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Group Discussion:

Group Discussion is a modern method of assessing students personality.

It is both a technique and an art and a comprehensive tool to judge the worthiness of the student
and his appropriateness for the job.
A Group Discussion is a methodology used by an organization to gauge whether the candidate
has certain personality traits and/or skills which they are looking for.
In this methodology, the group of candidates is given a topic or a situation, given a few minutes to
think about the same, and then asked to discuss it among themselves for 15-20 minutes

Group Discussion Facts:


Group of around 10-12 candidates

Duration is generally around 10-20 minutes
Evaluation is done by team of 2-4
Seating arrangement can be circular, semi-circular or rectangular
Time to think before discussion, may or may not be given
Types of Group Discussions:

1) Topic-based
- Factual Topics
- Controversial Topics
- Abstract Topics
2) Case-based

Traits/Skills gauged in a GD:


Ability to work in a team

Communication skills
Reasoning ability
Leadership skills
Listening Skills

Key Scoring points in a Group Discussion:


Initiation of discussion
Keeping or trying to keep discussion on track
Ability to keep your cool
Listen actively and put your point as well.

_ On time conclusion
_ Summarizing the discussion

Dos in a Group Discussion:

_ Group Discussion is your chance to be more vocal. Evaluator wants you to speak. Speak
clearly, reveal your good command over the language
_ Think before you speak, organize your thoughts and then speak
_ Be Assertive but not dominating, there should be a balanced tone in your discussion and
_ Always be polite and maintain your cool
_ Motivate other members of team to speak
_ Make original points and support them by substantial reasoning
_ Try validating your point with an example as far as possible
_ Make only accurate statements
_ Modulate the volume, pitch and tone
_ Be considerate to the feelings of others
_ Step in and redirect the conversation whenever it is going to wrong direction
_ Try to get support of others while putting point
_ Interrupt politely if you want to put your point forward. Dont wait for your turn
_ Ensure that you are audible to group and facilitators
_ Attempt to build a consensus

Donts in a Group Discussion:


Dont address panel members during discussion

Dont speak until you have clearly understood
Avoid extreme phrases like I strongly object
Dont be shy or nervous, dont isolate yourself from GD
Dont make fun of any participant
Dont engage in sub group conversations
Dont repeat and use irrelevant material
Avoid changing opinions frequently
Dont loose patience
Dont create controversies, and quarrel with others
Dont be confused and timid; this shows your lack of confidence

_ Dont be emotional or display unsteady behavior . Do not loose your temper

_ Dont get into unfamiliar areas, so that your ignorance is prevented from being exposed.
_ Avoid jargons and Slang

Group Discussion Key Points

Handle following Situations tactfully:
oContradictory view or argument
oDominating participant
oDisagreeing or arguing person
oLoss of direction

Show your leadership, persuasiveness and initiative by:

oInitiate Discussion (if you are well versed with topic)
oHelping others to express their ideas
_ What is your reaction to?
_ How do you feel about?
_ What brings you to conclude that.?
_ What promoted your decision to.?
oHelp people to reach mutual understanding
_ Let me see if I understand you position.
_ Are you saying that.?
_ Are you asking me.?
_ Before you go on, do you mean that?
oEncourage participation, encourage draw back people
_ Mani, how would you answer Rajs question?
_ We have heard from everyone except Rajat, what is your feeling on this?
oConfront differences

_ Kavita, you seem to be holding back on this, is there something you would
like to suggest or make comments?
oDrive Conclusion
_ We have considered every possibility, we must chose from these three
_ We have discussed both sides carefully. Its time we make a choice