positive
thought principles and what dreams to keep alive. In the example of the new
car dream, a great affirmation is Im in love with my new white BMW that I own,
enjoy and share and I give thanks for this abundance in my life. Remember you
need to be specific at all times therefore when in gratitude you still need to be
specific. Other great tools are angel cards or any affirmation books that can give
you a daily message, inspiration, poetry, music, meditation CDs, similar to the
Red Rose CD that I have produced and guides you into relaxation. All these
tools support you while you are manifesting your dreams and desires. When you
fall off track and doubt creeps in, these tools remind you that you are being
guided and that abundance is your birthright.
Listen to your soul in times when you are quiet. Sit in the garden; feel the breeze
gently lifting your hair as the sun shines on your face. Remind yourself there is
more to this world than meets your eye and you are discovering, exploring and
testing this world, you call your life. Find inner peace through self trust and belief.
Know that abundance is within you and around you and through daily practice
patiently learn how to train your mind to work for you in creating the life youve
always wanted. Be at one with your heart, mind and soul and get off the round-about called being busy every now, understanding your dreams and goals are so
vitally important and relative to the quality of life you wish to live.
A rich life is a life you have inside of you aching to come out and manifest. Let
the law of abundance help you to create all that you need and want and then
Everybody needs somebody, sometime. Help is only a question away. Reach out
and grab with both hands your birthright to abundance.
God Bless.

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Write a list of all your Dreams. Be specific. Check
your feelings and dominant thoughts.
2. Notice limiting thought patterns. Correct outlook.
3. Follow your intuition. Have courage with inspired
action to walk, talk, think and feel abundantly.
4. Keep your Dream alive. Believe, Trust and read and
write affirmations to keep you on track manifesting

About the Author

Margit Robson is a Spiritual Teacher with over seventeen years experience in the
intricacies of teaching spiritual & psychic development. Margits teachings guide
students to align with the spirit and soul within, helping people create
extraordinary lifestyles. Margit coaches through private consultations on
managing stress and life challenges. She is a sought after Inspirational speaker
and spiritual life coach. Margit is renowned for her gift of insight helping clients
nationally and internationally. She teaches through her online website Mentoring
and Membership programme and facilitates workshops and seminars regularly
throughout Australia. Margits award winning e-newsletter titled, Spirit e-zine with
Margit is free and full guidance, recommendations and spiritual articles always
encouraging you to become the best you can be and have the life youve always
dreamed of.
Margit lives in Perth, Western Australia, with her family and works from several
consultation rooms. As a published author Margit writes a regular column for the
Sound Telegraph newspaper titled, Sound Spirit with Margit giving practical
advice on lifes challenges. Breakthrough to Abundance e-book is available from
Margits website
Private consultations are by
appointment. Margit has recorded and produced a guided meditation CD titled,
Red Rose which can be ordered online. Her motto when the student is ready,
the Teacher appears exemplifies her wisdom knowing people in the cycle of life.

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What actions will you take today?

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Michelle Greene
3 Key Elements
To Creating Your
Dream Lifestyle
A Formula for Success
Planning for your personal success is all about mapping out the various areas of
your life. Just like planning a road trip, you need to map out the following details:
the origin, the destination, the vehicle, the suitcase, the landmarks, and finally,
the route.
You see, your wonderful mind your mindset will determine how far your journey
of success will take you. This relates to your health, your relationships, your
finances, or anything else. Mindset is the way you look at things and is a driving
force when it comes to creating your dream lifestyle.
Developing a winning mindset starts with taking personal responsibility. One of
the most important things you can do to manifest your heart's desire is to take
100% responsibility for everything that happens to you.
Now most people don't like this concept of accepting complete responsibility for
their lives. The main reason? It's just so convenient and easy to have someone
outside of yourself to blame. Who doesnt want to pass off their failures to
someone else? Plus, it's comforting to have a scapegoat to justify past failures
and disappointments when you dont get the outcome you desired.
Some common scapegoats that easily come to mind are: parents, bosses, the
government, gender, race, age, the economy, the media, and basically anyone or
anything you feel that's preventing you from creating your dream lifestyle.
So what does it mean to take full complete responsibility for your life? First off,
you have to use your personal power to create the abundant lifestyle you desire.

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But here's an eye opener you've always had the power. This power has always
been inside you, but you simply chose not to exercise it. It's been lying dormant,
simply waiting for you to summon this power. Perhaps you've been afraid of it, or
didn't know how to use it to its full potential.
Whatever your past or current circumstances, know that the past is past. You
can't go back and make changes. Guilt is a terrible way to live. As far as I know,
there's no time machine currently available to permit you to travel back in time to
correct any mistakes or to set things right. The past is the past, so make peace
with it, accept it and move on.
The only thing you can do is learn from past mistakes and chalk it up to
experience. Once you accept this fact, you are now ready to take 100%
responsibility for your life.
Stop looking to outside sources to create your success. Look inside yourself and
you'll find the answers there. Success, however you define it, is inside you, and
not external. You have everything you need now to create your dream lifestyle.
Of course, there will always be new knowledge to gain, but first appreciate that
you have everything you need right now. You just need to be willing to take
Maybe this isn't the first time you've looked for a way to make money online. You
may have a bookcase full of 'shelf-help' books, CDs and DVDs. I'm sure to a
certain degree you may have tried several programs and methods that have
worked beautifully for others. You then get inspired and want to achieve similar
results. Unfortunately, you fail to get the same outcome.
You may start to wonder, "Is it just me? Am I the only one who can't make money
online"? You're not alone; many people are singing this same song. So let's look
at three key elements you can use to break through the barriers and create your
dream lifestyle.
Key Element #1: What Is My Vision?
Having a vision for yourself is what will keep you motivated. It will also get you
through the rough spots. Working at home and having a dream lifestyle is a goal
for many people. But why don't they accomplish this goal?

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First off, your vision must be bright and vivid enough to keep you excited. You
must see and believe that it's really going to happen. Failing to create a vision is
what causes people to sometimes become overwhelmed.
Entering a state of overwhelm can happen when you are unclear of your vision.
When you lose focus, you start bouncing around from goal to goal. This is what I
like to refer to as chasing bright shiny objects.
As much as you've heard about setting goals, if I were to say, I'll give you
$10,000 dollars if you can show me your written goal(s), would you be able to
walk away with an easy $10,000? If not, it's time to create a set of written goals.
Not taking time to do this can be a barrier to creating your dream lifestyle.
Consider the following section from a classic childhood story, 'Alice's Adventures
in Wonderland', by Lewis Carroll. In one part of the story, Alice comes upon a
Cheshire Cat and decides to ask his guidance on where she should go.
She approaches him and says, "Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to
go from here?" "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to," said
the Cheshire Cat. "I don't much care where" said Alice. "Then it doesn't
matter which way you go," said the Cheshire Cat.
"So long as I get
SOMEWHERE," Alice added as an explanation.
Most people live their lives just like Alice. They wander around in life wondering
how come they don't get what they want. They don't care much where they go,
as long as they go somewhere. When you fail to plan and don't know where you
want to go, then any road will take you there. Don't let life happen to you, take
control by setting written goals.
Now when it comes to what your heart desires, this can sometimes be a
challenge. Here's an exercise you can do if you're struggling with what you want.
Consider this, most people can quickly rattle off what they DONT want. If this is
your case, make a list of the things, emotions, or anything you no longer want to
Once this list is complete, go back through it and write the opposite of what you
wrote. For example, if you said, "I don't want to be poor," then the opposite of
that is, "I want to be wealthy. If you don't want to be overweight, the opposite
would be, I want to be a healthy weight.
Do this as many times as it takes. Once done, choose only one goal that makes
you the most excited. This is the one goal that you're going to be absolutely

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proud of yourself for accomplishing. The reason for only choosing one goal is so
that you will focus your time and energy on making that goal a reality.
Once you've decided on a goal, make sure to write it down and put a date on it.
A goal without a date is just a wish. For example, you can say, "On or before
February, 2010, I will earn $13,000 a month working at home, or better. Notice
how I added the words, "or better" at the end of the goal. This is so that if
something better comes along, the universe will help attract 'the better' goal to
Be sure to write this goal down and keep it close to you. Place it where you will
see it often throughout the day. One thing you may want to do is have several
written copies of your goal. You may want to write this single goal on the back of
a business card and place it in your wallet. This way, when you open your wallet
throughout the day, you'll be reminded of your goal.
Also consider placing a copy on your nightstand. This way, you can review it first
thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Keep your goal as visible as
possible so you can be constantly reminded of it throughout the day. Think of a
goal as simply a dream with a deadline.
Key Element #2: What Is My Plan?
Now that you've got your written goal with a date deadline you're totally excited
about, this is where you will focus all of your energy. You'll want to have a map,
or plan, something to follow a type of methodology that you can use to make
your goal a reality.
Look to someone who is getting the result or outcome you want. Find out what
they did or are currently doing to make this happen. Consider taking them out to
lunch, or contacting them by phone. Most successful people are thrilled to share
their knowledge with you. All you have to do is ask.
Take some time putting your Plan together. You now have an exciting goal to
work on and it's time to apply laser focus. This is where you will spend your time
and energy on making your goal a reality.
Another key element to address is a lack of focus in reaching your goal. This
often leads to being overwhelmed; not knowing what steps to take next, and can
cause you to lose momentum, simply because you've become unfocused.
Make a promise to yourself that you will follow through and stay focused on your
goal. See it through to completion. Do all the steps you set out to support your

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goal. Be aware of all the things that compete for your attention on a daily basis.
Awareness sometimes is the cure.
Now's here's a big factor give yourself permission to fail. What? Is that last
statement a typo? Don't you mean, give yourself permission NOT to fail? No, it's
not a typo! By giving yourself permission to fail, you create the knowledge that
the process of being focused is what will enable you to achieve this and future
During the process of achieving your goal, some common thoughts you may
encounter are, "What if it doesnt work?" "What if I can't lose the weight?" "Do I
know enough to do this, am I smart enough?" "Who do I think I am that I can
create my dream lifestyle?"
Sometimes when you're unfocused, you become disillusioned. This may cause
you to start looking for the 'next big thing'. You may even subconsciously create
anxiety for yourself. By giving yourself permission to fail, you remove the stress
and doubt that this goal has to be a complete success.
Stress and doubt can sometimes reduce your excitement and confidence in
achieving your goal, which may cause you to abandon it. When you start
experiencing these types of thoughts, it leads to self-doubt. This is the beginning
of a downward spiral. And pretty soon, you lose interest in achieving your goal.
Partial success will teach you that it is possible. And then the next time you set
out to reach your goal, the knowledge you gained will help you reach your goal.
Remain focused and stick to your plan.
Key Element #3: Notice Your Outcome
Finally, you'll want to periodically review your progress. You can do this at
weekly intervals. This is basically a 'goal checkup'. You want to take notice as to
whether you're making progress or standing still. You want to see what your
outcomes are. Keep in mind you'll either do things to get you closer to your goal
or further away from your goal.
The reason I suggest doing this weekly is to take corrective action if your goal is
off course. Remain flexible. Remember the 'or better' words at the end of your
goal? This may be the time to make adjustments to get you closer to your goal,
"or better". Continue to make changes along the way until you reach your goal.
Don't think that your goal must be set in stone. Keep varying your approach until
you find what works. Don't get locked into being rigid.

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If you don't like the outcome, change the actions that produce this result. It's
been said that if you continue doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting
what you've always got. This is the definition of insanity!
Creating the lifestyle of your dreams is certainly within reach. Just follow the
three key elements outlined in this article
1. Have A Vision
2. Make A Plan
3. Notice Your Outcome
Before you know it, you'll have reached your goal and you'll have a winning
formula to achieve future goals.
Wishing You Love and Abundance,

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Have A Vision
2. Set A Plan
3. Notice Your Outcome

About the Author
Michelle Greene is an 'old school' Internet Marketer. She has created multimedia
training products for the entry level/newbie marketer. Her focus is on teaching
clients how to create profitable online-based lifestyle businesses with a
shoestring budget. Michelle has uncovered an amazing online treasure chest of
free tools, software and resources that rival their paid counterparts. Combined
with her dynamic screencast tutorials, her virtual coaching can help you create a
profitable online business and live your dream lifestyle.

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Special Offer
The Busy Woman's Guide to Managing Work and Family
How would you like to get control of your life? Stop working those 80 hour weeks.
Get to know your family again. Get some fun and free time into your life. Do you
have too much work to do and too little time to do it and spend all your time
worrying about your finances and no time with your family and friends? You want
to get ahead, but you don't want to give up the rest of your life to do it! If so, then
the complimentary ebook, The Busy Woman's Guide to Managing Work and
Family', will help you create balance.

What actions will you take today?

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Monika Newman
Is Letting Go

Is Letting Go Difficult for you?

Is your inability to let go hampering your companys growth?

Are you an entrepreneur or business person whose business has the

potential of so much more growth and success?
Is your paperwork gradually piling up?
Are you turning business away because you cant manage?
Are your stress levels rising because you are trying to do it all yourself?

Could it be that you have problems letting go of your paperwork? Sometimes

people just arent ready to let go of their administrative tasks and this is
understandable as your business is a huge part of your life (your baby) and it
took a long time to nurture it and build it to the point at which it is now. Perhaps
your business has outgrown you? Not letting go can affect your ability to perform
at your best.
Is it time to consider outsourcing some of your busy work to enable you to gain
some clarity and decide in which direction you want to head and to keep those
creative juices flowing and your passion for your business alive. Revisit the
original purpose and motivation that lead you to start up your own business in the
first place it probably wasnt to become so busy running the administration side
of it that it didnt leave you any time to develop your business or work on your
own personal growth.

Page 226 of 300

The task of letting go need not be too arduous you need to be able to gently let
go one step at a time to enable you to get used to the idea of outsourcing. Tackle
it small chunks at a time. You need to take some time out though in order to plan
and decide on how you are best going to break down your tasks into manageable
chunks and what tasks you would be willing to let go of first. Consider all the
tasks that you undertake at present and make a list to determine which ones you
enjoy the least and start with these. After a little while you will start to build a
relationship with the support people you have chosen and develop a level of
trust, a sense of confidence in their abilities and a sense of security in the
knowledge that your business is in capable hands. This will position you in the
right frame of mind to outsource more and more of your tasks.
This freeing up of your time will be a very liberating experience and you will
wonder why you hadnt done this before. What a great feeling it would be to be
able to go on holidays knowing that your business will be looked after (babysat)
and you wont have to work overtime to catch up or you may use the extra time to
gain new skills and become reacquainted with your friends and family.
Think how liberating it will be when you think of all those jobs that you can
outsource; accounts, diary management, correspondence, email management, ebook creation, marketing materials, mail outs, data entry, phone answering the
list can go on and on depending on your business requirements.
Now letting go of all the personal stuff? This is too big to deal with hear, lets save
it for another story!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Take some time out to list all the tasks involved in
your business.
2. Decide which ones you personally need to deal with
and those tasks that you would like to pass on.
3. Find a reliable service provider to whom you could
out source your overload administration work to.

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About the Author

Monika Newman, Principal of Absolutely Virtual, has more than 20 years
experience in Secretarial, Personal Assistant and administrative positions. She
has worked with a variety of companies, ranging from small to large multinational
enterprises; they include import/export, travel, government, major oil companies
and independent consultants.
Absolutely Virtual can work with you in an ongoing capacity, for long-term or oneoff projects. This will be achieved through effective communication, ongoing
education, monitoring outcomes, and continued improvement in delivery of client
services. Absolutely Virtual, giving your business that professional edge!
Please visit Absolutely Virtual at for a list of
the services provided and don't hesitate to get in touch for more details if you
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Nicole Scott
Solve all the
problems of the world,
and your own, with a
few laps of the pool,
easy really
Warning: This information may cause you to feel relaxed and on top of the world.
In our part of the world, Australia, the beginning of the year marks summer
school holidays. This is a great time to dust off the bathers and towels and jump
back into the water with your family and friends. Dont be a fish out of water
when it comes to knowing just how amazing swimming is for your mind, body and

So, why is swimming so good?

Swimming works the whole body, improving cardiovascular conditioning,
endurance, flexibility, muscle strength and toning all at the same time.
Personally I love the calming feeling of being submerged in the water. Hearing
the sound of your breathing is meditative. My cares seem to melt away and yes I
can solve the problems of the world and even a few of my own!

Like to know some more health benefits?

Low risk of injury
There is a low risk of injuries because there is no stress on your bones, joints or
connective tissues.

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Lowimpact exercise
The elderly, pregnant women and people who are covering from surgery can all
benefit from swimming due to its low impact, it helps to relax stiff muscles and
isnt weight bearing. Swimming also increases blood circulation.
Stress reduction
Swimming is very relaxing because it allows oxygen to flow to your muscles and
forces you to regulate your breathing. With the regulated breathing and rhythm
of your strokes comes the rhythm of calming the mind and things seems to get
clearer. Answers seem to come to you to those questions which have been
bugging you as you have taken the focus off the questions. Seems weird but it
This form of meditation can leave you with a sense of well-being, leaving your
session refreshed and ready to go on with the rest of your day.

Thats all well and good but how do I get started?

A reason
Personally I think you need a reason to get started. My reason initially was
asthma. My mum enrolled me in swimming lessons and then swim club to help
manage my asthma. It worked. After high school I wanted to learn to teach
swimming to help me get through University. When I was pregnant with both of
my children, I wanted to keep fit and this was the best low impact exercise. After
having my children I had problems with my lower back, I ended up having a bulge
removed from my lower disc, swimming was the best form of rehabilitation. So
I have had many reasons to get back in the pool. Now my reason is
relaxation, de-stressing, overall well being, keeping my back in check and
meeting friends. What is your reason?
Get motivated
I always find that going along to the pool with a friend or group of swimmers is
the best motivator. If you have pre-arranged a time each week you have made a
commitment to yourself and your group, this works all the time. I also find
swimming in the morning much easier as you seem to find all the excuses in the
world during the day, not to swim.

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Setting goals is always important. Just as in other parts of your life setting goals
is paramount. This may seem boring and Ive heard it all before. I was like that
but once I took the time to set out my goals everything else fell into place and I
became more invigorated and had a sense of achievement, great for your selfesteem.
Get the look
I must admit I love fashion. I like to look funky and comfortable. Go for the bright
bathers with the matching goggles, fins and cap. Colour co-ordination is vital for
your swimming confidence. Go out and spoil yourself you need to look the part (I
hope this doesnt sound too shallow?)
Get some help
If you havent been in the pool for a while, one-on-one lessons will help you to get
back your confidence. Swimming is like riding a bike it is a life long skill which
will come back pretty soon. If you lack the confidence in the water and have a
childhood fear of the water, dont worry, there are heaps of fantastic adult learn to
swim programmes at your local pool, worth a look. Go for it!
If you know how to swim just start off slowly. Set a goal of the number of laps
you want to swim and then set a goal to increase the number of laps you do.
Break it up with swimming laps, kicking, pull throughs (arms only) and walking in
the water. There are heaps of programmes on the internet you can use for
I always find that if I am nervous or apprehensive about getting into something
that I havent done before, I think of something that I am good at, and that I really,
really, enjoy. I remember the last time I had that experience and take the time to
really be with that memory, creating pictures, sounds and feelings that went with
the experience. This is the state of mind you need to take with you to the pool
before you jump in and take the challenge. Dont be hard on yourself. Progress
comes with fits and starts. Keep practising and always remember how far you
have come.
Take the time to watch others around you and see how they move through the
water and look at how much fun they are having. In no time this will be you!

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. What is your reason for wanting to swim?
2. Call up a friend and get down to the pool.
3. With your friend set out your goals. How many laps
are you going to achieve this week?

About the Author

I am a mum with two gorgeous children. I live in a coastal town, south of Perth in
Western Australia. I am a swimmer - swimming is one of my passions. Along
with swimming, my family and teaching people the great benefits of swimming
are other passions of mine. I have been fortunate to combine my passions into a
successful online business. In order to keep the balance in the family I decided
to set up my business on line, where I can work anywhere, anytime and still be
there for my kids, and keep the wheels turning at home.
My business idea came when I decided to return to swimming after a back injury.
I remember telling my husband that I was going back to swimming and with a
strange look on his face he said with a smile. Great youre going to start smelling
like chlorine again. As Oprah would say I had a light bulb moment.
I started swimming as a young child due to my asthma. Like most Aussie kids I
learnt to swim through the Austswim Program, I joined a swimming club and
whilst studying at University in Perth, WA I became an Austswim Instructor.
When I fell pregnant with my first child Riley, I took up swimming again to keep fit
and kept it up while pregnant with my second child, Sophie. When Sophie was
just 2 years of age, I competed as part of a team in the Rottnest Channel Swim in
2002. The Rottnest Swim was an amazing experience, one I will never forget.
In 2005 I injured my back and had an operation to remove a bulge in one of my
discs. After the operation I couldnt believe the instant relief I felt. Swimming was
the best rehab for me; I really wanted to get back into the water. My skin was
always dry, especially in winter. A return to swimming made my skin even drier.
I tried to find a product to moisturise my skin after a swim. Some worked for a
short period of time. Then I thought what about a product to put on my skin
before you swim, to protect it. Summersalt Body Care was born, with its first
product aptly named Swimmers Skin.

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Special offer
If you want to get back into the water or want to start a swimming programme for
the New Year but you dont want the dry, itchy skin, just visit and you can find out how to receive
a free sample of Nicoles Swimmers Skin from Summersalt Body Care, a lotion
you can put on your skin before you swim, to give it protection from the drying
effects of the water.

What actions will you take today?

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Pat Marcello
Blogging - 5 Tips to
Help You Build
Rapport with Your
Building a relationship with your readers means the difference between the
success and failure of your blog.

Blog Like a Pro

Everyone is astounded by the amount of money that can be made blogging. Look
at guys like Darrell Rowse of and Jeremy Shoemaker of, and youll see two of the most successful bloggers in
cyberspace. But their success didnt happen overnight. It took years of giving
great content with their personal slant. Their personalities shine through and
people bond with them, though virtually. It's an interesting dynamic about the
Internet. People build relationships with the online "celebrities," though they may
never speak to them or meet them in person.
But when you get down to it, blogging is like anything else in business. You have
to focus and stay with it to make it work. You have to visualize what your life will
be like when blogging becomes the greatest tool in your traffic generation
arsenal. When you start blogging, you should blog every single day. You can
write, post a video, embed an audio, or maybe even just a picture, but you have
to be consistent to keep people coming back. And blogging can definitely work
for you, just the way it does for the pro bloggers.
Let me give you a few tips:

5 Ways to Build Rapport

1. Be consistent: As mentioned above, blog at least once a day or even
more. Blogs like, for example have posts running
continuously throughout the day. They have established a rhythm and a

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readership through their team of investigative bloggers who scour the Web
for interesting and fun things. Once you're established, you can cut back
to as little as three posts per week. I still blog Monday through Friday, with
an occasional weekend post thrown in, if I'm excited to tell people about
something. But you should never blog less than three times a week, even
when you're an established blogger.
2. Entertain: Blogging isnt about dry and boring. Blogging is about
entertainment and showing your personality. Write about things that other
people will be interested in reading about, not what you had for breakfast
or how cute your dog is. Choose a hot topic in your niche and write a
series of posts about that on a regular basis and youll get tons of traffic.
Not only will you build a readership through your posting, but the search
engines will certainly take notice and you'll be ranking in the search engine
results pages, too. In fact, if you write with a keyword in mind, you can be
on Google Blog Search in a matter of seconds! But be funny or at least
fun. Give people tips and tricks about your niche. Teach them or entertain
them, and you've got it made. Be sure to let your opinion show, too. That's
you and that's who people want to know.
3. Dont sell: Unless your blog is specifically for marketing, you should never
try to sell things in your blog posts. If you're an affiliate marketer, like I am,
you can write reviews. Then, have a link to the product in your sidebar so
that when people read your review and are interested in the product,
they'll have a convenient path to it, and you make money. For example. I
wrote about AWeber once, and have a flash banner in my sidebar so that
anyone who enjoyed the review and was interested in having this great
autoresponder that I'd just mentioned, they had an immediate way to get
to it. I didnt try to sell my readers in that review. I gave the good and the
bad, and giving the downside to the product or service is important! It
makes the review balanced and people always prefer to see both sides to
any argument. If you just laud the product, people see right through your
attempt to sell then, they may be insulted and not come back.
4. Never veer off course: Dont write posts that arent about your niche. Im
not saying NEVER do it, but if you do it once a year, thats enough.
Seriously. People who are interested in reading your blog because theyre
golfers wont care about the newest Internet marketing seminar. It's just a
total disconnect for them, and may alienate them. This is something that
you have to avoid. You'll lose total credibility and probably, a few readers.
If you're in the golf niche, stick to golf. If you're in fitness, stick to that. But,
if you have built a relationship with your readers and want to mention
something personal now and then, that's OK. If you're writing about the

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golf niche and took a great golf holiday in Hilton Head, South Carolina,
then, that's worth writing about! People love getting to know you better.
5. Be yourself: Always write with your own voice. Dont try to make your
grammar and punctuation perfect. Im not saying that you shouldnt spell
correctly or that your writing shouldn't make sense. I am saying that it's OK
to use one-word paragraphs or ellipses when they dont really apply or
other "mechanisms" to get your point across. Im great for doing that. But I
never wrote a book that way, but blogs require a "conversational" tone and
lots and lots of you. Write like you talk. That's the best writing and blogging
advice I can give you. Just hear it in your head and write it exactly that
way. It's the best way to communicate when you can't really talk to or see
the people you're communicating with.
If you follow these five tips, youll be well on your way to pro blogger status. Just
write with your readers in mind. What will attract them and keep them coming
back to read more? Figure that out.
Thats the key to your success.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Set up a blog, preferably a WordPress blog on your
own hosting account.
2. Write in it every day or post videos, audios, or
pictures and write captions for them.
3. Put as much of your personality into your blog as you
can. Let your readers get to know YOU.

About the Author

Pat Marcello is a professional writer, turned SEO and Blogging ninja. She came
online to sell her books, but got caught up in the excitement of Internet
Marketing. Two years later, she became a coaching client of Tellman Knudson,
who was so impressed with her skills that he asked her to come onboard at
Overcome Everything. Today, she is the content manager, SEO, blogging, and

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Web 2.0 specialist for the company. She also has two web sites of her own, a free video tutorial site about blog tech, and where she teaches people of all ages to make
money from blogging.

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Special Offer: Lifetime Membership in Blogging4Boomers for $77. This includes a
one-hour group coaching call with Pat twice each month, and more than 50
videos to improve your blog and to get more traffic and make more money. For
more information about the site, you can go to, but
don't join! Visit for details on how to
get this special offer directly from Pat.

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Phyllis Briggs
How I Risked
$27,000 to Get my
Figure Back and How
you Can Succeed
She Succeeds
How I applied my business success principles to finally lose 33 kilos and get my
figure back.

I Challenge Me!
Recently I was in a change room trying on some dresses when I heard a woman
ask what size the shop clothing went up to and when she was told size 14 I heard
an all too familiar disheartened sigh and a parting thank you. Just a short time
ago that was me! I could not fit into anything from a normal sized clothing shop
and it was disheartening! In 2008 I decided to step up and tackle the one thing
that eluded me and that was a trim healthy body! I had a great business, a
fantastic income and loving relationships, but I also had 30 kilos of excess fat that
I carried around with me. I was tired even though most people saw me as a high
energy achiever. What I didnt know was how good being slim would feel and so I
tricked myself into thinking life was grand and for the most part it was, except
under my clothes. Its not until you become slim that you look back at who the
world was seeing and realise that that person is not you! Not the real you! Yes
Im still the same person but at the same time Im not! Does that make sense?
To the people who have lost all their weight yes, to the people who just play at
weight loss no.
Just a short year ago I was still having those conversations, you know standing in
front of the mirror ready to go out saying how nice I look but this little voice in my

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head sayingcome on, who are you kidding, you fat b&tch! You said last
Monday you were going to stick to this diet and you didnt! You are never going to
be slim, you are just not strong enough and besides you have no will power! You
just arent meant to be slim! Go eat something!"
l have not weighed 57 kilos since I was 18 and so at 45 its hard to imagine that I
could even achieve it.
I had to use vision boards and other strategies to see my vision because I
couldnt get a picture of what I would look like in my mind. I have to tell you how
great it feels and the difference it makes to all that you do in your day.

So How Did I lose 72 pounds (33 Kilos)

I set myself a very public challenge with a very heavy penalty if I didnt succeed.
Read the full story
The magazine and its readers became like my board of directors that I had to
report to on a monthly basis. The $27,000 I put up to give away if I didnt lose the
weight became the consequence if I didnt succeed. I am not suggesting you do
something so outrageous but can you see how I was suddenly highly motivated
to follow through and take action everyday! Just like our businesses and our
families, we nurture them and would not stop doing all the tasks that need to be
done to grow our businesss and just like some aspects of your business you
cant outsource weight loss but you can ask for support and a mentor.
Most people set themselves goals at the beginning of the New Year. The list of
goals people come up with could probably lap the world a few times over. "I will
give up smoking, I will lose weight, I will start exercising, I will, I will, I will." Then
their will fails them and they end up pretending that they never wanted it in the
first place. There is a saying, what your mind can conceive - it can achieve".
As I see it, if you werent meant to have it then you wouldnt have thought of it. All
achievements start with a thought.
Its the action that follows that makes the difference. I love the movie The
Secret but whats missing is an action plan. That's why this book title is fantastic,
The Law of Attraction in Action.
I stumbled across a new way of setting myself goals after once reading about
how goals can sometimes work against us and can trap us much like a jail if we
arent careful. You can read more about this on my website. The secret I
discovered and developed a system around is setting yourself challenges and
then daily action plans that you pursue like someone is holding your head under
water and you need to breathe! If you really want it then going after it with zero
tolerance protects you from yourself, your failing will and from others. When you

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step up and take what you desire, your place amongst the slim, your place
amongst the successful, your place amongst those with great relationships,
careers or whatever it is your heart desires. Your family and friends can feel
challenged about their own lack of will in some areas and want you to return to
who they know. You can also be your best saboteur as getting out of our comfort
zone can be very threatening and some of us are afraid of success as much as
we are afraid of failure.

Mini Challenge!
On a serious note, if you do have weight to lose and are serious about it then go
to your local supermarket with someone you love and trust. Go to the potato
section and load up the amount of weight that your BMI or your doctor says you
should lose, not what you think you can lose but what you are supposed to lose if
you were super human and could do it.
Dont worry if you think its too much, just do it. Take those potatoes home and
put the bags on the floor in your dining room and several times a day for a week
go past and pick them all up at once. Get help!
Think about the effect this is having on your heart, your internal organs, your self
esteem, your children, your work, your love life, anything that you can think of
that it effects. Even more profound is what I did and that was to get my excess fat
in fat cut offs from the local butcher and I looked at it for a day! It is disgusting
and I dont recommend it.
The potatoes will do if you are willing to really see how much weight it is and
think of it as excess fat on your body.

I Challenge You!
I challenge you to live the most wonderfully imperfect but always growing life!
Embrace the person you are and the person you are yet to become! She is hiding
in there waiting for you to challenge her to step up and take what is rightfully
An attitude of gratitude is necessary if you are going to receive more. How can
you be ready to receive if you arent grateful for what you already have?
Come on, I challenge you to take a moment now to just feel grateful for all that
you have and all that you are yet to receive. Close your eyes for a second and
dont forget to smile while you take that moment - it adds to your bodys sense of
satisfaction plus if you are reading this in public people will wonder what you
have to be so happy about!

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I always treat everything as a beginning not an end so I look forward to the

beginning of the rest of my life. Who knows where we will be in five or even ten
years time! Isnt life wonderful!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Download the life list from she succeeds and reflect
on where you might like to challenge yourself to start
showing up.
2. Find a quiet time and think about an area of your life
that could do with a challenge and make a plan.
3. Visit
success story

and start your

About the Author

Phyllis Briggs is the owner of several businesss both online and offline, one
being a New Zealand wide Recruitment company which she started in 1999 with
a little over $1000 and has grown into a multi million dollar success story. Earning
a little over $13,000 in 1999 to a 6 figure income in 2008, its very clear Phyllis
knows a thing or two about attracting success. Phyllis is the founder of the She
Succeeds Group and has a series of books due to be released in 2009. Every
year Phyllis sets herself a challenge and wants to share her strategies with other
woman because she believes as women we can have it all!

Special offer
I would love to give you two gifts: Powerful You
The first is a wonderful story about how we are all more capable than the effort
we are putting in. This story will make you reflect on where you are at now and
where you want to be. The second is an MP3 recording with Adro Sarnelli,
Australias winner of the Biggest Loser. Gifts can be found at

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What actions will you take today?

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Renee Austin
The Law of Attraction
and Day-to-Day Life,
Taking Time to Take
Back to Basics: Sometimes one just simply has to stop, take several
deep breaths, and look around at where they are on their journey.
It started about a week ago when I had an experience that completely caught
me off guard and caused me to question over 20 years in my field and to rethink
a personal quest for success on my own. Granted, after a bit of work I was able
to muffle those internal negative voices, but the whole event shook me. Not a
pleasant situation considering that Ive always encouraged self development and
confidence building with those who have worked around me. Plus, over the past
year Id become a student of the Law of Attraction, the practice of positive
thinking and living, and had worked hard reshaping my mindset to formulate a
method for achievement.
This event did not involve tragedy or failure; rather it was a wonderful opportunity
that threw me. Here was a most incredible prospect and instead of being
energized I was in a panic! Not only that, but for 3 days leading up to this point I
had already set the intention for success by finally taking action and doing two
specific things to validate my own abilities. I was witnessing a wonderful
example of how positive thinking and intent can bring opportunity and yet I was
paralyzed by a sudden return of my old feelings of inadequacy. This was an
occasion to stop and think, to review recent events and habits, to take stock
again. In doing so I discovered I had regressed almost back to where I had
started without realizing it.
Day to day we are all faced with the tasks at hand and the business of
accomplishing as much as we can or must in a very short span of time. We are
fortunate enough to have many resources and modalities to help improve our
lives, shorten our work day, to bring in more wealth on all levels, to be more
content, to just be more. Sometimes it seems that there is so much out there that

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information overload can completely overtake us. The very tools we use to
rebuild ourselves can become as cumbersome as the baggage were attempting
to release. It is also easy to become so immersed in our daily schedules that we
miss some critical warning signs of shifts back into our former selves. Even the
most grounded and balanced individual can be pulled back into negativity without
realizing it. Sometimes one just has to stop and regroup.
If you have already begun your journey to discovering how the Law of Attraction
works for you and are comfortable with where you are, then this is not for you just
now. If you are just starting out on transitioning into a new stage of life, or if
momentum has slowed, the creative flow has stopped, or old habits are
resurfacing, then set aside some time to review and take measure by checking
your available resources, reassessing your less than positive influences, and
taking a close look at your support systems.
There is an abundance of information on the internet and all around us,
especially with the wealth of gifts offered to draw potential clients into web sites
and special programs. Sometimes it seems like a full time job wading through all
of the possibilities. Maybe you dont have the time to review and disseminate
everything or perhaps the material isnt specific to your needs. It can be
Ask yourself:
Are you having difficulty managing the volume of offers and emails you
Are there so many choices that you feel thrilled but also inundated?
Are you frustrated because you want to spend time in a program but have
committed to other systems?
Do you have difficulty remembering what resources you thought you might
want to get back to, but cant remember where you saw them?
Simplify (organize the flow of information):
Prioritize your e mail and open it accordingly. Delete the junk first to get
rid of clutter, open those which you are fairly certain will need immediate
action (top priority) and dispense with them. Then, what I like to do is shift
back working quickly and methodically on clearing from the least important
on up. This way you have a fabulous series of small instant successes.
Just say No. It is hard to pass up an opportunity to learn and grow, but if
you arent inclined to read beyond the initial part of a newsletter or offer or
blog, then unsubscribe. If you arent certain, then let the contacts from a

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particular source cycle through a few times. After 4 times or more if you
are not hooked, then let them go.
What if you just know youll want to get back to a certain page or site or
program-someday? Then file it electronically. Make a chase or
downtime file in saved emails, bookmarks, or favorites and go back to it
later. Do routine maintenance and clean out what you have not reviewed
within a set period of time.
If you are just beginning, or if you have too many options on your plate,
decide on two to three on-line resources and chose a couple inspirational
books or journals that absolutely resonate with you. Use just these and
refer to them frequently. File anything else away for now. Once you feel
that you have control over your time and are able to participate at the level
you would like then consider adding on some others to expand your scope
of information. This does not mean that you cant explore other avenues
now. Just remember that it might be best to minimize for a bit.

Every now and then old ghosts of our character might creep back in without us
realizing it. We can become so involved with just functioning on a day to day
basis that we forget to look up and recognize what transitions, positive and
negative, are taking place. The good news is that as you rediscover old bad
habits and negative emotions, youll see that it requires less time and effort to
tamp them down and readjust your course.
Ask yourself:
What are your issues now and how do they differ from when you started or
from other times in your life?
What is keeping you from moving forward? Loss of confidence, lack of
organization, fear, stress, too many ideas circling in your head?
What are your time zappers?
What are your stress triggers; picking up the children on time, not having
quiet time first thing in the morning, dishes in the sink, too much noise, too
much quiet?
Are you restless? Do you need to energize, or relax? Do you know when
you need one versus the other?
Simplify (define your issues/apply solutions one at a time):
We all have an abundance of lists I know, but take a few moments to
revisit some key issues over which youd like immediate control. Choose
one at a time, write it out on a piece of paper, and keep it where you can
see it. Work on this one thing for a week, a month, however long it takes
for you to manage.

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Are you confidence challenged? Write your own business biography-make

it professional, target your intended client base and your contemporaries
and include everything. If you are having trouble verbalizing the ideal
professional you, then have someone write it on your behalf.
Is your space organized? Develop a plan to manage it. As difficult as it is
to stop for a few hours, do just that and only work on tidying up. Then look
around and see how relieved you are to have systems in place.
Discover your favorite relaxation methods and use them to redirect your
Determine what your energy boosters are and have them ready and easily
Prepare in advance to fit in your tasks and special projects. If necessary,
time yourself or set mini goals to get through the more mundane items.
Consolidate: Maintain an ideas file, by keeping an electronic file or a
notebook, or better yet, get some functionality out of your overdrive and
keep a blog. This way youll validate yourself, vent your energy, record
your ideas and thoughts, and discover some clarity.
When you are not making progress, be willing to recognize when to
outsource; a mothers assistant, an after high school office assistant to do
basics, a professional organizer. Just a couple hours a week can bring
you incredible relief.

Support Systems
Cocoon yourself in as nurturing an environment as possible. If outside negative
influences are unavoidable, practice some blocking techniques to help reduce the
wear and tear on your resolve. Surround yourself with positive energy.
Ask yourself:
What is your support base; do you have one?
Are you surrounded by positive, encouraging people?
Who are the people who have inspired you over time?
What do you appreciate the most about yourself?
What do you love the most about what you do?
Simplify (organize and draw upon that which inspires you):
Get out into the world and join a local womens networking group, enjoy
the entrepreneurial spirit, bask in the synergy.
Join a mastermind group to keep yourself accountable, receive valuable
insight, and to share your successes.
Reach out to family and friends who love and support you. Try to limit
interaction with the naysayers and enthusiasm busters when it comes to

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your plans and goals. Or, consider sweeping them along with you on the
journey to success and discovery.
Remember those who inspire you the most. I keep a board on the wall
across from my desk where I can see it when I look up. On it is a list of
people (along with a few images) who have been leaders, innovators, and
explorers in their fields. Their originality and daring remind me that I have
such potential within me as well.
Some self acknowledgment is always in order. Recognize your strengths,
talents, and abilities and bring this consciousness into every endeavor that
you seek out.
Treat yourself and take a busmans holiday. Save a favorite task for a
time when you can relish the experience and celebrate the
accomplishment instead of having to rush on to the next item on your list.

What about YOU? (nurture yourself)

You and the life you are shaping are your own masterpiece. Regardless of who
and what you are responsible for, you are a work in progress and will always be
evolving. Always remember to maintain some consistent level of self awareness
as a means of providing checks and balances as you navigate through your
journey. It is ultimately up to you.
Put yourself first on a conscious level, at least for a few minutes out of
each day.
Be deliberate in the way you manage your decisions and affairs.
Commit and follow through.
Manage your space and environment.
Be patient with yourself. Perfection is over rated. Seek exceptional
outcomes instead.
Take time to actually look and recognize yourself in the mirror.
Read your biography several times a week and remind yourself of who
you are and where you want to go.
Look around you, be curious, notice life in motion and feel the connection
you have with the universe.
Smile frequently-even when you are alone. Turn up the corners of your
mouth ever so slightly while you are working and see just how good you
feel. Maybe even take a peek in a mirror and see the sparkle that others
Laugh out loud and frequently.
Be gentle with yourself and forgiving, but always employ constant, gentle
pressure to stay on task.
Dress with intent and for the results you are looking for. If you are working
at home, consider trading the pajamas for something less informal. It is

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fine to dress cozily and casually on occasion, although be sure that you
feel energized and empowered by what you have on.
Pay attention to your posture and adjust it frequently to maintain comfort
and avoid fatigue-especially if you are alone or in a casual environment.
Choose your meals and snacks carefully and maintain hydration.
Taste your food, smell the aroma, relish the moment.
Know your values, standards, principles. Maintain these.
You may not be able to do many of these things at once, especially if you are out
of practice. But taking a deliberate, thoughtful and simple approach to tweaking
aspects of your life that you feel are in need of adjusting will help to soften some
of the bumpy spots on your road.
May you have a wondrous, delightful journey filled with discovery, love,
happiness, and much success.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Print out this article-strike out what does not ring true
for you, highlight what resonates and make an action
plan one step at a time.
2. Write a few sentences as a beginning for your
biography and shape your professional persona.
3. Pause to take a good look at yourself in the mirror
every morning, and smile.

About the Author

Renee Austin works in the veterinary field as a practice consultant and
emphasises creating work environments that encourage personal development,
peer to peer mentoring and professional achievement. With the belief that vision
based, positive-energy work settings are integral to healing environments and
successful business, she focuses on linking the medical and administrative staff,
patients, and clients all together to make a lasting long-term relationship. Renee

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has developed innovative veterinary hospital space designs incorporating natural

elements for patient and client well-being, has worked with business marketing
concepts through community support and outreach programs, and has structured
youth mentoring programs for the entry level workforce. She serves on the
National Association of Professional Pet Sitters Committee for the Youth
Education Program.
Renee also owns and operates a specialized home care business for cats with
chronic medical conditions and special needs. She is available for feline
behavioural consults, pet loss grief counselling and speaking engagements on
All Things Cats. She also is a supporter of community services encouraging
development of the Human-Animal Bond through therapeutic riding groups,
service animals, and pet visitation. She is a practitioner of Usui Reiki Ryoho, as
well. She resides in Northern Virginia just outside of Washington D.C.

Special offer
Go to for a link to a more in-depth
look and my complimentary series, The Basics of Bringing Attraction and
Success into Your Life, or if youd like assistance developing your biography.

What actions will you take today?

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Rick and Jo Harrison

The 5 Critical
Mistakes Women Make
When Looking for
Love ... Revealed
There are more women 'single and 30-something' than ever. Contrary to popular
belief it is NOT due to a "Man Drought".
A generation of women are self-sabotaging their love-life because of 5 critical
mistakes that either get them into relationships that do not last or prevent them
from attracting many men at all.
The top 5 mistakes being made by women are:
Mistake # 1 - Women become exclusive and committed too early in the dating
phase. (Sometimes referred to as the "mini-marriage" or "the one-night stand that
never left!") This is the deadliest mistake because both partners suffer trying to
make it work before the inevitable end. They think there is something wrong with
themselves or their partner or the relationship, when it simply boils down to the
fact that they were not really conscious when they became a couple.
Mistake # 2 - They believe there is a limited supply of possible partners, and
have to settle for whoever they can get, which is usually someone they don't truly
want to spend the rest of their life with. This really is a selffulfilling prophecy.
Often a woman will settle for a partner simply because he is interested in her and
then she sets about trying to turn him into her soulmate or puts up with a
relationship that leaves her unfulfilled and eventually unhappy.
Mistake # 3 - Women listen to poor advice on how to play the relationship 'game'
and so attract men who are playing 'games' and are not a good match for them.
Women and men are encouraged by the media to focus on elements that have
little to do with attracting a soulmate.
Mistake # 4 - Many women have a list of what they want in a partner, but the list
is missing the key qualifier for a lasting relationship ... the Deal-Breakers. So they

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waste time forgiving, being nice and giving second chances until they realise he's
not the one ... and another one bites the dust! Deal-breakers are elements of a
relationship that express each persons individuality at a deep level. It takes
guidance by someone qualified to uncover your deal-breakers so you are able to
quickly separate the wheat from the chaff.
Mistake # 5 - They have hidden Limiting Beliefs which are not 'SoulmateAttractive'. Unconsciously they believe they don't deserve to find love, or think
they are unattractive, or believe there are no good men left. These beliefs are
expressed unconsciously, in different ways by different people. They might come
across as 'needy at one end of the spectrum or untouchable' at the other end.
Either way - a BIG turn-off for men.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Review the 5 Mistakes. Mark which ones you
know/feel you fall in to.
2. Create a strategy to avoid repeating these mistakes.
To do this; ask yourself How could I avoid repeating
these mistakes in the future? What do I get out of
making these mistakes? What would I have to give
up to more forward?
3. Take Action! Write a list of actions, prioritise them,
and then schedule them. Each time you achieve one
of them make sure you reward yourself.

About the Authors

Rick and I had many failed relationships and then discovered the secrets to
attracting our soulmate. Rick had been married twice and I had been engaged
twice... we didnt have a very good track record when it came to relationships.
Rick fell in love too easily and I wouldnt commit!
Now, every day we get to experience our extraordinary love and soulmate
relationship we are truly blessed. Every day people ask us - how did we do it
and how do we stay so in love?

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Our mission is to share our experiences to empower you to get the same
wonderful feeling we have in finally being with our soulmate and experiencing a
deep love we never thought possible. And then to have every child grow up in a
family where there is an abundance of love from and between their parents. So
they too can learn to experience bliss in their relationships and pass this precious
gift onto future generations.
We believe that a relationship is the greatest opportunity to become the best you
can be... and that is a great gift to give to the world and most importantly to

Special offer
Still searching for your soulmate? Discover the secrets to attracting your
soulmate through our FREE CD and Video e-Course Secrets To Soulmate
Success. Get your Secrets to Soulmate Success CD and Video e-Course
(valued at $297) today and begin attracting your soulmate by applying our simple
step-by-step attraction process.
To get your FREE CD and Video e-Course visit:

What actions will you take today?

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Sally Curtis
Turning myself inside
out to make it happen
Not a contortionist, just a Twisted Connector!

Understanding our challenges

Its important to understand what it is in our lives that enrich us and what it is that
challenge us and life itself becomes a joyous starburst when we can turn our
challenges into that which enriches us.

Slow descent
My mother has been the chief cheerleader of my life. A vibrant, energetic woman
I did and continue to adore. She and my father lived in the granny flat behind our
house and we were close in the best possible way. Then, one day, not so long
ago, time came knocking and delivered my mother a stroke and she has started
the slow descent into oblivion and inevitable death.
Cheering heavens ante room
At the old folks home where mother now lives, there is a room where one day
she will be moved. It is the dying room and when I saw it I thought no way is my
mother ending her life in this dungeon. The view from the only window in the
room was of a blank wall. With all the possibilities that lie beyond life as we know
it a blank wall has to be the bleakest. I always imagined heavens ante room
would be its own haven where everyone could relax to say goodbye and really
mean it.
I called my friend and between the tears told her what I wanted to do. She spoke
with an artist friend and organised her teenage niece and four young students to
turn the room into a visual glade and the wall beyond the room into a garden of

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unlimited possibilities into which the earthly mind and the eternal soul could
wander. I approached local businesses to organise the handiwork, to supply
paint, provide a superior sound system to enchant the dying and comfort those
holding their hand, a quality reclining chair for the hardy who choose to spend the
night with those departing so they have some comfort in their fitful sleep,
electrical goods so a cuppa is only the flick of a switch away, a modern trolley, a
supply of biscuits the small things I thought would make a sad time a little more
cheery. When they wheel my mum into this room I know shell be smiling.
It all happened thanks to the generosity of the people I approached and when
others expressed amazement at what I had done and asked how I managed it I
said, "I connected people". Some have needs, others have wants and theres
always a match. When it has to be done with good humour, its a role for the
Twisted Connector! The right connections are what makes businesses flourish.
Ive now turned that into what I do because its what Ive always been doing. It
feeds my soul and since Ive turned the Twisted Connector into a business, its
feeding my family too!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Make a mind map of all the people you know.
2. Draw a line connecting those who need to meet
3. Make it happen

About the Author

called through which she inspires businesses and families
to stimulate the imagination and tap the potential of children through craft. As a
result of continually connecting with people she has launched, because connecting people, according to Sally, is a bit
like a game of Twister difficult but so much fun! Visit Sally's website

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Special offer
Click here and register to receive my free newsletter
and Ill give you the ten fundamental tips to being a great and profitable
networker. It will help you identify your own network (youve got one even if you
dont know it), link up with other networks you can tap into and how you can grow
your network and turn it into 24/7 money making machine, all while working from

What actions will you take today?

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Sandy Kumskov
How to Release
Financial Fear
Fear is a low frequency emotion that can be very difficult to move or rise. With
the current climate of fear about all things financial, this simple five minute
technique could make the difference between failure and fantastic!

The Frequency of Fear

Teachers of the Law of Attraction say that your feelings about what you want to
attract are vitally important.
Often, our desired results are undermined by sneaky little tail-enders that stem
from us not really feeling deserving or some other, often unknown, fear. (Well
discuss tail-enders later).
Fear is a normal, natural human emotion, though one that we would not be able
to experience if our bodies werent designed to handle it. The problem for most
people is that when fear is present, much of our logical resourcefulness just melts
away as stress hormones flood our bodies and brains.
It is a low-frequency emotion, calibrating at around 100 on Dr David Hawkins
Map of Human Consciousness. When youre stuck in the low frequency of fear,
you feel contracted, unable to move, unable to take action, certainly not able to
think; and what do you imagine youll be attracting more of? Yes, more
circumstances to fear.
In the current climate of endless media dissection of every aspect of the financial
crisis, fear is everywhere: fear of losing jobs, homes, families. Its helpfully
refreshed every day, or several times a day if you talk to people living in fear, or
pay any attention to the media. Some researchers have found that we can catch
fear simply by being with fearful people.

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What to do? Traditional therapy tells you to get moving when youre feeling
afraid, to burn off some of those stress hormones that would otherwise not be
reabsorbed by the body for many hours, if not days. Or we learn to have a
conversation with ourselves; to logically test what is real and what is imagined
becoming aware if were catastrophising or have slipped into black-and-white
Those techniques really do work, if you have the clarity of mind to have a logical,
cognitive, conversation with yourself, or even feel like youve got a spark of
energy or optimism to drag yourself out of the fear funk.
Or, you could change your emotional state by working with your bodys energy
system. Emotions are after all, just energy: e-motion = energy-in-motion. For
most of us in the Western world, were more likely to experience energy-instuckness because were taught from a very young age to suppress emotions
that we or those around us, find uncomfortable.
Then we travel through our lives gathering more of the same feelings to
suppress. It takes a huge amount of energy to keep all those bad feelings
suppressed, and eventually we explode in anger, or dissolve in tears. Often we
then regret or are embarrassed by that loss of control.
There is another way; a technique that if you choose to use it consistently, will
help you move to a whole new level of emotional freedom in every part of your
life, where you access all of your adult skills and experience to make the most of
your life. Its called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and is one of the new
wave of energy psychology techniques sweeping the counselling and coaching
professions and moving vast amounts of emotional pain that stands before it.
The best news of all is its very easy to learn and to use yourself.

Learning EFT
EFT Founder, Gary Craig, says that the root of all
discomfort is a blockage in the body's energy
system. To correct the blockages you simply tap
your fingertips on the beginning or end point of
each of the bodys main energy pathways; what
ancient Chinese healers called meridians. That
tapping movement sends a little pulse of energy
into the pathway, and combined with the words
we say and the bodys wisdom, the blockage
seems to clear. It may take a few rounds to clear
one specific issue, or it may clear in just one

Its your energy.
So you can choose
exactly what to do with it:
let it stay stuck and keep
you feeling badly, or
consciously decide to let
it move on so you get out
of fear, and get on with
your life.

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Remember, this is a tapping movement so the pressure would be about the same
as if you were tapping your fingertips on the table. You don't have to bash
yourself. It's just a light tapping movement on each point a minimum of about
seven times; just keep tapping on the point until youve said the words in the
script below.

Setup Statements, Not Affirmations

First of all, we need to have a short discussion about affirmations. They can be
wonderfully effective to change your beliefs or experiences, or they can really
bomb. EFT says that affirmations only work if you dont have any yes buts the
tail-enders mentioned earlier - lurking in your mind in the form of that damned
inner critic with its whiny dominating voice.
Therefore, a round of EFT begins with a setup statement that can sound like a
negative affirmation, and thats a stumbling block for some people. Whats really
going on is that you are acknowledging the truth about what youre experiencing
in that moment, rather than suppressing it, and thats very different than an
affirmation. The end result will be that you wont need affirmations to help you
think positively, you just are positive as the negative has transformed.

EFT Clearing
The EFT Tapping Points

Crown of Head C
Eye Brow EB
Side of Eye SE
Under Eye UE
Under Nose N
Chin Ch
Collarbone CB
Under Arm UA
Under Breast B
Wrist W
Crown of Head - C

Follow this script to try EFT. Say the words (below) while tapping the
corresponding point 6 or more times.

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Firstly, focus on an issue about which youre feeling fear right now. On a scale of
1-10 where 1 is very peaceful and calm, and 10 very fearful, rate your intensity
and write it here: _____
Before you have a little conversation with yourself about whether that can be true
or not, the correct number is usually the one that first pops into your head. Your
intuition gave you that number; its usually very accurate, pay attention to it even
if you dont like the answer.
Now tap with one hand on the karate chop point of the other hand (doesnt matter
which hand), while you say the setup phrase three times:
Even though I feel really afraid about all the chaos in the financial markets and
the economy right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.
Even though I feel really afraid about all the chaos in the financial markets and
the economy right now and Im worried about how it might affect me, I deeply and
completely love and accept myself anyway.
Even though I feel really afraid that I might lose my job (or something else say
what) because of all the chaos in the financial markets and the economy right
now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway.
Following the diagram above, with two fingers, tap seven to ten times on each
point while saying the reminder phrase. In this case, say this fear. Move fairly
quickly, it doesnt have to be exact or slow.
1. Top of head tap 7-10 times and say, this fear
2. Eyebrow tap 7-10 times tap and say, this fear
3. Side of Eye tap 7-10 times and say, this fear
4. Under Eye tap 7-10 times and say, this fear
5. Under Nose tap 7-10 times and say, this fear
6. Chin/Under Lip tap 7-10 times and say, this fear
7. Collarbone tap 7-10 times and say, this fear
8. Under Arm tap 7-10 times and say, this fear
9. Under Breast tap 7-10 times and say, this fear
10. Creases of wrists: inside of one wrist tapping 90 degrees across the other
tap 7-10 times and say, this fear
11. Top of head again tap 7-10 times and say, this fear
12. Now check in with your feeling of fear, look for the number on the scale of 110, and write your rating number here: ______. Hopefully it is a lower number.

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If there is still a bit of charge left on this issue, tap another round beginning at the
top of your head, this time saying this remaining fear. And again rate your
feeling. Hopefully by now youre down to a 1 or even 0.
Thats it, youre done. Yes thats really all there is to it.

If Your Fear Didnt Go Down

What were you thinking about? Was it about your partner losing their job?
Something else very specific to your situation; like not being able to make your
house or car payment, or something else? That is a different aspect of the
financial fear, and you can ease that by tapping a round or two for that specific

Where to From Here?

You can use EFT on any issues you have. Simply come up with your own setup
and reminder phrases or even just tap without words, just focusing on the

Some Cautions
EFT is incredibly powerful, and can shake loose energy that youve been
suppressing for years. This can make you really sleepy the first time you do it, so
be prepared for a slow few hours.
Its really important to keep well hydrated during and after EFT. If EFT is not
working for you, often its because you need more water. Keep a glass or bottle
of water beside you, and have a drink between tapping rounds.
And finally, sometimes when you shift a bunch of old stuck energy, you can have
some strange dreams! I do not believe that dreams signify anything, but if you do,
please pay attention to that in any way you feel is right for you.
Other than that, please give EFT a go and do what Gary Craig says try it on

Top Five EFT Tips

1. You cant do it wrong.
2. You can tap in any order you prefer. I recommend the order above because
its easy to remember and makes sure you get all the meridians.
3. It doesnt really matter what words you use when you put your attention on
the feeling you have.
4. Any tapping is better than no tapping.
5. You cant do it wrong.

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Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
2. Have a big drink of water, and find somewhere to be on
your own for five minutes.
3. Follow the diagram and script to release your fear OR read
on to access my FREE BONUS that will make this clearing
even easier for you!
4. Use EFT on any other issues you have, simply by changing
the setup statement.

About the Author

Sandy Kumskov is a holistic counsellor and energy coach.
She uses leading-edge energy therapies to help you zap
from fearful to fabulous and boost your life to exactly where
you want it to go. Sandys particular interest is in helping
women boost their body image. She offers a free e-book
uncovering shocking secrets the diet industry doesnt want
you to know, when you sign up for her newsletter at

Special offer
If youd prefer to be guided through tapping away your fears, Sandy has made a
video of this script FREE just for Law of Attraction in Action readers. Simply click
play on the video and follow the clear instructions to immediately feel a release of
fear, to help you get on or move faster on the path you want to be on! Click here
to access the video - special for GOLD 2009 Book readers!

What actions will you take today?

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Sheila Betker
Anyone Got a Match?
How to Rekindle Your
Passion for Life
Do you remember when you jumped out of bed before the alarm clock rang
excited to take on the day? Are you missing the passion and joy that used to fill
your days... and nights? Sometimes life becomes too hectic and overstuffed with
tasks and responsiblities. You get lost in the shuffle and lose your sense of
direction. Then one day you notice that youve lost the energy and eagerness
that used to define you. The good news is that at any moment you can stop,
reassess and rekindle your spark for life.
Often when trying to reclaim passion and rejuvenate energy, people tend to focus
on a single area in their life. They may increase their amount of exercise to rev
up their energy. They may return to a hobby they loved to reconnect with their
creative self. While these are excellent strategies, it is important to remember
that you are multidimensional and all of you needs to be cared for body, mind
and spirit.
To rekindle your passion for life, select strategies from each of the three
categories. Embrace the activities with eagerness and anticipation. Know that the
time and energy you channel to these activities is a gift and revel in the love that
youre giving yourself. Dont make these a chore added to your already
overloaded to-do list. Its within a state of love and self care that the magic of the
universe flows to you.
Your body is the vehicle that carries you through this life. It is the only one you
get. If you do not care for it, it will wear out and break down before you reach
your final destination. Without regular maintenance, it wont operate at peak

Page 262 of 300

performance and you will lack the energy, ability and motivation to participate in
life with passion and joy.
Here are some regular maintenance routines to keep your body road-ready:
Get physical - Your body is made to move. It needs to stretch, strengthen, and
exert itself beyond its usual demands in order to stay in tip top shape. Especially
if you have a sedintary desk job, you need to plan exercise into your daily routine.
Choose an activity that is fun for you. For me, my two dogs provide the perfect
encouragement to take a brisk 30 minute walk each evening.
Nourish your body Its easy to get caught up in the convenience of processed
and fast foods. But so often they contain artificial preservatives, colourings and
flavourings that dont belong in your body. Dedicate one week to eating entirely
natural, whole foods. Start with fresh ingredients and create meals that are
delicious and nutritious. It doesnt have to be elaborate or time-consuming.
Poached chicken breasts, steamed fresh vegetables, and fluffy rice are staples in
my house.
Dance to your favourite song There is something special about music. It
touches you at the deepest level. I cant think of anything more inspiring than
turning on a groovn song and dancing like no one is watching. You enjoy it so
much that you dont even notice youre getting a great workout. Dancing
strengthens muscles you dont usually use, builds your cardiovascular fitness and
enhances coordination. Best of all, you dont need any special moves or steps.
Simply listen to the music and let your body move to the rhythm.
Play Children are wonderful role models for this. They can burst into play at any
moment with little provocation. Their play is spontaneous, physical and joyful.
Next time you hear a cascade of giggles coming from your kids, join in. No kids
no problem. Remember back to your own childhood and revive some of the
activities that brought you joy. Some of my favourites include making snow
angels, rolling down hills, playing tag, climbing trees and catching fire flies at
dusk. Remember, no planning needed - just let loose and laugh.
Do a cleanse Our bodies are exposed to and absorb toxins from a variety of
sources including poor diets, environmental pollutants and stress. These harmful
substances accumulate in the body and contribute to poor health, low energy and
lethargy. Cleansing is the process of ridding the body of toxins. While there are
many types of cleanses, they generally include restricting your diet and exposure
to common toxins for a week or two while supporting your body with herbs and
vitamins. Always work with your doctor, nutritionist or health coach to determine if
a cleanse is right for you.

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You have been given an incredible gift that has capabilities beyond what you are
currently using. Its kind of like receiving a new top of the line mobile phone for
your birthday. There are so many features that you use the minimum functionality
and are darn proud of that. The catch with your mind is that if you dont use it you
lose it. To rekindle your passion for life and keep that flame burning you must
engage your mind in meaningfully ways.
Here are a few ways to build mind muscle:
Read a book When you are involved with a good book hours can pass in a
flash. Whether you prefer fiction or nonfiction, historic or futuristic, personal
development or biographical, you can find a book to capture your imagination
and stretch the boundaries of your knowledge. For extra benefit, pull together a
group of friends and form a book club to discuss the tome.
Take up a new hobby The mind gets a special kind of work out when you
engage it in creative tasks. By learning a new hobby you are investing time in
yourself to develop skills, commit to personal time and focus your mind. Hobbies,
especially the kind that produce something - provide a deep sense of
accomplishment and satisfaction that you can carry over into other areas of your
Teach your skills to another Nothing solidifies your comprehension of a topic
more than teaching it to another. In teaching you need to review the knowledge
you have, synthesize it into a concise packet of information and explain it in a
way others will understand and engage with. Teaching allows you to develop a
new skill set while contributing to others development. Talk about a win-win.
Sing a song Not only is music great for the body, but its wonderful for the mind
as well. Music has been used in cultures and generations to pass down traditions
and bond people together. Music literally shapes your brains and involves more
parts of your brain than even language. In fact music is so powerful that it is used
to help people recover from strokes and other neurological damage. The benefits
of music to a healthy mind cannot be overestimated. So go ahead... sing a song,
sing out loud, sing out strong.
Dream Despite what you may have been told as a child, day dreaming is, in
fact, a very productive activity. When you spend time dreaming about what you
want your life to be like, you are creating new neural pathways that help you
make it a reality. If you read interviews or biographies about people who have
achieved great success, without fail they created a strong vision or dream of their

Page 264 of 300

goal to keep them focused and motivated. As the law of Attraction tells us,
whatever you think about, you bring about. Why not make it your dream life?
Sometimes its easier to focus on the tangible, physical reality you see in front of
you. The physical fitness and beauty industries can attest to that. But just as
important, if not more, is caring for your spiritual needs. When you support and
nourish your spirit, the energy and love that you gain carries you through the
other activities you take on. Use your feelings to guide you in selecting ways to
care for your spiritual needs. If you listen closely, you will hear everything you
need to know.
Here are some suggestions to keep your spirit soaring:
Visit your local botanical gardens Nature has a special way of filling you up.
Spending time in nature, noticing its beauty its colours, patterns, textures,
sounds brings calm and peace. It allows you to connect with a deep and divine
energy that resounds with you to the core. If you cant head out of the city, make
use of the green spaces in your community. Visit the local parks, gardens, zoos,
and aquariums.
Send a thank you card Gratitude is the fastest way to achieve the life of your
dreams. By focusing on and being grateful for the blessings in your life right now
(even if they are blessings of opportunity) you can, in an instant, change your
life. Invariably gratitude brings with it a sense of prosperity and peace. And when
you take the additional step of expressing gratitude to another person, you not
only add magic to your own life, but to theirs as well.
Learn a new joke Then tell it often and laugh with exuberance. Youve heard
that laughter is the best medicine. Research shows that laughter prevents
inflammation in the body and reduces the effects of stress. It raises your spirit in
an instant and bonds you to others with whom you are sharing the laugh.
Laughter helps you restore emotional balance and even a simple smile can
dissolve tensions and create ripples of harmony.
Pamper yourself If I asked you to make a list of all the people you take care of,
how long would it be? Would you be on that list? When life becomes hectic often
the first responsibility that goes unmet is self care. Yet if you are not replenished
and nourished, you cannot tend to your other responsibilities. Take time to
pamper yourself. Decide what that means to you. For some pampering is a
manicure or massage at the spa. For others its quiet time alone to reflect, read
or simply rest. For others it is the hot bubble bath by candle light. Make a list of
what you find pampering and start indulging.

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Meditate One of the greatest teachers you will ever have is your own heart.
You can access its lessons through meditation. Meditation is the purest form of
listening. Although there are many techniques, the essence of meditation is to get
still, breathe slowly and consciously and listen internally. Meditation teaches you
to experience more of the present and more of yourself. It allows you to tap into
your divine wisdom and fills you with peace.
You are a miraculous being. As such you deserve to be cared for and nourished
in body, mind and spirit. At every moment you are one decision away from
creating the life of your dreams. It is your choice to make. Will you choose to
continue at a frenetic pace barely noticing life flying by you? Or will you choose to
dedicate time each day to rejuvenate and strengthen yourself?
Your life is meant to be a joyous adventure. Replenish your tanks and soon youll
be cheering, Woo hoo, what a ride!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Select at least one strategy you can use to keep your
body in tip top condition. Once that becomes a lovely
routine, add another one.
2. Identify ways you are currently building your mind
muscle. Add new strategies to the list. Now start
working your way through the new strategies.
3. Create a list of actions you can take to send your
spirit soaring. Then complete one of those actions
every day.

About the Author

Sheila Betker is a life coach who brings energy, expertise and experience to her
coaching, workshops and training. With over 15 years of experience in the
personal development and organizational development fields, she has helped
people as they explore career paths, enhance their personal excellence and
achieve their dreams.

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As a habitual life-long learner, Sheila has completed a Master in Business

Administration, a Master of Arts, a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education,
and the CTA Certified Coach Training Program. She is always on the lookout for
new resources to share with you.
Through Freedom to Dream, Sheila draws from her personal exploration,
professional expertise, and formal learning to assist women in building the life of
their dreams. If you believe her strengths match the support you are looking for,
contact Sheila for a free 30-minute coaching consultation by emailing
For more resources to help you live your life on purpose, visit:

Special offer
To continue fuelling your passion and working towards your dream life, I invite
you to sign up for my complimentary e-course entitled, Living Your Dream Life: A
Guide to Living Your Life on Purpose.
Reclaim your joy and freedom by living your life on purpose! This 10-part
e-course leads you through simple yet powerful activities designed to tap into
your inner wisdom. Follow this step by step process to achieve the life of your
dreams and learn to:

Embrace instant joy

Enhance your self-confidence and creativity
Make room for your dreams
Act with courage and resolve

Don't delay. Your dream life is waiting for you! To sign up, go here:

What actions will you take today?

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Stacey Barr
The Single Most
Powerful Driver of
Business Success

And it's not what you think, almost certainly not what you're doing, and so easily
within your grasp!
The Law of Attraction requires that you have a clear, vivid sensory map in your
mind of specifically what you want to attract.
It requires that you be able to summon or conjure up this sensory map of what
you want on demand, and keep it as the dominant thought in your mind. Its a
simple concept, but for many, not at all easy.
It can be hard to get clear enough about what you want, what you really want.
Hard to paint, tune and sculpt the details that bring it to life in your mind strongly
enough to begin bubbling up the emotions of excitement and burning desire that
fuel the attraction process.
Its not enough to chant to yourself more customers are coming or more
revenue is on its way or I have all the time I need to do what matters or my
customers are loyal raving fans. The more clearly that you can create that
sensory map of what you really want and in intricate detail, engaging all five
senses; sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, the more magnetic it will be.
But will that do?
Actually, nothing.

Page 268 of 300

If the Law of Attraction were that straightforward to apply, everyone who has tried
it would be transformed. Rather, it takes some very deliberate practice:
1. You have to stay focused, very focused on what it is that you want.
2. You have to be able to recognise when its happening.
3. You have a responsibility to allow it to happen.
If you want to accelerate your skill at attracting the results you want in your
business by practicing these three things, theres something that will help you
and it will work like magic.
Its something few business owners have but anyone can get.
Its very misunderstood, but relatively easy to do, when you learn to see it for
what it really is and not for what youve always assumed it was.
Its seen as boring by those that dont have it, but those that do wouldnt be
without it.
Its what many would perceive as being at the opposite end of the spectrum to
Law of Attraction, even though its very roots are in the language of the universe.
You probably wont like it.
But its power to paint, tune and sculpt the sensory map of what you really want
to attract and to keep your attention riveted upon it, is astounding.
Its measurement.
Measurement is essentially about understanding patterns and change objectively
and dispassionately, without bias or ambiguity. Measurement is a descendant of
mathematics, the language of the universe, the language that describes all we
know about the inconceivably small phenomena of sub-atomic particles, to the
mind boggling immense phenomena of the cosmos.
Dont see measurement as trivial quantification of intangible qualitative
experiences. Dont see measurement as the mind-bending-back-onto-itself
domain of dusty grey university professors.
Measurement can be found in things as beautiful as snowflakes, as elegant as
the Earths orbit around our sun, as intriguing as da Vincis Vitruvian man.

Page 269 of 300

And in your business, measurement can be an eloquent expression of its

purpose, the language that communicates so clearly, crisply and concretely what
you have designed your business to attract.
Meaningful measurement, strangely, begins with our language, the language of
words. Its an interplay that is a compelling sensory map of the results that
together define success for your business.

Measuring helps you stay focused, very focused, on what you

want to attract.
With fewer than 20 fun-loving and energising hours of my time each week, my
business is generating a healthy profit of $50,000 minimum each month, and
releasing at least 500 people each month instantly from their back pain and
discomfort in fewer than 4 caring visits.
A chiropractic practice might use such words to describe their idea of success,
what they want to attract. It might not be as sophisticated as the numbers that
decide the shape of a fern frond, but certainly more sophisticated than
despondent desperation for a more successful business.
There are four measures implied by the words in the chiropractic example above.
The first is the weekly hours the owner works. The second is the profit that the
business makes. The third is the number of customers the business serves each
month. The fourth is the speed with which customers get the relief they sought.
The measures together keep you focused on what types of results you want to
attract the story of success for your business. But measures can do more than

Measuring helps you recognise when youre actually attracting

what you want.
Currently giving 55 exhausting hours of my time each week, my business is
generating a reasonable profit of $10,000 on average each month, with about 80
people having 6 visits each month to relieve their back pain and discomfort.
Probably the toughest part of measuring your business is letting the measures
show you where you actually are now, before youve attracted the success you
want. Feedback that is honest and dispassionate can sting and tempt you to
make like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand.

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Even a fern frond begins small, timid and stunted, but unfolds and stretches out
to become the beautifully exquisite frond it was designed to become, in its own
good time.
Your business measures will track that process from where you are beginning
now, all the way to where you want to be. Theyll be the feedback that excites
you as you see that what you want to attract is indeed coming.
Your business measures will also nudge you when youre blocking the attraction

Measuring helps you enact the responsibility to allow the

attracting to happen.
To grow our customers from 80 to 500 this year, we need to find and keep 10
new customers per week. Our marketing currently attracts 5 new customers and
we keep only 3 of these. How can we attract 12 new customers a week and keep
10 of them? What about our marketing campaigns, can we improve? What about
our customer relationship management, can we improve?
Your business measures are connected to one another; they weave the threads
of your business into a coherent story of relationships. Just as the fronds of a fern
can be modelled by simple mathematical equations, measurement reveals the
often very simple patterns and relationships among the various activities and
processes in your business that give rise to how successful it is.
But unlike a fern, you can use the knowledge of those relationships you measure
in your business to change how successful it is.
When youre wondering why the customers arent coming in droves, theres
something better you can do than blaming the economy and deadening the pain
with a little too much chocolate. You can ask your measures, the measures that
track the results of your marketing campaigns. Your measures will tell you which
campaigns are wasting your money and which campaigns are giving you the
greatest return on your money.
Your measures will help you diagnose, learn, test and tune all the parts of your
business so they work better and better and better together to make the business
as a whole more successful.

Dont feel daunted by measuring, despite that being a natural

Practice measuring, play with it and dont worry about perfecting it. Measuring in
some form is superior to not measuring at all.

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Start to unfurl the success in your business by giving 15 minutes at the start of
each day to practice measuring, so you begin with the end in mind.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Spend some time to create that rich, sensory map of
what you want to attract into your business, in the
language of results. Remember, its not about just
one result, like profit. Its about the interplay of
several results that give your business sustainability
and balance.
2. Create just a few very relevant measures of those
results, measures that build on the sensory
description by making those results far easier to
recognise when theyre happening.
3. Refer to your measures every week (maybe even
daily) to remind you of what matters most in your
business, to help you stay focused on attracting those
things, and to give you the feedback on how well they
are manifesting.

About the Author

Stacey Barr is the maven for measuring what matters to move your business
from where it is to where you want it to be.
Shes absolutely passionate about showing business owners how easily and
painlessly they can tap into the power of numbers to stay focused on what really
matters, to have feedback that replaces guessing with knowing and to leverage
their time and money.
Her practical and simple programs help micro and small business owners lift their
business results from where they are, to where they want them to be, faster and
easier than ever before.

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Special offer
For a copy of Staceys Free Report 7 Clues To Measure What Matters in Micro
and Small Business, visit to
receive a great practical tip to measure and improve your business performance,
twice a month, in Staceys free email newsletter Lift The Barr.

What actions will you take today?

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Susan Winlaw
Car Tips to keep you
and your family safer
and more secure so
you can really enjoy
life in 2009.
Most of us take it for granted that we will be able to have food, water and shelter
for ourselves and our families. These things are the most basic elements to life.
In order to get those things as adults, most of us have to leave the home on a
regular basis and produce something that pays for those basic elements. That
definitely leads to transportation and a vehicle of our own. As women, our biggest
concern is safety when it comes to that car. We assume all of the vehicles sold
today are safe, but there is much more to the subject and there are many things
we can do to increase that element on our own.

Most women sit too close to the steering wheel

The manufacturers have been designing cars with the average sturdy 5' 8" male
in mind for years and that is still the norm. That means the seat and pedals and
all of the adjusting knobs are ergonomically great if you are 5' 8" tall. Since most
women are shorter and of smaller stature, we find it a challenge to reach the foot
pedals without cramming ourselves up to the steering wheel. The danger here is
when we are in a crash or hard braking situation. If we do not have about 12"
between the wheel and our chest, there is great danger of being injured by the air
bag that is there to save us. Unless you have seen it happen, you cannot imagine
the force that is exerted upon your body when an air bag deploys. You definitely
do not want to be only 3-6 inches away that I constantly see.
The immediate solution is to start moving the seat back further or changing the
slope of the back rest until you are about a foot away from the wheel and can still
see properly to drive. In case this still does not give you enough room, look for
someone to install pedal extenders. And don't accept the inconvenience of the
other driver who is taller than you as an excuse to keep you from being safe. The

Page 274 of 300

future solution is that your next car needs to be equipped with adjustable foot
pedals. Insist your next car is equipped that way.

Contain all loose objects in the car

When you are driving along the city streets or on the highway and you are seat
belted in, you feel perfectly safe. In the cup holder is your coffee cup, some loose
change for the toll booth, a pen and notepad and your cell phone. Beside you on
the passenger seat is your purse. Now I don't mean the delicate little bag we take
to the theatre. I mean the every day "holds all of our essentials plus anything my
family might need at any emergency" handbag.
In the back seat you have your toddler in her car seat all belted in and your 10
year old - also with seat belt done up securely. Between them are a lunch box,
school books and a wrapped birthday present. Your daughter has just finished
figure skating lessons and her skates are on the floor in the back. Since it was
raining, the umbrella is in the back window rest. If it was snowing, translate that
into the long ice scraper. And at the last moment, Fluffy scurried out of the house
and is also bouncing around in the back seat looking out the windows.
All of these things are part of our everyday, hectic lives and since we are only
going 20 minutes away, they are all in the main body of the car. But once we
have to slam on the brakes for a near miss or we actually have an accident, all of
those items become projectiles. None of them are seat belted in and are now
flying forward or all around in the off chance that the car flips over. If the reality of
this has not sunk in yet, please have someone take those same objects and
throw them at you. The point is quickly made.
The solutions here are numerous and will take constant vigilance to maintain, but
they are all easy and so very worth it. Pen, note pad or paper, coins can all be
stored in a fabric pencil case that will contain them and disperse any weight if it
should hit you - no more "pierced by your pen". Get an aftermarket attachment to
hold your cell phone in place. Seatbelt your purse into the passenger seat. You
can still get into it when stopped at a drivethrough, but it is held from flying about.
A mesh laundry bag is sturdy, see through and usually has a draw string that can
contain other large items in one place and you can seat belt it into the back
between the kids. Be cautious with all pointed objects like umbrella or ice scraper
or skates or golf shoes. I have found that a soft tote bag will contain them and
live easily on the floor of the back seat or better yet - in the trunk or held in place
with the mesh cargo containers in vans and SUV's. And lastly, there are special
belt devices for dogs that should be used. It will certainly be a noisy trip but better
that than your child witnessing Fluffy's demise or Spike actually knocking you
unconscious as he flies around in the car.

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Don't be lulled into submission by the Crash Rating and

Bigger IS Better for safety
Safety laws are built and crash tests are mostly performed with the same model
that the car companies have used to design their comfort - the sturdy male of 5'
8". The 5 Star rating system for frontal crashes involves very limited and specific
collision circumstances. Oh - and the last factor that hardly ever gets mentioned
is that the test is done with a vehicle of exactly the same weight category. So
when you see a lovely small car with a 5 Star Crash Rating, please do not think
that means you are totally safe out there on the roads. Every safety council in
North America, Australia/Asia and Europe states deep in the records that weight
is a factor. So you would be safer in a mid sized car with a 2 or 3 rating than in
that small vehicle with 5 Stars mentioned above. You have to think about the
types and numbers of other vehicles on the road with you. Sure, you are going to
always be driving carefully, but accidents do happen and there are a LOT of
them. For safety, you want to be in the biggest vehicle you can afford. Many of
the new ones have very good fuel efficiency numbers and they are getting better
all of the time. The safest location in any vehicle is the middle of it where you are
as far away from anything that can hit or crush you in an accident.

Be Informed about Your Car - Take Ownership

Sure we all know we'd rather clean the oven than read the owners' manual for
our car, but there are vital things in it that can help you maintain your car to keep
you safer and will actually save you money. It is one of our Old Husbands' Tales
that tells us to change our oil every 3 months. Many women think this is still the
case. And it is reinforced by the service centre that places a sticker on our
windshield when we have our oil changed to remind us of our next visit. This is
how they make their money. Let's remember that oil has improved a great deal in
the past 10 years and newer cars engines are built differently than they were in
the past. Reading your manual will tell you exactly what fluids need to be
changed and with what frequency. Yes, I know, the car manuals are a very
boring read, but that is the best way to get to the specific needs of your vehicle.
Highlight the important bits in the manual and follow the schedule. And get a
licensed place to do the servicing. They have the equipment to operate smoothly
and quickly and the means to dispose of the old product in an environmentally
responsible way. Changing your own oil is not hard, but then you are left with the
old waste product.
Find out the correct pressure for the air in your tires and then follow a schedule
every month to check the pressure and fill when it is down. You will improve your
fuel economy because the car rolls best when the tires are optimally inflated. This
piece is so easy to do and is so commonly ignored.

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Drive with your Religious Values in your constant thoughts

In June of 2007, the Vatican put out a paper on the Guidelines for the Pastoral
Care of the Road and it included a list of 10 Commandments of the Road.
Following those words of advice would yield a much safer place for all of us. You
don't have to be Catholic or even Christian to see the merit in them. Our web site
has them listed on it and our book expands into more of the teachings.
Most religions on the planet hold life in the highest regard. When we are driving,
if we keep that upper most in our minds and live by the Golden Rule to do unto
others as we would have them do unto us, the amount of accidents will fall
incredibly and we'll all be more considerate during our journey. Allowing
someone to merge instead of cutting them off and giving way instead of honking
the horn are all things that can keep us calmer and reduce road rage from the
other party. Phoning in an accident instead of gawking might just save
someone's life.
Taking the trip at a slower pace and not racing everywhere leads to a gentler
highway for all - plus we get to enjoy the scenery that God made for us. And
wouldn't it be nice to arrive at our retreat with a serene state of mind than the
crazed state most of us are in all of the time? Not only will you be calmer, but you
will save money on gas and save wear and tear on your car by treating it in a
smooth manner.
There are many more topics in our book Car Advice For Women (and Smart
Men), but these will give you some immediate action items to improve your safety
and security and those of your family as well. I wish you all the best in 2009 and
may you always be safe on the road.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Buy those soft containers to bundle loose objects in
your car. (the fabric pencil case, the coin purse, the
mesh, draw-string laundry bag, the gym bag or large
zipper bag) and start using them every day.
2. Start sitting a bit further back from the steering wheel
each time you drive, until you have 12" from it to your
chest. Get pedal extenders if you need them.

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3. Read and highlight your owners' manual and get

appointments placed on your calendar for monthly air
pressure checks and the correct dates to change
fluids. (It may not be even as often as the service
center is recommending).
4. Remember the Golden Rule every time you get
behind the wheel. Drive with your Religious Values in
focus at all times.

About the Author

Susan Winlaw was born and raised in Woodstock, Ontario. She attended the
University of Guelph where she received a BASc (Bachelor of Applied Science)
in Home Economics/Textiles in 1973. A long career at Sears Canada Inc.
followed with a variety of management roles (Textiles Lab, retail department
manager, assistant buyer and PM in Information Technology). Susan is married
to Alexander Law (1975) and traveled periodically with him in his early years as
an automotive journalist. She found it so interesting that much of her private time
in the past 15 years has been spent doing the same thing. This has put her
behind the wheel of over 1,500 cars and on the road to vehicle launches and
auto shows in England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Sweden,
Switzerland and -- her favorite -- Monte Carlo. Susan speaks to groups about
safety and security for women, especially as it relates to their cars. Susan and
Alexander wrote Car Advice For Women (and Smart Men) and it can be found at The latest in news of import and interest to
women about cars can be found at

Special offer
We are pleased to offer all readers of this e-book a 20% discount on the physical
book Car Advice For Women (and Smart Men). This offer can only be found at

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What actions will you take today?

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Susitha P.
How to Enhance Self
Esteem and Claim

Self Esteem and Abundance

The Emotional Guidance System as explained by Esther and Jerry Hicks is a
range of emotions beginning with the highest and best vibrations like love,
appreciation and gratitude and going down to negative vibrations like anger and
A person with high self esteem will be in the positive vibrations most of the time
and a person with low self esteem and past baggage stays in the lower
vibrations. Positive vibrations helps in the manifestation of abundance and lower
vibrations block the flow of abundance.
Suppose a person (let us call him A) has a good self esteem. A colleague at his
work place comments that A is dominating and negative. A does a self analysis
to check how true the comment is. He realizes that he has always been
appraised well and his team members have always been friendly and supportive
of him. More over he realizes that even team members from his previous projects
contact him for advice. For him the comment does not make sense so he lets it
go. He realizes the person who commented may have been jealous or insecure
about his progress. The comment has no power over him. The words
Dominating and Negative do not have a vibrational match with his energy and
he lets it go.

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On the other hand another person, let us call him B, who has a low self esteem
will be immensely hurt from this kind of remark and Bs thoughts would be
something like I am not good enough , People always criticize me, How could
he say something like this , I am never appreciated. B has completely given his
power away to the situation and the person who commented on him.
Why does this happen? B has past memories where he was not appreciated
and he was criticized. This current criticism awakens the vibrations of the old
memories. The energy of criticism has found a vibrational match in B. B is
upset for hours or days depending how much of past burden and pain he is
In the process of manifesting abundance it is very important for you to maintain
high vibrations of love, gratitude and appreciation. These vibrations keep you
aligned to your divine source and abundance. Negative vibrations disconnect you
from your source and from abundance. Since A has a good self esteem his
visualizations will manifest more easily than B who in spite of visualizing his goal
regularly may remain stuck because of his negative vibrations.
Low self esteem is a very common problem but we can resolve this with
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). People are not born with low self esteem,
negative life experiences make one feel that he/she is not good enough.
Example: A mother expresses disappointment over her childs failure in a subject
in a harsh manner and comments about how well his older sibling has done. This
may make the child feel that he is failure, he cannot make his mother happy, his
brother is better than him and he is not good enough.
This belief of not being good enough gets reinforced from recurring difficult

Creating a new self esteem with Emotional Freedom Techniques

Make a list of every bothersome memory from your childhood until now. Do not
recollect each memory, just give it a title.
For each memory give a SUD (Severity of Distress) Number. This is a number on
a scale of 0 to 10. 0 Indicates the memory does not cause pain and you are calm
and 10 indicates that the memory is very intense and painful. Apply EFT for these
Dedicate at least 3 months to this process. Remember you accumulated these
memories over years and it is quite fair to invest at least 1 hour in the next 3
months to release this baggage. Even if you work on 1 memory a day in 3

Page 281 of 300

months you would have cleared 90 Memories. If the memories are intense please
contact an EFT Practitioner. EFT is a natural therapy but as with any healing
modality, you must take complete responsibility for the use of this technique.
Once you have done this process,
You will feel light and happy
You will notice that peoples negative comments no longer bother you
Your goals will manifest more easily
You will feel really good about yourself
You will manifest good health. Remember physical ailments are a cry from
your body to resolve the underlying emotional issues.
Your visualizations will feel more real and will manifest easily. Remember
with this process you have already embraced an abundance of wellness.
We are all divine and though lifes journey we sometimes forget our true nature.
By doing this process you will embrace the real divine you.
From my experience I feel that people with low self esteem block abundance and
they conclude that the Law of Attraction does not work. The Law of Attraction is a
universal law and it works. But we need to be in vibrational alignment with your
goals and with vibrations of love, gratitude, appreciation and abundance. For this,
enhancing self esteem is the first step.
If you are passionate about Abundance, do not run around in circles, take a
systematic approach. Even if you have to spend some time on this process
remember you are not only building a strong base for abundance but you are
also embracing your personal power. You can now live life with confidence and
peace. So make a decision today to create a good self esteem.

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Get familiar with EFT. Instructions for an EFT Short
cut process and details on how to work on individual
memories are here
2. Make a list of every specific bothersome memory
from your childhood till the current date. Apply EFT to
each memory.

Page 282 of 300

3. Note down all positive changes that you experience,

small or big.
Notice yourself shifting from
complaining like a victim to taking responsibility like a
divine child of god and a co creator

About the Author

Susitha P. is an Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner. She helps
people who are stuck in the process of manifesting Abundance. She helps them
identify and clear blocks to Abundance with Emotional Freedom Techniques.
Blocks include Low Self Esteem, Self Sabotage, Fear of Success/Failure,
Limiting beliefs to name a few.
If you would like to embrace personal power and a wonderful new self esteem or
if you have a fairly good self esteem and yet you feel stuck in the process of
manifesting your goals with Law of Attraction, Visit

Special offer
Receive your free E-book on healing fear of failure with EFT and an EFT Audio
which will help you clear the fear of the Economy. Visit
By subscribing you will also receive the bi-monthly newsletter which focuses on
transforming life with EFT and Law of Attraction.

What actions will you take today?

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Suzie Williams
Are you Suffering
from Compassion
Why it is so important to take care of YOU first!!!
After else will - or can!

Are you a carer?

Most women are natural nurturers and caregivers and put everyone else first,
with themselves much further down the line. Usually after the children, husband
or partner, job, housework, keeping in touch or helping extended family, paying
the bills, managing all the little bushfires that occur throughout the week in
everyone elses life, voluntary work for the kids school or sport, those extra few
hours at work just to get the job finished, keeping deadlines and appointments,
taxiing the kids and their friends everywhere, maintaining contact with your
friends, etc. The list goes on and on. Many women are also home-based
caregivers with the additional commitment of providing care for a loved one at
Sometimes you just wonder when it is going to be your turn! When will you get
some time to just do something for yourself, or just some time to sit and be?
In reality, this time may never come in quite the way you fantasise, because your
life perhaps really is too complicated at this present moment, or this particular
stage in your life.
Somehow you feel as if you care a bit less and dont have the energy to cope, to
respond, intervene or to advocate on any one elses behalf. You are flat out just
getting through your own day, hanging on by a thread yourself.
The other thing that everyone else around you notices (you often dont see it at
first) is how you start to over-react to little things or minor problems in an

Page 284 of 300

inappropriate way. This is a sure sign that you are feeling stressed and out of
balance and need to take charge of the moment. Now!
The term Compassion Fatigue comes from the extreme emotional impact
suffered by relief workers both volunteers and professionals - who work
tirelessly to provide whatever physical and emotional help is required to the
victims of monumental disasters bushfires, earthquakes, bombings, floods or
violence of some sort.
The overwhelming scale of such widespread suffering often leaves them feeling
ill equipped to deal effectively with the subsequent emotional effects and they
can start to feel useless, even doubting that what they contribute will have any
effect at all. Over time they can start to lose their sense of humour and their usual
coping mechanisms and become numb inside, feel isolated, depressed, become
moody or angry, overindulge in alcohol, food or drugs to cope and many other
Unfortunately, they lack simple and effective techniques that can help them to
cope by clearing away the emotional pain and debris. Many Dru Yoga techniques
have been used with remarkable success from war zones to therapy centres,
helping dispel fear, anger and compassion fatigue, allowing them to open up to
feelings of hope and peace.
This is the extreme end of the scale of compassion fatigue. There are however
varying degrees, and many times I have seen similar effects within people who
have the ongoing responsibility for caring for someone at home. Often they also
work in caring professions and so are constantly giving out in all directions
Many carers (home-based or professionals such as nurses, counsellors, police,
fire-fighters and doctors) unconsciously reach this point that is now referred to as
Compassion Fatigue. Where they get a little (or a lot) numb inside through
constantly dealing with the expectations and commitments of looking after
everyone elses sufferings, traumas and problems. Or, if you have a disabled,
mentally or physically ill or an elderly person living in the home the continual
stress and worry builds up over time, leading to many of the symptoms described

Seizing the Peaceful Moment

The solution could be just a breath away!
You can learn to claim small moments for yourself throughout the day that can
bring a sense of calm and peace. This can then help you maintain your focus and

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strength by replenishing that inner well, so that you have the resources within to
keep on giving out to those you care about. This is where you truly can put the
Law of Attraction into Action!
Over many years I have worked as a nurse and a therapist, treating and caring
for many people suffering from the after effects of stress - on their minds and
their bodies. I have always worked in a caring role. Now, one of my specialist
areas is teaching Carers how to look after themselves, as well as their loved
ones, using natural therapies and Dru Yoga in their home. They have to combine
caring for someone at home with all the usual demands of life. The people may
have cancer, dementia, autism, ADD, ADHD, stroke, mental illness or a myriad
of other chronic illnesses.
When you think about it though, we are all carers. Women particularly seem to
fall into that role being the mother, daughter, wife etc. Often it is just assumed
that you will do whatever it takes - pick up the pieces, organise this or that, be
there to console or help. However, many men are equally committed in their roles
as carers too. We all care, and generally we all care so much that we forget to
take the time to look after ourselves.
The days can sometimes be daunting as they seem to fly by and you just dont
seem to get through everything that you had hoped to do. If you continually put
pressure on yourself to do too much, or give too much of yourself, you can
become physically drained, worn out or even become sick. If we ignore the early
warning signs of stress, the next thing the universe sends to warn us is the Mac
truck usually in the form of an illness that forces us to stop.
Overwhelm can indeed be overwhelming!

Remember the KISS principle (keep it simple sweetheart!)

One of the simplest techniques anyone can use to control their stress and regain
control of their emotions is the simple art of deep breathing or, in yoga terms,
practising the Deep Yogic Breath (DYB).

Just remember to BREATHE

Practising DYB is quite easy, and gets easier with repetition. You can do it
anywhere, anytime. Sit, stand or lie somewhere comfortable. While you are
learning you may want to find a few minutes in a quiet place and just do a few
breaths until you get the hang of doing the breathing slowly and deeply. You may
want to place your hands near your navel so you can feel your tummy rising up
and down. This, for some people is often the unusual part. Most of us only take
shallow breaths into the upper part of our chest, which is why we tend to feel so
tired and fatigued due to the lack of fresh oxygen circulating through our body.

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Take a deep breath in through your nose and focus on feeling the cool air flowing
down through your nostrils and into the top of your lungs, silently and slowly
counting to 4. Continue to focus on your breath as it fills your lungs completely,
gently pushing your diaphragm down towards the pelvis as the abdomen rises up
and out slightly.
Hold the inbreath momentarily just enjoy it and then breathe slowly all the
way out, silently and slowly counting to 4, completely emptying your lungs. Pause
for a moment and enjoy the emptiness briefly, before once again breathing in
deeply, completely filling the lungs. Pause, and enjoy the fullness of your breath.
Then exhale slowly and completely. Repeat several times.

Feel into your mind and body

Notice how quickly you have changed from feeling anxious and stressed to
feeling calm and more in control of your feelings and thoughts. We can transform
all negative emotional states with our breath. I know it sounds too simple but it is
true. Breathing (pranayam) has been used for thousands of years in yoga and
meditation as a key to inner peace and calm.
It really can be as simple as breathing in and breathing out, just using our
awareness of the actual process of breathing to refocus and relax our mind.
During the inbreath silently say in your mind I am breathing in peace, and on the
outbreath silently say I am breathing out anxiety/anger/frustration (whichever
emotion or feeling that is in play at that moment).
If you are sitting somewhere where it is safe to do so, close your eyes and allow
yourself to really feel into the whole experience of breathing the breath, and
feeling the release of the tension and the subtle difference in your mind and body
as the transformation of the emotion occurs. (You do not have to re-experience
the emotional trauma or incident in order to let it go.) It may feel slightly different
for everyone. For example, I often experience a softness within my body as my
muscles relax and a calmness seems to gently flush through my mind and body
which leaves me feeling clear and centred.
I am not suggesting that you sit and meditate and do specific breathing
techniques for hours on end. Many of you would never make, or have, the time
do that!
But, if you can find little triggers throughout the day that remind you to take that
deep breath and slow down, you will find that you suddenly start to take a few
slow, deep, calming breaths every so often. And you will enjoy it. Before you
know it, you will have gone from doing it just a couple of times a week, to a

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couple of times a day to perhaps several times in an hour. Add that up over a day
and then a week, and then a month, and it becomes quite easy to see how
different you will feel in a short period of time.
I suggest you start with doing 2 or 3 breaths when you stop at every traffic light
as you drive to and from work or anywhere else that you drive. If you commute, it
is even easier to do some quiet, slow breaths while you are sitting on the train,
plane or bus. And then, add a calm and centering breath every time you sit down
at the computer, or check your emails, or go to the bathroom. Just another 1 or 2
deep breaths.
Before you realise it, you will be enjoying little moments of peace throughout your
day and experiencing the positive effects in your life. Your improved calm
responses (not knee-jerk reactions!) to those in your family or workplace will soon
be noticed and appreciated. And, when you are feeling relaxed, calm and clear
your mind is in the perfect place for really visualising and creating the life of your

The Law of Attraction in Action - Immediate results can be the

reward of taking action
One of my students in a recent Dru yoga class had an interesting experience with
the power of the Law of Attraction. She came wanting to learn some techniques
to help her relax and hopefully to feel a bit more flexible. She has an adult son
with severe autism who she has patiently and lovingly cared for all his life. But it
is still a huge commitment organising his care and wellbeing while still working as
a nurse herself, and continuing to seek out and organise the various support
services available, in order to create the best possible quality of life for him.
Her son is very intuitive and sensitive, and knows her so well that he can
immediately pick up on how she is really feeling, even if she is using her nice,
calm, everything is okay voice. He sees straight through it and reacts to her
inner tension. He then gets upset and his behaviour escalates, and that is when
they experience a difficult time together.
She was amazed and excited at how she really felt much calmer within herself
after her first Dru Yoga class. When she arrived at the next class she commented
that she felt much clearer and calmer after doing just a few rounds of deep
breathing during the week. Some days she only remembered to do it once, other
days 2 or 3 times. Apparently her son sensed very quickly that she was genuinely
more relaxed and calm on the inside, and consequently he then responded to
her with calm behaviour instead of an upset reaction! She was astounded at the
immediate ripple effect the simple act of consciously breathing in and out, slowly
and deeply, had on her life.

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By taking the simple action of spending a few moments on herself doing

something as basic as breathing she was ultimately able to affect those whom
she was caring for, in a very positive way, very quickly. By creating a sense of
peace and harmony within her own being, it drew the same kind of qualities
towards her from others.
Another great success story is of a woman who had 2 grown children with
Cerebral Palsy (one also had uncontrolled epilepsy necessitating constant 24
hour hands-on supervision). Often she and her husband had to resuscitate one
child several times a day, and frequently needed to call the ambulance for extra
help. They barely slept, yet valiantly tried to live as normal life as possible.
The mum loved doing the deep breathing because she could do it anywhere,
including when sitting on the floor protecting her child during a seizure. She
quickly learned the benefits of instant relaxation and stress relief. Doing the DYB
took the panic out of her initial reactions and helped her to respond calmly and
think clearly while waiting for the ambulance. She was even able to go to the
dentist and not have a needle! Instead she visualised doing the DYB with some
flowing arm movements.
What she discovered was that simply breathing deeply had a powerful and
tangible effect on the way she coped with her unusually stressful and
unpredictable daily life and was thrilled with the results. It was empowering! And
she began to think more positively, drawing more positive experiences into her
So, what are you waiting for ???? If these women can have such dramatic
results imagine what could happen in your life!
Start breathing deeply and slowly right now and watch your life change!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Remember the KISS principle.
Sit, stand or lie down in a comfortable place.
Put your hands above and below your navel.
Breathe in slowly and deeply to the count of 4.
Pause, to enjoy the fullness of your in-breath and
breathe out slowly and completely to the count of 4.
Pause, to enjoy the emptiness and space of the full
out-breath. Repeat 3 6 times.

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2. Do step 2 at every red traffic light! Then breathe

deeply whenever you sit down to use the computer or
go to the bathroom.
3. Breathe deeply whenever you can. Then, start to take
notice of how you feel AND how other people change
the way they respond to you when you are in this
peaceful space within yourself. Start enjoying the
benefits of enhanced awareness and inner calm.

About the Author

Suzie has worked within the health and healing industry for many years. She has
developed aromatherapy, massage and relaxation programs within nursing
homes and hospices, and has a special affinity and empathy for carers helping
them identify strategies that restore inner peace and happiness using easy to
learn skills.
Suzie teaches the Art of Swedish Relaxation Massage in Massage Schools and
is involved in the Skills for Carers program, a government funded project that
teaches carers vital skills for coping with the challenges of caring for a loved one
at home or in an institution. By learning how to care for themselves using Dru
yoga, massage and relaxation techniques they can better cope with the continual
emotional and physical impact of caring for their loved ones.
Suzie is currently developing a range of products and workshops/courses
combining the benefits of Aromatherapy, Massage and Dru Yoga so everyone
can experience these amazing results within their own lives at home and work.

Special offer
An audio download guiding you through the Deep Yogic Breath and a Guided
Relaxation to help you continue your journey into a peaceful life. Valued at
$29.95. Go to to redeem your gift.

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What actions will you take today?

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Yee Wah Choong

7 Keys to Finding the
Right Lawyer for You
There are legal ramifications in all aspects of your business. These legal
ramifications can have a serious impact on your wealth and health. The nature of
the impact will depend on how you structure your business, buy and sell, build
your team, manage your business and protect your personal and business
assets. This list is by no means exhaustive. As a business owner, do you have
a lawyer to help you understand these legal ramifications?
Whether you are already in business or are thinking of starting one, it is important
to have a lawyer on your support team. Ignorance of applicable laws may result
in your inadvertent breach of the law. Some breaches may have unpleasant
consequences for you and your business. You may also find yourself exposed to
risky business ventures. All these may lead to financial loss, wasted time and
heartache all of which can be easily avoided by having proper legal advice
Legal advice does not always have to cost an arm and a leg as is the popular
myth. Some times, all that it takes to save you a lot of time, money and
heartache is just a phone call or a short visit to the lawyer. A young man once
came to see me angry and bewildered - he was being sued for $48,000. Let us
call him Joe which is not his real name. Joe was among 4 directors of a
company who had given a "joint and several guarantee" to a creditor who had
supplied building materials to their company.
When Joe signed the guarantee he was under the mistaken belief that his liability
would be limited to 25% of the outstanding debt of as there were 4 guarantors.
Joe did not know then that in a "joint and several guarantee", the creditor could
choose to sue all of the guarantors, or one or more of them, for the entire
outstanding debt.

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The creditor decided to sue Joe alone for the entire outstanding debt because he
was obviously the one with deep pockets. Joe finally reached a settlement with
the creditor and paid the creditor $40,500.00 plus the creditors legal costs. He
decided not to seek recourse against his fellow directors because he knew that 2
of them would have had to suffer financial hardship to pay him back their portion
of the settlement sum. Joe felt it was unfair to just pursue the third director for
payment while letting the other 2 off the hook. He lives in hope that one day he
will get his money back from all 3 of them even though the company no longer
Joe told me that if he had understood the meaning of a "joint and several
guarantee", he would have resigned his directorship rather than sign the
guarantee. If he had come to see me about the guarantee upfront, it would have
cost him $250.00 to get the advice he needed. This could have saved him
$48,000.00 (when legal costs are added to the settlement sum), and the many
long hours and heartache he had to endure in defending the case.
The proverb, a stitch in time saves nine, now rings true for Joe. You can always
ask a lawyer what is involved in your matter, what needs to be done and how
much it would cost before deciding whether you want to proceed. Be mindful and
take responsibility to ensure you are on the right legal path.
If you have any lingering doubts about how the law applies to you and your
business, now is the time to take action to bolster your ability to stay in business
and to grow your business confidently and successfully. One way to do this is for
you to find the right lawyer to be on your support team.

Finding the Right Lawyer for You

How do you find the right lawyer for you?

Identify 3 lawyers and have a meeting with each of them

There are several ways to find a lawyer. You may search for one by looking up a
directory or by googling. Your friend or accountant may also refer a lawyer to
you. A lawyer who is suitable for your friend may not be the right lawyer for you
because each business is unique and no 2 businesses are exactly the same.
It is important to find a lawyer whom you can work with on a long term basis. A
lawyer who has been on your team for a while will gain a thorough knowledge
and understanding of the history and background of your business. This enables
the lawyer to respond expeditiously and to provide you with advice not only
relevant to the matter at hand but also relevant to your business as a whole.

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The lawyer you choose is very much like your family doctor who knows your
medical history thoroughly and is well placed to ensure you get the right medical
treatment and follow ups. If there is any complication, the lawyer, just like your
family doctor, will be able to refer you to an appropriate specialist to further assist
To kick start your search for the right lawyer, you may want to create a short list
of 3 lawyers and arrange for a face to face meeting with each of them. The
purpose of the meeting is for you to identify who will be the right lawyer for you.
Before meeting with each lawyer, it will be good to ensure that the meeting is on
a no obligation basis and that you will not be required to pay the lawyer for the

7 Keys to Help You Find the Right Lawyer for You

Here are 7 keys to help you to choose the right lawyer for you.
Key 1

Relevant Expertise and Experience

The first key is to find a lawyer with expertise and experience relevant to your
business. For example, If you are a retailer with several stores in major shopping
centres, you may want to have a business lawyer who has a large number of
clients in the retail business and who is also well versed in retail leasing. You will
not choose a family lawyer to advise you on your business matters just as
someone with a heart problem will not consult a brain surgeon but will consult a
Doesnt this seem obvious? Yet many business owners consult a lawyer based
on a referral without first ascertaining that the lawyer is really suitable for them
and their business. Consequently, they often do not get the advice which they
need and deserve.
You can avoid this common pitfall by ascertaining whether the lawyer has the
expertise and experience to advise you in your area of business. Find out
whether the lawyer has handled matters which are relevant to your business,
how long the lawyer has been handling such matters and the percentage of such
matters to the rest of the lawyers current practice.
Key 2

Your Values

The second key is to have a lawyer who shares your values or at least
understands and supports them. Many business owners have an uneasy

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relationship with their lawyer and feel that they are pulling in different directions at
the same time. The cause of this predicament often stems from a mismatch of
values between the business owner and the lawyer.
In order to have an excellent relationship with your lawyer and to ensure you are
both headed in the same direction with your business, it is best that you find one
who will at least understand and support your values. For example, if you value
peace and win-win solutions, you would want a lawyer who can appreciate and
support these values and better still, if the lawyer shares these values.
Otherwise, it can be stressful for you if your lawyer happens to be a very tough
and competitive negotiator who drags out negotiations by holding out for a win
for you and a lose for the other side.
Be clear on your values especially your business values. Make a list of your
values and consider each of them to ensure that they resonate well with you.
Once you have finalised the list, discuss the list with your short-listed lawyers.
Take note of their responses carefully and gauge who will best support your
values and help you to reflect them in your business dealings.
Key 3

Risk Profile

The third key is to check on the risk profile of the lawyer and ensure that it fits
your risk management style.
Are you someone who enjoys taking huge
business risks and love the adrenalin rush that goes with it? If you are, then can
you imagine what it would be like if your lawyer is highly conservative and prefers
to play safe all the time?
Your response could be That is great! At least here is someone who will make
sure I dont run straight into trouble. On the other hand, another business owner
may have a totally different response and say That scaredy cat lawyer will just
drive me nuts! I need a gung-ho can-do lawyer who will help me operate at the
fringe (of legal limits) because that is where big money is made.
When you meet up with your short-listed lawyers, find out whether the lawyer
shares your approach to business risks. If not, then you may consider whether
you see their approach as a benefit or a hindrance to the way you conduct your
business. Each of us may have a different response to the same risks and
ultimately, only you can decide on the lawyer to help you manage your business

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Key 4


The fourth key is to ensure that your lawyer is able to communicate clearly with
you. No matter how brilliant a lawyer may be, it is pointless if the lawyer is
unable to explain legal concepts and issues in simple laymans language or in a
manner in which you can understand clearly. If you are unclear about what you
need to do to stay out of trouble in the legal arena, it is like playing Russian
Roulette it becomes a game of chance and if you happen to be unlucky, you
may find yourself in deep trouble with the law.
While meeting with your short-listed lawyers, listen closely to their language. Is it
filled with legal jargon or is it simple to understand? If your lawyer is able to
explain things clearly to you, it is likely that the same lawyer will be able to
communicate clearly with third parties on your behalf. This would help your legal
matters to move quickly and be resolved expeditiously. The benefit for you is
that it will save you time and money in the long run.
Key 5


The fifth key is to ascertain if the lawyer is readily available to provide you with
the service you desire. It is pointless to have a lawyer who is too busy to talk to
you or do your legal work. For business owners, time is money. The sooner you
conclude a deal, the sooner you start making money. While it is unrealistic to
expect things to happen immediately and for contracts to be drawn up on the
spot, you want to avoid unnecessary delays.
Find out from your short-listed lawyers what is their existing work load and
whether they will be able to take your calls and devote sufficient time and
attention to your matters. What is their response time? If someone else will be
doing the work instead of the lawyer, you need to find out who they are and their
level of expertise and experience. Will the lawyer be supervising their work?
It is best to set out your expectations of the level of service you want upfront and
to get a commitment from the lawyer that these expectations can be readily met.
Otherwise, you may find one of your business deals in the pipe line going through
a bottle neck just when you want it to be concluded expeditiously - this can be
very frustrating for you and the party on the other side of the deal.
Key 6

Billing and Payments

The sixth key is to test how flexible are the billing and payment options of the
lawyer especially when your business cash flow has peaks and troughs during

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the year.
Different lawyers have different ways of charging legal fees and
Some lawyers have flexible arrangements and you may negotiate on a case to
case basis on whether you will pay legal fees on a time basis or on a fixed fee
basis. The advantage of having a fixed fee arrangement is that you know the
legal costs upfront for your matter. However, most lawyers will list what is
included in the fixed fee. If there are other items of work which are not on the list,
the lawyer will usually let you know about them before hand and you will be
required to pay for them.
If you agree to be charged on a time basis, you would need to know what are the
hourly rates and what is the approximate total cost for your matter. In addition,
you may also want to request that you be notified when the legal bill reaches a
certain sum so that you have some measure of control over how your matter is
being run.
Some lawyers offer different billing periods such as fortnightly or monthly
intervals. Some may agree on billing intervals when a certain amount of legal
fees have been incurred eg. billing at $2,000 intervals.
Some business owners prefer to have itemised billing from their lawyer ie. the
lawyer provides a list of each item of work done in relation to the matter. This
allows the business owner to gauge generally whether the legal costs have been
incurred fairly.
You may want to discuss with your short-listed lawyers their billing and payment
options. Test how flexible they are with their options and whether they are
prepared to consider other options. Ascertain what suits you best and how this
works with the cash flow of your business.
Key 7

Trust and References

The seventh key and a very important one is the trust you have in your lawyer.
The level of trust must be such that it will enable you to be totally honest and
open with your lawyer. It requires disclosing the good, the bad and the ugly so
that your lawyer will have the complete picture and understanding of the
background, facts and circumstances of your matters. Such information is vital
for your lawyer to act in your best interest at all times.
Only you can tell whether you trust a particular lawyer. For some, trust is based
on a gut feel. For others, it is the result of painstaking checks and references.

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Whether trust for you is based on a gut feel or otherwise, it is prudent to ask each
lawyer on your short list for at least 3 references. Take the extra step of checking
out these references and make sure that there are no adverse findings against
the lawyer in disciplinary proceedings.

Make a Decision
These 7 Keys are intended to help you to find the right lawyer for you. They are
by no means exhaustive and you can add others. The responses of your short
listed lawyers will show their strengths and advantages as well as their
weaknesses and disadvantages. Ultimately the choice lies with you and the
weight you place on these responses in helping you to reach a decision.
Deliberate on your findings and make a decision. Good luck in your search and
may you soon have the right lawyer on board as part of your support team!

Action Box
So, what are you waiting for?
1. Identify 3 lawyers to meet with and contact them
2. Prepare a list of questions based on the 7 Keys and
meet with the lawyers individually
3. Review their responses, check their references and
decide on the right lawyer for you

About the Author

Yee Wah Choong is a founder and director of Younique Business, a company
which helps young businesses to grow and realise their true potential. She is
also Special Counsel with Aequitas Attorneys, a Sydney law firm where she was
a founding partner. Yee Wah is a certified Master Results Coach, a certified
Master NLP Practitioner and certified Trainer. She is a Mentor Coach for The
Coaching Institute, one of Australias largest registered training organizations for
coaches and has been a Business Mentor for Business Chicks, a nationwide
network for business women in Australia.
Yee Wahs legal career of more than 30 years includes being a law lecturer,
General Counsel of an Australian public listed company, working in top tier legal
firms and being a partner in highly successful boutique law firms in Australia and
overseas. Her clients have included individuals, small and medium sized

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enterprises to large multinational companies, public listed companies, major

banks and government corporations. Her practice has ranged from small
transactions to large scale commercial, corporate and property transactions in
the hundreds of millions of dollars.
Yee Wahs passion however lies in working with small business owners to
achieve their big dreams.

Special offer
Yee Wah has compiled a free report, 7 Keys to Saving Legal Costs which is
available through

What actions will you take today?

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